Review: Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s

The latest from Wendy’s is really pushing freshness as its major theme. I’ve never really considered fresh mozzarella in a chicken sandwich, but this one looked promising.  It’s not often we even see this combination of ingredients in a sandwich.  I enjoy my mozzarella fresh or melted into goo so with that, the new Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich was an easy choice for my lunch today.Wendy’s describes their new Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich like this:

It all starts with our freshly grilled, herb-marinated grilled chicken which is then topped with three slices of fresh mozzarella cheese. We then pile on spring mix, house-made balsamic diced tomatoes, and drizzle on a creamy basil pesto – all served atop a soft, toasted garlic brioche bun.

Some of the thoughts going on in my head before trying this new sandwich included, balsamic-marinated diced tomatoes sound delicious, but will likely be a mess to have in a burger.  Also, is mozzarella too mild of a cheese to make a flavor impact?

Wendy’s upgraded their Grilled Chicken Sandwich last summer and I found it to be a respectable improvement over the previous incarnation.  The chicken was a nice, meaty piece and although just a kind of boring grilled chicken fillet, it would rank in the top 3 fast food quality for me.  Flavorful, plump, and moist, the chicken hit the spot.  Surrounding the chicken are the players that liven it up.  Let’s start with the featured ingredient… fresh mozzarella. When Wendy’s released their Bacon Mozzarella Cheeseburger last year, they used a slice of natural mozzarella cheese which turned out to be waxy and dull.  Going the route of fresh, hand-sliced BelGioioso mozzarella cheese seemed to be a promising way to correct that featured ingredient.  The mozzarella came up way short in 2016 and I’m pleased to report that fresh was definitely the right direction to go for Wendy’s. Its creamy, milky flavor and soft texture made for an interesting contrast against the fresh spring mix and herbaceous basil pesto. There are three hearty slices of mozzarella too so it’s great to see Wendy’s didn’t go too light on the featured ingredient.  When you take the balsamic-marinated diced tomatoes along with the toasted garlic brioche bun, there’s a definite bruschetta vibe with this sandwich.  There’s some sweetness mingling with the garlic and those flavors play well alongside the herb-marinated chicken breast.  The bun is excellent in flavor and texture, but it doesn’t perform miracles and the Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich became a mess to eat after a couple of bites.  Oily tomatoes everywhere.  Luckily, the bun held up well against the moisture of the soaked tomatoes… not a bit soggy.As for the value, the Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich is about average for Wendy’s.  It’s $5.29 for the sandwich alone and that price is typical for the premium fast food sandwich category.  At least Wendy’s came through with some premium ingredients.  Far too often we see the higher price being fit with the “premium” label and no premium ingredients come with it so kudos to Wendy’s.  If you want fresh ingredients that are a bit outside the realm of your average fast food restaurant plus a taste of Italy, you might want to try this sandwich.  It offers a refreshing change of pace with well thought-out sandwich components.

Pros: Plenty of fresh mozzarella. Flavors and textures felt balanced and no ingredient felt lost in the bunch.

Cons: Tends to get sloppy quick. Overly oily tomatoes.

Taste: 7.75/10
Value: 6.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 3.00/10
Price: $5.29

Overall GrubGrade: 7.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 400
Total Fat - 12 grams
Saturated Fat - 5 grams
Cholesterol - 115 milligrams
Sodium - 880 milligrams
Carbs - 33 grams
Sugar - 6 grams
Fiber - 2 grams
Protein - 39 grams

12 comments on “Review: Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s

  1. Sandy says:

    Sounds quite good for a FF sandwich! Nice review.

  2. brad says:

    This review is spot on. My complaint was also the messiness. But the deliciousness of the sandwich makes it worth tomato pieces falling out of the sandwich. Luckily I was prepared for such an occurrence.

  3. Bubbsy says:

    Wendy’s describes this “freshly grilled chicken”, even on their website. I’m calling absolute hogwash here. There is positively no way Wendy’s is having their food line workers “freshly grill” chicken filets (from raw, as opposed to re-heating) for many obvious reasons. Strange that they would blatantly lie just to jazz up their product description. I normally just roll my eyes about misleading marketing, but this is isn’t just semantics, it’s an outright lie… strange.

    • Food For Thought says:

      You know what a marketing pitch is, right? You can sell an idea from a claim that hasn’t been staked even if it doesn’t realistically pan out in the least. The sandwich tasted good, so checkmate.

      • Bubbsy says:

        The principle you’re trying describe is irrelevant and doesn’t even remotely apply to this scenario. “Marketing pitch”? LOL, could you be any more obvious that you don’t know what you’re talking about?

    • BigBelly says:

      “It all starts with our freshly grilled, herb-marinated grilled chicken”

      It’s freshly grilled for you the second time 😉

    • Matt says:

      Why is hard to believe that a restaurant would cook a chicken breast from raw? They cook their hamburgers that way. “Freshly grilled” does not mean cooked-to-order, but it’s not at all unrealistic that they grill chicken breasts from raw to cook, then hold them in a warmer before serving.

      • Dank meme bro says:

        It would take more than 1-2 minutes to cook a chicken beast. Those burgers get away with it because they are so thin.

      • Bubbsy says:

        It’s not hard to believe “a restaurant” would cook a chicken breast from raw. But as to what I actually said – Think, for starters, about the logistics of it all: storage & handling of raw chicken, food safety, grilling to proper temp consistently, etc. There’s no way they would give Wendy’s burger-flippers that responsibility. And yes, “freshly grilled” does indeed imply freshly grilled. It’s just bizarre they lie like this, when these are not freshly grilled but instead pre-cooked and reheated to-order.

    • MDub says:

      Former Wendy’s worker here. The grilled chicken is actually cooked from raw chicken on the line. It then gets put in a heater to keep it warm, so the customer’s chicken might not have been cooked that second, but it’s not just nuked in a microwave, and they continuously drop grilled chicken throughout the day. Have you ever been at a Wendy’s when they run out of grilled chicken? It’s a pretty decent wait for the chicken if you choose to wait.

  4. Joe K. says:

    Nothing to write home about. Both the bun and chicken were barely lukewarm when I opened the sandwich. Tasted no garlic on the “toasted garlic brioche bun”. I could have ordered the spicy chicken breast instead of the pseudo-grilled version, but I didn’t. The tomatoes in the “herbaceous basil pesto” were the freshest tomatoes I have ever seen on a Wendy’s sandwich but alas we all know why.

  5. 4u2cou812 says:

    You downers are nuts! It’s the most delicious chicken sandwich in the fast food chains! If you know how to hold and eat it – it’s not messy at all…!

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