Snack Review: NEW! Keebler Baker’s Treasure Chocolate Chip Cookies

From the ages of six to eleven I can honestly say that the highlight of 90% of my days came at approximately 12:30 PM. Well worn from a morning of long division and geography, the prospect of lunchtime and the subsequent recess period was a welcomed break from the daunting challenges of public elementary school. A lifetime “bringer,” I eagerly anticipated opening my Star Wars lunch box (later replaced by a other, less awesome, vesicles of food transportation) and — like any self-respecting kid my age — went right for the “treat.”

Sometimes it was a Rice-Krispies treat. Other times a Kudos bar. Usually, around Halloween, it consisted of copious amounts of Kit-Kat bars. But of all the sugary treats I looked forward to the most, nothing delighted my HFCS-rushed senses more than the warm, soft and chewy bite of  Keebler chocolate chip cookies.

Chips Ahoy? Man, bump that cardboard stuff. With weak chocolate chips and a crunchy texture they were never for me. No, Keebler was where it was at, and only the little elf man and his scrumptious cookies would do. Alas, as I got older, and better nutritional sense probably overtook my parents, Keebler cookies were eventually replaced, and the memory of those days slowly faded away to the point where I haven’t even eaten a packaged soft and chewy Keebler cookie in years. That is, until now.

On one of my usual nostalgic shopping sprees I spotted the new Baker’s Treasures Soft Chocolate Chip cookies. Wanting to know what was so “new” about a chocolate chip cookie, I took a closer look to find that they were actually a reduced fat variety.

What happens when you bake a cookie with applesauce? A soft cookie we call Keebler® Baker’s Treasures. Chocolate Chip cookies made with applesauce for great taste and reduced fat.

Typically I’m not for messing around with cookies, especially when it comes to this Applesauce nonsense. I’ve had “low fat” homemade cookies baked with applesauce in the past, and they’ve been anywhere from gummy to mushy to inedible. Not only that, but often times they lend themselves to a weird and slightly tart flavor, which is off and makes the cookies come across as not very sweet. And don’t even get me starter on how this effects the chocolate chips. Lets face it, chocolate is not fatphobic, and it’s much better to pair semisweet chocolate with rich butter and eggs than it is with applesauce. Skeptical as I was, I was looking for something with slightly improved nutrition that could still remind me of the awesomeness of my cookie-monster impersonating days, so I decided to give these the old (and literal) college try.

Well if you would of told me these were the “regular” Keebler chewy cookies I wouldn’t have questioned you. They tasted just like the cookies I remember from my youth, and didn’t display any off flavors or textural inconsistencies, aside from sticking together a little bit in the package. They were moist and chewy and loaded with plenty of chocolate chips, and were brimming with an appropriate level of sweetness that also displayed a  a hint of molasses flavor. Once more, they contained that honest-to-God butter and eggs taste that makes homemade chocolate chip cookie dough so addictive, even though they contain no trace of butter whatsoever, and are instead made with good old fashioned “Soybean and/or Palm Oil with THBQ added for freshness.” Hey, you might not like the sound of it, but they did taste fresh, and that’s all that mattered to me. A quick spurt in the microwave just makes them all the more gooey and yummy.

There are only a few downsides to these cookies as far as I can tell. One is the packaging. I hate cookie packaging, which tends to leave the cookies exposed to air and has a tendency to stale them pretty quickly. This didn’t happen with these, on account of problem numero dos. That problem is my always ravenous hermana, who thanks to her job as a full-time tennis instructor, basically eats 10,000 calories a day without even feeling full. Lucky duck. Needless to say, this might as well have been a “buried treasure” by the time I came back for round two, with only a few crumbs remaining. Which could lead you to problem numero three: a false sense of snacking security. The cookies aren’t huge, and thanks to their delish nature there is no way you’re going to hold yourself to the requisite serving size, a ridiculous claim of just two cookies. My suggestion? Do yourself a favor and just eat the whole dang bag in one sitting. If you need to compensate with a week’s worth of salad that’s your business, but it’ll be sooo worth it.

Nutrition:Keebler Baker’s Treasure Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pros: 25% less fat than regular Keebler chocolate chip cookies. Moist and chewy, with no off flavors or "gumminess." Tastes like butter and eggs. Nice and sweet. Don't skimp on the chocolate chips.

Cons: A bit pricey, even when on sale. Cookie packaging is not user-friendly. My hermana stealing my cookies. Who cares if they have a little less fat if you're going to eat the whole bag anyways? small, Very small.

Taste: 8.75/10
Value: 7.00/10
Price: 2.99 (on sale at Weis)

Overall GrubGrade: 8.50 (Very Good)

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6 comments on “Snack Review: NEW! Keebler Baker’s Treasure Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. The apple sauce inclusion throws me off, although it may make them more appealing from a texture stand point, I just know I am going to be overwhelmed by the apple sauce taste, even if its not there..

  2. rob says:

    The calorie count bummed me out as I usually eat at least ten cookies, that is 700 calories.

    Once you open the pack you might as well eat a bunch of them as otherwise they will go stale … so you think “I’ll just eat half of the first row of cookies” … ten minutes later you think “I’ll just eat the first row of cookies, and half of the second row of cookies, that will leave plenty for everybody else” …. eventually there are only three cookies left in the entire package and you have a guilty look on your face, like a dog that pooped on the carpet, and you hope that nobody will notice that there are only three cookies left.

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    I wanna try it. You can’t use the words “moist and chewy” without activating the engine on my second stomach.

  4. I8INDY says:

    Funny review. It is nice to remember some things from your childhood, but learning to bake my own cookies is something I’m greatful for as an adult.

  5. Raiders757 says:

    Wow, you reminded me of the lunch breaks of my youth. Back when pudding came in a can with a pull top and soda had actual sugar in it. I had a Star Wars lunch box as well, but this is what it looked like.

  6. Adam Bomb says:

    Damn you, GrubGrade! After reading the headline, I scroll down to see a picture of an Empire lunchbox. My mind immediately jumps to the amazing conclusion that Keebler must be doing some amazing Star Wars promotion where they’re selling their cookies in badass Empire lunchboxes. Does it make sense or seem likely? No, but that’s where my brain went. Imagine my disappointment when I realized the lunchbox had nothing to do with the cookies…. A sad day, indeed. 😉

    Good review, though! I’ve often heard of the use of applesauce in recipes to replace some of the fat. I’m intrigued by these, and may pick up a package later today.