Review: Gingerbread Latte from Dunkin Donuts

I don’t know about you, but one of my all-time favorite “Christmas foods” is gingerbread. Sure, peppermint gets added to everything, but there’s just something warm and comforting about ginger-flavored stuff. That, and the fact that those gingerbread man cookies are easily the funnest things to eat during the holidays.

So while I’m not normally one to divert from a strong brew of black coffee, I decided that Dunkin’ Donuts seasonal Gingerbread Latte was worth a try.

Between its rich flavor and warm, frothy milk, our Latte will steal your heart. No wonder, it’s made from 100% Fair Trade Certified™ espresso beans and available in flavors like Caramel and Mocha. And at this price, it’s the indulgence you don’t have to feel guilty about.

I sometimes wonder if the employees at places I go to know I’m about to review a product. Stepping up to the counter, I asked about the latte flavors, only to be met by a stuttering “ok, it’s like, really, really, really sweet.” Considering I’m the kind of person who adds splenda to Cinnamon Toast Crunch I though, “yeah, sure dude,” and shrugged it off, wondering if he even knew what gingerbread was. Well, maybe I should have taken a hint, because the first taste I got was just that — a syrupy sweet shock with a slight mocha-coffee taste finish.

I got my latte with whole milk and as you can see, there is a decent level of froth on top, but it’s overall quite thin in viscosity and doesn’t conjure up the distinctive aroma or taste of gingerbread. I like that it provides a buffer from the usual scalding heat of the first sip of coffee, but I can’t say the option of whole milk adds the richness I’d otherwise expect. But the biggest disappointment is by far the way that the fake ginger flavor meshes with the conflicting taste of the milk and the coffee. Maybe it’s that it doesn’t meld with coffee or maybe it’s that the spice element is overpowering by the overwhelming initial sweetness, but for whatever reason it is,  and I’m getting nothing in the way of gingerbread. In fact, I’m not so sure I’d even know what flavor I was drinking if I hadn’t ordered Gingerbread, and would have otherwise guessed a way-too generic, way-too sweet coffee “milk.”

I was bummed at first about the small size of the cup, but given the overwhelming sweetness and lack of authentic flavor, I don’t see how I could downed a larger cup. Next time, I think I’ll just stick to a regular cup of black coffee. At least that way I can justify getting a donut or two on the side.

Pros: Won't burn your lip. Portion Control through unbearable sweetness. Seasonal drinking.

Cons: What flavor is this, exactly? Doesn't taste like gingerbread. Weird mesh of coffee/milk/ambiguous sugary flavor. Way too sweet. Expensive for size. More sugar than two donuts.

Taste: 3.00/10
Value: 2.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.00/10
Price: 2.39 for small (10 oz)

Overall GrubGrade: 3.00/10

Nutrition Facts:
Gingerbread Latte from Dunkin' Donuts (Small w/ Whole Milk)
Calories: 220
Total Fat: 5 grams
Saturated Fat: 3.5 grams
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 140 mg
Total Carbs: 34 grams
Sugars: 34 grams
Protein: 8 grams

7 comments on “Review: Gingerbread Latte from Dunkin Donuts

  1. SmoledMan says:

    Talk about sugar shock! Why would you not just drink a plain latte with maybe a packet of Stevia?

  2. Keith says:

    Is there really anything remotely “ginger” flavored in commercially sold versions of “gingerbread” anyway?

    I don’t think so.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure that these flavored drinks from DD are mostly a sugary powder mixed with a little coffee. I’m not sure why they’d even be worth the bandwidth to review.

  3. Chrislad says:

    Still cheaper than starbucks, but 2.50 wasted isnt a saving. Fake flavored coffee doesnt usually bother me though it would if I couldn’t even identify what it was suppose to resemble.

    • Keith says:

      I’m no Starbucks apologist, but the difference between their latte’s and Dunkin Donuts is worlds apart. The perceived cost of Starbucks seems justified to me considering there is effort involved in making espresso-based drinks. But that’s why I stick to coffee – and more independent coffee shops.

      To me, there are few tastes that repulse me more than non-dairy creamer, especially those liquid, flavored ones. It tastes like sugar and chemicals no matter what the flavor is supposed to be. I don’t know how people drink that stuff.

  4. Lisa says:

    how disappointing. I wonder if Starbies is better…. Im a starbucks fan personally 😀

  5. RT says:

    Compared to DD’s version, Starbucks’ Gingerbread Latte is somewhat of a revelation, in my opinion. I’ve had DD’s gingerbread latte once or twice, and there’s hardly a difference between that flavor and any other flavor of their lattes. They all coat the tongue with a corn-syrup-ified residue that lingers for hours. The vast majority of SBUX’s syrups do not use corn syrup, and they sprinkle real nutmeg on top of the drink. Once in a while, it’s worth the extra cash.