Snack Review: NEW! Cape Cod Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno Chips

I love me some kettle chips and have had nothing but good experiences with Cape Cod chips in the past. Their Sweet Mesquite Barbeque chips are some of the most flavorful chips I’ve ever had, while I’ve always found the chip texture — not too oily, folded over, and always displaying a solid crunch — to be top notch. With this in mind, you can imagine how pumped I was when I found out Cape Cod had launched several new flavors in their line of chips, prompting me to quickly head to the store to pick up a bag of the Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno chips to try.

We’ve blended the bold heat of the southwestern jalapeno with a touch of sweetness to create our new Sweet & Spicy Jalapeno. The result is a spicy, yet sweet flavor that is sure to please even the most discriminating jalapeño fans!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am usually not a “spicy” chip guy. No, it’s not that I’m a wimp (OK, maybe a little), it’s just that I really enjoy chips that retain an element of their natural potato flavor. With excessive spiciness this often seems to go away, and although I’ve enjoyed spicy chips in the past, I prefer variations in flavor that play off of more meaty or sweet flavor components.  That being said, spice fans will love these, and even wimps like myself will enjoy them as well. Like every Cape Cod chip I’ve had in the past, these little guys have the familiar “folded over” texture that leaves the chips with a good crunch and great mouth-feel. They have just enough oil to make licking the flavoring agent enjoyable, but aren’t overly saturated or off putting. The oil itself doesn’t come across as old, and the neutral canola flavor is clean and doesn’t stand in the way of the potato. The batch reveals only a few burnt chips and it really shows they are crafted with care.

The first flavor I get is the salty-sweet flavor of dextrose and paprika, the kind of sweetness you’ll often get with a BBQ flavor chip. The sweetness is short lived and pleasant, giving way to a strong jalapeno flavor. The chip is spicy, but it has flavor to it, and the heat is in the moderate zone. I’m not getting some painful and mind-numbing heat, but rather a peppery flavor that reminds me of Tabasco sauce. As I crunch into the chips and begin to chew I pick up elements of the sweetness again, and am oddly recalled to several other chip flavors. There is an almost BBQ like flavor, along with something reminiscent in the seasoning of Utz’s famous Sour Cream and Onion chips. Finally, there’s a unity of spicy and sweet, and somewhere in my flavor archives I know I’ve tasted this chip before. Unable to identify the flavor exactly, I quickly dug my fist into the bag, and began crunching at will.

It is at this point that I began to notice that a glass of water might be in order. Like I said, I am something of a wimp.

Nevertheless I trudged onward, spurred by this unique blend of flavors and searched for an ample comparison to give you, my faithful readers, something better than the proverbial “OMG these were really spicy and sweet” description that a lesser food critic might resort to. After 15 or so chips it finally hit me, and although I’m not sure if it’s the most precise comparison, I swear that these carry a flavor oddly reminiscent of buffalo sauce. Not the “atomic” kind, but a more sophisticated, garlic-infused Buffalo sauce that for some reason is finished with brown sugar and smoked sea salt. My goodness, does such a sauce actually exist? I’m not sure, but if it doesn’t I called the trademark.

Pros: Real' jalapeno flavor that doesn't kill your taste buds, but doesn't leave you disappointed either. Nice 'southwestern' sweetness that contains hints of onion and garlic. Only 1 gram of saturated fat per serving. Great crunchy texture and artisan quality.

Cons: Not suggested for pre-date snacking. Admitting to GrubGraders that I'm kinda a spice wimp when it comes to chips. Having to go through the trademarking process.

Price: $2.50 (on sale)

Overall GrubGrade: 9.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Cape Code Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno Chips
Serving Size: 1 oz (Abouts 18 chips)
Calories: 150
Total Fat: 8g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 160mg
Total Carbs: 16g
Fiber: 1g
Sugar: 1g
Protein: 2g

11 comments on “Snack Review: NEW! Cape Cod Sweet and Spicy Jalapeno Chips

  1. Jessica J says:

    I really love Cape Cod Chips. Their reduced fat version is even better than most regular chips. I also love their new dark russet chips! These sound good, but I am also a wimp when it comes to spicy chips.

  2. These are a lot like Miss Vickies, we have here altho the jalapeno flavor isn’t so great, but the sweet chili and sour cream, and Roasted Red Pepper Grill are awesome.

  3. E says:

    These sound awesome.

    I don’t know if they’re new, but I just tried Toasted Corn Doritos. Please consider reviewing them before someone else suffers the same flavorless fate I just did.

  4. Amy says:

    I haven’t had chips in so long. When I was younger and gave in to the kettle cooked, I scavenged for the folded ones and shunned their flat siblings, the more folded the better.

  5. Tony jaguar says:


  6. LO says:

    Love Cape Cod chips!! I tried this flavor recently; they were not bad…. but I really enjoyed the jalapeno cheddar chips much more than these, they tasted just like jalapeno poppers and were delightful. I’m dissapointed they decided to replace them with the sweet and spicy. 🙁

    • PB says:

      I agree, cap code missed the boat when they discontinued the aged cheddar and & jalapeno flavor.

      Now the sweet jalapeno flavor just sits on the self and sales are lacking.

      Cap code marketing dept needs to wake up and bring back teh Aged Cheddar & Jalapeno chips for the true HOT chip loving consumer.

  7. Chris says:

    These new Jalapeno chips pale in comparison to the Jalapeno & Aged Cheddar, which Cape Code has unfortunately discontinued. The Jalapeno & Aged Cheddar were the best potato chips I have ever eaten.

  8. Jim says:



    * Well…Back to the Internet to order Great chips again

  9. John says:

    These Sweet Jalapeno things are crap. Bring back the Jalapeno and Aged Cheddar or I will buy Frito Lay for life.

  10. KJ says:

    I was absolutely crushed when they replaced the Jalapeno & Cheddar Chips in May. They are the only chips I like! I wrote the company in May, and they responded by saying, they had to keep up with “fresh new flavors”. I bought the new ones tonight—-very disappointing!!!! I will never buy them again!!!!