Review: Triple Cheeseburger from McDonald’s

When it comes to the various sizes of classic McDonald’s cheeseburgers, the prices might have you scratching your head.  The price differences between a McDonald’s Cheeseburger, the beefier McDouble and the cheesier Double Cheeseburger now all fall within 50-cents of one another.  Select McDonald’s locations are now advertising a “new” Triple Cheeseburger and I had to fight hard to ignore the McMath.Triple Cheeseburger McdsI quoted “new” because although the Triple Cheeseburger signage says it’s new, I’ve seen this burger offered in the past.  There’s really not much new or different about it either.  The Triple Cheeseburger has basically the exact same ingredients as the Double Cheeseburger plus an extra 1.1 ounce beef patty.  So taking the official McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger description and tweaking one word, the Triple Cheeseburger description would read like this:

Three 100% beefy patties simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, two slices of melty American cheese, tangy pickles, minced onions, ketchup and mustard.

 OK I give up and will not fight to ignore the McMath any longer.  The Double Cheeseburger is priced at $1.49 and my Triple Cheeseburger was priced at $2.19.  I just don’t understand the point of paying 70-cents for an extra burger patty when you can just get two McDoubles for $2.00.

McDs Triple CheeseburgerObviously the value of the Triple Cheeseburger makes no sense when you’re comparing menu items.  Beyond the price, how much impact does an extra burger patty make?  If you’re looking for a super salty burger, the Triple Cheeseburger should satisfy you.  With the Triple, I really needed some extra bread to cut through the overwhelming layers of three beef patties and two slices of American cheese.  I do enjoy the taste of a McDonald’s cheeseburger from time to time and feel the McDouble or Double Cheeseburger have a much better balance of ingredients. Everything is pressed together so tightly that it’s hard to identify the burger as a Triple and not a Double at first glance.  The two slices of melted American cheese glues the stacks of beef together in a way to make the burger a pretty decent grubbing on the go option. Mcds TripleAs usual, I’m not too crazy about the sour punch of McDonald’s pickles.  I figured one day I’d grow out of not liking McDonald’s pickles, but it hasn’t happened yet.  I like the minced onions a lot and feel that signature taste really has a lot to do with them. That overall cheesy, onion flavor found in all classic McDonald’s cheeseburgers is still there, but that extra beef patty kicks the salty factor into overdrive and the balance is lost. 
McDs Triple ChsTo sum up the Triple Cheeseburger from McDonald’s, I feel it’s pretty unnecessary.  Adding more beef to a classic McDonald’s cheeseburger doesn’t work beyond a Double.  It’s kind of a lame promotion and probably just part of a business move to sell more beef.  There’s no sacrifice to any other ingredients so why not?  Don’t be a sucker… just get two McDoubles instead.

Pros: McDonald's onions. The power to choose two McDoubles... better balance, more food, cheaper.

Cons: Although it's hard to argue with a triple cheeseburger for $2.19, there's better value on the menu. Extra beef makes for an even saltier McDonald's burger and throws the balance of flavors off.

Taste: 5.25/10
Value: 4.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.75/10
Price: $2.19

Overall GrubGrade: 4.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Serving weight: 192 grams or 6.8 oz
510 calories
27 grams of fat
1160 milligrams of sodium
36 grams of carbs
31 grams of protein

31 comments on “Review: Triple Cheeseburger from McDonald’s

  1. Bill G. says:

    I do that math too. I’m one for not getting the double cheeseburger when I can get it cheaper with the McDouble, I don’t miss the second slice of cheese. However, I love their pickles and dehydrated onions. Usually order extra (unless the particular store charges extra for it).

  2. Ryan says:

    They are selling it at my local McDonalds for $3.15. But that location has been having bad sales due to poor quality food and they’ve been getting people sick.

  3. Ray says:

    I hear ya, i don’t get the double meat on big macs and QPs.

    • kodakay says:

      I absolutely miss the second slice of cheese which is why I’ve purchased ONE McDouble in my life. I would never do again. The cost of the second slice of cheese is well worth it, IMO. The double cheeseburger is the best burger McDonald’s has to offer.

    • kodakay says:

      There is only one burger patty on the QP unless they make them differently in your neck of the woods.

  4. dan says:

    “I just don’t understand the point of paying 70-cents for an extra burger patty when you can just get two McDoubles for $2.00.”

    McDoubles are a $1.30 in NY.

  5. Matt says:

    I think the Double Cheeseburger is the perfect balance from McDonalds. The McDouble isn’t enough, that extra slice of cheese is missed, and this looks like too much beef. I’ll stick with my Doubles and reminisce about the days of past when they were $1. (I could go further back to being in grade school when they did 49 cent cheeseburgers on the weekends, but I won’t).

  6. Chris J says:

    Eating a triple tight now and it’s great 🙂

    In my area the pricing looks like this:

    Single Cheeseburger $1.00

    Double Cheeseburger $1.50

    Triple Cheeseburger $2.00

    The McDouble isn’t advertised anymore here, but I believe it is now $1.29

    All in all the triple isn’t a bad deal here considering it has more protein than the even more expensive Quarter Pounder.

  7. Justin ST says:

    Nothing personal or offensive, but this might be the lowest Grubgrade has ever gone, lol.

    Can’t see anyone desperately Googling Triple Cheeseburger reviews to decide whether or not they should order it, haha.

  8. Rondoman says:

    Where can you get 2 McDoubles for $2?

    This review makes no sense. McDoubles are $1.29 around here.

    • Robert says:

      I live in Indiana in a everything-is-usually-the-lowest-price area. My McDoubles range from $1.39 to $1.59. And this triple is $2.49 everywhere here! Kinda funny to see the post from Ryan, who always complains about inconsistent Wendy’s pricing, yet somehow gets a cheap McDonalds.

      The math doesn’t make sense, but I gotta say, the taste is pretty perfect on the triple. It feels substantially bigger, tastes way meatier than a quarter pounder (probably due to the smaller bun) and is a “good” choice for diabetics who shouldn’t have multiple buns in one sitting.

  9. Snackeroo says:

    I’ve never seen a triple burger at McD’s before. Happy NY!

  10. serpico009 says:

    Where I am in south central PA, the McDouble hasn’t been on the $1 menu for at least a year. It’s $1.19 most places. Some locations near me have also just bumped the cost of the McChicken up to $1.19 as well.

    It’s a shame they’re shrinking the dollar menu so significantly, though in a larger economic and environmental sense cheap beef/chicken is bad all around.

    But anyway, folks should just go for a double cheeseburger for $1.49.

  11. Ssataf says:

    Read my name backwards… McDonald’s is terrible. Everyone that bashes Wendy’s, Five Guys, or In N Out are way better.

  12. Kevin K. says:

    I think it was just a simple mistake, but McDoubles are at least $1.19 at almost all McDonalds, and usually $1.29 where I live. If you wanted the extra meat but not all the bread, this isn’t bad for $2. I can understand where you’re coming from on the meat ratio on a sandwich though.

  13. Chuck says:

    The triple cheeseburgers are $2 here… I’ll take them anyday over a mcdouble they sure taste good with all that extra meat.

  14. scram says:

    I love these. I usually get one every couple of months. Sometimes a double just isn’t enough, but I still want their distinctive flavor, and a triple satisfies that craving.

  15. Aaron says:

    A McDouble has not been $1 for several years in Eastern Washington. Currently, it is around $2. It is a phenomenal deal if it still costs just a dollar or so in your area.

  16. Mike says:

    When it comes to McDonald’s “beefy” patties, the less you taste them the better. What I’m saying is I’ll stick with the standard cheeseburger so I can savor the weird onions and sweet ketchup.

  17. Clay says:

    I’m more puzzled by why you hyphenated “50-cents” and “70-cents”. Been seeing this particular hypercorrection a lot online lately.

  18. Roger says:

    Two triple cheeseburgers, no onions, large Coke = Lunch today.
    $2 triples. Usual decent, wish the burgers were less mushy.

  19. GMoney says:

    Had a salty McTriple yest. Looks like a double. Where’s the beef? Btw, adding Mac sauce to a McDouble is the way to go.

  20. al says:

    umm ua know they r not that great rigght? this is lame.. a real burger has a nise size to it. this is crap.. no pun intened.. with that salt and co calorie balance who the hell would buy this or even consider.. get bacon double deluxe from wendyas.. watever

  21. carcar says:

    at my store it’s: cheeseburger $1, mcdouble $1.39, dbl cheese 1.69, triple cheese 2.49. personally i think think the triple cheese is the best of them. with any less meat you taste the bread too much. i think the balance is just right with this one. and it has slightly more meat than a quarter pounder (.3 pounds vs .25) but costs way less.

  22. Ross says:

    I see that prices are all over the place. Here in Beloit, WI a McDouble is $1.69, double cheeseburger $1.89, and a triple is $2.49

  23. Mark says:

    Where did you get the weight from? A quick google search shows the pre-cooked weight of mcdonald’s patties to be 1.6 ounces. So unless you did the post cooking weight maybe? Not really sure but my point is that this should have more beef than the quarter pounder and for a lot cheaper and that’s basically what I see it as. A cheaper version of the quarter pounder. Here in Michigan they are $2. Or they were last time I had one. Single cheeseburger is $1, double is $1.50 and triple is $2, it was some promo.

    I actually enjoyed the triple. The minimalist approach really lets you taste the beef. This is a burger that tastes like a mouthful of burger. Sure 5 guys and bagger dave’s and the like blow it out of the water but sometimes you need something fast and cheap and I think it’s a point better than your taste rating and your value rating is skewed by the fact that mcdonald’s mcdoubles are so cheap. Just cus the mcdouble is an insanely good value doesn’t make the triple cheese a bad one, it’s still very good compared to other places and even to the more expensive quarter pounder and big mac.

  24. John says:

    love the triple….( for a burger on the go) Had one like 3 weeks ago. Juicy and meaty with a smaller bun…. combo for $5.26 here… sure its not the best burger in the world… shake shack is my fave but no drive thru or ez in/ out location here…….

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