Review: Whopperrito from Burger King

Some fast food items sound like a good idea on paper and then disappoint with poor execution.  Some fast food items seem like they’d be gross and then I’m pleasantly surprised.  The new Whopperrito from Burger King seemed like a bad idea to me and it turned out to be pretty mediocre.  Just because a test market item gets some media buzz doesn’t mean you have to rush out a lackluster product.  Clearly the BK business model doesn’t factor in quality control as much as I’d like.
WhopperritoBurger King describes their new Whopperrito like this:

The WHOPPERRITO™ is made with savory flame-grilled 100% beef and seasoned with a special blend of spices to deliver the ultimate burger-burrito mashup. It’s stuffed with a creamy Queso, pickles, diced onions, juicy tomatoes, and crisp lettuce all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

I feel that Burger King has enough issues with maintaining the quality of their core menu items and that rehashing the mediocre ingredients doesn’t help things.  WhopperritoTo get some positives out of the way, I was surprised at how meaty the Whopperrito was.  Maybe the chopped up pieces of beef patty were stacked just right or something, but it seemed that most bites had a nice-sized morsel of meat.  I found the “special blend of spices” provided a nice taco seasoning taste which primarily was highlighted by chili powder.   The “creamy Queso” was barely there on my Whopperrito  so it was good that the burger pieces with taco seasoning provided enough of a memorable flavor. I wasn’t feeling the gummy tortilla wrap.  It just wasn’t very appetizing and it pretty much ruined the meal.  If BK grilled the Whopperrito to crisp up the tortilla a little before serving it, the overall product would be more appetizing.  I know this product is replicating a Whopper burger in a burrito, but I didn’t feel like there was any need to include lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles.  It’s just a little off-putting to have a mix of soggy, warm iceberg lettuce and tomato in a burrito.  You can brand a product with the Whopperrito name, use the same flame-grilled beef and all and not have to go all out and throw in everything that makes the original Whopper subpar.  I guess there’s always room for five other versions of the Whopperrito eventually.  WhopperritoTo be clear, although I’m able to point out some decent parts, I didn’t enjoy the Whopperrito enough to recommend it. I couldn’t help but think that the Whopperrito kinda sucks, but it would make a pretty good Whopper.  At a price of $3.69, it’s not a terrible value because it’s heftier than I expected it to be.  Burger King seems to be on a mission to make a Whopper version of anything.  The Whopper Dog wasn’t very appetizing and to think that the Whopperrito would be more than just a viral publicity grab is giving BK too much credit.  Who’s looking forward to the Whopper Pizza?  Whopper Fries?  I’d much prefer an improved Whopper period.

Pros: Meaty. Flavored like taco seasoning.

Cons: Creamy Queso was barely there. Tortilla.

Taste: 5.25/10
Value: 5.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.00/10
Price: $3.69

Overall GrubGrade: 5.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 570
Total Fat - 26 grams
Saturated Fat - 11 grams
Carbs - 59 grams
Cholesterol - 75 milligrams
Sodium - 1110 milligrams
Protein - 29 grams

34 comments on “Review: Whopperrito from Burger King

  1. JJJ says:

    Lettuce tomato and onion are pretty standard burrito ingredients. I can see how the pickles might throw some people off a bit though.

  2. Sarah says:

    Interesting….Marvo’s pictures in his review look totally different, like ground beef. Burger King…never consistent.

  3. MP says:

    LOL! “The new Whopperrito from Burger King seemed like a bad idea to me and it turned out to be pretty mediocre.”
    I actually want to try this, but I’d rather not waste the money & be disappointed.
    Might this actually be better on a bun, as you say?

  4. Fat Nate says:

    I paid $3.69 like you, but the BK corporate price is $2.99, and most reviews I’ve seen got them for that.

    For $3.69 it needs cheese, and at least the option for a version with jalapeños. And for anyone who hasn’t tried it, the sauce they’re calling queso is basically mayonnaise mixed with taco sauce.

  5. BluePointBrewer says:

    Weird. Mine looked completely different. It was like twice the size and the filling was pretty much taco meat consistency. The flavor was good but you couldn’t taste anything but the “taco seasoning”. Also was a damn mess.

  6. Robert says:

    I don’t think the lettuce and tomato are what make a Whopper subpar. For 30 years they’ve always been pretty consistently bland, like most fast food places. It’s the beef that’s the main problem – smaller and less fresh-tasting. Probably due to those warming water trays they use a lot more than they used to.

  7. holly says:

    I’m really impressed with this. I’m certainly a fan. Now if only McDonald’s would bring back the Mac Wrap…

  8. Alek says:

    Whopper Pizza existed before. It was only sold in “Whopper Bar” in Times Square in NYC. The Whopper Bar is no longer in business

  9. BigBelly says:

    It’s the prime of tomato season around here, that’s just pitiful looking.
    Was the cheese sauce really spicy, like some are saying, or was there not enough to tell?

  10. Caitlin J says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with you, I absolutely loved mine and couldn’t get enough! My father tried to order one for himself last night but apparently our Burger King sold out of tortillas, that’s nuts!

  11. Jonathan Wayne says:

    It looks even worse than I thought it would, I’m only going to try this on a promo now.

    • Todd says:

      Don’t waste your money…. it’s greasy, it’s messy, and tastes like the meat was stewed for hours with some old gym socks. It was awful.

  12. Bubbsy says:

    Wow, look at those pale flavorless tomatoes. There are people in this world who get all like “eww, no tomato on a sandwich” because the only time they’ve ever had fresh tomato was trying tomato like that. Is it really that expensive and difficult to get decent tomatoes? I don’t mean special froo-froo pseudo-organic overpriced bullsh*t tomatoes, but just decent ripe red ordinary tomatoes?

  13. Snowy says:

    Coming in 2017: The Whopper Shake!

  14. doctorx0079 says:

    When did he say it was completely objective? It’s his honest opinion. They had their chance to win him over and it didn’t happen.

  15. rodney says:

    I don’t know, seems pretty objective to me, they state their bias up front rather than pretending to have to have no bias.

  16. rodney says:

    The Whopperccino!

  17. Long says:

    First create the Whopper Crunchwrap.
    Next put the Whopper ingredients between two Whopper Crunchwraps.
    Call it the Whopper Crunchwrap Double Down.

  18. Joe says:

    Ugh, another person obsessed with the ‘crunch’ or ‘grilled’ taste of tortillas/buns. The veggies are there for the ‘snap,’ do I have to break my teeth on overcooked bread to get to them? Crispy is not always better.

  19. Todd says:

    Honestly…. Just tried a Whopperrito for lunch. It’s horrible. The lettuce and tomato were almost completely absent… no sauce to be seen, and the meat had a horrible flavor of those taco packets from a grocery store.

    Frankly they should have just put a deconstructed Whopper in a burrito. That would have been great. Put all the things that go on a whopper, don’t add the taco seasoning or sauce, but use the mayo, ketchup, etc and this would have been a winner.

    I threw away about 1/3 of it, and had to find something else to get the horrible taste it left out of my mouth.


    • MP says:

      After reading numerous reviews & that the sauce is actually not queso, and that this is basically an overpriced crummy burrito is enough to squash my previous curiosity.
      Based on pictures, another thing against the Whopperito is the ingredients are way too big. They need to be chopped much finer.
      They should have just made a Whopper wrap & called it a day.

    • Blousey says:

      You just explained in detail how you didn’t get anything close to an accurate version of what this is supposed to be – no sauce, no lettuce, no tomato…. you got a botched order, why would we pay attention to you screaming in all caps for people not to get this when you didn’t even have the sandwich being discussed here?

    • Good Will says:

      Just ask for the standard Whopper ingredients in a tortilla. That’s what I did and they changed me the same as this. Pretty good too.

  20. Carl says:

    I just had one for lunch. And I would get it again. It tasted great and I like the way they rolled up all together like a Burger King meal

  21. karen says:

    I just tried one.kinda plain but nothing bad….it’s a lot bigger then I thought it would be.

  22. Roscoe says:

    How could a review about the flavor of a food item be ‘completely objective’ in the first place?

  23. CC says:

    Just tried it…it was awful. Quite possibly one of the worst tasting things I’ve attempted. I couldn’t finish it because it started triggering a gag reflex.

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