Review: Crispy Taco from Burger King

Although the Crispy Taco from Burger King isn’t exactly new, they’re still billing it as an introduction.  Burger King’s Crispy Taco is reminiscent of the tacos at Jack in the Box so if you’re on the eastern side of the country, this is as close as you’re gonna get.Burger King TacoHere’s how Burger King describes their Crispy Taco:

Introducing the Crispy Taco featuring a crispy, crunchy tortilla, filled with delicious, seasoned beef, shredded cheddar cheese and lettuce, all topped with just the right amount of our savory taco sauce.

This was my first time trying Burger King’s Crispy Taco and now that I’ve had it, I hope BK considers keeping it around longer than an LTO.  Let’s review:Burger King TacoAs you can clearly see, the Crispy Taco is pretty pathetic looking.  It’s not very appetizing in pictures or when you see it for yourself.  Don’t let the visuals deter you from giving it a fair shot.  Unlike the Crunchy Taco from Taco Bell, BK’s Crispy Taco shell will vary in the way it lays… imagine a corn tortilla deep fried and pressed together and the edges getting a hardened crunch while the center where the ground beef sits is soft and chewy.  I ordered two Crispy Tacos and the shell just twists and bends in spots differently on each.  The seasoned beef was nothing impressive, just a taco seasoning glob of pressed meat.  The rest of the components include some shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce strewn about and mild taco sauce.  It’s a lazy creation, but the shell has such a satisfying crunch and snap that it won me over.  Burger King TacoAt a price of just $1, Burger King’s Crispy Taco is a decent value and makes an excellent a la carte addition to a BK combo meal.  You won’t fill up until you’ve had at least a few of these tacos and maybe by that point you’ll have to use the toilet anyway.  Grab a couple for two bucks and you’re good.Burger King Crispy TacoIn closing, the Crispy Taco from Burger King is definitely an item I’d grab again.  Yeah I admit it looks awful, but it’s a satisfying value menu item that fits just right on the BK menu.

Pros: Loved the crispy crunch of the tortilla shell edges. Just a dollar.

Cons: Visually pathetic. More cheese, please.

Taste: 7.50/10
Value: 7.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.00/10
Price: $1.00

Overall GrubGrade: 7.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 170
Fat - 9 grams
Sodium - 360 milligrams
Carbs - 19 grams
Fiber - 2 grams
Sugar - 1 gram
Protein - 5 grams

30 comments on “Review: Crispy Taco from Burger King

  1. Robert says:

    These have to be fried with the meat already in them, right? I can’t explain the appearance otherwise. Anyone work at BK or Jack in the Box?

    • BigBelly says:

      It’s definitely in there, there’s a noticeable darker ring around the outside of the filling where the oil hits it.
      Compared to JIB, I’d say these have a better shell, the crispy part is almost chip like, and not very greasy, where as JIB shells are pretty much grease logged and hardish. The uniformity of the filling helps with the crispiness because it’s a even amount of tortilla around it, JIB seems different in everyone.

      Filling wise, I wasn’t very impressed, it was just bland to me, where as JIB has a very distinct flavor. I don’t know if they just didn’t use enough sauce, or forgot it, but it lacked something.
      I bought 4 of them and tried them with various sauces after the first one, 2 packs of sauce on one taco finally gave me what I was looking for. I find it odd they don’t offer any extra sauce

      Jacks filling in the Kings shell would be a very addictive item

    • Retrobeach says:

      These remind me of the Jack in the Box tacos from the 60s. I think they taste great for what they are.

  2. Trebor says:

    That doesn’t look fried at all. I bet it was lovingly baked in an artisanal oven in the rolling hills of the countryside of Mexico.

  3. Jesse says:

    They aren’t too different from the Jack In The Box version at 2 for ~$1+.

  4. Don says:

    Where is the shredded cheddar? I got American

    • Robert says:

      Yeah, the locations that have made these consistently the past few years have always used American, so I bet those locations will still make them the old way, possibly on accident. However, you get such a tiny amount of shredded cheddar it’s not like you can actually taste it.

  5. RJ says:

    I thought BK had always sold tacos. I’ve bought tacos from Burger King 2 for $1 and some change for years. Have they just rolled out tacos nationwide and stated charging $1 each. I’m really confused.

  6. Darleen Green says:

    These tacos taste exactly like Jack in the box tacos that I grew up on. It is hellacious that people care to read this comment. It’s fast food. Like or dislike it. Get over it. lol ? it was ok
    Not the best Taco because it’s not a Mexican restaurant.
    It is definitely DEEP FRIED and comes frozen.
    Anyone with half a brain would know it’s a novelty item.

    • Bubbsy says:

      Some of the best tacos I’ve had don’t come from a Mexican restaurant. They came from a Korean food truck.

  7. Darleen Green says:

    It was supposed to say hilarious ? funny spellcheck again

  8. Helen S Callahan says:

    I tried these and they have little resemblance to tacos. Each had 3 or 4 shreds of lettuce, and about the same on cheese. Pathetic. Don’t be fooled by the pretty picture of them on the order box as I was. This is false advertising. They aren’t worth a dollar…. or even half a dollar. The “meat” resembled chili, and I’m not sure it wasn’t. There was more “soup” than meat. Really, Burger King, this is not up to your usual standards.

  9. EB says:

    Why not just go to taco bell? Much better and not much more $. This looks terrible

  10. nancy says:

    GROSS!!! the most disgusting taco in the world!!

  11. Taco Bell has nothing to worry about with this new so called grease soaked deep fried Taco from Burger King, stick to burgers. You need to prepare if you go to order the $1.00 taco by wearing a lobster bib, rubber gloves and a shower cap. You will not how greases there are and the sauce runs out and the rest just falls out, keep them in the paper sleeve for a reason. Get lost of napkins, your going to need them. Never again do I have to buy them, ever, ever, ever!

  12. Lance Rocke says:

    Had these twice since they were brought back, the first time they were great, as I am a JitB taco fan, when I can get those. Like the shell better than Jack as well, much less stale tasting. Second time I ordered them, horrible, no sauce, horrible flavor… so bad I dont want to buy them again

  13. Mary R says:

    Just tried the taco. Enjoyed it. Shell crunchier than I expected; but I like crispy and crunchy and liked it. A little saltier than I expected.

  14. Rvelez says:

    It was utterly gross

  15. Charles Miller says:

    I tried them for the first time yesterday. I wish I had my dollar back. The taste was bland, the shell way too hard, and they actually used cheese slices. I didn’t realize they were going to be deep fried, but that explains the weird texture. I had planned on giving them another chance, at a different store, but I suspect that they are just never going to be good.

  16. Mike Baker says:

    Hands down a “GREAT TASTING TACO”.

  17. Trebor Kroy says:

    BK’s “tacos” are horrible. BK should stick with what they do best– making burgers. You don’t see Taco Bell trying to sell burgers!

  18. Toni Green says:

    Just tried the tacos and they are awful. Sorry. They look nothing like the ones in their commercials. There’s very little filling and they are greasy.

  19. Jim Foster says:

    Worst grease ball ever, Can’t say that the meat was beef. Probably textured vegetable protein. Bought 4 are 1/2 of one. Filed rest in the garbage can. Poor garbage can.

  20. Gale Banaszak says:

    Worse taco ever?

  21. Robert Morett0 says:

    The worst taco I ever ate. Not even worth 25cents burger king should be ashamed to even take money for that thing .. looks burgi g like the picture taste nothing like a taco. No lettuce no cheese. Just a substance that looked like refried beans that they call meat. .what is Burger King thinking. Get it off the menu and save ur name. This will do more damage than good for your business

  22. Ed says:

    Similar to JIB but JIB is about half the price and far superior in flavor. The lettuce is pathetic and may as well not put it in as it adds nothing and the cheese is pretty bad as well. I tried it and immediately thought to myself, shoulda gone to JIB and better yet, Taco Bell.

  23. Theresa says:

    I ordered two of BK’s tacos and they are the worst tasting tacos ever! The taco shell was so tough and dry it was like eating plastic. As for the meat….it was not authentic beef. The mixture tasted like refried beans blended with salty taco seasoning. A few pieces of lettuce was added. I could not see any cheese due to the taco shell being glued together. I could not see or taste any cheese whatsoever. I thought about throwing my tacos for the wildlife to eat but then I realized that would be animal cruelty if I allowed myself to feed innocent animals food that could possibly kill them. I could never live with myself if I did that. ?

  24. mz says:

    it’s not a taco. not quite sure what it is. it was a mashed-down sort of fried-up ground corn pancake by the time we got it. it was tasteless. the meat-to-grease ratio couldn’t carry the meat through. it looked like someone sat on It, but it actually was pretty crispy when you bit into it. taco bell has nothing to worry about. if they flame-broiled the meat and tossed on cheese and veggies, and did a warmed tortilla, they’d fare a lot better. the bk flame-broilers would be ideal for some kind of al pastor taco. oh, bk.


  25. Tamarris says:

    The high-end Jack Taco at BK is a taste bud orgasm just waiting for you!
    Jack sells 554 million tacos a year for a reason.
    BK’s Jack Taco is incredibly similar, but BETTER!
    Only a naive taco virgin fails to grasp the genius required to cross a gnarly presentation with a dangerously addictive punch!
    CAUTION: You’re flirting with a new addiction!

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