Review: YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese from Burger King

I don’t need to write much of anything for you to have a good idea that the YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese from Burger King is awful.  It looks pretty bad doesn’t it?  YUMBO Hot Ham Cheese BKBurger King describes their YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese like this:

YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese features slices of savory black forest ham, topped with American cheese, crisp lettuce, and creamy mayo, all served heated on a toasted hoagie bun.

So besides having a stupid name, the YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese has other qualities that make it a poor product.  Considering the last two BK reviews, disappointment should be my expectation now… (see Four Cheese Whopper and Mushroom Swiss Big King).

YUMBO Ham BKThe YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese is priced at $3.69 for the sandwich alone.  It’s a part of the 2 for $5 Mix and Match Deal so I paired it with the Original Chicken Sandwich.  The Original Chicken Sandwich isn’t very good, but next to the YUMBO it looks a whole lot better.Yumbo BK Ham CheeseThe black forest ham wasn’t piled high like Arby’s and since the ham is nothing but salty, I was fine with that.  Zero sweetness to balance the super salty ham.  Two slices of processed American cheese adds to the mess but some color and that semi-sour artificial flavor.  The “crisp lettuce” was indeed crisp, but no more appealing than leftover pieces of salad that should be tossed in the trash.  Globs of mayo… should I continue.  This will sound very sad… I think the only decent part of this sandwich was the toasted hoagie bun.

BK Ham CheeseAvoid this mess and don’t fall into the “lowest common denominator pit”.  I know this is just fast food, but the YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese is an example of very little effort by Burger King.  Save your money.

Pros: When compared to everything else, the bun comes off as gourmet. You might like it if you're under the age of 9.

Cons: Low grade everything else... ham, cheese, lettuce, just not very good.

Taste: 1.50/10
Value: 3.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.25/10
Price: $3.69 or 2 for $5 Mix and Match

Overall GrubGrade: 2.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 490
Total Fat - 24 grams
Sodium - 1770 milligrams
Protein - 23 grams

51 comments on “Review: YUMBO Hot Ham & Cheese from Burger King

  1. phil g says:

    Yeah, it looks gross

  2. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Oh God this is one of the most disgusting things I have seen from any restaurant. Are the inmates running the asylum at BK, how was this thing green-lit?

  3. alek says:

    WOW! Lowest grade I ever seen on Grubgrade. It looks like crossiantwich sandwich except replacing egg with lettuce and mayo. I could had thrown that together for cheap and taster. I have a store selling loose rolls for 35 cents and some ham from the deli with $2 cheese. Press it together making it a Panini.

  4. Jody says:

    They had a ham and cheese sandwich in the mid to late 80’s.
    My best friend was addicted to it for some reason.
    It was not as bad as this, but I still can’t believe they are doing something even remotely similar again.

  5. Jeff Determann says:

    This is something I would make when I get home drunk at 2AM.

    $3.69 is absurd.

  6. Ryan says:

    I doubt that even a stoner would want to eat this. A bunch of BKs have closed in my area. Honestly, I hope it’s a trend. They need stop with the stupid gimmicks and start working on their quality if they want to keep up.

    • jamboreee says:

      yeah you’re right, I’m super high, I have super munchies I’m up for almost any junk food, but that right there makes me want to yack. yumbo my ass.

  7. monkeyrotica says:

    I thought we WON World War II.

  8. Brendon says:

    If I were BK, I’d open up all of my food and operations to the starving people from Syria since no one here wants to eat the meal being served in these pictures, (or anything served by BK). I would absolutely eat BK to survive though. If BK has a plan to retain dignity with customers, maybe they should focus on the demographic where their product really counts.

  9. Snackeroo says:

    BK really needs to revamp their entire sandwich lineup.

  10. dead king society says:

    This looks like something only a 10 year old could love,and make. This is exactly the sandwich I would have loved to make back then. If bk really wants to sell this, they should issue play money to kids aged between 6 and 10,they could then “buy ” their very own. Nobody in their right mind would pay the $2.50 (deal) for a sandwich worth maybe $.49

  11. Paul says:

    Well at least I tried it compared to most people on here. Its good cheap and hot like my old lady.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Paying over $3 for a crappy ham and cheese sandwich is hardly “cheap”. To compare anything from BK to your “old lady”, truly does her a disservice.

  12. sandra says:

    The original sandwich was round. It was piled high with ham and white cheese. And it had no lettuce. It was awesome.

  13. Andre says:

    The name killed it for me before I even saw a picture. Some ideas should not be brought back. I get they’re trying to figure out ways to mix ingredients and introduce new sandwiches periodically, but this one seems unnecessary.

  14. FSBA says:

    Taco Bell puts more effort into what combination of “XXL”, “Beefy”, “Cheesy”, “Crunchy”, or “Doritos Locos” their next specialty item should be.

  15. Serpico says:

    I miss the…chicken crisp cheddar bacon ranch, was it? That was a bomb sandwich. This is poorly executed garbage.

  16. Alex K. says:

    Burger King is the worst fast food restaurant out there … period.

    • Yar says:

      No… Crapdonalds is the worst fast food restaurant out there.

      • Raiders757 says:

        Sorry, but BK has indeed fallen THAT far. McDonald’s has better fries, and their quarter lb burger with cheese at least resembles a hamburger compared to the sad and pathetic modern day version of the Whopper. The only items worth a crap at BK, is their extremely overpriced Tendercrisp Combo and their Croissan’wich breakfast offerings.Everything else is “hot garbage”.

  17. Phaet says:

    A four dollar sandwich, tax included, that looks to have no more than six slices of ham? I’d rather eat chicken foam I’d rather go hungry.

  18. John says:

    I bet you enjoyed having to say YUMBO, though.

  19. TK says:

    Thought this was an Onion article for a second, literally looked at my address bar so confused.

  20. Joe Zeiss says:

    The original was round, with no lettuce, I believe no mayonnaise, and not “Black Forest” ham. It was just a very simple and delicious ham and cheese sandwich on a nice soft warm roll. I’ll bet that Burger King’s NEW “Yumbo’ will be nothing like the original that we all loved.

  21. Sascha says:

    For god’s sage, Burger King! If you’re going to bring back sandwiches from the “good old days”, at least bring back the right sandwich. The BK Broiler is what we need.

  22. Larry Cunningham says:

    I agree the return of the YUMBO is a flop!!! I was pretty excited when I found out the YUMBO was finally returning. However, I ordered two of them yesterday and they were terrible!! The Bun was barely toasted, and the cheese was not melted. I guess I don’t remember the YUMBO having lettuce and mayo on the original sanwich. It was nothing more than a GENERIC ham & cheese sandwich from my own fridge. I really enjoy BURGER KING…all except their fries. But the Jr. Ham & Cheese at Arby’s is much better; There was more Ham on Arby’s and the price was less than half of Burger King. Sorry Burger King….but I am truely disappointed in the one I received from BK in Ontario Ohio! From a Loyal BK Customer

  23. azjscott says:

    Eff Burger King! I rarely eat fast food, although I love fast food. Generally, I’ll eat it when a new product comes out and even then I split with my Wife so we can try it. I have tried every new menu item from most Fast Food places. Most end up in the trash! When it comes to BK, they ARE, the worst! Last weekend I wanted a Whopper…..the one effing thing BK has always gotten right. Not anymore. It was garbage in every way. All their food sucks now. Even the Onion Rings I loved so much! They have a slimy, waxy texture that I can’t pinpoint. Thank you for taking the time to post all these reviews. BTW….. F’in YUMBO…..who the hell is doing BK’s marketing. Silly name for a dee-scuss-ting looking piece of trash!

  24. Lola says:

    I loved the Yumbo when I was a kid. Lots of good memories associated with this sandwich so I am going to BK today for a trip down memory lane for old time’s sake. Wish me luck 🙂

  25. Ken says:

    I remember the Yumbos of old and they were great. I used to go to BK every Saturday after bowling and buy 2 or 3 of them. I was very sad when they were discontinued. I have not tried the new one yet but for nostalgic purposes, I will.

  26. David says:

    If anyone with any power at Burger King reads this …


    This is nowhere near the same sandwich and when this fails miserably, it will obviously doom any chance of the 70’s yumbo coming back.

    Bringing the yumbo back is a GREAT idea … but this isn’t the real yumbo.

    Make the sandwich like you did back in the day and it will be a rousing success .. but this thing you brought out under the same name is doomed to fail.


    I, and many others, loved it and still would …

    Styrofoam container, round bun, piled high with ham, smothered in cheese … NO LETTUCE OR MAYO.

    Come on guys … do it right … give us the wolf … not the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  27. Jeni says:

    Wow, people have really strong feelings about this sandwich! They should have named it The Ferguson.

  28. Poindxtr says:

    It really doesn’t look that bad. It looks like a hot ham and cheese that you could get just about anywhere that serves such a thing. I’ve seen positive reviews of it, too. I’m going to give it a shot this afternoon because I don’t jump on the default “fast food is awful” bandwagon. The four cheese Whopper, though, was definitely atrocious.

  29. doctorx0079 says:

    Forget this. BRING BACK THE VEAL PARMIGIANA SANDWICH! With the good original marinara.

  30. Joanna says:

    It was awful. The bun was big and gummy. Was it supposed to be hot? The whole thing was ice cold. Way too much lettuce, gloppy mayo. Cheap, gross cheese. Salty thin ham. Why not make the original? Small round bun, decent tasting HOT ham and cheese, period. My dogs enjoyed it.

  31. CulinaryZerg says:

    I am shocked a professional chain would do this. A place known for burgers debuts a generic ham sandwich worse than you could get at a grocery store?

    It’s almost like a sick joke at this point. Shareholders of BK need to fire their entire management and probably chefs at this point.

  32. rodney says:

    I remember when I was a teenager, Hardee’s had a hot ham and cheese sandwich that seemed to be one of their signature items. All the Hardee’s here switched to Carl’s Jr. around 20 years ago, so don’t know if Hardee’s still does the hot ham and cheese or not. This sandwich doesn’t look very appetizing though.

    • JAYT says:

      Yep, Hardees still regularly has bogo coupons for the Hot Ham and Swiss in their circulars here. I rarely go there for anything but breakfast though.

  33. Frankie says:

    You’re an idiot.
    The yumbo is quite tasty.

  34. Frankie says:

    I do, however, like how people are always quick to agree with any critic or review in these ‘comments’ sections, trying to achieve some sort of self importance thinking that an agreeance with someone online makes their opinion important.
    Most of you haven’t even tried the sandwich, I’d put money on it.


  35. John "Ratty" Arbuckle says:

    It’s hilarious to read all the internet “elites” here criticizing and going off on BK, while sales of the Yumbo keep piling up at every restaurant. It’s actually a good sandwich with a delicious, warm, salty taste. Thank god there is no “Sweet” to “balance” it, as some pompous ass said up above. The Yumbo is cool, retro, and delicious. So keep on hatin’, haters. I’m sure BK cares what some pretentious tools on the internet think. Douchebags.

  36. tlo says:

    Geeze, do Frankie and John own some kind of stake in the Yumbo or something? It’s a freaking fast food sandwich, people are giving their opinions about it.

  37. Dave says:

    The YUMBO sandwich looks more like a YUMNO hahaha

  38. Jon says:

    I actually got this sandwich, since I usually have lunch at BK about once a week. It was terrible and I will never get it again.

  39. bitches "R" us says:

    YUMBO Ghey!

  40. Joe Lombard says:

    This is what you do,
    STEP 1 – Goto ARBY’S steal 2 packets of Arby’s sauce.
    STEP 2- Goto Burger King order a Yumbo and anything else on the menu.
    STEP 3- Get a Burger King Crown Hat say its for your kid.
    STEP 4-Once you are at your destination apply ARBY’S SAUCE to the YUMBO
    STEP 5-EAT
    The Yumbo bun and the amount of ham they give you is more than ARBY’S places Roast beef or Ham.And
    ..That is all…

    • Larry says:

      I do it even better…..I just buy 2 of the ham and cheese’s at Arby’s and remove the ham & cheese from one add at it to the other sandwich. Now that’s a perfect Ham and Cheese!

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