Review: Oven Crisp Chicken Sub from Subway

Something worth checking out has come to Subway in the form of low-fat breaded chicken.  I only say “worth checking out” because it’s new.  Not a new combination of sauces or meats with a name attached, but an attempt at a rival for fried chicken.  For Subway, this is a big deal.  It’s called Oven Crisp Chicken and I didn’t care for it all that much.

The Oven Crisp Chicken sub is described by Subway like this:

Experience the breakthrough taste of the NEW Oven Crisp Chicken for some deep flavor without the deep fryer. It’s NEVER fried, NEVER greasy and ALWAYS tasty. As a 6-inch sub, it’s a delicious part of a SUBWAY FRESH FIT® meal. Try one today, because grease is out. Fresh taste is in.

Have you ever had the Oven Roasted Chicken from Subway?  Flavorless, warmed up chicken patties is what you’ve probably experienced.  The Oven Crisp Chicken is basically the same thing.  It’s not tasty and not at all crispy.  Breaded Oven Heated Chicken doesn’t quite have the same impact as “Oven Crisp”.  The chicken patties aren’t big enough to standout as it’s dwarfed within the glut of bread.  I went with the “Hearty Italian” and dressed up my sub like the picture in the advertisement shows.  Lettuce, tomato, cucumber slices and honey mustard sauce.  I opted for the footlong over the 6″.  The sub was priced at $4.00 for 6″ and $6.00 for the footlong.  My local Subway has a Tuesday special of “$1.00 off any footlong sub” so I just went with the full deal.

The Oven Crisp Chicken sub is weak.  I grew tired of it as I approached completion of my first half.  To be fair, I find most Subway subs to suffer in the same areas.  The condiments and produce all have this familiar “Subway taste”. I can’t describe it any other way.  However you choose to dress it up, it’s still Subway.  As far as the Oven Crisp Chicken being a healthy option, 420 calories and under-7 grams of fat for a 6-inch is decent.  An apple is also a healthy option and way tastier.  A Greek yogurt with blueberries is a healthy option and so much tastier.  I couldn’t get away from the thoughts of how many healthy substitutes I could have gone with.

I was a sucker for the Oven Crisp Chicken sub TV spots and picture ads.  It looked good, but deep down I knew I was in for a letdown.  I feel like an idiot for going with 12 inches of this thing.  Well over 800 calories of a lunch I wish I could just take back.  I need some Popeyes to cleanse my unsophisticated pallet.

Pros: Under 7 grams of fat. $5 footlong Tuesday deal at my local Subway.

Cons: No crisp. Flavorless chicken. Subway taste.

Taste: 4.75/10
Value: 7.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.25/10
Price: 4.00 for 6", $6.00 for 12"

Overall GrubGrade: 5.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Oven Crisp Chicken Sub (6-inch with lettuce, tomato, fat free honey mustard)
420 calories, 6.7 grams of fat, 1.5 grams saturated fat, 940 milligrams sodium, 7 grams fiber, 23 grams protein

53 comments on “Review: Oven Crisp Chicken Sub from Subway

  1. Manavee says:

    I agree with this review. It didn’t taste anything close to fried chicken. It’s more like soggy breaded chicken.

    On the plus side, the foot long did fill me up, but it just wasn’t that good. Typical Subway.

  2. Natalie says:

    Good to know it’s as bad as I assumed.

  3. Justin ST says:

    I’m going to need a coupon to try this one out…yuck.

    Why doesn’t Subway just bring their Chicken Tikka sub from the UK over? That was pretty decent.

    • Adelai Moore says:

      There’s a MASS amount of market research that goes into determining whether a specific product will be successful in any given market…obviously, sometimes this fails (whereas heavily promoted products sink). That said, as an American, I’ve never even heard of Tika – which through my ignorance (or not) – sounds Indian…which is not at all appealing in sub form, take at face-value. (Although it might actually be really good). I’d strongly assume my reaction is that of the majority. – Marketing Professional

  4. Adam says:

    For 800 calories and roughly the same price I can get two CFA original chicken sandwiches, and they actually taste amazing. I have yet to have this, but I know you’ve saved me a good four bucks here, Ryan. Thanks for the review!

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  7. SkippyMom says:

    At least they called it oven crisp and didn’t try to pass it off as fried. I hate, hate, hate coated chicken baked in the oven.

    I will try this sandwich when they install fryers. haha – won’t be healthy, but at least it will be edible.

    And every sandwich at subway tastes the same to me too – like the veggies. They ARE fresh, they ARE good – but short of triple meat, you only ever taste the veggies.

    That’s why I eat their veggie subs 🙂

  8. Eric says:

    Subway….I’ll never forget the time one of my co-workers had a rant about how everything Subway offers tastes like “turkey”…the bread, the meat, hell “even the Coke tastes like turkey”. LOL

  9. Robert says:

    That looks terrible. I do not mind Subway for the price its not bad but, sometimes they come up with terrible ideas.

    • SPM says:

      I remember the Italian chicken sandwich they had, their plain chicken patty with some pepperoni slices, provolone cheese and some of the sauce from their meatball bin.

  10. Lylat says:

    i keep seeing the commercials for this and thank god i read this review since i was thinking of trying it and now i know i will never get it im not wasting my money

  11. Meg says:

    Looks like something I was served in elementary school.

    (And that’s not a good thing.)

  12. Matt says:

    I tried this tonight and I actually quite enjoyed it. I followed the recommendation from a previous review to only go for a 6-inch as it was very filling and did not need the footlong.

    The Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich has become my go-to at Subway, and I much preferred this sandwich. I actually felt like I was eating a chicken breast and not a formed chicken patty with grill marks painted on. The chicken was crispy (they cooked it via 2 cycles in the toaster oven) but not as crispy as I was expecting.

    The only problem was the shape of the chicken fitting on the bread. There were too many beginning bites and ending bites without chicken, just with toppings. Also, someone in the other room asked what I was eating because “it did not smell good”.

    Overall though, I was satisfied with the sandwich. It was very filling and a good value, this was a good portion of chicken. I got it with the avocado on it and it was especially tasty. I will try it again before the LOT is over.

    • Mikey says:

      Thank you Matt for an honest review instead of others that just use this as a Subway bashing forum. It gets tiring everytime to look at the comments on a Subway post and see the same bashing over and over.

      • SPM says:

        Mikey, which Subway do you work at/own?

        • J.B. says:

          Thank you.
          I said on the last post this guy either works for Subway corporate or owns one. Glad to see I am not the only one that thinks so.

          • Mikey says:

            Never worked at any restaurant, never owned a restaurant. Never had any affiliation with any restaurant. Just get tired of all the bashing here, if you don’t like a particular place, that’s fine, but you don’t have to comment that a particular menu item looks like crap. That’s fine, I just appreciate reading actual reviews.

  13. Thomas says:

    When I saw the commercial for this (the last 5 seconds maybe), I thought they introduced a Fish sandwich. I’m glad it isn’t fish, but after this review it doesn’t seem any better.

    I guess I can understand them offering foods to try to quell cravings with a healthier choice. But it just an odd offering.

  14. Steven says:

    The worst part of it is that a single footlong has 1880 mg of sodium. Ouch.

  15. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    So people should only offer praise? Some people don’t like subway, bfd… Ryan, who is super fair, reccomended an apple over this sub(which made me lol btw). This is a review site where the masses are encouraged to voice their opinions. This isn’t a subway fanboy forum. Smart companies look at these comments to collect data and better their business. No one here plays favorites, that goes for the comunity as well. Ryan gave this a 5. Seems like the comments back that up. If someone digs this sub, good for them. If all “opinions” were the same the word would have no meaning.

    Personally, my opinion of subway is take it or leave it. Some stuff is delicious but the majority is crap. They treat their franchisee’s like garbage and some stores have serious hygene issues. They are better than quiznos though.

    • Chefprotoss or dan says:

      This comment was @ mikey

    • Mikey says:

      Reviews don’t have to offer praise, I’m all for reading negative reviews. But the posts that just say Subway sucks, this sandwich is crap without ever trying it are completely pointless.

      Just looking for opinions from people that have actually eaten the sandwich, good or bad.

      I should have clarified my original post better.

      • Chefprotoss or dan says:

        There is a lot of bashing here. Especially at bk, quiznos and taco bell. There is also a lot of praise as well. Five guys, popeyes and CFA are great examples if that. When people love a restaurant they leave comments saying “can’t wait to try it”, when peoples tastebuds are continuosly assaulted by a restaurant they say the opposite. The only way I would have tried this is if ryan asked me to review it. In my opinion it looks and sounds awful and comes from a company I’m not a fan of. Thankfully he took one for the team and reviewed it himself. Should I keep that opinion to myself?

        Bk’s produce is terrible. If that alone keeps someone from trying something new, I want to hear about it. Bk should too.

  16. The Papa says:

    I tried this last night. Blechhh.

  17. J.B. says:

    It looked terrible in the dressed up ad, it looks downright disgusting here in real life photos.
    I would not eat this for free.
    I still contend that Subway as a company is going to go down.

    I will get to try Pret a Manger this weekend for the first time, so I will get a better idea of just how bad things are going to get for Subway down the road.

  18. Courtney says:

    To bad I was actually looking forward to trying this. Oh well, my heart belongs to Chick-fil-A anyway.

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  20. MikeB says:

    Subway is awful . . .enough said

  21. Orlando says:

    Fair warning: this will quickly devolve into a review of Subway items not related to the oven crisp chicken. Par for the course, looking at many of these reviews!

    Somebody on here said that Subway is better than Quizno’s. Really?? I guess that depends on your definition of “better”. Healthier? Definitely. Tastier? No, although I would submit that you can really make yourself a pretty good tasting Subway sub with the right combo of toppings, sauce and seasoning.

    Based on reviews here and elsewhere, I am not inclined to try the oven crisp chicken sub.

    BTW, I REALLY miss the garlic sauce that they used to have at Subway!

    So I believe Subway has salt+pepper and oregano as the available seasonings. I really think they should team up with one of the low-sodium seasoning makers and provide more options here. That would go a long way in making the oven roasted chicken breast more palatable. Also, their roast beef kind of sucks compared to Cousins and many other well known sub shops.

    The Southwest sauce is wicked good. A little kick, a lot of flavor. Not the healthiest option, but they had better keep it on the menu! Sweet onion sauce is too sweet and not enough onion flavor, it tastes like lite corn syrup with onion seeds. The bbq sauce is pretty good, I kind of hope they keep it permanently. Everything else is pretty standard. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GARLIC SAUCE!

    Subway’s bread is somewhat un-breadlike as compared to their competitors. I don’t know if this is where they save on cost or what, but it’s not worth it even if that is the case. I enjoy a hearty, flavorful sub roll..soft ones are fine to, if still substantial enough…but Subway’s “bread” seems to be more air and less real satisfying bread flavor and texture. I’m just talking about plain types, like italian or regular wheat, because the cheese-laden breads are, to me, just ridiculous. Their flatbread is pretty nice…tasty, pillowy soft, a little too brittle for my liking, and I’m slightly annoyed that it doesn’t seem to be a healthier option. Originally, I thought it would be more pita-like. Anyway, I still like it.

    I’m sure the experts know better, but in my plebian opinion, Subway should up the ante overall on their quality and flavor of basic items, supplement existing seasoning options, and keep the customizable fresh sub model. Maybe add deli style sandwiches on sliced bread (Jimmy John’s does that well for a chain). I’m sure this would raise their prices, but if they can afford to keep the rolling $5 monthly special, that would probably help to keep many current customers happy, while attracting new business with everything else. I like the idea of what Subway has going, but I just want them to take a bit more pride in actually making cravable – but still mostly healthy – sandwiches.

    Last point – I think they need to either do away with their salads or make them totally awesome. Right now they S-U-C-K. They’re an afterthought. If they’re not good enough to be features, then they’re not good enough. They should take that approach with every single item they offer.

    • Orlando says:

      Type…s/b “featured”, not “features”. Sorry. That one was bothering me.

    • Manavee says:

      I agree with you that the Southwest sauce at Subway is real good. In fact, I try to drench my sandwiches in it to drown out the taste of the other crap!

      • Mikey says:

        Curious what the “other crap” is and why you even bother getting it. I just wouldn’t order something if it tasted like crap but that’s me.

        • Manavee says:


          Here’s a challenge for you. The next time a Burger King product gets brought up on this site and ripped to shreds, I want you to come back and defend Burger King/that product as vigorously as you are defending Subway. This will go a long way in convincing me that you are not a plant/shill for Subway.

          And to answer your questions:

          1. The low quality bread, low quality cheese, and low quality meat.
          2. I really don’t go to Subway that often. But when they offer something new, I do like to try to give them a chance to see if they’ve turned over a new leaf. For example, when they started their breakfast push, I tried the breakfast sandwiches and didn’t think they were too bad.

          • SPM says:

            Thank you. The guy is adamantly challening everyone who dares speak ill about Subway tooth & nail then has the audacity to say he has no stake in the restaurant itself.

          • Mikey says:

            Thanks for the response, I’m not even defending them with my posts. I was just curious why you would go somewhere and order something and then call it all crap. Just wanted a clarification.

            I go to Subway maybe once every other week due to convenience from my work. Its ok, not the greatest, but for $5 or so it gets the job done. I don’t have any affiliation with the place. I just was looking for honest reviews from people instead of people just leaving a comment that Subway is crap. That’s fine if you think that, but tell us more.

            I haven’t been to BK in at least 5 years so it will be hard to defend them.

  22. Gska says:

    It really isn’t bad. I like it. It’s very “Subway” and is a nice change from my usual.

  23. EDGAR says:

    I must say that you can’t make a good sandwich with crap bread. I have worked for subway before, and I do believe they have a respectable fast foot business with healthier options than most fast food. The bread has always sucked. The many permutations of the white or wheat loaf all suck, and in my opinion smell kind of like vomit, which isn’t good for the appetite. The flatbread is the only exception, and I think it is acceptable.

    In my opinion, the quality of their “hot meats” has always been poor, including mystery processed chicken. quality meat would require a new price range, unfortunately

  24. Cookiekaikai says:

    Thanks for the review. I was going to try it but this review changed my mind. I can’t believe subway has the audacity to call this “crispy” chicken if it isn’t even close.

  25. MillerGirl says:

    I just got done eating the new sandwich and I started to look online to see what others were thinking because honestly I was very disappointed. That’s when I found this site. I will not be trying that sandwich again. I did try the breakfast once and it was very good. I guess there is no way to make breaded chicken healthy without it losing any and all flavor…sorry just my opinion.

  26. Pam says:

    Just got the crispy chicken sandwich tonight, and I will never get it again…very disappointed! there is NO WAY this is real chicken…it’s “rubbery”…very gross!

  27. Sam says:

    Tried it anyway. Shouldn’t have.

  28. Hotdogsally says:

    Uck. Awful. Rubber chicken. There was so much sauce on the bread, it became soggy….wet.

  29. SarahJoe says:

    I can’t remember the last time I had Subway–just not my thing–but the oven crisp sandwich drew me in… MISTAKE! I can handle the lack of flavor and maybe the lack of crisp, but that chicken did not seem like real chicken. It was definitely not chicken breast (not that they claimed it was). I can just picture the entire chicken–organs, bones and all–being thrown in a processor to make this patty of particles. Gross!

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  31. CLINT says:


    • patty says:

      dude your really cool and smart like a doctor or something. maybe you and i are best friends some day? i have a cofee maker and everything, although i dont drink cofee!!!!!!!but i have one anyways. sometimes i just wanna stay home with a good book.

  32. HolyFruits says:

    Words cannot describe how MSM that chicken looks.
    This eerily reminds me of the Chicken patties they served in my school cafeteria: Baked, MSM, and no flavor.