Half Price Shakes at Sonic on December 22nd

Mark your calendars for Monday, December 22nd because Sonic is offering half price shakes all day.

Half Price Shakes Sonic 12:22

Review: Crunchwrap Sliders from Taco Bell

The Crunchwrap Supreme has always been one of my favorite specialty items at Taco Bell and I always wondered why it was rarely ever tinkered with.  It seems as though most Taco Bell items get different styles and flavors while the Crunchwrap Supreme was left alone.  Recently the Crunchwrap finally got some added variety with the breakfast menu so there was hope that the non-breakfast versions were around the corner too.  Thankfully the Crunchwrap got some attention and three styles too… introducing the new Crunchwrap Sliders from Taco Bell.

Crunchwrap Sliders TacobellThe Beefy Cheddar Crunchwrap Slider features seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese sauce, cheddar cheese and Fritos chips.  This was by far the heftiest of the three Crunchwrap Sliders and the one with the least crunch.  If you’re looking for the most filling option, go for the Beefy Cheddar, but don’t expect it to be too different from the Beefy Fritos Burrito (minus the rice).  The Beefy Cheddar Crunchwrap Slider was a little on the salty side with no easy way to pinpoint the cheddar cheese with the seasoned beef swimming in a sea of nacho cheese sauce.  The heft and heat of this Crunchwrap Slider makes the Fritos chips take a hit and there seemed to be a lot less Fritos than in the other choices. … continue reading “Review: Crunchwrap Sliders from Taco Bell”

Cheddar Bo Coming to Bojangles’ in January

Normally reserved for a select number of Bojangles’ locations, the Cheddar Bo is about to see its time in a little spotlight with a wider release.  The Cheddar Bo will be available through March.

Two slices of aged cheddar cheese melted inside a made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuit can only mean one thing: The Cheddar Bo is coming. Available the first week of January.

Bojangles Cheddar Bo

Croissant Donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts Available Into 2015 Due to Popular Demand

Today Dunkin’ Donuts announced that more than 4.6 million Croissant Donuts have been sold nationwide since being introduced in November.  Because of the popularity, Dunkin’ Donuts is extending the availability of the Croissant Donut into next year at participating locations.  Here’s my review of the Croissant Donut from early last month… I think I’d still just stick with a regular glazed donut for 99-cents.

croissant donut

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