Review: Steak Fajita Flatbread from Arby’s

Since I missed out on the first and second offering of gyros at Arby’s, a new pita sandwich caught my attention right away.  The latest is the Steak Fajita Flatbread with the tagline “Who needs a skillet when you have flatbread?” as well as “So much steak we can barely fold it.”  Let’s review…Steak Fajita FlatbreadArby’s describes their Steak Fajita Flatbread like this:

It’s true. Arby’s Steak Fajita Flatbreads don’t come on a sizzling platter. But they do come on a flatbread with Angus steak, Colby Jack cheese, fire roasted peppers and avocado sour cream. And isn’t a flatbread much nicer to eat than a sizzling platter?

The list of components that make up the Steak Fajita Flatbread is extensive enough to have me thinking maybe Arby’s went a little overboard.
Steak Fajita FlatbreadThe Steak Fajita Flatbread features Angus beef, avocado sour cream sauce, a slice of Colby Jack cheese, fajita seasoning, balsamic red and yellow peppers, red onion slices, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and of course the pita flatbread.  Yup, there’s a lot that goes into one of these sandwiches, but first and foremost it’s important to talk steak.  This is a hefty flatbread stuffed enough to have it weighing in at nearly 11 ounces.  A good portion of that weight comes from the generous portion of Black Angus beef.  It’s lean USDA Choice top round beef with a marinade that assists the beefy flavor with salt/garlic/onion and a little black pepper too.  The marinated and seasoned beef is balanced with avocado sour cream sauce that neutralizes some of the salt with smooth, cooling creaminess and some identifiable flavors like chives and cilantro.  I found the avocado sour cream sauce to be a tasty, but a little too runny for a flatbread sandwich. Combining the salad-dressing-like sauce with some extra moisture from the two tomato slices and balsamic peppers, the grubbing on the go issues were unavoidable.  Not even the Easter basket grass (aka shredded iceberg lettuce) could help fully catch all the drippings.Steak Fajita FlatbreadI’m a fan of Colby Jack cheese and its mild sharp tang and hints of sweetness weren’t enough to make a significant impact.  Considering that this product has the intent to replicate steak fajitas wrapped up in a flatbread, including a slice of Colby Jack cheese was puzzling.  A simple smattering of shredded cheddar would have been more along the steak fajita vibe.  The noticeable fajita seasoning helped add some smoky chipotle and ancho chili earthiness.  There were two small slices of red onion that left little impact with virtually no bite.  Again, Arby’s is going for steak fajitas wrapped in a flatbread so two thin slices of red onion didn’t fit for me.  Grilled peppers and onions alone really would throw me directly into the territory that feel right at home with fajitas.  Steak Fajita FlatbreadThe pita was toasty warm, soft and durable enough to not fall apart on me.  It’s a decently constructed flatbread sandwich, but stuffed to the gills to make it a little messy.  If only the pita came equipped with little moisture pockets to capture all the sauce run-off… oh well. Arby's Steak Fajita FlatbreadAt a price of $4.99, I found the Steak Fajita Flatbread to be an OK value considering its weight and the fact that Arby’s didn’t skimp on the Angus beef.  There’s a lot of components that make up this sandwich and even though they aren’t overdone in any way, they still didn’t seem to contribute much.  The star of the Steak Fajita Flatbread is the Angus beef and that was enough to leave me full and somewhat satisfied… I just don’t think this product will leave much of a lasting memory with me.

Pros: Filling. Plenty of Angus steak. Thick and hearty pita.

Cons: Doesn't really scream "steak fajitas" with some questionable ingredient choices. Runny avocado sour cream sauce.

Taste: 6.25/10
Value: 5.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 4.50/10
Price: $4.99

Overall GrubGrade: 5.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Weight - 309 grams
Calories - 560
Total Fat - 26 grams
Saturated Fat - 8 grams
Cholesterol - 195 milligrams
Sodium - 1580 milligrams
Carbs - 50 grams
Dietary Fiber - 3 grams
Sugars - 6 grams
Protein - 32 grams

8 comments on “Review: Steak Fajita Flatbread from Arby’s

  1. Dank meme bro says:

    Grubbing on-the-go: 4.50/10

    Yeah, try eating a gyro on the go, tell me how it looks on you. 😛

  2. Richard says:

    That looks way more than barely folded to me.

  3. T.A. says:

    I really don’t understand the tomato and lettuce. Would be better with grilled onions and peppers, and like you said, shredded cheese. The sauce seems like it’d work.
    But why lettuce. Why arbys why.

  4. JJJ says:

    Tried this today. I didn’t really even notice the avocado sour cream. Maybe they forgot it? Mine was really wet for some reason. The lettuce and tomato didn’t bother me, it just made it similar to a Gyro. It was okay. I need to try it again to see if they goofed mine up somehow today.

  5. Marie says:

    Who thought of this sandwich? The combination of ingredients makes the sandwich awful. Bad idea buddy. However, the steak was very good and should have been on a bun, not entangled in that mess.

  6. Sascha says:

    I had high hopes for this one after the BBQ flatbread of a couple months ago. While it didn’t disappoint, it fell short of that sandwich by quite a bit. As mentioned, this is NOT a grub on the go sandwich, and that 4.5 you gave it should probably read closer to 2. The tomatoes and sauce definitely left a nice puddle on my wrapper. Overall, this combination just didn’t make sweet music together. The peppers should have been better, there aren’t many pleasures greater than grilled fajita peppers, these did not compare. I still liked the sandwich, it wasn’t bad, I was just hoping for so much more. 5.75 is probably where I’d leave it too.

  7. Barb says:

    Where does Arby’s get their soft flatbread from?

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