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Some of us may follow the “even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good” thought when approaching pizza. I’ve had some bad pizza in my day, but it’s few and far between.  For most of my pizza experiences, I’ve come away satisfied since I consider pizza to be one of my favorite foods. When it comes to Subway, I’d probably lean more towards the hater side and yes a part of that is having plenty of other better quick sandwich options nearby. My options when it comes to pizza might be right on par with my sandwich situation yet the new Flatizzas from Subway were still enough of a draw to get me to buy.Flatizza SubwayA Flatizza is simply a square 6″ (roughly) flatbread pizza that you can customize to your liking. It’s a pretty dumb name for a product and I felt slightly uncomfortable just having to say the ridiculous word when placing my order. The Flatizzas are priced in the $3.00-$3.50 range and there’s a 2 for $5.00 promo going on so I grabbed a couple for this review. I went with the most simple of options and picked a pepperoni and a plain cheese Flatizza.

Flatizza from SubwayBesides the whole “Eat Fresh” thing, Subway’s big draw is quick, cheap and customizable. The Flatizza works on all three levels as I paid $5.30 after tax for a couple of flatbread pizzas that took only a few minutes to get me in and out of my neighborhood Subway. The square flatbreads are expectedly pre-done and the process was as simple as anything you’d quickly be able to whip up at home. Flatbread down, some pizza sauce, toppings, cheese. Sixty seconds in the oven and we’re done. Each Flatizza gets a handy little pizza box, nice touch Subway.

Subway FlatizzaBoth my pepperoni Flatizza and the plain cheese Flatizza seemed eerily similar in look and taste. The pepperoni was put directly on the pizza sauce with a hearty application of mozzarella put on top, so looks-wise, I couldn’t tell the two Flatizzas apart. I’m going to have to point out that the four deli-sized slices of pepperoni must have been paper thin because the taste was barely noticeable. The pepperoni was knifed up into smaller pieces and then became lost in the sea of sauce and cheese. There didn’t seem to be much of a standard to go by with the pizza sauce and cheese from the looks of things. It seems like some ingredients get the strict number application (four pepperoni slices), but others just get the ballpark eyeball test (cheese/sauce). I know some places have utensils that measure out the exact quantity to follow a set standard the company wants for a product and I didn’t find that with today’s Subway order. So the result of this was getting most of the flavor of the Flatizzas coming from the pizza sauce. The cheese melted over everything perfectly and had a nice gooey texture even after the fifteen minutes between getting home and snapping pics.

Flatizza CrustThe flatbread for the Flatizza is nothing special and that’s about what you should be expecting from a product hovering at the three dollar mark. There’s no standout seasoning or flavor in the flatbread and it does little more than provide the base for the other ingredients. The ends of the flatbread get the expected dry, crackery crunch and chew.

Flatbread FlatizzaWhile the individual parts of the Flatizza are quite unremarkable, I still found myself thinking it wasn’t that bad overall. The Flatizza is something that doesn’t have that Subway taste that is all too hauntingly familiar to me. That said, it tastes just like something you used to make at home after school in 7th grade. There was almost some feeling of nostalgia going on because of that cheap tangy tomato sauce taking over each bite.  Ragu Pizza Quick vibe.

Flatizza SliceAlthough I’ve grown tired of Subway in recent years, the Flatizza reminded me more of an after school snack in Jr. High rather than memories of past Subway meals. It’s all-around a very average product that somehow still worked for me. The 2 for $5.00 deal is nice if you can take the thought of a big slice of pizza from a local pizza shop out of your head.

Pros: 2 for $5 promo. Customizable. Packaging.

Cons: Ingredient balance. Pepperoni flavor got lost in the sauce.

Taste: 6.00/10
Value: 7.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.25/10
Price: 2 for $5.00

Overall GrubGrade: 6.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Cheese Flatizza - 390 calories, 16 grams of fat, 810 milligrams of sodium, 21 grams of protein
Pepperoni Flatizza - 500 calories, 26 grams of fat, 1340 milligrams of sodium, 26 grams of protein

49 comments on “Review: Flatizza from Subway

  1. J.J. says:

    For smaller cities especially that don’t have pizza by the slice places for lunch, this will be a nice option. Also good for those random Subway in a gas station stops.

  2. missouri says:

    Me thinks this is the same flatbread they use on their morning sandwiches, no?

  3. Alex K. says:

    About the score I expected. Where’s that Frito sub review!?

  4. Scrape says:

    For lunch, the Hot n’ Ready Deep Deep Dish Pizza (only one, 4 slices) and a cold drink for $5 seems to be a good buy from Little Caesars. That’s actually a pretty tasty and filling grease pie and likely miles above the Subway stuff.

  5. Prince Albert says:

    I think the nostalgia comes from the similarity of the Flatizza to the Totino $1 pizza you find at the supermarket, except the Flatizza is a little bit fresher. By the way, did the prepper ask you if you wanted to add any the usual sandwich toppings? I thought it was a little weird when I was asked that.

  6. Jason Christopher says:

    Who reviews food after it sits for 15 minutes ???? Especially hot pizza!! Rookie move. Eat at restaurant.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Most fast food pizza reviews are done at the reviewers home. Especially the chain crap that’s delivered 15 minutes or longer after it’s ready.

      It’s hardly a rookie move, and this site is not a restaurant review site if you haven’t noticed. It’s mainly about fast food, which the majority of Americans take home and eat.

      I highly doubt these would have been any better fresh out of the toaster oven. We’re talking about Subway here, not an awesome mom & pop pizza shop.

    • Klee says:

      I guess anyone who doesn’t review their pizza right in the restaurant or has their pizza delivered lets it set for a mere 15 minutes. Rookie mistake? What are you even talking about?

  7. rob says:

    I’m going to eat one, sometimes I get a craving for the bad pizza they used to serve in the school cafeteria. And when you’ve got a bad pizza jones, good pizza just won’t do.

  8. Evan Wells says:

    Somebody explain to me why this site always reviews Subway? I can’t believe people still go to Subway. There are SO MANY better pizza and sub options for people to eat. At Subway all you are getting is processed garbage. No wonder society has gotten so fat!

    • Bubbsy says:

      Exactly which sub chains are not giving you “processed” lunchmeat, cheese, or bread?

      The veggies are generally very fresh. Not sure which Subway you go to.

      As for why GG would review new offerings from Subway, I just don’t have the patience to explain the obvious. Let’s just say if you go to a board game review site, you’ll find that they review new games from Parker Bros, even if you feel that Milton Bradley or even your mommy creates better games. Don’t be indignant – you’re not the center of anybody’s universe, snowflake.

      • thehottoddy23 says:

        He is at least right about the food being terrible, or garbage. The veggies may be fresh, but the rest of it is pretty scary. Each to his/her own, though.

        • max says:

          I’ll agree with you on the roasted chicken, several years ago they switched from a pretty decent piece of chicken to a rubbery piece with fake grill marks. But the rest of their meat options seem fine to me, it’s just deli meat, pretty tasty actually.

    • Mike N. says:

      Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world with over 33,000 stores, so it’d be quite an oversight for a fast food blog to ignore it.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I find Subway to be rather crappy myself, but this is a fast food review site. That means someone has to take one for the team and do Subway reviews since it’s a national chain and more accessible to the majority of the sites readers.

      I do agree that Subway gets more reviews than other sub sandwich chains though. It would be nice if there were more Firehouse, Jason’s Deli, and Panera reviews, as well as not so widespread chain reviews for good measure. Same with other categories. Never seen a Moe’s review, a Cookout review, or even a Schlotzsky’s review.

      That said, it’s hard to fault the site or the reviewers. They do a good job and keep the site updated more than most every other site with a similar theme.

  9. Mike N. says:

    Speaking of “whipping it up at home”, why is it so hard to find flatbreads in the grocery store? They have lots of different tortillas/wraps, but I hardly ever see flatbreads.

  10. Ryan says:

    Well you’ve saved me from wasting $5 on this, lol.

  11. max says:

    I tried it, got the two for five deal, and I would say that’s the way to go because one isn’t very filling. I think the sauce is the same as the marinara used for their meatball sub. I tried a cheese and a spicy Italian with jalapenos. The second one was quite tasty, the cheese one not bad. The Subway I went to let me add their regular shredded cheese in addition to the mozzarella, which helped. I liked them ok, but I would probably stick with their sandwiches for lunch because they’re more filling. I would say they’re a little better than Little Caesar’s pizza, not high praise I know, but for the price, they’re not bad.

  12. Pilar says:

    For the same price I prefer Little Caesars Deep Dish Pizza combo for lunch then this Subway deal.

  13. CulinaryZerg says:

    I don’t you should wait 15 minutes to eat and review food. Most people eat it as soon as they sit down. I understand “real” pizza (not this version) ideally has a few minutes of cool down period so the cheese is manageable, but 15 min is just too much.

  14. NCBrian says:

    I tried it the other day. If we were not snowed in, I would already be back. Very tasty. Had the Spicy Italian. No special pricing available here, but I enjoyed it enough that the $4 is not a problem. I think the overall score here is too low. Usually I agree for the most part, but not this time. As far as all the comments for Little C’s, we don’t have any here. I didn’t even know there were still around.

    • Mark Grace says:

      You have bad taste then lol. I mean come on you are ok spending 4 dollars for one of these when you can get a REAL slice from a pizzeria for 2.50 usually? Really? I’d never go to Subway there are just too many options out there for subs and pizza. Imagine going to Subway over Jersey Mikes or Firehouse or Jimmy Johns lol.

      • J.J. says:

        Like I said, not all cities and towns have a good, or any, pizza by the slice place available for lunch. The deep dish is much better than the Hot and Ready from Little C, though I still miss the old Baby Pan Pan. Don’t think they do that anymore.

  15. rd4m says:

    Firehouse, Jersey Mikes??? Really??? If you like bread out of a bag, just like you buy at the grocery store, then go right ahead. I enjoy my fresh baked bread and cookies. and I’ve had a few Flatizzas and I think they are pretty good and the fact that they are fully customizable makes it a great value IMHO. Try adding tomatoes, olives, and green peppers…….you WILL thank me later.

  16. Indio says:

    The old round pizza before this was a lot better. Almost broke my teeth eating this and I’m 30. Flatbread is too chewy and the sauce is too sweet. Overall 3 of 10.

  17. Joe g says:

    FLATIZZA: definition per subway. A really great way to get some pizza from a sub shop. ‘My definition of a subway FLATIZZA . A really bad example of what a pizza should be. It tastes terrible . It lacks any similarity to good slice of pizza the crust is hard and flat yes I said flat . Flat and uncooked. Sauce -yuck pepperoni -pupperoni.

  18. Gary S. says:

    First, I would like to thank everyone for posting as it is helpful. Second, thanks to the author which help me decide to give this Flatizza a try(that and the 2 for 5 bucks helped) Now for my review.

    I want to say that we have to acknowledge this is NOT A PIZZA. A true pizza is probably made from a yeast crust and baked in a brick oven or a very hot one on a stone like surface. Now, I prefer to make my own as I feel over the years that the chain places(Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, etc) are just like the McD’s, Wendy’s and BK’s. Subway’s version of a pizza is a flatbread, that can be a bit crispy(very on the edges). A sauce that is the same they use for their meatball sub. There is nothing special about this. I agree that pending your appetite, one might not be satisfying enough. I ordered the Spicy Italian. Subway’s meats, mostly seem to be processed(the turkey, roast beef, ham maybe not) and the pepperoni and salami are not any different. The veggies are solid enough and the cheese is OK, but their is nothing really “italian” about this flatizza. Eating it was like seeing the sandwich maker slicing it, not easy, which is not a good sign. The bite was again nothing special and the sauce, not very flavorful.

    In the end, I just realize that this experience is why I avoid these places like the plague. BYOB lunch or if you must go to these places, think about quality and healthy. I personal been away from these for almost a month and I not missed them. Subway’s Flatizza reminds me why.

  19. Tim says:

    The poor bastards broadcasting the NCAA tournament actually have to say “flatizza” over and over again. I could tell this one guy could barely force himself to utter it.
    I really like Subway’s tuna on Italian herb with jalapenos, but I’d avoid their deli meat.
    As for the flatizza, I’ll probably give it a try one of these days.
    I haven’t been back recently, though, because we now have a Jimmy John’s that delivers around here.
    I still say Subway tuna is better, though.

  20. Keith says:

    Rather desperate for something to eat one day last month, I tried a couple of the “Flatizza”s (I can’t remember which) from Subway. I don’t think I had ever eaten a worse pizza-related product, before. What little taste they had was not good.

  21. Jay says:

    “It’s a pretty dumb name for a product and I felt slightly uncomfortable just having to say the ridiculous word when placing my order.”

    Exactly! I waited like 2 weeks to try it because the name bothered me that much. That said, I don’t know why people are being overly critical as opposed to judging it based on expectations. For $5, it’s simply average, as long as you can deal with the sweet sauce. And no, it’s not a traditional pizza, but it was fine. Pretty filling, and I’d get it again.

  22. Marino says:

    It’s good but the sauce that they put sucks

  23. erikb says:

    Ate one today….yuk….the flatbread had no taste, the pizza sauce was dull an overall just didn’t taste very good. I liken it to a cheap cardboard pizza that you get for $0.99 at your grocery store.

  24. m u says:

    These things really suck stick to making subs subway your not a pizzeria marinara Sauce and sub pepperoni Cut up please there not even filling for 5 bucks I rather get a pizza sub or a spicy Italian and put marinara on it and Mozzarella cheese much more meat for the price give it up all that pushing of this product is the only reason people are buying it for now but they will soon figure out the same thing I have its a bad impression on your franchisees Specialty when most stores are not even making them right also think about the hold up at the line when someone order’s more than two and the oven hold up because every two takes 52 seconds after the worker has to prepare them I had to wait 10 minutes after one customer that had 4 what a drag and bad business

  25. Bree says:

    I don’t get why they cut up peperoni from the BMT sandwich and use the same sauce from the meatball sandwich. In saving the bit of extra effort to stock a few more ingredients, they sacrifice a lot of flavor and workers time. I can’t believe we have to wait for them to slice up the peperoni as a line forms. It just lacks common sense that they don’t stock the store with smaller peperoni as well. The sauce ruins it. This is pizza not spaghetti! It just seems like they were trying to add a bit more in sales with the smallest amount of effort physically possible.

  26. Mary says:

    I just bought a slice of flatzilla at the Subway on City Hall Plazain Boston. I thought the flavor was ok for not being a pizza place.
    What really bothered me was that I ordered the veggie flatzilla and was told I could have only 3 different veggies on my flatzilla.
    Well, I love veggies and when I buy the veggie delite sandwich, I get it loaded up with veggies.
    I won’t be buying the veggie flatzilla again.

  27. Never liked any pizza from Subway. It’s about as tasty (or should I say nasty?) as the pizza you get at Chuck E. Cheese. The sauce is equally as vile. I’d rather buy Ellio’s and put on my own damn toppings, or better yet… Stouffer’s French bread pizza! Still, Subway is a step up from that abomination that the gas station food marts sell. Now THAT crap needs a “do not take internally” warning label on it!

  28. A milla says:

    It wasn’t good. Tasted like a microwaved rubbery soft pizza. Sause was still cold too.

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