Review: Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger from McDonald’s

Embarking on our McDonald’s Worldwide Favorites journey, we now find ourselves in Spain, ready to savor the much-talked-about Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger. Bursting with flavors and creativity, this burger promises a delightful blend of beefy goodness, smoky bacon, and the intriguing McBacon Sauce. Let’s dive into this Spanish delight and see if it lives up to its “Grand McExtreme” name.

The Beefy Wonder



The foundation of the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger is a quarter pound of 100 percent beef, boasting that signature salty flavor we’ve come to love from McDonald’s patties. The shift from frozen to fresh patties seems to have enhanced the beefiness, making each bite more substantial and satisfying. With the beef patty cooked to perfection, the journey into the world of Spanish-inspired goodness begins.

A Symphony of Bacon: Smoky and Sweet



No “McExtreme” burger would be complete without bacon, and the Grand McExtreme doesn’t disappoint. Three generous pieces of Applewood smoked bacon are lavishly placed atop the beef patty, adding a smoky and sweet touch to every bite. The texture is just right, not overly crispy nor disappointingly limp, striking a harmonious balance with the beef.

The Intriguing McBacon Sauce: A Surprise of Flavors

McBacon Sauce

Perhaps the most intriguing element of the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger is the mysterious McBacon Sauce. Our taste buds were eager to explore this unique addition, and thankfully, it proved to be a pleasant surprise.

Contrary to typical bacon-flavored offerings, the sauce adds an extra smokiness and mild tanginess, complementing the burger without overpowering it. Despite the questionable name, the sauce’s creamy texture and subtle flavors play a vital role in enhancing the overall experience.

Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese

To further enrich the flavor journey, the burger features slices of Gouda cheese, though they are smooth and mild. While not prominently impactful, these slices subtly balance the beef and bacon, harmonizing the porky goodness with the meaty delight.

Onions: A Tantalizing Topping


Completing the ensemble are slivers of onions, offering a pleasant crunch and adding a hint of flavor. Though some may consider them a minor concern, the onions blend harmoniously with the sauce and other components, contributing to a surprisingly positive burger experience.

Value and Verdict: A Worthy Adventure

McExtreme Burger

At a price of $5.99, the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger proves to be a substantial and satisfying option. With no added premium for the McBacon Sauce and Gouda cheese, it stands as a worthy contender among premium sandwich combos.

While the name may not scream “international,” the taste undoubtedly does. The burger’s familiar appeal ensures it fits right into American McDonald’s menus, without revealing its Spanish origins.

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With the Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger, McDonald’s brings a taste of Spain to American palates, delivering a flavorful blend of beef, bacon, and McBacon Sauce. Despite its peculiar name, the burger is a savory delight worth trying.

So, the next time you visit your local McDonald’s, embark on your own culinary adventure, exploring the wonders of the Worldwide Favorites menu. Who knows where your taste buds will lead you next?