Review: Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s

Introducing a new cut of meat into your fast food arsenal is territory which shows you’re not just taking the easy way through menu innovations.  Too often we get “new” products that offer nothing new.  Burger King coming out with a French Fry Burger is a prime example of an easy (lazy) new menu item.  If I wear a t-shirt on my head and call it a hat, it’s still a t-shirt.  The new Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s doesn’t suffer from a lack of true newness factor so it was on my radar as soon as I heard about it in testing.

Smokehouse Briskey Arby'sArby’s describes their Smokehouse Brisket like this:

It’s slow smoked for 13 long hours. Which proves we’re pretty passionate about brisket.  Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket is piled high with slow-smoked beef brisket, topped with smoked Gouda cheese, crispy onions, BBQ sauce and mayo, and served on a toasted, bakery-style bun.

Arby’s has had a pretty solid year for offering truly new menu items.  The King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef & Swiss introduced sweet King’s Hawaiian bread into the picture and that was an awesome addition.  While a little on the polarizing side, Arby’s House Made Chips was another addition that actually showed an effort was being made to expand the menu with something brand new and not just a rehash.  The Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich shows an effort to expand the menu with more focus on quality and it comes with a premium price of $5.29.

Arbys Smokehouse Brisket SandwichSo what is brisket?  Per Wiki, “Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal. The beef brisket is one of the nine beef prime cuts. The brisket muscles include the superficial and deep pectorals. As cattle do not have collar bones, these muscles support about 60% of the body weight of standing/moving cattle. This requires a significant amount of connective tissue, so the resulting meat must be cooked correctly to tenderize the connective tissue.” Let’s take a look at a cow diagram and get familiar:

Brisket Cow

Cow lesson over.  Now that we know a little more about beef brisket, let’s break down the sandwich.  I’ve never been too crazy about Arby’s roast beef, so it was nice to see a brand new cut of meat entering into the fray.  The beef brisket is stacked generously and makes for a filling sandwich if you choose to skip the combo upgrade.  The “slow smoked for 13 long hours” process is necessary to get the meat into the proper tenderness to enjoy it in a sandwich like this.  Tenderness achievement unlocked!  Every one of my bites met a nice tender morsel that didn’t require excessive chewing.  There was a more natural beefy quality to the brisket and that’s a rarity for fast food chains.

Arby's BrisketThe Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich doesn’t skimp in many areas. The BBQ sauce lacks any hints of peppery heat and shines mostly with sweetness and some smoke.  It’s a thick sauce that coats the brisket and other key ingredients well and there’s just enough of it.  The mayo seemed to be unnecessary to me, but thankfully there wasn’t much of it to get in the way of anything else.  I guess to go along with “Smokehouse” name you’ve got to have some smoked Gouda in the mix.  The smoked Gouda cheese was an interesting choice by Arby’s.  It’s not often that smoked Gouda gets called in to the fast food grub game and I liked the addition.  Applied in a rounded slice, the smoked Gouda is mild, smooth and stays put without much of any melt.  The lack of melted cheese helped the cheese get noticed a lot more texture-wise and it seemed to be a good fit.  Way too often we’re treated to more of the same with fast food cheese.  American cheese, cheddar and Swiss get to sit this one out.

Arbys Brisket SandwichThe crispy onions unfortunately suffered the same fate as they did with Arby’s Onion Mighty Minis.  The crispy onions lose their crispy texture by being applied in contact with the areas of the sandwich that contain the most moisture and heat.  Flavors from the onion work with the rest of the sandwich, but I really wanted to get some crunch too.  The lack of crispy onion crunch was a con with the sandwich.  The toasted, bakery-style bun is sized right and contained the sandwich as a hand held and didn’t fall apart on me when I went in for the half-slice cut for my pictures.

Arbys Smokehouse BrisketI substituted in Steakhouse Onion Rings over my fries, but that still didn’t help relieve the void left in the “crispy” onion department of my sandwich.  I’d love to see the Arby’s Onion Petals make a return to the menu and make it all right again.  The Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich still succeeds in most all areas for me as it gave me a solid beefy barbecue sandwich from the ease and comfort of a drive-thru window.  Normally I have more interest with whatever is surrounding the main ingredient of sandwiches these days and Arby’s did a good job at highlighting something worthy of the spotlight.  There’s a true newness factor with the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich and it worked.

Pros: New cut of meat and plenty of it. Packed with smoky BBQ flavor. Great bun. Smoked Gouda.

Cons: Over 5 bucks for the sandwich alone. Crispy fried onions get weighed down by the rest of the ingredients and lose their crunch. Mayo didn't need to be involved.

Taste: 8.00/10
Value: 5.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: $5.29

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
610 calories
Total Fat - 35 grams
Saturated Fat - 12 grams
Sodium - 1230 milligrams
Cholesterol - 110 milligrams
Carbs - 42 grams
Dietary Fiber - 3 grams
Sugars - 7 grams
Protein - 35 grams

77 comments on “Review: Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Will Buckingham says:

    Sounds like it could be a tasty sandwich. I’ll have to try it when it finally shows up at the local mall Arby’s minus the mayo. Which brings me to a small rant…

    Mayo is the scourge of the sandwich world and I wish more places would leave it off by default. It also seems to be the one condiment that routinely makes it onto the sandwich even if I request “no mayo”, and unfortunately I often don’t find out they messed up until I’ve gotten home with the food I was picking up. I know the common excuse is that it’s there to act as a kind of glue for the other items, but I can’t stand the stuff outside of tartar sauce, and there has been more than one burger ruined for me that didn’t bother to mention it had mayo when describing it in their ad.

    • raiders757 says:

      I’ll have to second the mayo rant. Especially in this case. You don’t put mayo on brisket. That’s a sin punishable by death. I have made brisket on my smoker quite a few times, and if I saw someone put mayo on my all day creation, I would take it away and kick them out of my house. Good brisket should stand on it’s own with no sauce(Add BBQ sauce if you wish, just not any mayo based sauce or mayo. You don’t dip your rib-eye in mayo do you?). One has to get up at sunrise to make a proper brisket for super. It’s an all day affair monitoring the temp and making sure you don’t overdo it on the smoke. With that much time invested, I take it personally if someone ruins it such a vile substance.

      All that said, I do want to try this sandwich minus the mayo, and minus the BBQ sauce. Fast food BBQ sauce is always too sweet, so I’ll put my own on if needed. Might pick one up tomorrow so I’ll have something to munch on while waiting for GTA V to load into the hard drive.

      • TJ says:

        For once I agree with you two.. guess Hell just froze over. My exception is a small amount on a spicy chicken sandwich, but mostly mayo is awful.

    • opi says:

      I highly agree!

    • Mike N. says:

      I agree as well! I can see mayo on a BLT or bologna sandwich, but definately not brisket. It’s bad enough Rally’s puts mayo on it’s $2 philly cheese.

      • thehottoddy23 says:

        It may not fit on this sandwich, but it is good on a lot of things. I think mayo is a highly controversial condiments- if a condiment can even be controversial 🙂

        Either you love it or hate it… those that seem to hate it REALLY hate it I can see. Personally I think it’s awesome but needs to be used sparingly as it can definitely be too much.

    • Charlotte says:

      Vive le mayo!

    • Haley says:

      I agree about Mayo, I don’t like it, on this it was (thankfully) drown out by the other flavors but it’s so pointless, and not to get all health crazy here but it’s pure fat that you don’t need, especially with a side of fries lol. I didn’t even think about it when ordering but I would have gotten it with out as it did nothing for it.

  2. BigBelly says:

    ick, no way I am paying that much for big hunks of fat, and unmelted cheese

    • Scrape says:

      Good and proper brisket, whether it be roasted, corned, or in pastrami form, HAS a little fat around the edges. Its supposed to as that is where the flavor lives. And with it there, we know its REAL brisket and not a ‘brisket roll.’ And most good cheeses that aren’t overly processed or “American” cheese product don’t get all that melty either. This sangwich looks like a winner.

    • Wabbit says:

      Then why are you here, go get a salad and shut up!

  3. Alex K. says:

    That thing looks fatty and overpriced… if this thing were made like it probably should be, it could be good. There’s also very little meat on the sandwich from what I can see. I’ll pass on that for the price…

    • Tommy says:

      Well you obviously haven’t tried it. It’s funny how people like to judge a product based on a low quality picture. I HAVE TRIED IT and it is VERY GOOD! Go try it and then speak from experience. It is very high quality brisket, if you even know what brisket is.

  4. Chris says:

    Wonderful review!
    I’ve been critical of reviews in the past but I feel like this is a great review for a very promising product.

    I just wish I would have thought Arby’s for lunch today.

  5. Kevin D says:

    Onion rings look sweet. Maybe throw some of those in the sandwich to compensate for the lack of crispiness from the fried onion “whatevers”. Just a thought. Great review ry-guy right on the money.

    • Will Buckingham says:

      That seems to be a good rule of thumb all around. Any time I’ve put onion rings on a BBQ sandwich, burger or otherwise, it’s been a delicious improvement.

  6. Jes says:

    I got to try this today, no mayo or crispy onions. I kinda wish they went the way of the King’s Hawaiian with this one and had one sandwich with everything on it, and a cheaper, plain alternative.

    But regardless, it was a lot better than I thought! Worth the price? Eeeh, but the level of quality is a bit higher than the fast food norm.

    7/10 for me. If it were better priced, I’d give it a higher score.

    And I agree with the mayo rant above. To be honest, the thought of putting mayo on this sandwich, and really any sandwich, makes my stomach turn. This is a yummy sandwich, but it’s the last one you’d pur mayo on…

  7. JoeyF says:

    I’ll be trying this soon without the mayo and possibly without the bbq sauce. I think the Arby’s sauce may be better just because I don’t like too much sauce/mayo/mustard on my sandwiches. I love smoked Gouda also so this should be good, pricey but worth a shot.

  8. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Don’t get me wrong, this sandwich looks pretty good, but the price is pure crackpipe. To put it in perspective, when I was flying back from Dallas last month, I had a BBQ brisket sandwich from Dickey’s BBQ in the airport which was huge and tasted amazing and it cost about the same as this. This is a $3.50 sandwich, max.

    I actually did not like the King’s Hawaiian which was strange because I love their rolls, it just was not right. I was in the minority though because I liked the chips.

  9. rob says:

    I’m put off by the fattiness. With brisket you can get it fatty or lean, I like it lean.

  10. Jay says:

    A couple of thoughts…

    I have had the pleasure of dining at some of the best smoke-houses in Texas and regularly order online from Snow’s (best mail order brisket in the world imo) now that I’m not in Texas…and that meat to fat ration looks about right to me.

    I love smoked cheese but it seems like a filler component designed to make the sandwich seem smokier and I would pass on that. The onions can stay..fresh thin sliced would be better though I think.

    Mayo is the king of condiments for various reason that I won’t go into here…but it doesn’t belong within 10 feet of good brisket. OTOH, I wouldn’t consider putting bbq sauce on any properly smoked meat either with the exception of ribs that I might be finishing on the grill after a good smoking. If the brisket is dry, it needs a little bbq sauce.

    If in fact they are smoking this in house and doing a good job at it, that price looks decent..but it could use a little more meat.

    Nice job with the bun.

    Overall a very ambitious sandwich for a FF joint that, by all appearances, they more or less got right.

    Great review Ryan. Will need to give this a try as soon as they drop me some coupons 😉

  11. jenne says:

    I personally LOVE mayo..(especially JITB onion mayo..) Sometimes I ask for mayo if a sandwich doesn’t have it..or ask for extra… looking forward to this sandwich..may ask for extra crispy onions (wish someone would offer them as a side).

  12. Old Fogey Paul says:

    I have to agree with everything that has been said about the mayo. I don’t like mayo in most instances anyway… Still I am usually impressed with the freshness and flavor that Arby’s usually brings. Traditionally, I wait until there are coupons for this kind of thing. It looks fairly savory and without the soggy mayo, or flavorless onion crisp things, it may be well worth investigating.

  13. DT-KC says:

    I saw the commercial for this recently and had a chance to try one of these over the weekend. Overall, i thought it was done pretty well, very tender and fresh tasting. The price is on the higher end for fast food but its not your regular burger or chicken sandwich either. Not sure what they are thinking with the mayo, in my case I didn’t see or taste any. My guess is the smoke flavor is coming mostly from the cheese and bbq sauce vs actual wood to retain constistency… It’s not quite the same as home smoked brisket but not bad either, would recommend giving it a try.

  14. Steve says:

    I loved the Royal Hawaiian roast beef sandwiches but they seemed to have disappeared in LA. Weren’t they limited edition or are they available regionally?

    Would these new Brisket sandwiches taste nice with Horsey sauce?

  15. Em says:

    I agree the price is too hefty. What is the price of a combo?? The mayo would have to be left off for sure. If I suddenly came across some extra cash I may give one a try but with some changes. No mayo! Then I would have them leave the crispy onions that you say get soggy off. instead I would get an order of onion rings and have them cooked up extra crispy. I would place 2 or 3 of them on my sandwich while crisp and hot. Then I would add bacon, of course. Then also add their hot melted cheddar cheese they use on their beef n cheddar’s. I know, fattening right but hey, u must admit that sounds pretty appealing. I just wonder how much the sandwich would wind up after adding the extras. Prolly the price of a really nice restaurant sandwich..ugh would it be worth it? I just may never know, but that sure sounds good! 🙂

  16. CulinaryZerg says:

    I LOVE mayo on sandwiches. But near BBQ, especially brisket? Blasphemy.

    Then again, this was the naïve guys who marketed Ultimate Angus Philly as the best authentic cheesesteak outside Philly. You know, one with roasted herbed beef(?), SWISS cheese, GARLIC aioli, a bunch of green bell peppers. Only the bun was semi-legit. Seriously???

    That said, I do love their food and I’ll be trying this one. Sans the mayo.

  17. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I absolutely love Mayo to death and I will be the first to say it has no place on brisket or any other BBQ type sandwich. That’s just wrong.

  18. Brent says:

    I had this the other day! I meant to ask them to remove the mayo, but I forgot. It seems like a lot of new items today have this desire to overload the item with sauce (like the new Wendy’s burger?) and totally take away the flavor of the item itself. This was true with this thing too. I can see really enjoying it, but they overloaded it with mayo and BBQ sauce. It was oozing out over the bun. Each mouthful tasted like brisket-textured mayo, with a hint of BBQ. I couldn’t even finish eating it. WHY so many sauces by default? It always makes me suspicious they are trying to hide something!

    Don’t get me wrong, I think this would be great with light sauces or no mayo. But geez.

  19. Raposin84 says:

    I loved your review. I didn’t even know what brisket was. Lol

  20. SkippyMom says:

    I have to agree. I NEVER understood Arby’s “roast beef”. It always tasted fake. To me anyway.

    This sandwich looks promising because the meat looks real. Two exceptions – the mayo? Is America really THAT fat that they have to have mayo on this? Why not just toss a vat of Ranch on it and call it a day? Who ever heard of MAYO on brisket? Wrong. Wrong. Nine levels of Wrong.

    And the cost? Kiss me once, kiss me twice but I ain’t opening my purse for that price. Goodness, I could get a scrumptious burger at a local joint, with fries, for less than the price of that sandwich.

    One more thing. I appreciate the use of Gouda. I don’t understand WHY a FF restaurant feels the need to do that – “enhance the smokiness” WTF? Brisket, after 13 hours, should be smokey all on it’s own – and the Gouda seems a little, shall we say, high brow for ::cough, cough:: ARBYS.

    Then again, I wouldn’t put cheese on brisket anyway. That’s just stupid.

    If you have to eat this sandwich, lose the mayo and throw the fresh onion rings on there for the crunch. Oh, and have a coupon.

    • MP says:

      I think you & I know they don’t really “smoke” it. It’s all about chemicals & liquid smoke from other items to give the illusion.
      As for Arby’s roast beef, I always enjoy it & knew it was basically roast beef bologna. The Arby-Q always had real roast beef and wondered, “why isn’t THIS on all the sandwiches??” But the reality was, the BBQ sauce was needed to soften up very tough & chewy pieces of dry roast beef.
      Whomever came up with this brisket sandwich obviously didn’t know what the hell they were doing.

  21. Mary Doherty says:

    staying true to franchises it looks to me like your Smokehouse Brisket was put together wrong. Crispy onions go on top of cheese-not between the heated cheese and meat. hence the soggy onions.. sorry that happened to you.

  22. dereklutz says:

    I had one, didn’t see the fat that is shown on the sandwich pictured. The mayo and cheese are unnecessary, and I like mayo. One of the better things from Arby’s I’ve tasted. Completely overpriced – the general public will not drop more than $5 for a sandwich at Arby’s. They don’t have the image of Panera that can get away with those prices.

  23. JoeyF says:

    I had this for lunch yesterday, ordered it with no sauce or mayo and added a touch of Arby’s sauce. I would highly recommend getting it this way, the onions weren’t soggy and you could really taste the smokiness of it. I was very impressed by it and will have it again i just wish it was cheaper. $8.30 for the small combo but i paid about the same for the wendy’s pretzel burger combo.

  24. Ashley says:

    Well I just tried it, it looked delightful on the television set, but in actuality, its CRAP! The brisket is not the real deal, it’s only arby’s roast beef. Don’t waste your money!!!

    • JoeyF says:

      Somebody definitely didn’t make it right because it is definitely not the same as the roast beef, i guess i was the only one happy with this but i did order it with no mayo or bbq sauce and added arby’s sauce myself. It is on the expensive side but it was good. A real beef brisket sandwich from Whole Hog Cafe (look it up, awesome stuff) is almost $8 by itself. We eat there for lunch a lot and i get a jumbo pulled pork which is about $7.

  25. John says:

    Just ate one and darn near had a conniption fit when I tasted the Mayo. Brisket is mayo free zone. Lets keep it that way.

  26. Sharon Holmes says:

    Tried this today, was excited. Had them leave the mayo off. You don’t put mayo on a brisket sandwich. Piled high with meat? No way. Was hoping for the price ($5.25) there’d be more meat on it, but it sure was skimpy. Also had the cheese left off as I don’t like cheese on a brisket sandwich. Please Arby’s, just put more meat on the thing for that price?

  27. Javier Zamora says:

    Would not recommend due to size, very skimpy. Not piled high at all. Stick to roast beef, I could have had a giant roast beef for about the same price. This is a total miss for Arby’s. I don’t think this sandwich will be in the menu for very long.

  28. EH says:

    I’m eating one as I’m typing this. It’s pretty good. I can’t think of a FF sandwhich or burger that I would pick over this. Pricey? I suppose…but I think it’s worth it. I would recommend and I’ll likely buy another before the promotion ends. 8/10…

  29. GJ says:

    This was the worst sandwich I’ve ever had! Fat was dripping from every direction. You couldn’t take a single bite without a mouthful of pure fat. It wasn’t from the fried onions. I even tried to take the meat off and trim it, but since I was in the car it made things even more challenging. There’s not a single component to this that I shouldn’t have enjoyed but the meat was so extremely overrun by fat that I’ll never try another.

  30. GJ says:

    …except the mayo. I too opted out.

  31. Anne says:

    If you want to pay $5.00 plus for a bun, this is for you. Otherwise, the meat is sliced very thin and dry and the amount is small for the price of the sandwich. The only saving grace is the gouda cheese, bu you can but that at any store and add that to your home made sandwich.

    This is certainly a rip off.

  32. Heather C says:

    Just finished my 1st try of the Arbys brisket sandwich. Got it with out mayo per the advise, left the BBQ sauce on. It was pretty good, not as much meat on mine but still good. better then Rib Citys brisket which is what I thought this would be like. Probably will get it again.

  33. t-bone says:

    If it’s truly BEEF brisket why do they NEVER say that in their commercials? They just call it smoked meat and brisket and do not say beef. It makes me suspect since what they call roast beef is really restructured meat of some sort. Someone answer me on the TV commercial.

  34. Foodie says:

    Over priced and barely resembles the advertised photo. Lots of bread, mayo, mushy onion rings and 2 slices of meat on our sandwiches. Disappointed in this meal and will not purchase again. Big fail on the part of Arby’s. The roast beef and potato cakes have been my mainstay fave on their menu since I was a kid. I will stick with what works.

  35. beryl says:

    The sandwich was good but arbys was very very chinsy with the brisket. They put 3 small strips on the burger and there was hardly nothing on the sandwich

  36. EC says:

    I have had the sandwich three times. I choose to leave the Mayo off as you then get the flavor of the Brisket more. I love the offering. If you have ever been to Texas and sampled their BBQ then it will take you back there! Until this sandwich was offered, I hadn’t been to Arby’s in probably 30 years. I have been there three times in the past two weeks!
    When it leaves, I leave…again!

  37. Jesc says:

    The author Ryan obviously does not know what the taste nor the texture of brisket should be like. I’d much rather pay an extra $1 at City BBQ and get real brisket that has been cooked in house and falls apart like brisket is supposed to similar to pulled pork. The simple fact that Ryan thinks that the King’s Hawaiian roast beef sandwich is ‘awesome’ or ‘innovative’ shows a true lack of culinary descrepancy. The King’s Hawaiian is a beef & Swiss which arby’s has offered for 20+ years, on a sweet bun. It is a gimmick. The brisket is no different, except it pretends to be something it isn’t… brisket.

  38. Sandy says:

    Geez Jesc, angry much? Give Ryan a break or would you like to share your free food review website with us.

  39. Nicole says:

    I will be trying it tomorrow. Can you get brisket from deli?

  40. Lynne haas says:

    This is one of the best fast food sandwiches I ever had. No complaints. I love this sandwich.

  41. Rodney says:

    I’m addicted to this sandwich! I’m from Texas so we love smoked brisket down here. It’s about time that I can get a brisket sandwich somewhere other than a Bar-B-Q joint. Arby’s is very generous with the meat and the smoked gouda cheese is nice and thick. I noticed the mayo but it didn’t taste like mayo while eating the sandwich. I didn’t know what the sauce was until I read this review. I will ask them to cut the mayo from now on only because I don’t like mayo. The $5+ price is OK with me because the sandwich makes me feel full even without fries or onion rings. I give this sandwich 2 thumbs up!!!

  42. Stacia says:

    I love Arby’s, but I didn’t care for this sandwich AT ALL, which is a shame, as I was excited to try it. Maybe I got a bad one, but it was unbearably salty.

  43. Eric Schneck says:

    Had my first one today. Overall a tasty sandwich, but with some flaws. I really liked the meat. It was completely different from standard Arby’s meat in thickness (it’s thicker), flavor (not the classic Arby’s taste), and texture (has visible grain). Not impressed by the bun. It looked different but was really just a soft white bread bun. As previously noted by Ryan, the mayo is completely pointless and the crispy onions were not noticeably crispy. If I were to change this sandwich: Use an onion bun, replace mayo with horsey sauce or just let the BBQ sauce stand on its own, replace crispy onions with actual onion rings, add an extra slice of Gouda.

  44. Chris says:

    Just wanted to say your review of this sandwich was amazing, I am going to try it tomorrow and I can’t wait. You literally had my mouth watering, not looking forward to the lack of crunch from the onions but I will survive

  45. Juan says:

    Just tried one. Probably will be my last. Not that it was bad, but mostly because the price is too high. The overall weight of the bag and sandwich was light, which is an indicator that you don’t have a hearty meal in your hand. Though amount of meat seemed reasonable. I removed the onion rings before eating it. They don’t make sense on a brisket sandwich. Flavor was good, though I think that was more due to the cheese and bun than the meat. Texture was fine with the toasted bun. Meat could have used more fat (yes, more fat. High end beef and brisket are suppose to have some.). Right now i have a vague smokey flavor in my mouth. I’m neither hungry nor full. Bottom line, certainly not real Texas BBQ brisket, worth $6 to try once, but after that there’s better choices for your $6.

  46. emma says:

    We ate here today finally tried the brisket I got the sandwich only he got the meal $16. I was not really impressed take the picture they show you and cut that in half. Not much to it I left the mayo off it really didn’t have much flavor at all. If it wasn’t for the bbq sauce I wouldn’t have tasted anything but bread lol maybe they left mine in for 13 hours with no seasoning but I won’t be getting another one.

  47. Bill says:

    I just had the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich from Arby’s and in my opinion, it was terribly lacking. Soggy onions, mayo slopped all over the place, small nondescript bun and not very much brisket. The only thing the mayo did for the sandwich was make it twice as fattening.

    I “dined” at the Arby’s on Veterans Hwy. in Metairie, LA, #5274.

    The only good thing about that sandwich was the commercial advertizing it. They produce a top quality commercial and back it up with a low quality product. Makes no sense.

  48. Jackie says:

    I tried this sandwich tonight and for the most part it was fine. I honestly like the mayo on it, I felt like I could barely taste the cheese. But my biggest complaint is that SOMETHING in the sandwhich left a very metallic taste in my mouth. Its been a couple hours and I can still taste it lingering in my mouth. I know itit’s not just me but having a merallic taste makes me think of blood and just overall it was just hard to eat the rest knowing it was going to leave that metallic taste in my mouth. Idk if it was just because I got it late at night or what. But I probably wouldn’t eat it again.

  49. Ksimm says:

    I loved this sandwich. It was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had from a fast food place. The beef was juicy and tender and had that slow smoked flavor. The onions were nice and crispy and some even spilled out in the box so I had those to munch on. The cheese added to the sandwich. I like mayo as long as it’s not overdone. We southerners love our mayo, lol. It is a little pricey. Not something I could afford every day but a nice treat every now and then. Arby’s is pretty much the only fast food I enjoy eating. I really can’t tolerate from other places. At least when I eat at Arby’s I know I’m getting good beef. I hope this will be on their menu for a long time.

  50. […] from the pictures, the turkey is “Mesquite Smoked for 8 hours”.  If you recall the Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich, that one was 13 hours. The sandwich also features pepper bacon, avocado spread, lettuce, tomato, […]

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  52. Bill Nada says:

    Sounds good! I don’t balk at the price tag though. Good meat costs money!

  53. James says:

    Tried your brisket sandwich and must be honest. It was horrible,greasy tasting very dry.Very old taste.My book it is a flop.

  54. Tyler says:

    I can’t help but wonder what putting a little “heat” in the sauce would taste like…

  55. Red says:

    Just tried one yesterday and have to say it’s the best fast-food brisket I’ve ever had. I should’ve got two of them it was THAT good!

  56. […] sugar, 30 grams of protein.Your other choices in the Smokehouse line-up are the Smokehouse Brisket (review), the Smokehouse Pork Belly and the Smoke Mountain Sandwich […]

  57. Erika says:

    Tried this today and holy cow it was good! I thought it could have been even better if they went light on the sauces. Not a fan of the mayo. Horsey sauce could have been a good substitute. Overall I was impressed by this sandwich especially because it was produced by a fast food chain. I shook my head no in disbelief with every bite, YUM

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