Review: The Big IHOP Pancake Burger

I’m a sucker for novelty restaurant menu items so I had to venture out of the realm of fast food today to grab the new Big IHOP Pancake Burger.IHOP Pancake Burger

IHOP describes their new Big IHOP Pancake Burger like this:

Our pancakes and Steakburger had a baby! A world-famous buttermilk pancake griddle with Cheddar cheese and layered between two premium Steakburger patties, then topped with American cheese, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon and our signature IHOP® sauce. Includes choice of side.

I’ll try to forget that first sentence.  Let’s review:IHOP Pancake BurgerThe double Steakburger patties were thick and meaty.  This burger needed to be meaty to balance out the fact that there’s a pancake in the middle of it.  I’ll get to the pancake in a sec.  A couple of slices of American cheese to goo things up, no issue there.  IHOP Pancake BurgerThe three slices of hickory-smoked bacon were on the thin side. They weren’t a flavor standout when they absolutely should have been. The look of the burger was impressive, wild even.  The selling-point of this burger is that there’s a pancake in the middle of it. Why not use maple-glazed bacon to at least mimic the pancake experience?  Custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon can go on all your other menu items that include bacon, not this.IHOP Pancake BurgerCheddar cheese was used on the pancake part to make it less like a pancake.  Taste-wise, this burger missed the mark at being memorable.  Just a hint of maple syrup flavor anywhere could have made the experience better.  A pancake without syrup is like pizza without cheese.  The pancake was actually more like a pizza than it was a worthy stand-alone pancake. A light application of syrup instead of the signature IHOP sauce (which is pretty much like every other tangy burger sauce) could have worked.  The effort would’ve been appreciated.IHOP Pancake BurgerIn conclusion, the Big IHOP Pancake Burger missed a good opportunity.  There are other burgers on the IHOP menu available if you want to play it safe. I wouldn’t call it a bait and switch because I knew what the components of the burger were going into it.  I’ll just say it missed its mark at being special.

Pros: Looks impressive as a novelty burger. Tastes decent as a bacon double cheeseburger.

Cons: Unimpressive as a novelty burger. Taste doesn't stand out in any interesting way to support the way it looks.

Taste: 5.00/10
Value: 5.50/10
Price: $11.29 and includes choice of side

Overall GrubGrade: 5.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
1310 calories

6 comments on “Review: The Big IHOP Pancake Burger

  1. El Diablo Sanchez says:

    Why didn’t they just use pancakes all around? Forget the funky sauce and whatnot! Pancake burger pancake burger pancake with maple something or other and bacon. Boom you have a winner right there.

  2. AW says:

    I laughed at “I’ll try to forget that first sentence.”

    Did you try putting some pancake syrup on it? I kind of want to.

    • Ryan says:

      Haha, nah I have to review it exactly as it’s advertised. I actually picked it up from IHOP and brought it home when I realized they forgot to put bacon on it. So I drove back to IHOP and they made me a new burger. So now I have an extra Big IHOP Pancake Burger w/o bacon in the fridge… I’ll put a little syrup on it when eat it.

  3. Alek says:

    They could had done a pancake bun. It sounds like they are really attempting to sell burgers and luring people to buy it.

  4. Shannon says:

    I think they should have made a pancake sandwich with sausage on there and the maple you were talking about.

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