Review: New! Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Touch of Honey

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Touch of Honey is what I like to call a “training wheels” cereal. That is to say it’s the kind of cereal that the fat cats running the cereal factories dream up to get us sugarholic young adults transitioned away from Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes before we go totally cold turkey with the good stuff and instead head for a life of bran twigs and plain oatmeal. In other words it’s your typical “healthy” adult cereal kicked up with a little sugar and a totally kid friendly mascot. Those sly, sly, marketing people I tell ya…

Four years of high school spanish and two years of college spanish and it took a damn cereal box to teach me the word "honey"? Sad...

Four years of high school spanish and two years of college spanish and it took a damn cereal box to teach me the word "honey"? Sad...

Anyways, I should preface this by saying that I could never handle the original cornflakes.  I think they may be my most despised cereal nemesis ever, which is saying a lot considering I’ve even survived an encounter with plain Shredded Wheat a time or two.  Thing is, I can handle a bowl of plain ‘ol cheerios, provided it come mixed up with some yogurt or a few slices of banana.  Not the case with regular old cornflakes, which if you asked me are better for making oven “fried” chicken than actually eating for breakfast.  With that being said, I figured that an attempt to “sweeten the deal” couldn’t hurt, and considering these were on sale for $2.00 a box at Weis I decided to give them the old college try.

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Yes. I do in fact have a "thing" against milk. Hence the NEED for Azucar!

For starters, I can say with legitimate cereal eating authority that these are MUCH better than regular old Corn Flakes. I really liked the sweetness of Corn Flakes Touch of Honey, and dug the fact that they nevertheless remained “corny,” if that indeed makes any sense at all. This former point probably has something to do with the fact that four of the first seven ingredients listed are sweeteners (Sugar, Honey, HFCS, Molasses) but whatever, the more the merrier. Thing is, I like a certain depth of sweetness in my cereal, and I definitely got that from these. It’s almost like a somewhat “airier” version of Frosted Flakes Gold, except not with the ridiculously overbearing honey taste.  At 120 calories and 6 grams of sugar this is definitely a cereal even “healthy” cereal eaters can enjoy, but at the same time it does well to not taste like crap. Along with Honey Kix and Frosted Mini-Wheats Little Bites, I actually rank this among my top newcomers in the cereal market for this year, and a definite “must buy” for those of us who want to try to eat a little healthier without having to go the sugarless route in our morning cereal box.

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Giving new meaning to the idea of "educational" info on the back of cereal boxes

Pros: Depth of sweetness is not overbearing nor underwhelming, and has a complexity which ends with the aptly titled “touch” of honey. Only 120 calories and 6 grams of sugar per cup. No fat. Cheap.

Cons: Doesn’t have a ton of vitamins or minerals. Half the box is written in Spanish. Only 120 calories and 6 grams of sugar a serving means I am much more enticed to just eat the whole dang box.

Price: $2.00 (On sale at Weis)

Overall GrubGrade: 8.50/10

More Info: | The Impulsive Buy's First Thoughts...
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Cup
Calories: 120
Total Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 220mg
Potassium: 50mg
Total Carbohydrates: 27g
Fiber: Less than 1 g
Sugars: 6g
Other Carbohydrates: 20g
Protein: 2g

15 comments on “Review: New! Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Touch of Honey

  1. Bear Silber says:

    That’s funny, where’d you get it? I know you said Weis…but why the Spanish on the box? I’m not familiar with your “neck of the woods”.

    That’s funny on the sugars, I was just looking at this:

    I think “training wheel” cereal would be backwards….it’s more of a “Depends” cereal (

    So you said one of your top additions to the market this year…what ARE your tops then?

  2. “Training wheel” cereal, that’s really funny! At least you found a way to like cornflakes now! If I was stuck with a cereal that had no sugar in it I’d just add a bunch of sweetener or sugar to it. Of course there are those like my hubby who add extra sugar to even the sweetest cereal lol.
    Why is half the box in Spanish? Never seen that before.
    Anyway enjoy your cereal!

  3. Ryan says:

    Yeah half the box is written in Spanish and the other half in English…That’s actually an interesting way to get a foreign language lesson in the morning. How many of you read the box while eating a bowl of cereal? I barely sit down long enough to do it anymore. Pretty cool though….although Spanish isn’t really a foreign language to me since growing up in a bilingual home. I request an Italian/English cereal box.

  4. rob says:

    They can try all they want, I still won’t eat those for love or money.

    First problem: Corn. Second problem: HFCS.

    If you want to know why so many Americans are obese you need look no further.

  5. Adam says:

    Honey Kix and Forsted Mini Wheats Little Bites (OMG YES) are solid newcomers in my book, although there is a brand new Cookie Crisp I have been dying to check out.

    I don’t have a problem with HFCS in moderate amounts, and yes I totally agree with those commercials about “fine in moderation.” I just like to see it used in addition to other sweetners – which it is in this case. Makes stuff taste better if you ask me.

  6. Are those “Forsted Mini Wheats Little Bites” because they’ve got tons of grains (forest)? 😛

  7. Jon says:

    @rob I’d say overeating is why so many Americans are obese.

  8. Adam says:

    Dear Bear,

    Get a life 🙂

  9. Bear Silber says:

    @Adam – Ouch! That stung a little….must’ve been some bees around from that “touch of honey.”

  10. J. says:

    first person to explain to me why the box having bilingual labelling, which is actually quite common, wins a prize.

  11. Bear Silber says:

    @J – Well that’s easy in Oh Canada it’s a legal requirement to have the French as well and it has to be more prominent than the English.

  12. Ohhh this was one of my favorites growing up! I’m glad they brought it back.

    Love, Gimmeyummy

  13. 101 says:

    i love them they are great

    yumm yummmmmmmmmmm

  14. Chuck says:

    Just tried them and they’re pretty good. I’ve been eating regular Kellogg’s Corn Flakes for years, I add half a can of fruit cocktail (including some of the syrup), then pour on the milk, and I usually end up eating three servings of corn flakes at a time. And I’m not overweight, either! Yeah, I know it sounds gross, but it’s good. But maybe now I can eliminate the fruit cocktail because the honey in this new version does add a nice extra shot of sweetness.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Don’t feel bad about not knowing that “miel” is “honey” in espanol. I studied Spanish for ten years – four in high school, four in college, and two and a half years in grad school – and one of the most educational experiences I had during that time was a visit to a supermarket in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Seeing bilingual everday products and packages is a great way to learn. I still remember that vegetable soup is “sopa Julieta.” I also visited Kenora, Ontario, Canada and had the same experience with French in the stores there.