Review: Three Cheese Steak Sandwich from Arby’s

Only nine days have passed since I wrote, “Fast food steak isn’t easy to get right.”  I’m not going back on that statement since it likely was no easy task, but Arby’s has figured out a way to get it right.  I think Arby’s has really separated itself by offering up a higher quality fast food experience over the last few years.  The latest example of Arby’s standing above and beyond so many other fast food restaurants is with their new Three Cheese Steak Sandwich.  This is easily the best fast food item I’ve had this year.
Three Cheese Steak Sandwich ArbysHere’s how Arby’s describes their new Three Cheese Steak Sandwich:

Arby’s stacked natural Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese and Gouda cheese on top of tender slices of Angus steak. That’s why it’s called the Angus three cheese and steak sandwich. On account of the three cheeses. And the steak.

Sometimes I crave a cheesesteak or any type of steak and cheese sandwich experience that can only be found at a local sub shop or fast casual chain.  Having a very worthy substitute from the convenience of a fast food drive-thru window is something that I thought I’d never find.  Arby’s has succeeded in filling that empty spot.Arbys Three Cheese Steak SandwichArby’s uses USDA Choice top round beef with a black pepper seasoned rub.  It’s tender without being overly juicy, has an excellent chew, and a perfect steak sandwich texture. The marinade consists of garlic, onion and black pepper.  I’ve found previous steak sandwiches at Arby’s to be a little more packed with steak (spilling out in all directions) than this one was, but the balance was spot on with the rest of the ingredients so I can’t complain.  The steakhouse peppercorn sauce is creamy, tangy, and applied just enough to complement the sandwich and not go overboard to take away from the rest of the ingredients.  I usually find cheese get lost in a lot of fast food sandwiches so having a trio of cheeses really made a strong impact with the Three Cheese Steak Sandwich.  The flavors and textures of the three cheeses blended together to create one hybrid of a nutty, sharp, smoky cheese taste that worked perfectly with the Angus steak.  I could have used a few more crispy onion strings in my sandwich to maintain a better crispy crunch, but that’s what happens sometimes if you wait over twenty minutes to dive in.  My side order of steakhouse onion rings seemed to help me forgetArbys Three Cheese Steak SandwichAt a price of $5.39, it’s a standard “premium” fast food item that is worth every penny.  As I’ve said before, if the product is filling and satisfying, it’s worth the premium price.  Most fast food places have spots on their menus reserved for the premium-priced items that just give you a big portion without the quality and Arby’s doesn’t skimp out with their quality.  If you’re looking for a really good steak sandwich for under six bucks and don’t want to get out of your car, the Three Cheese Steak Sandwich from Arby’s is your best bet.

Pros: Angus steak. Trio of cheeses makes a strong impact in taste and texture. Ingredient balance. Quality.

Cons: I love the onion strings so I'd be happy with more of them.

Taste: 9.50/10
Value: 6.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: $5.39

Overall GrubGrade: 9.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 650
Total Fat - 36 grams
Saturated Fat - 15 grams
Cholesterol - 115 milligrams
Sodium - 1750 milligrams
Carbs - 44 grams
Fiber - 2 grams
Sugars - 7 grams
Protein - 42 grams

17 comments on “Review: Three Cheese Steak Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Justin ST says:

    LOL, Arby’s has the worst steak.

  2. Sandy says:

    I want one of these!

  3. Christopher Thomas says:

    I wonder if you can get the steak on a slider. I love those little sandwiches.

  4. JJJ says:

    Isn’t this pretty much the round version of their old 3 cheese & steak sandwich (except for the gouda)? Anyway, I’d rather have the fire roasted Philly.

  5. Joe Kirkpatrick says:

    Interesting but until they figure out how to cook the steak on these sandwiches to no more than medium rare I will pass.

    • kylemeat says:

      C’mon Joe, this is fast food. Aside from the health and safety standards that are in place, do you really want to trust minimum wage fast food emplyees to properly prepare and handle raw meat? No offense to fast food workers, but I assume it is a soul-crushing and thankless job. Indiffernce is bound to creep in.

  6. Mark says:

    Had it today and I agree with GG. It is quite the improvement. I recommend it.

  7. Sascha says:

    This thing was so disappointing. My regular go-to at Arby’s for the last few years has been the 3 Cheese and Bacon Angus. It was on the large sub roll that the Philly still comes on, and it was near-perfection. Imagine my disappointment when I ordered that and got THIS instead, realizing soon after the other sandwich is no longer on the menu. It’s not that this was an awful sandwich, but it certainly didn’t compare to the old one, and was too expensive. This sandwich wouldn’t make it onto my top 10 current Arby’s products, and with the 3 cheese and bacon going the way of the mighty mini, Arby’s is going down a few rungs on my local fast food ladder.


    • holly says:

      ditto. just finished trying some of it in high hopes due to this review but was beyond disappointed…many peeves about it but my biggest was that i couldn’t taste ANY cheese!!! three cheese…hah

  8. kylemeat says:

    Arby’s has always been unique and above average in my opinion. It’s a shame that The Simpsons and Jon Stewart made a few jokes at their expense, thus molding people’s minds into thinking that it’s the bottom rung of fast food. Hive mentality at it’s best.

    • Stilletkniv says:

      You’re projecting, most thinking people don’t let a joke in a sitcom mold their minds, knowing the job of the hive is to mock anything that deviates from “progressive” conformity – if anything it’s just free advertising. Look at who the empty-headed pop culture worshippers voted for in the election, and who was constantly mocked by the sheep,…. and look who won in spite of that. Beyonce only has influence over clowns.

      • Dank meme bro says:

        Thats because arby’s used to be gross until recently. They were not wrong in saying I’m so hungry I could eat at arby’s

      • AlexG says:

        -> Look at who the empty-headed pop culture worshippers voted for in the election, and who was constantly mocked by the sheep,…. and look who won in spite of that. Beyonce only has influence over clowns…

        You got that wrong. Empty headed pop culture worshipers did win and got their Megalomaniacal TV Clown into the WH.

  9. Bob says:

    Tried one today. Took it to go. They didn’t put any crispy onions on it, so it was just a steak and cheese. The steak was dry. Major fail. Like all fast food, it depends on the people making it.

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