Review: Impossible Whopper from Burger King

BK’s business model has always confused me, yet here they are being the first major fast food chain to nationally launch a plant-based meat substitute burger from Impossible Foods.  Burger King is a chain where I look for wacky LTO’s like the Nightmare King or the Froot Loops Shake.   The Impossible Whopper is a fancy veggie burger that wants to trick you into thinking you’re eating real beef.  Impossible WhopperHere’s how Burger King describes their new Impossible Whopper:

Our Impossible™ WHOPPER® Sandwich features a savory flame-grilled patty made from plants topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun. 100% WHOPPER®, 0% Beef.

So yeah, it’s your classic Whopper components with a plant-based patty.  Let’s review:

Impossible WhopperFrom the Impossible Foods website it reads “Love meat? Eat meat. Impossible delivers all the flavor, aroma and beefiness of meat from cows. But here’s the kicker: It’s just plants doing the Impossible.”   When having both the real beef version and the Impossible Whopper side by side, it’s not difficult to pick out how each patty is different.  The Impossible Whopper is a fair meat-substitute, but doesn’t have the same chew and the moisture level is slightly lacking.  The beefy flavor didn’t hit the similar marks either and there’s a slight lack of smoke in the Impossible.

Impossible Whopper You’ve still got the same exact sesame seed bun, lackluster lettuce/tomato/pickles/onions… plus ketchup and mayo.  The weight of the sandwich is made up of mostly the same components and those components can’t be ignored.  Without the side by side comparison and awareness, the best compliment I can give the Impossible Whopper is that it likely wouldn’t be noticed if you were accidentally given the plant-based version instead of a real beef patty. The Impossible Whopper isn’t that far off from the experience of the classic Whopper sandwich.  Looks-wise, the Impossible patty is lighter and pale with grill marks and more dark char coloring along the outside.Impossible WhopperFrom August 8 to September 1, DoorDash and the BK App will be promoting the Impossible Taste Test where you get both the new Impossible Whopper and the original Whopper for $7…. also no delivery fee… use promo code IMPOSSIBLE.  It’s definitely worth doing the $7 taste test or else end up paying a suggested price of $5.59 for the Impossible Whopper alone.Impossible WhopperIt’s odd that Burger King is the first major fast food chain to launch the Impossible burger nationally.  It’s a decent patty surrounded by subpar components.  We’re still waiting for quality improvements in other areas like the produce.  Wake me up when BK launches lettuce and tomato that doesn’t look like it was pulled from the garbage… Impossible Lettuce and Tomato.

Pros: Without the side by side comparison and awareness I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't notice this wasn't real beef. $7 Taste Test promo.

Cons: The Impossible Whopper alongside a real beef Whopper will make the differences glow and real beef wins. BK lettuce and tomatoes.

Taste: 6.25/10
Value: 6.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.25/10
Price: $5.59 alone or $7 Impossible Whopper Taste Test

Overall GrubGrade: 6.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 630
Fat - 34 grams
Sodium - 1080 milligrams
Carbs - 58 grams
Fiber - 4 grams
Sugar - 12 grams
Protein - 25 grams

41 comments on “Review: Impossible Whopper from Burger King

  1. Mitchell clay says:

    One of the best reviews I’ve read in a long time. Good job Ryan

  2. Robert says:

    The best impossible burger I’ve had was still at a, like, “fancier” restaurant as they came up with a sauce that complimented the patty and 100% made it taste like a juicy beef burger. But I do love BK mayo (it’s about the only thing they do right) so I bet I’ll still like this.

    • Caterina says:

      Woah…that’s the calorie and fat content?!
      Why bother…it’s just as unhealthy as other menu items. May as well get the real thing!

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    I had this and it was pretty good, with the lettuce and condiments, you can see it tastes like a Whopper. When you eat the patty by itself, you know it is a veggie patty. This is better than other veggies patties because it is made from peas.

  4. Paul A Fus says:

    I have not had a good one because our burger King over cooks them…

  5. Jennifer says:

    I loved it!! The Impossible Burger is unbelievable.really tasty and good I don’t eat beef so I’m glad I can have a whopper, but plant base?! Way to go Burger King.

    • Christi says:

      Same!! I had one today and I absolutely LOVED it! I don’t eat beef either, but my hubby tried it and said it’s pretty good for being plant based. I’d definitely eat one again!!

  6. Mike Jarboe says:

    I did not care for the taste of the impossible burger. For one, mine was served w/o catsup. I tasted just the ‘meat’s. Tasted like card board. I ate it all except for the small piece of the burger that I gave to my dog. Of course she go bleed right down! I will not have another. It doesn’t deserve to be called a whopper!÷

  7. Dan says:

    I want real beef.doesnt any of you tree huggers feel bad about killing the poor vegans and vegetarians get a life eat healthy balanced meals your going to die of vitamin dificentcy.and this burger is a scam it tastes ok because it’s cooked in animal fat on the same grill or fryer as everything real meat eat balanced meals like God intended us to do.

    • Robert says:

      Wow, okay, I think I can translate this comment into English. Anyway, you realize that there is no possible way to farm enough meat for the 7 billion people on this planet, right? Meat is gonna get insanely expensive in the next 10-20 years.

      • brad says:

        Dan is a right wing nut, and Robert here is obviously a left wing nut.

        Most of the population increase is in third world countries who won’t be putting a great stress on demand for our meat. Over a billion alone are in India which has a huge vegetarian population.

    • Mr. Anderson says:

      Excellent post from Dan here. When you’ve just given up any chance at being a decent, respectable person and instead are loathed by everyone you come across, both in real life and on the internet, you are a Dan. Cheers, Dan!

    • Brad says:

      I would never eat this. But why does it bother you so much that other people do?

  8. Michael says:

    I will try the Impossible eventually, but I tried Carl Jr Beyond… and despite all the claims of ‘like meat’…. it isn’t even close, come on stop lying to yourselves.

    So, although I have to try this. I am glad this isn’t some gushing review saying it is better than beef! Most of what I seem to hear when you get down to it is…. it can taste like beef if you have a lot of condiments etc to cover the patty.

    • Robert says:

      You’re glad the review of a product you haven’t tried sounds like…what you wanted it to sound like? Good thing you’re not a scientist.

      • Michael says:

        Nah, I knew the comment wouldn’t come out well but there is nothing I can do about that after posting it. I tried the Beyond that was also praised and it wasn’t great. Other reviews of Impossible say it ‘tastes like beef’ but they add caveats like with the condiments on. It is cool if you want alternatives, I’m not against that on its own. But I don’t think we should praise it just because it isn’t …. beef.

        You have a bad idea of what scientists and researchers do though if you think they don’t have preconceived notions before going into research.

      • Jared fuge says:

        Robert is a climate scientist. Fortunately we set the bar ridiculously low for these so called “scientists.” At least he’s not an authoritarian that Goes around telling people what they can and cannot eat. Am I right? Those people are the worst!

    • Bob says:

      Wait.. the Impossible Whopper costs how much? $5.59? Thats more than the beef Whopper! Lol, no way.

  9. Chris says:

    Tried it today. It was good. Just as unhealthy as a regular Whopper tho so do not think you are wearing a health halo by eating this along with your fries and soda. I stopped eating meat, aside from fish/shrimp, four years ago and it tasted like a good ol whopper to me. Your patty looked a little undercooked because mine was definitely charred all around. Way better than Carl’s jrs beyond burger imo. I’m all about taste and could care less about texture, but the Carl’s Jr beyond burger always felt undercooked and mushy. ?

  10. Franky J says:

    Burger King is cooking a veggie Patty on the same grill as beef and chicken, not cool !!

  11. SHARON says:

    The impossible burger is so good I love it so much I will buy it again!!!!keep it forever I’m a big fan and I love Burger King

  12. Selina says:

    I enjoyed the Impossible Burger minus the Mayo and cheese. It was pretty good. You also have the option to have a cooked in a different area separate from the ‘real’ meat. Honestly, after something is cooked on a 500 degree grill or so that part doesn’t bother me. Not that serious. Overall, definitely worth a try.

  13. Mr Anderson says:

    >> Wake me up when BK launches lettuce and tomato that doesn’t look like it was pulled from the garbage… Impossible Lettuce and Tomato.

    Yeah, BK is dookie.

  14. Micheal says:

    OH! Im so sorry! You need a special broiler where they will cook four fake Whoppers a day!! Very cost effective! Are you willing to pay $10 to have your fake whopper cooked on a fake Whopper broiler? Maybe you need a vegan cook to make it for you also!

  15. Bk manager says:

    I am a manager at burger king and we burger king do not use a grill all fat droppings go through the flame. No grill people.

    • Michael says:

      ? not use a grill

      fat droppings go through flame?

      so there must be a rolling line or something that is used.

    • Mr. Anderson says:

      This explains why my BK orders are always such a mess. A “Bk manager” doesn’t know what a grill is. Sheesh.

  16. TJ Jacobs says:

    I’m a meat eater who “goes vegetarian” for several weeks in a row at least 6x/yr. I like BK’s regular Whopper and occasionally ate their old, cardboard like veggie burger, too. While the Impossible is MUCH better than their old veggie burger, it falls short (of course) of its beef counterpart, and it has the same calories and fat. The other veggie burger, while not as tasty, was far better for your health, with 390 calories and 17g of fat. I think this burger is doing what it was designed to do, get more people to eat plant based. This is a good substitute for the beef Whopper for those who value taste over all else. Real vegetarians will probably order it just so that options for more vegetarian options open up on more fast food menus, which is a good thing!

    Also, like any other vegetarian burger, if it’s overcooked, it’s nasty. Too bad some meat eaters don’t know that you don’t have to cook your vegetables for into yucky submission, burgers included!

  17. Alex says:

    Yes, because what this country needs is more soy consumption. I’m going to invest in stocks of companies that are manufacturing bras for men. Moobs ftw.

    Well I guess the Soy Bois are rejoicing.

  18. Nasikh says:

    White Castle was the first.

  19. Chops says:

    I started following a vegetarian diet about a year and a half ago, which means it’s been about a year and a half since I’ve eaten at Burger King. I tried the Impossible Whopper, it was good but it gave me heartburn, reminded me why a stopped eating Burger King

  20. Jessica J says:

    We purchased both at the same time for comparison, and found the Impossible Whopper to have more of a smoked or grilled taste, but it was a little drier than the regular whopper, slightly different consistency. Overall, I would just order a regular Whopper, b/c the nutritional value isn’t different, and I’d rather eat real meat anyway. If there was a savings to this one I’d buy it, but not paying that price.

  21. Diane Blair says:

    I don’t eat meat, so I was thrilled when BK came out with a veggie Whopper. I love it and will probably get it several times a month! Thought the lettuce and onion was a little skimpy, so I asked for extra lettuce, onion and pickle the next time I ordered one. Was better, but that’s just my personal taste.

  22. Brendan says:

    The problem was that the MSM browbeaters claimed this was better than real meat itself which was enough groupthink to please any North Korean official whose hobbies include fanatically toeing the Party line. I like veggie burgers in their own right, but with virtually zero health benefit between beef and the impossible, I’ll take real meat with a diet coke and a light cigarette.

  23. lance says:

    Personally, I’m not a fan of the impossible burger but I give Burger King major kudos for giving other people the option.

  24. The worse most tasteless piece of dung I ever ate. I have been a Vegie for 45 years and have had some awesome similar sandwiches but this Burger King vegie meal was horrible. ZERO TATSE!

  25. My wife wanted to try this veggie burger and we both came to the same results it taste bland and was awful tasting. So we will not buy anymore of these way over priced so called whoppers. She will stick to the regular whopper as for me the original chicken it much better, don’t waste your time and money.

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