Review: Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper from Burger King

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Burger King continues to crank out new, limited-time takes on their signature burger: the Whopper. At the start of the summer, there was a collection of regional BBQ Whoppers, which was followed by a guac and bacon-topped California Whopper. The latest entry is the Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper.

BK describes the Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper like this:

Our new Wisconsin White Cheddar WHOPPER® Sandwich is ¼ lb of savory fire-grilled beef, topped with naturally smoked thick-cut bacon, creamy Wisconsin white cheddar cheese, freshly cut iceberg lettuce, white onions, ripe tomatoes and crunchy pickles, all on a warm, toasted, sesame seed bun. Limited Time Only. Also available in WHOPPER JR.®

Really, it’s new in name (and cheese) only. Aside from the two slices of “Wisconsin” white cheddar, everything else is standard Whopper material. The patty is the same, sad gray puck, the veggies are bland and flavorless, and the bun is cold, despite being advertised as warm and toasted.

The one ingredient that’s new — the cheese — massively under-delivers, rendering this burger completely useless. Sure, there are two slices of a variety of cheese that, in normal circumstances, would be delicious, but in typical BK fashion, the cheese tastes waxy and it’s completely unmelted. It does approximate the texture of real white cheddar, but eat it blindfolded and there would be no way of knowing which type of cheese (or in the case of Burger King: “cheese”) you’re eating. I had to strain my taste buds to taste anything at all, and the flavor that did come through was a weak, whisper of cheddar that tasted synthetic, even though the BK website doesn’t classify it as such.BK’s “me too” strategy of developing copycat items already on the menu at other fast food joints and this rush to continue churning out “new” twists on established items is getting tiresome. Few, if any, of the items are worthy of a permanent place on the menu, and the majority of them rank squarely within “terrible” territory.

Customers would be much better served if BK completely reformulated their base burger offerings, and admit (at least to themselves) that they’ve really gone downhill. There is huge room for improvement, especially when it comes to the main elements: the beef and the bun. Instead, they keep selling the same crappy burger with different (equally crappy) toppings in an attempt to stay fresh and new. The end result of this strategy (at least for me) is with each new Whopper that’s released, my memory of a time when BK burgers did not completely suck grows more and more faint. It’s starting to feel like the memories were all just a dream.

If you like your Whopper fully loaded (with cheese and bacon), but have always wished that the cheese could have absolutely no flavor, this is the burger for you. Otherwise, skip it.

Pros: It's edible, I suppose.

Cons: You name it: bland beef, flavorless toppings, waxy cheese. A terrible burger all around.

Taste: 2.50/10
Value: 4.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.00/10
Price: $4.99

Overall GrubGrade: 3.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 950
Total Fat: 62 g
Saturated Fat: 23 g
Trans Fat: 1.5 g
Cholesterol: 135 mg
Sodium: 1660 mg
Total Carbs: 58 g
Dietary Fiber: 3 g
Sugars: 13 g
Protein: 46 g

31 comments on “Review: Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper from Burger King

  1. The pictures actually make it look halfway decent. Too bad it doesn’t taste that way. It’s like a transexual of the fast food world. It’s “transburgered,” if you will.

  2. Kat says:

    Nice review, such a shame the product itself was so horrible. I had to point out they oddly used red onions insted of white. I have never seen red onions at BK. Also the packaging has changed and it looks like an attempt to copy Wendy’s new burgers.

  3. Alex K. says:

    As soon as I heard about this Whopper, I figured it’d be pretty crappy. That California Whopper was the worst thing I ever ate though … the BK guacamole tasted like dog poop. And 950 calories for this Whopper? What a waste.

  4. alexg says:

    In N out uses have been wrapping their burgers that way since the 50’s. Carl’s Jr. have also been doing that as long as I can remember. Both Wendy’s an BK came late to that wrapping style. Those picture’s really make that BK Whopper look as unappetizing as you made out in your review. Tomato Slices are not ripe. The Cheese looks like plastic and though im kind of surprised that the lettuce wasn’t brown. I had an In-N-Out Double Double last night at midnight. That was delicious!! I would never waste all that fat and sodium on a BK Burger. What a waste!! I made a comment a couple of months ago on BK just concentrating on making a good burger. I’m glad someone agrees!!

    • Walt says:

      Burger King and Wendy’s both wrapped their burgers back when In-N-Out was doing it in the 50s and 60s as well. Wrapping burgers in the 50s and 60s was, you know, pretty standard practice. Really weird critique to make, regardless of your lack of knowledge on the subject. The tomato on the burger in the pictures looks ripe to me as well.

      Your comment just reads like an advertisement for In-N-Out, really. What, do you get paid a penny per website you mention In-N-Out on? There’s absolutely no reason to compare that place to Burger King. Apples, oranges, etc..

      • alexg says:

        Ok… You win Walt!! I wasn’t around back then so your obviously more experienced. Please go and have your super delicious Burger King burger with those deliciously ripe “tomatoes” wrapped up in that “original wrapper” and have a wonderful meal! Hope you get to eat one every single day of your life!! Please consume as much as you can and have a Great Day!

  5. Matt says:

    I thought the cheese was the only saving grace to this dull burger. Cheddar of any kind I think becomes flavorless when it’s melted. I could actually decipher the cheese out of the mess of ingredients and it had the correct texture. It was a real Cheddar texture and not a processed one. This burger was just boring for me.

  6. They must know who you are because I have never seen anything come out of BK that looked that good, or fresh. I would consider trying it based on those photos, in the Whopper Jr. version of course.

  7. Jenn says:

    I gave up on Burger King awhile back. Everytime I’d attempt to eat there, not only would they consistently get my order wrong, but everything tasted cold and/or stale. With so many better burger options, why does this place still stay in business? Go away Burger King (and take your creepy mascot with you!) ..and please bring Hot n Now back to our town!

    • Hot n Now? Are you kidding me? That place was the pits and even made BK look high class(which back then, BK was much better than it is now). Absolutely terrible best describes Hot n Now. No wonder it only lasted a year in my area and is now a bus station well over a decade later.

      • Hot n Now is pretty damn good. There is one left in my town and I drive 15 mins to get their fried clams which are delicious. They need a good VC company to come in and take them over and pump some money back into the company, the stores and advertising.

        • Fried Clams? That’s not the Hot n Now I remember. Mind you, my only experience was in the early 90s when they opened next our local corporate owned Taco Bell( both being under the same ownership at the time). It was awful and they wouldn’t even allow you to “have it your way”. Like I mentioned, they didn’t last long at all.

    • MP says:

      Many locations, that’s why. If enough people go there, even the worst places stay in business. I remember before BK had their $1 double cheeseburger promotion a few years ago, franchisees were complaining about all the profit they were losing. Funny, they didn’t feel bad charging me $3 for it before that. They make profits galore on their products. Can you tell me why or how a regular Whopper with no cheese is $3.29?? No way it should ever be over $2; especially when Wendy’s Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe is only $1.19 and it has cheese.

  8. “Customers would be much better served if BK completely reformulated their base burger offerings, and admit (at least to themselves) that they’ve really gone downhill. ”

    Exactly. I’ve been saying that for some time now. They need to blow themselves up and start all over from scratch. They should just find something they do well, which used to be The Whooper, and stick to it. They’ve lost their way to the point that they have damn near destroyed their brand for good.

  9. PeterM says:

    It has been years since I’ve stooped to a Burger King, and I LOVE quick-serve burgers. in the Olden Tymes, the burger used to come hot from the broiler onto a bun. Now it makes a detour into a microwave. Truly, truly horrifying.

  10. MP says:

    Look at that – the two slices of cheese are thicker than the burger pattie! That’s pathetic. Their buns have been dry seat cushion foam consistency for at least a decade now.

    Burger King is basically a get-rich-quick-scheme for franchisees.

  11. rob says:

    Burger King has gotten to the point where it is depressing to even think of eating there.

  12. Matt says:

    That burger looks to be consistent with their usual offerings, i.e. cold meat & cheese and scalding hot produce

  13. Mel says:

    Tried one for lunch today and I couldn’t agree more with your review. The tasteless cheese actually made me miss their waxy yellow american cheese; artificial flavor is better than no flavor at all I suppose.

  14. JA says:

    I’m actually amazed Burger King is still so popular. They have to be riding on momentum from yesteryear. Look at that burger patty. That’s a joke. They don’t even exaggerate the patty in their advertisements. It’s tiny. I’m not exactly a mouth-breathing “MUST HAVE AS MUCH MEAT AS POSSIBLE” guy, but you can’t brag about your burger when 95% of it is bun and toppings. That’s high school cafeteria bad. Hell, it’s worse. We had bigger burgers in my high school. The meat might have been even more questionable but, hey, it was a public school.

    Wendy’s has stepped their game up big time and deserves credit. At least McDonald’s offers the angus burgers which have a decent patty. Burger King is just sad.

  15. Scrape says:

    Finally got one, and I concur with the review: its bland. Thankfully, my BKs tend to be pretty good and careful, meaning stuff is prepared the way you ask for it and it is nicely put together…and usually hot.

    Anyway, thanks to the bland ingredients and the presence of mayo, it pretty much tastes like a regular Whopper, sans the cheese (I always get mine with the yellow stuff). Even the sprayed on liquid smoke flavor is much less pronounced lately. The onions and mayo were the stars, with the crunch (not flavor) of the bacon taking a supporting role. I would have figgured the white cheddar would add a nice snap, like it did with the chicken at McDs, but it was just there. Too bad…this could have been a real winner for them.

  16. TJ says:

    The BKs around here also tend to be pretty good, and they’re almost always nearly empty. I can usually get in and out in about 5-10 minutes at the most, depending on what I order, and it’s almost always hot and done as well as I’d imagine the employees honestly can.

    That being said, I agree that the whopper and all its variations are way overpriced.$2-$2.25 or so would be fair for a good one, that would compare with what I pay for a Jumbo Jack at Jack in the Box. I can’t remember the last time I got one without a coupon. I usually stick with stuff on the value menu. I think their new popcorn chicken is pretty good too. There must be a lot of terrible BK’s in other states. When I’ve been on the road I’ve gotten some really bad lukewarm food, but locally that never happens to me.

  17. Sascha says:

    I’ll agree with some of the points made but disagree with several others. Of course, I can only base this on my local findings, so I don’t want to come across as saying your opinions are wrong, but here it is.

    This burger was …… pretty good. I absolutely abhor all fast food yellow cheese, will always order my burgers without cheese, everywhere, except when special offerings like Pepperjack or White Cheddar are being used.

    The three biggest complaints I’ve seen here regards the beef, the bun, and the cheese. Yes, the beef is thin, I wish it were thicker, or maybe even a 1/3 pound patty instead of the quarter, but it tastes like BK meat. Not great, not bad, but certainly good. My bun was also toasty and warm, so no complaints there.

    Now, the cheese, here is where I really differ from the reviewer. It added a really good flavor and did not taste artificial or waxy to me. I too wish it could have melted more, but that was really my only complaint. The veggies were good, and they went a little heavy on the comdiments, but I’m used to that from BK by now. My fault for not ordering it light on ketchup and mayo.

    I wish I had more burger options. 90% of the time I go to Rally’s, and I’m happy with that. The other 10% I usually favor BK for the bacon burger, but unfortunately I have no Five Guys, no Steak ‘n Shake, no Hardee’s and no Culver’s in town.

    • Roger says:

      Don’t know why, but maybe the Comments section made me try BK again. Didn’t see Wisc, just Angry on the sign. The 55 cent whopper sign has strings attached, but ended up with another ‘new’ item, the Junior bacon burger for $1. Got two and one had 90% of the onion, ketchup and mayo while other one got 90% of the bacon. I guess made side by side with some training issues. So one a soupy onion burger and the other a very BK bacon chewy, chewy burger. Throw some more product spag at the wall and see what sticks. At least the bun didn’t crumble into pieces. I know for cheap I should be quiet.

  18. Really, though, what the hell happened to Burger King’s beef? It’s a lukewarm pancake of particles now. I remember the days when the patties were juicy and relatively thick–in fact the smaller, cheaper burgers are still kind of like that. Nasty…I agree they need to reinvent.

  19. Scrape says:

    I like how the 1/3 lb. specialty burgers like the Chefs Choice had a stamped “hand formed” shape to them. Intead of the perfectly round frozen puck, these actually had like 5 rounded lobes on them. Really, who were they fooling when the patties all look exactly the same?

  20. SmoledMan says:

    What the hell? 950 calories? Bun, one burger patty, one slice of cheese and secret sauce add up to that?

  21. Jordy says:

    BK must’ve killed Erin Jax’s puppy or something.

  22. I had one today, the Whooper Jr. version though which was still an obscene $2.50 considering the regular Whopper Jr. was $1 not that long ago and jumped up a ridiculous 69% to $1.69…but I digress. Also in full disclosure I substituted ketchup for the Carolina BBQ sauce. Even with all that the burger was kind of bland and non-descript. The veggies were fresh for the most part, the bacon not bad, but the cheese was thick and unmelted, it really should be melted on it, that would make a world of difference.

    A thicker patty, a little more flavor and melted cheese would make this possibly a winner.

  23. Molly says:

    Wow I guess I’m one of the only people who actually likes Burger King and this particular sandwich… I don’t eat fast food but maybe once a month but I like BK much better then McDonalds.. however I do think this is in part because we are fortunate enough to have a nice, clean Burger King where I live where they actually take the time to make the food right and with a good level of quality.. I got the Jr. with cheese, bacon, ketchup and lettuce..the lettuce was fresh, the bacon was crispy (not all chewy and fatty, which makes me wanna gag) and I really liked the cheddar cheese. I will say it was by no means the best cheddar ever (I love cheddar cheese and have tried dozens and dozens of different kinds) but it was far from the worst, and much more preferable then the normal cheese they use. Also, I love their fries…they are soo freaking good when done right its ridiculous. So haters are gunna hate..but I think BK’s got a pretty decent burger here..

    • Brian says:

      I agree Molly. The patties are a little bit smaller than they used to be, but I had one of these Whoppers too, and it tasted pretty damn good. I’ve always hated McDonald’s (I have a lot of horror stories with the quality of McDonald’s food, service, etc) and BK will always be the place I will choose over McD’s unless there is a Wendy’s nearby.

      And another note, I see Burger King has brought back the classic Chicken Crisp sandwich. Why is there not an article about it here? I have been waiting YEARS for its return, and sure enough, it tastes exactly the same as it used to. Glad to have it back.

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