Review: New Artisan Pizzas from Domino’s

I’ve always held Domino’s at the #2 position when it comes to the Big 3 pizza chains.  Papa Johns 1st, Domino’s 2nd, Pizza Hut a distant 3rd.  When Domino’s had a pizza makeover and introduced garlic soaked crust, an altered blend of cheese and a new recipe sauce, I felt there was still work to be done.  I wasn’t a big fan of the new Domino’s pizza and they remained in that #2 spot for me.  While not a drastic change, the new Artisan Pizzas has given me a new reason to choose Domino’s again.

$7.99 will get you an Artisan Pizza.  They are rectangular (13″ x 9″) and there is more emphasis on cheese flavors and toppings rather than sauces and crust.  That said, I really loved the thinner crust.  Nice chew, not at all cracker-like, and holds the toppings together well.  All three of my pizzas were well constructed.  Thanks Carlos!  Your $7.99 Artisan Pizza is priced just about right and is meant to serve two (6 slices per pizza).

Your choices of Artisan Pizza are Spinach & Feta, Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio and Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie.

Spinach & Feta

Spinach & Feta: Alfredo sauce, feta and parmesan-asiago cheeses, fresh baby spinach and onion toppings.  All balanced and baked to perfection on an artisan-style crust.

My favorite of the three choices.  Nice balance of subtle and strong cheesy flavors and the baby spinach made me think of a Greek spinach pie in pizza form.  Not too much impact on the onions.  There may have been a tad too much crust, but it’s a minor gripe.  I liked the Spinach & Feta a lot and for a meatless pizza to impress me means a lot.

Spinach & Feta Artisan Pizza – GrubGrade: 8.25/10 (Very Good)

Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio

Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio: Parmesan-asiago cheese and sliced Italian sausage complemented by a trio of roasted red, green and banana peppers, on an artisan-style crust topped with a dash of oregano.

My second favorite of the three.  Thick chunks of sweet Italian sausage in almost every bite was nice.  I love roasted red peppers on my pizza so I’m a bit biased here.  The banana peppers were a little off-putting.  I would have like to have this pizza without the banana peppers and possibly a robust and spicy coating of pizza sauce.

Italian Sausage & Pepper Trio – GrubGrade: 7.50/10 (Good)

Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie

Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie: Ideal proportions of salami, spinach and onions, roasted red and banana peppers, and a dash of oregano, all over a garlic parmesan sauce on an artisan-style crust.

My least favorite of the three choices.  Each of the six slices of the pizza have one big piece of salami.  Salami would’ve worked better in pieces.  It’s on the chewy side so you get that unfortunate situation where one bite takes off all the toppings if you’re not careful.  Lots of banana pepper flavor and the spinach, onions, and roasted red peppers get lost.  I liked the garlic parmesan sauce, but overall, the Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie had too much going on.

Tuscan Salami & Roasted Veggie – GrubGrade: 6.25/10 (Average)

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  1. Adam says:

    Nice review man! Way to be on the spot. These look good, and knowing Domino’s, I have to wonder if they’ll be adding more flavors based on initial impressions. I think it would be awsome if they experimented with some non-traditional flavors. Maybe like figs and goat cheese. Mmmm, goat cheese

  2. ooooh interesting…. the sausage and pepper sounds excellent to me. i love banana peppers on a pizza.

  3. larry says:

    Glad to see these out and great review Ryan.

    While I like banana peppers, I’m generally not a fan of them on pizzas. The vinegar tang just doesn’t usually work for me. That said, we certainly will give all 3 of those a shot and it’s good to see a chain reaching out a bit to rework their menu like that.

    We make pizza at home at least 2-3 times on an average month (home made sauce, fresh ingredients, fresh dough, etc) so we do like our pizza around here!

  4. Raiders757 says:

    I love banana peppers, but I can fully understand them being “off-putting” here(Sausage & Pepper Trio). Banana peppers on pizza can be a great addition, but in this setting, it seems wrong. I love them on my subs, and it’s hard to imagine them not being great with most anything. That said, they can steal the spotlight when added to pizza, so it’s best to leave them off unless it’s a centerpiece. Thanks for the review, and I’ll make sure to ask for no banana peppers and extra sauce, if they’ll allow it.

  5. kikurage says:

    Good reviews. Thanks.

  6. Nick says:

    I love how the nutritional info for these on their site says it’s based on 8 slices but it was only cut into 6 and it doesn’t even look like 8 would be possible

  7. Mike N says:

    So no tomato sauce on any of the new pies? There are some who argue (myself included) that that makes these topped flatbreads, not pizza!

  8. SPM says:

    Not a fan of the price but they do look good.

  9. Ross says:

    I’ll be trying that feta & spinach soon. I think the price is reasonable.

  10. larry says:

    Grabbed one of the Salami models today. Ordered no banana peppers, extra salami, extra onions.

    Pretty good and just about the right size for a dinner and a few beverages.

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  12. Carl says:

    The feta looks burnt. You should request them to crumble it on after they bake the pizza. It’s a waste of feta to burn it. You lose flavors. But seeing that this is Dominos, it probably doesn’t matter because they likely use low-quality feta.

  13. somesteve says:

    I wanna see them do a pepperoni version of this.

  14. rodney1111 says:

    i’m worried that these pizzas will be sorta small and not filling.
    on top of that, i think 7.99 is a bit much for a small pizza.
    I think they look small on these pics u included.
    i do like the direction with these new pizzas, maybe they can keep this up and bring in new flavors while increasing the sizes.

  15. Teri Brown says:

    I was very disappointed to find out that Domino’s has made a corporate policy to not let you add toppings to their nrw artisan pizzas. I tried to order the sausage and peppers and wanted to add mushrooms. I was astounded to hear the manager teii me they are not allowed to add toppings to this new pizza. Hey wake up Domino’s….do you know how much business you are losing with this stupid policy? Don’t you realize the public thst pays for your pizza’s are used to adding toppingd to your pizzas? I for one will be switching my business to a local pizza restaurant who offers artisan type crudts!!

  16. Damon says:

    Thanks for the great review! You’re awesome and now I know what i’m having for lunch!

  17. Marty says:

    As a pizza snob and reviewer (see my reviews at Pizza Quixote), I am by nature skeptical of anything good from the big chains. Generally, frozen pie is better than chain pie (and frankly, better than 90% of the mom-n-pop joints using the same Sysco ingredients). But this looks really worthy! I gotta say, I am going to try it. Thanks for a superb review with such helpful pics.

  18. Casey says:

    When I took a bite of the feta, spinach and parmesan-asiago cheese pizza from Domino’s, I said OMG. And the OMG wasn’t because it was good, the parmesan-asiago cheese was SO overwhelming that it made the pizza taste terrible. I won’t order the feta and spinach ever again, unless I ask them to please hold the parmesan-asiago cheese. It absolutely ruined the pizza. And I received this pizza free.

    I’ve tried two different pizza’s so far. I did like the salami and banana pepper one, but…

    Overall, these pizzas are small. I really think they’re suitable for one person. There is no way my husband and I would be satisfied after sharing one of these.

  19. Lori says:

    I want to let you all know that the West Warwick, RI Dominos new artisan pizza spinach and feta was excellent. The pizza had just the right amount of spinach and the feta was perfect, not too overwhelming. I enjoyed it so much!!! Fantastic ***** 5 stars.

    My boyfriend ordered the Italian sausage which was hot not sweet kind and was cut perfectly in good size slices and it had just the right taste with vegetables and cheese. He said, “it was delicious”. ***** 5 stars.
    Delivery was great with the tracking system it’s so accurate and these workers are great!!!

  20. Judy says:

    Thought we would try the Spinach and Feta Artisan Pizza tonight. Much to our surprise, it was very tasty, and surprisingly filling. Though I see previous reviews mentioning that the pizza was cut into 6 pieces, ours was cut into 8, and worked out just fine. Keep in mind, though, that these pizzas are small; however; they pack A LOT of taste and flavor. Good job, Domino’s!!!

  21. Jacob says:

    Please lol. You ever sat in and watched all three make a pizza? Papa johns by far from what I’ve noticed, is the worst of the three for fabrication, Dominos around my house has an average delivery time under 22 minutes and only(literally) take 10 minutes or less if u walk in. They just have the process down pat, well papa johns can’t even have a pizza made in Dominos delivered pizza time. I do agree though their za’s good but in my opinion, no where near Dominos and NO one touched Dominos thin crust(very thin and crispy hmmmm not filling though so get 2). This is just my opinion, i’m a super health nut eatin 75% raw fruits/veg, but my ONLY addiction is Dominos. I’m a pizza junky, sometimes eating s pizza a large pizza a day(I’m 6’6″ 240), they send me holiday cards and only have to say calling for ur regular when they hear my voice haha

  22. Adam says:

    I have tried Dominos many times over the past 12 years and have always hated it. The pizza tastes horrible and I could never understand how they stay in business. I’ve had pizza from 100+ pizza places.

  23. JackBond says:

    Um, Papa Johns falls way short of quality pizza. Sure it’s good, but taste-wise it comes nowhere near the other two. Pizza-Hut is the gourmet BurgerKing-Pepsi-Quiznos-PS3 of the bunch. Dominos is the cheap McDonalds-Coke-Subway-Wii. Papa Johns is the weird Xbox third wheel.

    As far as these artisan pizzas go, I worked at Dominos for 2 years. They’re just another reboot of the same topping sets. It’s really nothing Dominos hasn’t done before. Additionally, anyone who likes a thin crust is getting duped because Dominos makes their money by giving flimsy crusts and charging full price. Furthermore, these extravagant pizzas are no better than any standard topped pizzas. 8 bucks for a small square pizza is a waste compared to two 2-topping medium pizzas for just 4 dollars more. I think I’ll stick with the tasty cheaper alternative.

  24. Mark Graban says:

    Someone needs to tell Dominos that the famous Pizzeria Bianco (a true artisan) let’s customers customize the pizza by adding toppings. Get a clue, Dominos.

  25. greg says:

    quit whining you chumps

  26. Scott says:

    Pizza Hut ranks third on your list? I’ve tried lots of pizza joints, trying to look for a perfect pizza, but, not that they’re perfect, Pizza Hut keeps delivering value, complexity, and taste consistently. Domino’s has always been my last choice, and Papa Johns isn’t much better, IMHO.

    My favorite pizza of all time was a hole in the wall joint when I was young (Captain’s Pizza?) — a simple pepperoni pizza. The cheese was awesome and guey(sp?), the pepperoni was spicy and delicious, the sauce flavorful and not tinny, and the crust complimented the rest of the work of art, without gobs of grease pooling in the middle of the pie. I have not found such a restaurant in my adult life, but Pizza Hut’s Pan Pizzas (Meat Lover’s and Super Supreme) have always been there for me.

    • Bob says:

      Of the 3 (pizza hut, dominos, and papa johns) pizza hut is the ONLY one I can order without cringing. I’m a NYC resident, and while I actually dislike half the mom and pop shops here, they are still MILES away from these 3 chains.

      With that said, when you get Pizza Hut, you can’t be thinking “NYC style pizza”… but when holding it to a different standard, its been damn good for the last 20 years.

      Dominos, no matter what they try, they are the same cardboard, and the only reason to order from them is when every person you are with is too drunk to drive, and every other delivery is closed. That is the ONLY time, and drunk.. it could be worse, the cardboard soaks up some of the alcohol.

      As for Papa Johns, if dominos is a 1/10, than papa johns is a 1.25/10.. if that. Not even worth mentioning separate from.

  27. Cody says:

    Papa Johns is by far the best pizza, Dominos is ok i do order from them sometimes. What i don’t like about Dominos pizza is there sauce, it don’t taste very good and it don’t smell very good.

    The pizzas in the pictures lets me know i will not order them, they don’t look very appetising, well 2 of them looks ok but, the one with the sliced Italian sausage looks like dog food.

  28. cave says:

    no sauce.. no cheese.. tons of sausage.. skip the artisian pizza. get the buffalo wings..

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  31. Darlene says:

    Loved the Tuscan salami and roast vegetables! Crust just right, not too thick or too thin-crispy; nice change in cheese with the parmesan v. mozzarella for variety; the roasted veggies delicious; liked that it wasn’t overpoweringly meaty; and liked the tang of the banana peppers, happy with the size of the pizza/price…. Buon appetito!

  32. Adrian says:

    Very disappointed. Waste the money and time! It tastes like thick oily piece a bread!

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  34. Jim says:

    Open your eyes! The commercial where they say they can’t change the toppings because it’s so perfectly put together is bull. They can’t change the toppings because the pizzas are pre-made and frozen. Dominoes doesn’t hand stretch each pizza at their location, you have to be an idiot to think they do.

    Besides pizza chains are garbage. Find a good local place and patronize them, not the big chains.

    However, as far as chains go, Donatos blows Papa john’s, pizza hut, and dominoes out of the water.

  35. handiman says:

    I agree 120% with your comment. Dominos pizza is frozen crap. Besides, if someone wanted to change or add somthing to this pizza, then it can’t be perfect. ( ain’t anywhere near good let alone perfect ) Poor slobs that eat this stuff, got to be drunk or just have not had good homemade pizza.

  36. handiman says:

    Pretty sure the ingrediants of Dominos pizza come from China.

  37. Drew says:

    Has nothing to do with food review. They changed my credit card amount. Caught it when the bill came in. They dismissed me when I called the store. Credit Card company fixed the problem. Don’t use a credit card. If you do check the bill when it comes in.

  38. keh says:

    The Artisan Pizza looks good in the pictures; not so at my local dominos in Freeport N.Y.; the pizza with the toppings is always thinner than the box it comes in; so I don’t order it anymore. The sandwich meal combo “another ripoff”, should be renamed the kids meal. Makes wonder if dominos as a company really care about the quality of the food their franchises are serving the public.

  39. keh says:

    The Artisan Pizza looks good in the pictures; not so at my local dominos in Freeport N.Y.; the pizza with the toppings is always thinner than the box it comes in; so I don’t order it anymore. The sandwich meal combo “another ripoff”, should be renamed the kids meal. Makes wonder if dominos as a company really care about the quality of the food their franchises are serving to the public.

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