Review: The Fatburger from Fatburger

I love a good burger.  Surely I can skip my Western-BBQ preferences from time to time in favor of an all-American classic style.  Fatburger is primarily a west coast burger chain, but thanks to the late Orlando “Zeus” Brown of the Baltimore Ravens, we’ve got a Fatburger in Elkridge, Maryland.

There are 5 sizes of burger to choose from at Fatburger.  The Small (Baby Fat 2.5 oz), Medium (Fatburger 5.3 oz), Large (Kingburger 8 oz), XXL (Double King 16 oz) and the XXXL (Triple King 24 oz).  Fatburger describes their hamburger as “Fresh, 100% pure lean beef, grilled to perfection, on a toasted bun.”  I went for the restaurant’s namesake with the standard Fatburger ($4.69).  The 5.3 oz burger patty with all the fixins’ and I added American cheese (+$0.69) for a little too much extra scratch to make this a well-rounded cheeseburger.

This burger is quite a sight isn’t it?  Probably one of the more photogenic fast food burgers I’ve encountered.  My 1/3 lb. Fatburger was perfectly constructed and pretty much every ingredient within the burger could be seen without having to remove the bun or shuffle things around.  Bonus points for aesthetics definitely.  The burger patty was piping hot right off the grill and nice and meaty.  Like I mentioned before, I ordered my Fatburger with the works which included lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, mustard, mayo and my favorite… the relish.  The relish is sweet and has almost a hint of cinnamon-like taste to it.  You’d probably love it or hate it, but I think the relish gives Fatburger a certain signature flavor.  I know the burger should be the main star, and honestly, of course it is… but the relish complements the burger package really well.  With all else being the same, there’s not much to say about the produce of a burger.  In this case, everything was fresh and crisp.  While the only two choices of cheese I considered were American and cheddar, I’m a little slightly disappointed that I didn’t go with my gut instinct and choose cheddar.  The sharpness of cheddar stand out far above American cheese any day of the week.  As for my choice to go American, it was decent, but nothing too much of a spectacular addition.

If you didn’t already notice, of course I subbed in Homemade Onion Rings (+$1.00) with my combo (included a medium drink).  I love Fatburger Onion Rings.  This was a well-rounded fast food meal and I was perfectly content not picking and choosing a la carte items like I’m used to.  Going with the traditional really worked in this situation.  My biggest gripe would have to be the price.  I don’t put Fatburger in the the same league as McDonald’s or Burger King, but the fact that I paid $10.28 before taxes for this slightly upgraded combo is way too steep. Although next time careful consideration will be made for such additions to my burger as chili, a fried egg, or bacon.  Yup, those are all available too.  For my first review of a burger from Fatburger, I just couldn’t pass up the standard Fatburger.

Pros: Perfectly constructed. Love the sweet relish. Hearty, tasty, classic burger. Eastcoast Fatburger.

Cons: Expensive combo. 69-cents for a slice of American cheese. Not as juicy as a Five Guys burger, but I still like Fatburger more than 5G. No drive-thru at this location.

Taste: 8.50/10
Value: 5.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.75/10
Price: $4.69 Fatburger, $0.69 for added cheese = $5.38. Medium Combo is $8.59 alone, substituting in Onion Rings was a $1.00 upcharge

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Nutrition Info – 1/3 lb. medium Fatburger w/ added American cheese
Calories – 660
Total Fat – 36 grams
Saturated Fat – 12.5 grams
Cholesterol - 120 milligrams
Sodium – 1410 milligrams
Carbs – 47 grams
Dietary Fiber – 2 grams
Sugars – 8 grams
Protein – 33 grams

14 comments on “Review: The Fatburger from Fatburger

  1. Justin says:

    When it’s good, I don’t mind the price at all, because I consider it much better than fast food. But when it’s not good… man, it’s a rip-off. More than a decade ago, getting a bad Fatburger was an aberration, but these days I feel like I get a crappy one at least half the time.

  2. nuttyturnip says:

    I remember waiting for months for that Fatburger to open, and then being disappointed by the burger. For the exorbitant price, I was expecting something a lot juicier. Definitely not worth it.

  3. Scrape says:

    Been there, done that. While it is an outpost of western burger deliciousness, for some reason this location just does not live up to the west coast resturants. In particular, whenever I’m in Vegas, I always stop at the one on the strip. You get an “OMG, this is good” moment there. Not so much in Elkridge. Kind of a wierd location, too. Whenever I have been there, its been dead.

  4. Biff McGee says:

    I agree, Fatburger is much better than 5 Guys! Dang I’m hungry now!

  5. Rick says:

    The one in The Borgata in AC is a little better. Their spicy chicken sandwich should be on your review radar, the sauce they use to make it spicy is in a league of its own.

  6. Sascha says:

    Never been to a fatburger, but this review did make me think of MCA and the Beastie Boys, so at least there’s that, lol.

  7. Chefprotoss says:

    I go to the one in the Borgatta food court whenever I get a chance. I can’t stand the relish though lol

  8. Justin ST says:

    I consider Fatburger a treat. It costs you a lot health-wise and money-wise, but it’s worth it for the atmosphere and everything else. Love the shakes too.

  9. Rodzilla says:

    I’ve got a fat burger, five guys, and In-N-Out all right in town. Along with a number of dive-bars serving some of the best burgers in SD. For that reason it’s been hard to give FB a try..but now I might have to.

    • Ryan says:

      INO rules all chains for me. I’m jealous you live in San Diego 🙁

    • Chefprotoss says:

      I also heard there’s an awesome Italian market there too. Pretzel and beer pasta, porcetta… that’s where I wanna eat haha…

  10. Seeker says:

    I’ll have to try the onion rings sometime, as the only thing I usually get is the double-king. Only to try though, as you found out it’s way expensive with sides, cheese and drink. I think the best deal is the triple king though going in at 2 pounds of beef for around $10.

    Still, their inconsistency is a pain. I’ve had a double-king(no relish, I hate that awful crap so much) that was almost one of the most perfect burgers I’ve ever had. A dense crunchy char with juicy medium inside that was so flavorful. The next week I got the same, and it was a dried out crumbly pile of sadness with no char whatsoever. No other chain could do extremes so wildly.

  11. Bob says:

    $10 for a burger combo.

    Welcome to California!

  12. KTK says:

    I don’t think there are any Fatburgers around me, but I doubt I’d visit if it were $10 a meal. I know a couple of local places that could serve up a comparable combo and who have awesome burgers for the same price. I might try it once, but unless it was very, very good, there wouldn’t be a reason to go back.