Sandwich Sunday: Turkey Reuben from Jason’s Deli

This has been a busy sandwich week for me. I’m not just talking several sandwiches since last Sunday’s creation, but multiple sandwiches per day. So choosing between a variety of homemade creations (including multiple personal creations on Einstein Brothers bagels) and fast casual purchases was tough. That being said, a winner had to be chosen, and it might as well be one I actually spent some money on. This week’s edition features an order from Jason’s Deli in the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City.

How I remained ignorant of Jason’s for so long is a mystery to me. As someone who literally eats a sandwich and a salad every day for lunch at my school’s dining hall, I felt right at home with their “Manager’s Special” of a half sandwich and a full trip around the salad bar. Outside of a killer salad with every fruit and vegetable under the sun included (not to mention my pockets full of those delicious Pumpkin Cheddar Flatbread crackers) I chowed down on the Turkey Reuben:

98% fat free oven roasted turkey breast, sauerkraut, Swiss, organic stone ground mustard, grilled on Rye.

Description: This sandwich is part of Jason’s “Real Choices” menu, which consists of the ‘healthier’ sandwich choices. It also comes with a side (I chose the organic black bean chips and salsa). Combined with my trip around the salad bar, my total bill ended up at $8.29.

The Verdict: Let me just say for starters that they did not skimp on the meat, cheese, or ‘kraut portions. This was a big plus. The turkey breast was really quite moist, and although it wasn’t spice rubbed in any way.  I thought the turkey had a rounded, almost rotisserie-like flavor. The ‘kraut would have been excessive for most, but I’m a big fan of the condiment, so it was a pleasure for me. The cheese was decent; melted, for sure, but rather mild and not as creamy as I would have preferred. It was also obscured with the ‘kraut, and seemed separated from the turkey in terms of its ability to lend flavor to the sandwich as a whole. Also, the rye bread hardly seemed grilled. Toasted, to be sure, but still rather bland. A heartier and more earthy flavor (perhaps by way of seeds) would have been welcomed. All that being said, the sandwich really worked for me. Jason’s is great in that they provide you with a host of condiments, and I put an absurd amount of stone-ground mustard on this puppy, which really helped bind the ‘kraut’s acidity with the subtle sweetness of the turkey and rye. According to the nutrition facts, this sandwich should have been in the range of 260 calories and 7 grams of fat, although I really doubt that given the cheese portion. Not that I’m complaining. All told, the sandwich was pretty good for a chain, although a more deli style and spiced-rubbed  turkey pastrami would have been preferred over the oven roasted breast. The experience of Jason’s made it well worth it (I mean really, their flatbread crackers are enough to make even me go ga-ga for organic), so I’m giving this one high marks despite the fact that I’ve had better Turkey Ruebens in my life.

Your Turn:What’s the key to a really good Reuben? Is it the meat (and if so, does it have to be authentic, beef brisket Pastrami), the cheese, the condiments, or the preparation?

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75 (Good)

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4 comments on “Sandwich Sunday: Turkey Reuben from Jason’s Deli

  1. skippymom says:

    I have to have corned beef [sorry that is what I grew up on] and the whole sandwich HAS to be grilled well with the dressing on the side. But that is just me and how I like it – I worked at a restaurant and the sous chef made the best ruebens so I like his and feel lucky to find one comprable.

    We actually went out to dinner today and I considered a rueben but unfortunately it had corned beef and turkey. ick….but I had lil’ chili dog sliders [omg!] and maryland crab soup with oreo ice cream sandwich lol – haven’t been out to eat in so long – it was sooo good. [Local chain called Glory Days]

  2. rob says:

    grilled, kraut, condiments … I could probably live with turkey

  3. Rachel says:

    I like my reubens with corned beef, thousand island dressing and I prefer cole slaw instead of kraut. Shottenstein’s in Palo Alto used to be my go to sandwich joint, but they closed, ~tear~ 🙁

    Do they make their own crackers or are they available in stores?

  4. Adam says:


    They make their own. Honestly, they are amazing. I don’t usually care for flax seed or pumpkin seed or anything trumpeted as organic, but they have a great earthy sweetness and fantastic crunch. I’ve been snacking on them all week. No way I would waste these as dunkers in my soup lol.