Review: Original Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut introduced their new and improved Original Pan Pizza a couple of weeks ago.   Their previous version was never too popular with me so as always, take my subjective opinion and then supply your own in the comments.   Pizza Hut New Original Pan PizzaPizza Hut says their updated Original Pan Pizza has an “even crispier golden-brown crust and more flavorful blend of cheese and sauce, offered at an unbeatable price.”  Let’s review:

Pizza Hut New Original Pan PizzaI had the original, Original Pan Pizza within the last year so I’ll try to compare the new against the old (although the Hand-Tossed is my go-to).  For toppings, I went with pepperoni and sausage.  The new crust is softer and lighter than the previous version.  Pizza Hut says their new recipe has a crispier crust, but I disagree.  It’s less dense and has an extra airiness to it.  Imagine a soft sponge infused with oily meat drippings and that’s the new Original Pan Pizza crust to me.  The crust seems like it would make a better breadstick than a pizza crust.Pizza Hut New Original Pan PizzaI’d be lying if I said the more flavorful blend of cheese and sauce that Pizza Hut claims was true.  I’d also be lying if I said it wasn’t true.  It’s just really hard to tell.  There is a lot of flavor to the pizza and maybe it’s too much.  Yeah I picked two salty meats as toppings so I didn’t do myself any favors with making it easier to identify the other flavors.  The pizza did seem cheesier because I noticed a stretch of it separating multiple slices.  That stood out as different than before.  As for sauce, it was more robust than I remembered and maybe even lost a bit of sweetness.Pizza Hut New Original Pan PizzaI took advantage of Pizza Hut’s large 2-topping online-ordered carryout deal for $7.99.  Even though I wasn’t too impressed with the updated Original Pan Pizza, a large 2-topping pizza at less than 10 bucks is a good value.Pizza Hut New Original Pan PizzaI’m not against the pan pizza style overall, but I think I know what would make a more enjoyable crust.  I think Pizza Hut took a step back instead of forward with their new recipe. I’d much rather prefer some chewy crunch to the crust.  The light, airy crust of the new Original Pan Pizza makes it a limp mess of an already greasy pizza.

Pros: Good promo price. Cheesy. Solid toppings.

Cons: New crust is limp and light... too much like a deep-fried sponge. Oily salt bomb.

Taste: 4.00/10
Value: 7.50/10
Price: $7.99 large 2-topping carryout deal

Overall GrubGrade: 5.25/10

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8 comments on “Review: Original Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. Layla says:

    As someone who’s worked at pizza hut that is old crust. That random whiteness around the crust means the dough is old. Not expired, just not freshly made. It definitely makes a different on the quality.

  2. Chuckito says:

    Definitely a step backward. Will not order again. Sauce was too definitely too robust. Sometimes I wonder if they even test their products before releasing them, cause I don’t see the many folks agreeing with Pizza Huts claims on this one.

  3. Roscoe says:

    New and improved… original?

    • Ryan says:

      Hehe.. yeah they still label it as “Original Pan”… maybe the actual pan is unchanged?

    • Joel Osborn says:

      The original is the original. It’s not great but it has a nostalgia factor that makes me crave it once or twice a year. I tried the new one and it’s different and not better, but not horrible. It’s the same Pizza Hut flavor but worse

  4. Jesse says:

    Seems like they found a way to reduce the amount of flour used for the dough by making it fluffier/airier.

  5. MW says:

    My wife and I didn’t like it. We enjoyed the pan pizza crust they had prior to this one. This new one just didn’t have a good taste/texture profile. I will state that we ordered from the Pizza Hut near us that doesn’t always try their best, so we intend to try one from the other location.

    I also did not enjoy the new sauce, although we usually opt for a different sauce anyway.

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