Review: Nacho Fries from Taco Bell

Mexican fast food can be pretty much anything these days.  Sprinkle a little Mexican seasoning on any fast food item from a burger chain and Taco Bell likely has it on their list of future creations.  Starting simple and effective, Taco Bell has introduced new Nacho Fries.Nacho Fries are your standard fast food style of French fries flavored with Mexican seasoning and served with a side of warm nacho cheese.  They are priced starting at the pictured $1.00 a la carte option for a limited time only.  The $1 portion is about the amount of fries you’d get in a typical small fry order so the price is just right…. plus you get the bonus of nacho cheese as a dipper instead of ketchup packets. My Nacho Fries were very reminiscent to the size, shape and weight of Burger King fries.  There’s far less potato-y flavor than BK so maybe the oil is a little different and the Mexican seasonings distract the tastebuds just enough.  About half of my order had very limp fries and that was disappointing.  There should be a fry seperator machine to weed out limp fries somehow… is that a thing?

The application of Mexican seasoning was hit and miss on my order.  I found a few rusty orange colored sides to some fries and pale yellow bare sides to most everything else. The experience for me wasn’t impacted too much, but for those looking for a lot of mildly zesty Mexican flavoring in every bite, results will likely vary.  Warm nacho cheese as a dipper was a very nice addition and there’s plenty of it.

You can’t go wrong with fast food fries and a cheap price.  Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries have a lot of potential.  The potential will be met by Nacho Fries becoming a menu staple and not just an LTO.   Del Taco has fries, so why not Taco Bell?  Just a guess, but I’d imagine Nacho Fries would easily outsell the standard chips and cheese option.  These are worth a buy.

Pros: Mexican-seasoned fries on a Taco Bell menu makes sense. Nacho cheese dipper. Just a buck. Plenty of room for customized creations.

Cons: Spotty seasoning application. A bit too many limp fries in my small batch.

Taste: 8.25/10
Value: 8.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.00/10
Price: $1.00

Overall GrubGrade: 8.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 320
Total Fat - 18 grams
Saturated Fat - 2 grams
Sodium - 620 milligrams
Carbs - 35 grams
Fiber - 4 grams
Sugar. - 2 grams
Protein - 4 grams

29 comments on “Review: Nacho Fries from Taco Bell

  1. I’ll just paste this over from the preview since it’s more relevant here.

    I bit the bullet. Taco Bell Fries are… Seasoned Fries. You can buy a big bag of them at walmart for about $2. Little bit stronger curly fry taste. Don’t be deceived by ads, it’s about the size of mcdonalds small fries. The cheese dip is your generic 10 gallon can of nacho cheese, nothing too special about it. I’d say they are worth a try once, or if you *really* want fries with your taco bell. They’ve had better $1 specials by a mile though.

    Also, I don’t know if these have changed their kitchen procedure much, but the line was horrible. 3 vehicles in front of me, each 3-5 minutes, and even when it was only me at the window it took well over 5 minutes to get them in the $5 box I ordered (which was really 6 and a half, the money in that box being the gordita cruch)

  2. A says:

    I thought these were pretty amazing but I was lucky to get a good batch with lots of seasoning and crispy fries. It was really addictive, honestly. Such a good value.

  3. holly says:

    they should do nachos supreme with french fries in place of chips

  4. Sam says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention that they already have a potato option: the fiesta potatoes, which come with both cheese AND sour cream and are a similar $1-$1.25 price (depending on location). The fiesta potatoes are great, and I’m worried that they view the fries as a potential replacement. Why couldn’t their LTO just be a Fiesta Potatoes Bell Grande? You really wonder sometimes…

  5. Bob Smith says:

    Del Taco crinkle-cut fries are pretty good. They have decent burgers too. Unfortunately they’re basically a Western states operation, so no Del Taco near me.

  6. Jesse says:

    JMHO, Del Taco crinkle cut fries are horrible, so yes, you can go wrong with fast food fries. 😛

  7. Johnnyboy says:

    It was okay, didn’t really taste the seasoning. But the nacho cheese costs more than $1 at Chipotle…so with fries and sauce….this is a great deal!

  8. Lochlain says:

    I tried these and didn’t get they hype I’ve heard about them. They’re not very good without the addition of the nacho cheese. Still decent, and I’d order them again, but not every time I go.

    I still prefer Arbys and Checkers for seasoned fries.

  9. Pandora says:

    I can easily see Taco Bell’s chips and cheese being heartily replaced by the nacho fries. I was quite impressed with good they were, for my dinner last night.

    Definitely hope they stick around, or they keep these around. Much, MUCH better then the crinkly cut crap fries at Del Taco, where loading your fries there is necessary to actually eat their fries.

  10. Mark says:

    Tried them today, not bad, mine were very spotty with the seasoning. I actually thought the seasoning originally was going to be in the frying process. Would’ve been better imo.

  11. JohnnyBoy says:

    There’s nothing new about these, they’re just fried potatoes. You can get fried potatoes anywhere. And this is the same nacho cheese sauce they use on everything else. So Taco Bell has just given up on making any new authentic Mexican food?

  12. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Garbage product, a ripoff of Rally’s/Checker’s fries with a side of nacho cheese except they have no flavor and are less crispy than Rally’s fries, they need to just remove them and forget they ever decided to venture into the fries business.

  13. doctorx0079 says:

    I found the coating weirdly sweet for some reason, like it was full of sugar. Maybe I will try them again. Aside from that, eh, they’re basic French fries.

  14. Matt says:

    I was looking forward to these but after having them yesterday…..I really wasn’t impressed. I liked the idea of dipping them in the cheese sauce but after that they were just ‘meh’. I’d just assume get something else off the dollar menu there and pass on the fries. I will say though that the idea of having them put them in a different item for just $.49 sounds like a good play……..

  15. Shannon says:

    Are they spicy?

  16. CulinaryZerg says:

    How the heck did this end up with a taste value of 8.25/10? The review is basically: soggy limp fries, not potato-ey tasting, inconsistent seasoning. Seems like the worst fast food fry out there. I guess if you pair a bad product with cheap cheese sauce it gets +5 to the score? Nacho bread coming up…

  17. Quentin says:

    I had them today to see the hype. The only time I have eaten Taco Bell in the past was for their Happy Hour $1 slushes.
    I thought perhaps that Taco Bell was under the Yum Brand Umbrella, the fries would be similar to those of KFC minus the wedge part. I was wrong. The seasoning they put on, was a lot. Pretty messy. Cheese sauce was standard, typical. Compared to those of Checkers, I like the Checkers fries more.
    The only good thing, was the price. At $1, it was just right.

  18. Brent says:

    To the person who said that these taste like a $2 bag of Wal-Mart seasoned fries – that is not true. They taste nothing like any other seasoned fries I’ve ever had at home or at a fast food joint.

    I thought they were pretty darn good! I consider myself a lover of fries and have tried them from most every place available in the south – these stood out to me. I enjoyed the potato-y and the Mexican/nacho cheese seasoning they used on them was delicious. I’m trying to figure out where I can get some for home! I thought the size was just right for a dollar.

    I didn’t like the Nacho Cheese sauce tho – it does taste cheap to me and I’d honestly just prefer ketchup.

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