Review: White Castle Microwavable Hamburgers

In all my travels over the years I have seen a lot of stuff, but never a White Castle. I’m sure at some point I have been near one, but unlike other elusive fast food establishments, I haven’t really looked for one either. Sliders just don’t make any sense to me. Why not just make them bigger? The appeal of tiny food escapes me. Is it supposed to be cute? I have seen White Castle frozen sliders in grocery stores for pretty much my whole life however. Why have I not given them a try?

Simple, frozen hamburgers aren’t fit for prison food. Stale buns, beef that doesn’t taste like it contains any beef, and what seems like caulk dressed up as cheese for Halloween are what make up this awful frozen travesty. Why am I trying these now? I couldn’t think of anything else to review. With that said, let’s delve into what could be a complete waste of money with White Castle’s Microwavable Hamburgers.

I wanted to get the cheeseburgers, but my local megamart was out. I read that a lot of people have problems cooking these things. There are all sorts of “special” ways to cook these burgers that you can find online, and people seem to swear by their odd techniques. I just followed the package and nuked them for sixty seconds. It worked for Freezer Burns, and they came out perfect for me too. Out of my microwave came perfectly steamed buns with an awesome onion beef smell that filled the room. I was surprised to say the least.

I cooked four sliders, and figured for testing purposes I would dress them differently. First up I went with just a slice of pickle. Awesome, awesome and more awesome. I have never had fresh White Castle, but frozen knocked my proverbial socks off. The beef is complemented extremely well by the reconstituted (no, that’s not a typo) grilled onions. The beef is also just beef and not some kind of pre-fabricated soy meatball. Toss all that in a soft roll and you have a winner. Kudos to the simplicity. I put various toppings such as cheese, mayo and ketchup on the other sliders, but plain was hands down the best.

The best comparison I can think of for these is a McDonald’s hamburger, but better. It is the reconstituted onions without a doubt that connects these two flavor-wise. Grilling them though gives White Castle the easy advantage. I now realize what I have been missing all these years. One thing that should be remembered is that these are the polar opposite of a thick juicy medium rare burger. That is a different animal and should be considered such. If you have a craving for onion-y beefy goodness and only a minute to spare, you owe it to yourself to fill your freezer with these flavor gems. While I still think sliders are stupid, I now completely understand the obsession with White Castle. Why can’t they just make the burgers… burger sized?

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Pros: The best frozen burger maybe ever. Super soft rolls. Helen Keller could properly cook these with ease. Rehydrated onions shouldn't taste this good.

Cons: Now I want real White Castle damn it! McDonald's hamburgers are forever ruined for me.

Taste: 9.00/10
Value: 9.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 10/10 if your car has a microwave. That probably isn't very safe though so 0/10
Price: $3.88 for a box of six

Overall GrubGrade: 9.00/10

48 comments on “Review: White Castle Microwavable Hamburgers

  1. Jeff says:

    I used to live off of these things in college. Wait til you try the cheeseburgers!

  2. Cecil says:

    You need to search out the real thing, then you will understand. They recently improved their bacon and they also added sweet potato fries now that they serve with a sweet cinnamon dipping sauce. 😀

  3. Bekah says:

    I moved away from the White Castle’s in MN years ago, so I always have a box of these in the fridge. They do help hold off the slider desire, but fresh ones ROCK. They are an acquired taste, I know some who hate the little buggers.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    Whew! I was so afraid when I first started reading your review you wouldn’t like these, because I LOVE them. I wanted you to like them too. 🙂

    I don’t doctor mine – just eat them they way they come, but I see a pickle in my future. Thx!

    I wish they would bring White Castle to the east coast. I have always wanted to try them fresh from the source.

    PS – we don’t buy these often b/c they have always been expensive and I can literally eat the whole box in one sitting. They are that good.

  5. Kat says:

    We literally just bought these, however the cheese added variety. Very good when craving a somewhat mushy onion flavored burger, which we love on occasion. It’s great for a frozen item I think because of the steam bag thing you microwave them in.

  6. while the frozen ones are still good when made correctly, as we all know, they do not compare to the real thing!! when i was younger we had a white castle right down the street… then out of nowhere it closed. wish i didnt take it for granted, lol.

    when i do get the freezer versions.. i get the regular hamburger ones and use my own american cheese. i wrap ’em in a paper towel.. and with 15-20 seconds to go.. throw the cheese on there. perfect-o.

  7. Scott says:

    Welcome to the fold!I love the things, but my wife is not into them.

  8. Garcia says:

    Wow, you really liked the frozen burgers! They are pretty good. You’re in for a real treat when you try a White Castle burger freshly cooked on the grill. I’m all about getting two Double Jalapeno Cheeseburgers. And their sides are quality.

    The appeal of sliders for me is that I get that satisfaction of beginning and finishing a burger several times in one sitting. It feels pretty good when I finish a slider in two or three bites and then have a whole untouched slider to tackle again. And I never liked eating huge burgers (1/2 pounders and above) after a couple of bites. I start to get a bad grip on it/it becomes sloppy. They’re so beautiful until you touch them. Sliders stay neat.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Being messy is what I love about burgers. Throwing proper sandwich constrution rules out the window and compentating with paper towls floats my boat. A great burger is a mound of flavor and it is my mission, and my mission alone to conquer that beef mountain.

      I might stand alone with this oppinion. =P

  9. Manavee says:

    The good thing about sliders is that you will be able to enjoy them even when you are 95 years old and have no teeth. They just sort of melt in your mouth and turn into hamburger-ish jello. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  10. Sherm says:

    I’ve never had a White Castle burger from an actual restaurant either, but if they’re anything like the frozen ones, it’s probably a good thing. If there was a White Castle anywhere near my area I’d probably weight 400 lbs. Especially considering the ones from the brick-and-mortar WC are probably even more ridiculously good.

  11. Lylat says:

    I always buy the cheeseburger ones so damn good!!

  12. drpep says:

    These were my introduction to White Castle. Several years later I visited a real White Castle and was suprised the burgers tasted very close to the frozen.

    Not sure if they are still around but Krystal also has/had frozen sliders.

  13. Hunter-m3 says:

    I use to eat these when I was younger, and I loved them.

  14. Dave says:

    The burgers in the White Castle restaurants are waaaay better tasting since they are fresher, or so I’ve heard.

  15. chris says:

    Small sizes are part of the appeal. They keep it cheap, for one thing, and give a unique experience in my opinion. Plus, it allows for novelties that WC has such as the ‘Crave Case’. It’s just more fun. It wouldn’t be White Castle if they were full-sized burgers. It’s hard to describe without actually visiting a location.

    • Thomas says:

      I actually think the small size makes these more expensive than your normal burger. Sure you can use a smaller bill to buy just one, but to get the same amount of food would cost more.

  16. Justin says:

    I grew up eating White Castle microwavable burgers but didn’t eat at an actual WC until I was 28. I was really disappointed. Maybe it was a bad batch – two of the four people in the group had upset stomachs an hour later – but I did not see anything better than the microwavable burgers.

  17. StuartB says:

    The jalapeno cheeseburger ones are amazing…even simply adding pepperjack is awesome.

  18. Dave says:

    At $4.50 where I live (and with little meat on each of the 6 little burgers), I prefer to go to McDonald’s and get 4 McDoubles for $4.

    • Jim says:

      I have to agree. I see no value in paying the price for sliders, when for the same dollar amount I can get so much more for my money.

  19. TJ says:

    I’m surprised these are liked so much. I don’t think they’re terrible at all, but I think the comparison to a standard McDonald’s hamburger is fairly accurate… and i hardly think those are amazing. They’re good for a small basic burger, but not great.

    To be fair to White Castle, for frozen food it’s good, and I’m sure the fresh ones are much better. Unfortunately, I live no where near a White Castle, but I look forward to visiting one someday.

  20. KTK says:

    I think I have a coupon for frozen WC hamburgers. I was hesitant to say the least because, you know… burgers in the microwave just sound horrible. lol This article has just motivated me to go in on my grocer’s double-coupon days and pick up a box.

  21. Derek says:

    I’m fortunate to have a White Castle within 5 minutes walking distance of my office building. Have to watch the amount of trips I make. Seek out the real thing.

  22. Rodzilla says:

    I always think about it, but never pull the trigger. Now I have to try them.

  23. Foureaves says:

    ahh, I grew up in MN and White Castle’s was a weekly treat. The burgers were .25cents each back in the day, and their onion chips were just aaay to the maaay-zing!! I can still see that huge flat top grill with hundres of thoese square patties with holes in them sitting on top a mound of chopped onions, they’d add the bun so the onion steam would seep into the bread!!! oh how I miss that place so…

  24. Keith says:

    In the slider’s defense, White Castle has been around since the 1920’s (!). The “slider craze” is pretty recent though with every fast casual and Darden-esque restaurant serving a (underwhelming) version.

    They are different than larger burgers though – a White Castle (or Krystal if that’s your affiliation) burger wouldn’t taste the same if it was “normal” sized. Steaming the little patties over a bed of chopped onion is part of what makes them unique.

    I also think the frozen WC burgers are incredibly close to the restaurant version. I don’t think its fair to call sliders stupid now that you’ve had the original – and liked them. Believe me, they wouldn’t be the same if they were larger.

  25. rob says:

    I’ve eaten these a number of times and they are quite good, which is why I had to stop eating them, can’t eat just six …

  26. Lindsay says:

    I thought I tried those once and hated them, but I will have to try them again, I know it’s been like 5 years!

    I also make my own using this receipe. My husband and I love them (we don’t have WC in Iowa to my knowledge). The steam microwaver trick for the buns (see cooking comments – it is an awesome trick!)

    I’m surprised at how much your pictures look like you just popped into a WC and picked up a sammie. I wonder if they’ve improved over the years!

  27. Bubbsy says:

    Fortunate enough to live near D-Town, plenty of White Castles around. If you thought fresh sliders couldn’t get any better – they just came out with chili, which means a side of chili cheese fries for a downright atomic gut bomb. Another cool note is that their condiment stash is not behind the counter, but rather out by the napkins for you to take what you want… and they have all the goodies like hot sauce, mayo, relish, onion relish, etc.

    Pro-tip: if you get a take-home sack from an actual White Castle, you can freeze them and they re-heat pretty well. Wrap in a slightly moistened paper towel (to steam them) on half power (50%) until warm, like a minute and a half.

  28. oscar says:

    does the bread really not go rubbery? i tried all sorts of microwave burgs and dogs always the bun goes like a stick of gum

  29. Chefprotoss says:

    Dunno, I think they key to these is how they are cooked and would taste the same bigger as long as the patty wasn’t too thick.

  30. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Krystal serves sliders that are exactly the same thing, and their menu also has normal sized angus burgers. The angus burgers definitely don’t have the same deliciousness as the sliders.

  31. Ed H says:

    Slyders are great love going to the local White Castle and getting a sack of them, some fries, chicken rings and fish nibblers. That’s a great family dinner, good tasting and good for you!

  32. Malcolm says:

    They don’t compare to the real thing, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t inhale four of them at a time, dipped in ketchup, standing over the sink from time-to-time.

  33. Ali says:

    We have a White Castle not too far away and my boyfriend convinced me that I had to try it one night. I thought the smell and taste were both repulsive… maybe one day in the future I will give them another try. I did love their chocolate milkshake though.

  34. Peter says:

    Barf. White Castles are awful. As the saying goes, “They’re called sliders for a reason” (they slide through the body & digestive tract)

  35. RC says:

    I Had The Live Version (4).
    The First Thing I Noticed Was A Dry Bread Then Steam.
    They Had A Sweet AfterTaste.
    I Am Guessing They Use Vidalia Onions.

  36. Natalie says:

    I grew up with Krystal in Georgia. I’ve never had the real WC burgers, but the frozen ones are decent. I eat them with only mustard, no pickle, cheese etc.

  37. Eve says:

    My sisters and I used to love frozen White Castle burgers so much we would have our mom buy them in bulk at Costco. I moved to the east coast a few years ago, and my sisters came out to visit me last summer. We drove out to Jersey to get a WC burger and were disappointed to say the least. I think the frozen burgers are better than the real ones!

  38. TonyJaguar says:

    These are awesome, I just put mustard on the cheeseburgers, or eat them plain.

  39. Dave says:

    Yes, a little mustard on top works wonders, and maybe a tiny squirt of Heinz ketsup from time to time. I can only stand to eat these on rare occasion though. I tend to get sick of them pretty quick, but a few here and there is fine with me.

    In addition to the 6-pack WC cheeseburgers for $4.59 at my store (.76 and a half cents per burger), I’ve noticed my store is beginning to offer a whopping 16-pack of the cheeseburgers for $9.99, which is a much better deal (about .62 and a half cents per burger). This is a little more reasonable on days when you don’t care to make the drive to a McDonalds or Wendy’s for their $1 menu burgers.

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  41. Mike says:

    I feel ya dude, I wish I had a White Castle place where I live too. Sucks that the closest one to the west coast is still over 1000 miles from it.

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