Review: Hot Dog Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut

When summing up the new Hot Dog Bites Pizza, Pizza Hut says, “Part hot dog. Part pizza. Total game-changer.”  This idea seems to have been a test market item for the rest of the world outside of the United States for years.  Finally America gets something wacky to grub on.  I just sampled the goods… time to review.
Hot Dog Bites Pizza 1
Nothing against pizza and nothing against hot dogs, but does the combination actually work?  Also, is the addition of French’s Classic Yellow Mustard just nice business move for French’s and nothing else?  These questions need answers.
Hot Dog Bites Pizza 2
Does the pizza/hot dog combo work?  I say the individual parts are just fine, yet the overall product itself is disjointed and a little confusing.  There are 28 hot dog bites within the pizza crust and traditionally you’ve got 8 slices to a pizza.  That gives you an average of 3.5 hot dog bites per slice, so instead of 3.5 hot dog bites for each slice you’re left with some slices that are bigger than others.  There were 4 bigger pizza slices with 4 hot dog bites each and 4 smaller pizza slices with just 3 hot dog bites each.  The crust is kind of like pigs in a blanket, but not like a flaky croissant dough and not like typical pizza crust either.  It’s got a bagel dog vibe to it and that’s a great thing.  Think of the crust as a bread shell with a smooth outer coat and soft, chewy center. The hot dog bites were pretty easy to pull apart from the pizza yet secure enough to provide a sturdy end crust so it’s not as odd to eat as you’d think.  The problem I found personally was with the flavors.  I liked the pizza and I liked the hot dog bites… just not together.  The hot dog bites are meaty enough to stand out as a nice side item but as a pizza crust, it’s pure novelty.  I loved the novelty.
Hot Dog Bites Pizza 3
So, how’s the mustard?  I guess the appropriate thing to consider here is whether or not you like yellow mustard on your hot dog.  For me, I like this flavor combination on a standard hot dog in a hot dog bun and since these hot dog bites are too reminiscent of pigs in a blanket, I don’t really feel mustard helps improve the meal in any way. The mini hot dogs work just fine on their own without the need of a dipping sauce, but you’ve got plenty of choices besides yellow mustard on the Pizza Hut menu.  The French’s Classic Yellow Mustard product tie-in is nice from a marketing perspective only and I doubt it would be a popular dipping sauce choice (a better promo would be mini mustard bottles instead of just a dipping sauce container).   This knock is more against yellow mustard anywhere near pizza rather than yellow mustard on a hot dog.  I couldn’t help but be turned off by a bite including marinara sauce and pepperoni followed by a bite with mustard.  When I tried the same sequence without mustard, the marinara/pepperoni/hot dog wasn’t as jarring, but cohesion of complementing flavors was lacking.
 Hot Dog Bites Pizza Hut collage
For the promo price of $11.99 you get a large one-topping Hot Dog Bites Pizza and this is about the average price for a large LTO pizza from a major pizza chain.  The hot dog bites add to the weight and provide a meatier meal overall which helps the value out. Yeah it’s part hot dog and part pizza, but total game changer?  Not so much really.  More like part hot dog, part pizza, total gimmick.  It’s still got strong fun factor and it was a nice change of pace from just a new topping or another cheese stuffed crust so it gets some valuable points there.

Pros: Big novelty points. Loved the hot dog bites crust.

Cons: Flavors work better when they're separated. I have yellow mustard in my fridge so something original would have been nice.

Taste: 6.25/10
Value: 7.25/10
Price: $11.99 for large with one-topping

Overall GrubGrade: 6.75/10

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21 comments on “Review: Hot Dog Bites Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. Darrell Martinsen says:

    My Pizza Hut informed me that I got their first one today. I didn’t even bother with the mustard. I tried it with marinara first, then with ketchup, and then with cheese sauce. The latter was the big winner and had a nice American cheese base and complemented the hot dog perfectly. I hate having to provide my own sauce but it worked.

    Personally I would like to have seen a more croissant texture for the breading but the bagel-like breading was still certainly better than just a pizza crust would have been.

    I was really impressed by the heft of this circular sensation. Even without extra toppings, this thing weighs more than many loaded down pizzas. Hard to go wrong then for $11.99 when many of their LTOs have been as high as $13.99: the triple cheese stuffed crust was at least that much in our area.

    Overall given the value and novelty, I really enjoyed it. It’s about time the USA got to at least try this, whether it’s gourmet or not. I’ll definitely order it again and continue to try different sauce combinations as the mustard is definitely flat, or worse yet, off-putting as the reviewer in the article stated.

  2. chuck says:

    Thanks for the review. Um, I actually enjoy dipping my pizza in yellow mustard so maybe i’m the type of person this pizza was made for? I remember seeing something about it on the Food Network years ago and I tried it thinking, why not? Which doesn’t explain the hot dog part…I dunno. Fun for kids?

    • Darrell Martinsen says:

      The problem for me was the mustard seemed super strong and way overpowering which is why I moved on to ketchup quickly lol. It might be good with a milder mustard. Will be interested to hear your opinion once you’ve tried it. I think I will try my next one with BBQ sauce.

  3. Mary says:

    I may have missed this when I read over your review, but what type of crust was associated with the actual pepperoni pizza portion? It appears to be slightly thinner than their hand tossed variety.

  4. JJJ says:

    This looks like a pain in the ass to make, from the worker’s perspective.

  5. raiders757 says:

    Being that Pizza Hut pizza is as bad as it is, I don’t see how this gimmick could rate anywhere over a five. To each their own I guess, but I’m not sure I would have even touched this in my stoner days, and that’s saying something.

  6. alek says:

    Why not they sell hot dog bites minus the pizza itself?

  7. Dustin says:

    Mustard on the Bacon Cheeseburger Feast from Domino’s will change your life. Hot dogs and pizza, though? I’m out.

  8. Jason says:

    I always dip my crust in French’s mustard, and I love pigs in a blanket. This sounds amazing to me

  9. Mike says:

    Thanks for doing the review without the lame holier-than-thou aura of pizza snobbery and rehashed chain pizza “jokes”. I mean I think everyone knows by now that if you want GOOD pizza you go to a good pizza place, and if you want cheap pizza you go to the Hut, etc.

    Too bad they can’t combine this with their cheeseburger-crust pizza they have over in the UK. Hot-dog-and-cheeseburger-stuffed crust buffalo chicken pizza?! I think I’d marry that.

    • Alternating hot dog bites and mini burgers around the exterior? I can see that, actually. Combine with a BBQ sauce/cheddar cheese/meatball pizza and call it the ‘Big BBQ’? Combined with buffalo chicken…hmmm…the ‘Frat Party’?

  10. CS says:

    They should include Cheez Whiz for dipping. I’m going to try it over the weekend, could be good or horrible.

  11. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I really think selling the hot dog bites separately would work so much better.

  12. Rachel says:

    Had this last night with 3 other people. We tried the Alfredo sauce instead of the classic pizza sauce and also opted for the pretzel crust version. It was amazing! Didn’t even need the mustard, the alfredo touching the little weenies was just right. I do also think they should offer a cheese dipping sauce even if its an upcharge. Will eat again though!

  13. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Interesting, honestly didn’t expect that *high* of a review, even though I think pizza hut is alright for what it is. I guess this is one way to turn a 2 meals into three.

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