Review: Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s

Wendy’s started off 2015 with some great products like the Bacon & Blue on Brioche, the revamped fish sandwich and the Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  The last two products were subpar (Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich and Baconator Fries) so I’m hoping the new Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger will close out the year on a high note.Bacon Gouda Cheeseburger Wendy'sFrom the Wendy’s press release:

Wendy’s new Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger starts with a ¼ lb.* of 100% pure, fresh, never frozen beef**, served hot off the grill. The beef, which is delivered fresh to Wendy’s restaurants two to three times a week, is topped off with a creamy Garlic Aioli, Gouda Cheese and warm Swiss Gruyere Cheese Sauce. Then, three strips of fresh cooked Applewood Smoked Bacon are added, along with red onions, tomato and fresh spring mix – all served on a toasted Brioche Bun. The Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger has a recommended price of $4.99.

The price I paid at my local Wendy’s in Maryland was $5.69.  I no longer have Wendy’s sticker shock… I just hope the burger is good.Bacon Gouda WendysSometimes I feel like a quarter pound beef patty just isn’t enough to properly balance the amount of toppings Wendy’s stuffs in their burgers.  A seasoned beef patty can only do so much and can easily become an afterthought when smothered.  The Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger is an example of letting too many other ingredients steal the spotlight from the burger itself.Bacon Gouda WendysThe slice of Gouda has a smooth flavor, but doesn’t have much of a standout taste. Wendy’s is getting into the habit of creating sandwiches that feature a slice of cheese plus a cheese sauce.  I remember the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger more for the cheese overkill rather than the featured pretzel bun.  It was a given that the new Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger was going to have the same problem.   Just one look at the promo picture and you’ll be convinced this burger is going to be a cheesy mess.  There wasn’t a mess from the slice of Gouda cheese since it barely melted in the burger I received… the warm Swiss Gruyere cheese sauce on the other hand was pretty much a disaster.  I think I’d be OK with the cheese sauce if it wasn’t applied so heavily.  Every bite of the burger was another chance for the pale, thick cheese sauce to ooze out in every direction.  The taste of it was mildly nutty, a little funky, but not altogether off-putting.  It definitely took over every crevice of the sandwich and even after scraping off a good amount of it, there was still more of it. There’s a creamy Garlic Aioli which just adds to the confusion, but also adds some tasty roasted garlic, onion and lemony citrus taste. I actually found myself finding relief in normally background components like the red onions and spring mix.  There was a fair amount of the red onions and spring mix as well as a couple of large tomato slices, but I needed more of it to help balance all the goops of sauce.

Gouda Bacon CheeseburgerApplewood Smoked Bacon makes just about everything better and Wendy’s does a great job with theirs.  It’s salty and a little smoky with the appropriate thickness and meaty texture.  There’s three slices of bacon and they’re a bright spot on this burger.  I’ve had some hits and misses with the freshness of the Brioche buns at Wendy’s.  This toasted Brioche bun was nice to look at, just a bit on the dry side.Wendy's Gouda Bacon CheeseburgerIn closing, the Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger goes overboard with the Swiss Gruyere cheese sauce enough to make it a chore to get through.  It’s a shame because this burger could have been so much better without removing any of the ingredients, just a better balance of ingredients would suffice.  The super steep price and messy experience make it an overly cheesy burger not worth a second look for me.  One and done.

Pros: Applewood smoked bacon. Fresh produce. Beef patty.

Cons: Swimming in Swiss Gruyere cheese sauce. Unbalanced ingredients. Expensive. Not a good grubbing on the go option.

Taste: 6.00/10
Value: 4.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 3.50/10
Price: $5.69

Overall GrubGrade: 5.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 640
Total Fat - 38 grams
Saturated Fat - 16 grams
Cholesterol - 130 milligrams
Sodium - 1160 milligrams
Carbs - 37 grams
Sugar - 6 grams
Fiber - 2 grams
Protein - 37 grams

24 comments on “Review: Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s

  1. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Since I am a huge fan of cheese, especially adventurous cheeses beyond typical American cheese, my review differed a bit from yours. But that’s ok! If we were all alike, it would be a dull world. At any rate, my burger also may have been better because I had an extra hamburger patty on mine which helped balance everything out. My bread was also a little on the dry side so I actually appreciated the extra sauce to help moisten it up a little. Wendy’s bacon is arguably the best of all the major fast food chains so there were no issues there with my burger. Can’t argue that a little more Gouda and a little less sauce would help it stand out a bit better and the price is a bit high, but overall I am very pleased with this burger and applaud Wendy’s for their efforts of using more ingredients to achieve something beyond the boring standard cheeseburger. This one gets an A- but keep at it Wendy’s and that A+ will be just around the corner!

    • Leykis says:

      @Darrell Martinsen I couldn’t agree more with your review! This was a fantastic tasting burger and give Wendy’s big props for trying new stuff and creating unique sandwiches.

    • JJJ says:

      I had this today for lunch. It was pretty sauce heavy, but that’s better than not enough. I’ll get it again.

    • Jessica Osorio says:

      I loved how much the sauce overpowers the sandwich. Its awesome. The best fastfood burger i’ve ever tasted. I see ppl say its unbalanced but i dont think they have the appreciation for it…or maybe they just got a little to messy and blamed the burger

  2. Grant says:

    Cmon now. This is called grubGRADE and there isn’t a grade to be found here

  3. Ted says:

    Wendy’s biggest problem is that their bread to contents ratio is totally off. There is so much bread in every one of their burgers. I end up peeling a lot of it off, and I don’t do that for other fast food burgers.

    Though I do think Wendy’s tastes the best.

  4. BigBelly says:

    They should serve the fondue on the side, so you could dip it in.
    Is the cheese sauce kind of “grainy,” or is it smooth?

  5. Speedy says:

    I have had this burger at 3 different locations and none have put the cheese sauce on it, I was beginning to think it wasn’t supposed to come with any and I misread the description. I have tried the fondue fries, loved the cheese sauce, now if only they would actually put it on the burger like they are supposed to. I was a big fan of the Pretzel Burger for that reason.

  6. MP says:

    Just ate a double of this. Everything was moist & just barely enough sauce, basically it tasted like a bacon garlic onion ‘mayo’ burger – not bad at all. Tho the cheese, tomatoes & greens didn’t add any flavor. $5 but $2 off with receipt coupon.

  7. Scrape says:

    I can’t stand that Wendy’s in MD doesn’t participate in the national pricing like every other chain seems to do. I went for that $4 deal and was denied. Plus, the quality seems to be slipping. No coupons, no coupons in the app like everybody else. And the inconsistencies between restaurants is really something. One has free refills and a Coke Freestyle machine, and another one up the street doesn’t have either. Wendy’s is just getting way too expensive for what they offer. And is it just me, or do they seems to get slower, as well.

    • Johnnyboy says:

      They have not had the 99 cent offerings in MD since DAVE THOMAS died in 2003. These franchises in MD are greedy and want like $1.89 for basic things like a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger or 5 piece nuggets.

  8. alan rodriguez says:

    lol i dont get y plp want tho eat that.. i make bettter burgers that r much bigger and frsh ingredients.. plp shold just stop eating and start making.. boooya to evry idiot that has never appreciated real half lb burgers with actul bacon…

  9. Ty says:

    Well i live northern Virginia and the location nearest me does not participate in any of the recommended pricing either. I also went in for the 4 for 4 and was very disappointed. Sad day.

  10. Jenn says:

    I just tried this for the first time and I really liked it, I would give it a solid B+. I found that the cheese sauce was just the right amount but I do kind of wish that there was more of a pronounced gouda flavor. My main problem with this is the garlic aioli. I love garlic, a lot. But there was so much of it on the burger that the sauce seeped out everywhere, like you had said the cheese sauce did for you. The garlic sauce overpowered everything and I ended up wiping a bunch off and it still seeped out every time I took a bite. Would I get this again? Probably, but I would ask them not to put any of the garlic aioli on there.

  11. Bunny Barba says:

    Gouda cheeseburger is certainly not worth the money. Took two home no drink,no fries,just two single gouda burgers for a cost of cost $ll.01. We could have eaten lunch at a sit down restaurant and had good food and something to drink (non-alcoholic)for that price. The cheeseburger was not good and the cheese of the cheapest quality. Lettuce and tomato were several days old.

    • Al says:

      Really? Where exactly do you live that a “good restaurant” would feed two people with entrees and beverages for $11.01? I mean, ~$5 is expensive for a fast food burger, but it’s the price of half an entree at a semi-decent restaurant.

      Let’s not be absurd, is what I’m saying.

  12. Eduardo says:

    Same old (yet increasingly sad) song from Wendy’s. I have been an avid reader of GrubGrade for roughly 18 months since I discovered its wonderful and cheeky reviews of the food I love to devour despite its renowned poor effect on my health and well-being. With that said, this is the first burger I have eaten and thought to myself: “Man, I’ve got to see what GrubGrade has written about this one.” Why, you ask? The eerie similarities between this latest effort, and every other that Wendy’s has put forward recently in their attempt to bring some level of sophistication into a universe it has no business occupying is a bit disturbing. My first bite into this sandwich flashed me back to the last time I had a pretzel bacon cheeseburger… Or a bacon and blue on brioche… Or a smoked gouda chicken… The field greens, the cheese sauce, the overwhelming amount of “stuff” on this thing compared to the meat; Wendy’s continues to demonstrate that it does not understand the concept of understatement, balance, or when to leave well-enough alone. This particular offering will feel very familiar to your taste buds, and your hands, as it drips down your palms and toward your wrists. It’s messy. It’s salty. It’s expensive. It’s been done. I probably won’t order this sandwich again, or anything else that resembles it again.

    Wendy’s please, please start to think inside the box again. Dial the obscure down a bit, get back to your roots and what you were good at. Here is the formula: Advertise less brioche and gouda, and instead aim for some quality control across your franchises. Your quality and consistency are circling the drain, and I WANT you to succeed! Dave would cry tears of frosty if he could see now what has become of his once proud and delicious hamburger stand. And with that, I must end this review.

    • Jessica Osorio says:

      Do you not appreciate a good burger? Lol this hamburger was awesome. Im always searching for new specialty burgers to make at home and this one is going on our list 😉 dont hate just because the sauce it too saucy haha thats my favorite part

  13. Jessica osorio says:

    The only thing is, i wish this were a turkey burger with turkey bacon. But this sandwich rocks and even more so with wendys sweeter pickles that i think theyve stopped using. It would be nice if wendys added turkey to the menú. I bet a lot more people would go there.

  14. Jessica Osorio says:

    I give the sandwich an A+ i loved it and I am trying to replicate it with turkey. I make all kinds of burgers at home. i could probably open a joint but thats not my passion i’ll stick to real estate lol thos by far beats the pretzle burger. Wendys should also give the ppl an option of white or wheat buns. Even though i give this burger an A+ it would still taste awesome with a seasoned turkey patty and some ki d of smoked turkey baccon with those light green sweet pickles keep the sring mix, red onions sauces and a specialty wheat bun. De veras que suena muy rico lo voy a tener que hacer en mi casa porque se q wendy’s jamas haria eso ;(

  15. Odetta says:

    I love this burger.when is it coming back

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