Review: Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich from Arby’s

At Arby’s, their latest slogan is “We have the meats”. The impressive list of meats has reached nine with new smoked turkey breast which is featured in the new Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich.  Let’s review.Smokehouse Turkey 1Arby’s describes their new Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich like this:

Our smoked turkey isn’t “smoke flavored.” It’s smoke infused. We smoke it for eight hours over mesquite wood in a smokehouse in Texas. Then we put it on an artisan style roll and top it with smoked cheddar, crispy onions and white BBQ sauce to make our Smokehouse Turkey sandwich. If you’ve never had smoked turkey before, this is the best place to start.

I was curious to try this sandwich because it offered some ingredients I know I love already, like crispy onions, and some things that were new to me… what exactly is white BBQ sauce?.   

Smokehouse Turkey 2The five components of the new Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich all work well together to create an impressive Arby’s addition.  The new smoked turkey is easily the best turkey that I’ve had from a quick-serve restaurant… and that includes fast casual restaurants too.  It’s not the overly salty slices of pressed turkey loaf which have the consistency of wet construction paper.  The turkey is carved in meaty, thick pieces from whole turkey breast and has that nice hearty texture you get when you know it’s a natural cut.  There’s a reddish color on the ends of the turkey from the smoky seasoning which consists of a mix of paprika, red pepper, black pepper and garlic powder. The eight hour smoking process gives the normally boring turkey some lightly sweet wood-smoke flavor.  I only wish there was one more slice of turkey in my sandwich to give it some extra shine above the rest.

Smokehouse Turkey 3There’s a slice of cheddar cheese in the Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich that gets to be called smoked cheddar cheese because apparently there’s “Natural Smoke Flavor” in the ingredients list. Not only did I find the cheddar to be too mild tasting, I wasn’t able to detect the smoke.  I guess it’s hard to stand out when you’re cheese in a sandwich like this.  A sharper cheddar would’ve been nice here.  The crispy onion strings are more like onion pieces and they were excellent in this sandwich.  I love the crunch of the thick breading and the fact that it isn’t overwhelmingly oniony.  The onion pieces are big enough to pluck from the sandwich and enjoy on their own and they make me long for the old days of Arby’s Onion Petals.  A major plus was the crispy onions maintaining their crunchiness while surrounded by warm ingredients and creamy sauce.  White BBQ sauce is totally new to me and if I wasn’t already aware of it in the sandwich, I’d think it was a creamy horseradish sauce without the spicy kick to the sinuses. It’s an interesting flavor and nothing at all like traditional BBQ sauces.  This is a north Alabama thing so I’m not sure how familiar white BBQ sauce will be to the masses.  The sauce does go well with the smoked turkey and gives it a little zest.  I can’t help but continue to describe its flavor as being anything beyond extremely mild horseradish sauce with a hint of mustard.  It almost made me wish it was Arby’s Horsey Sauce because I wanted the aromatic spicy qualities.  The star cut bun didn’t stand out and that’s not a bad thing.  It did its job and when bread goes unnoticed, for the most part, it’s a success.  Take a back seat to the stars and don’t do too much or else you’re likely to show your flaws.  Smokehouse Turkey 4The sandwich alone cost me $5.29 and there’s no longer any sticker shock when it comes to the big sandwiches at Arby’s.  The Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich from 2013 was also priced at $5.29 and I enjoyed the new Smokehouse Turkey more so I’m not too bothered by the price.  It’s a filling sandwich at almost a half-pound in weight and the quality is strong enough to be a premium priced fast food item.  

Smokehouse Turkey 5Bravo Arby’s!  This sandwich was excellent and I’ll likely give it another purchase before its limited time only run is over.  The strongest components of the Turkey Smokehouse Sandwich are good enough to carry future incarnations of the smoked turkey cut of meat.

Pros: Quality. Big, tasty sandwich. Thick slices of mesquite-smoked turkey. Crispy onion strings.

Cons: Smoked cheddar cheese. The white BBQ sauce tasted like horseradish without the heat and for that I'd rather just have Horsey Sauce instead.

Taste: 8.75/10
Value: 6.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.25/10
Price: $5.29

Overall GrubGrade: 8.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 560
Total Fat - 28 grams
Saturated Fat - 10 grams
Sodium - 1430 milligrams
Cholesterol - 75 milligrams
Carbs - 44 grams
Fiber - 2 grams
Sugars - 6 grams
Protein - 36 grams

23 comments on “Review: Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Jody says:

    Now that is “Good Mood Food”

  2. Craig says:

    Had it for lunch today, along with the garlic parmesan chips. A very distinctively different flavor from the rest of their turkey line. I give it a big thumbs up.

  3. scram says:

    I tried this today, and it was very good. It melts in your mouth, but I didn’t really care for the sauce. Next time I get it, it’ll be without the sauce.

  4. MP says:

    Despite this positive review, the price & the concept of the sandwich still didn’t win me over. I eat way more turkey than roast beef in general & I never liked horseradish sauce. It’s sad when the cheese is only there to add calories & sodium.

  5. Rob says:

    I’ll ask ’em to hold the white BBQ sauce and smoked cheddar and substitute crisp bacon instead. Then I’ll add the horsey sauce. Now that sounds tasty! 🙂

  6. Daniel Fletcher says:

    How much was the Boylan’s? I normally pay $3.99 in a 4pack at one butcher out in the suburbs here in Syracuse, NY and $1.29 a bottle at a super market. I’m guessing more but been curious just how much more.

  7. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I tried some of someone else’s, seemed okay, I’ll wait for a coupon though. The chips were so so, kind of stale and not that crispy, they seemed familiar, did they try this before? The white BBQ sauce tasted so familiar, but I can’t place it and it was not what you described it as either, been bugging me trying to remember.

  8. Rybug says:

    Thanks for the cool review. You guys should do the hamburger challenge (A blind taste test of fast food burgers where you try to guess which burger is from which fast food place).

  9. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Had this today; it was pretty good. Turkey was on point, onion strings were good, cheese was better than the review (it sat for an hour before I ate it, so probably why), but unlike other commenters, I really liked the sauce. It was oddly distributed though, so most of my bites didn’t have it while it still drained off of bits that had a lot, so I had to dip it in the runoff.

  10. JJ says:

    I had this last night. Mine had to sit for awhile, then I had to microwave it, so my onion strings mushified. Pretty good, a bit bland though (basically bread cheese meat). I thought the sauce was okay. Turkey has a mild flavor and would be overpowered by horsey sauce IMO. I know they were trying to make the smoked turkey the star of this sandwich, but the flavor isn’t really strong enough to really pop. I would really enjoy the Grand Turkey Club or a Market Fresh sandwich with this turkey more.

  11. Jessica says:

    I read your review and decided that I had to try this today. I thought it was very good, I liked the white BBQ sauce. Hubby declared it the best sandwich he has ever had from Arby’s.

  12. Raiders757 says:

    White BBQ sauce is a Northern Alabama bastardization of tradition BBQ sauce. It’s a nasty mayo based sauce that has no business on traditional BBQ of any kind. Even if you like mayo, it’s a travesty to use his on real honest to GOD “Q”.

    That aside, this sandwich sounds awesome if ordered with no white faux BBQ sauce. It would be much better with a South Carolina mustard base sauce, but I do give Arby’s credit for trying something different.

  13. Trippyc says:

    The White BBQ. Sauce is almost identical to BK zesty onion ring sauce.

  14. CulinaryZerg says:

    Pretty much my thoughts too. That turkey is really, really good! Except that there wasn’t enough of it. My sandwich was swimming in sauce and I needed less of that and more of the tasty turkey.

    The garlic parm chips are decent. Better than the previous Arby sauce flavored ones. Mine were served cold though.

  15. […] “The new smoked turkey is easily the best turkey that I’ve had from a quick-serve restaurant… and…” (via Grub Grade) […]

  16. hp says:

    Hey, can you do some reviews on firehouse subs???

  17. Thistle says:

    I tried this this weekend, and really, really liked it. The white BBQ sauce tasted like a cross between mayo and ranch. I loved every bite of it. I’m going to have to get another while they’re still offering it.

  18. Earl says:

    I have to say this smokehouse is an interesting sandwich. This white bbq sauce, is mustard a part of the blend? That might be a problem if you have a mustard allergy. I would go with a mild bbq sauce and one with a bit more kick, like Famous Dave’s Rich n Sassy. Touting two sauce choices might be an interesting angle. Definitely more turkey, more onions, and more cheese. Being a cheese fan, multiple cheeses would be nice. Darned if this isn’t looking like an “extras” sandwich!

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