Review: Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza from Pizza Hut

It’s no mystery that I’m not too fond of Pizza Hut.  Most of my mentions of Pizza Hut on GrubGrade are pretty negative and you wonder why I’m reviewing a Pizza Hut product when I’ve got so much venom.  Well, just as long as you know that little piece of background, take this for what it is.  I give Pizza Hut a chance from time to time to see if maybe one of us has changed.  Pizza Hut just came out with new Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza and I just placed an online order.  Should be here any minute…Flatbread Pizza Hut BoxFast forward a few minutes…OK, I’m back… pizza arrived, check out the long box picture above.  The box is two feet long by 9″ wide. I snapped some pics and I’m now sitting in my office with this new Flatbread Pizza from Pizza Hut.  I dropped $11.99 for this, plus $2.50 delivery charge, plus tax and tip I’m down $19.00… laziness can get pricey.

Pizza Hut Flatbread PizzaThe Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza is made up of six individual pizzas topped three different ways on a flatbread crust.  Each piece is around 3.5 inches wide by 8 inches long.  You choose up to three toppings for each pair.  I went with pepperoni and onions on my first pair, ham and pineapple on the next one and pepperoni, italian sausage and mushrooms on the final two.  Even though I had the option to have three toppings on each flatbread, I only maxed out with one of the pairs.Pizza Hut FlatbreadHow much of a difference do the toppings make?  Well the major focus on these flatbreads is the crust and the toppings so it’s important they don’t have any glaring issues.  The flatbreads are low on cheese and sauce which is typical of the flatbread-style pizza.  I found this to be a positive considering my issues with not being a big fan of Pizza Hut is the cheese and sauce.  With that put aside, the Flatbread Pizza is getting some easy points for that. The only thing new on this pizza is the flatbread crust and I found it to be passable.  The edges get pretty tough and hard for a crackery crunch, yet I didn’t mind it that much.  Yeah it’s a little on the overly dry side, but I expected that from a flatbread crust that acts as a very sturdy base for the ingredients. There is very little mess this pizza.  No dripping sauce or ingredients sliding off or strings of gooey cheese.  This pizza is great grab and go grub.  I did find the flatbreads with the combo of pepperoni, italian sausage and mushrooms to buckle more under the weight of the ingredients.  These pieces also seemed to have more sauce and cheese so either there’s a consistency problem or that’s just a result of the weighty sausage.  Not a huge concern.

Pizza Hut Flatbread PizzasAt a price of $11.99, it’s not an amazing value, but it’s about what I’d expect to pay.  The additional seven dollars for laziness won’t be taken into my opinion of the product itself.  If you’ve got a group of three people sharing the Flatbread Pizza, there are three separate taste choices in one and two pieces for each person.  Two bucks per piece is how it’s broken down and that price seems about average.  At this point in writing, I’ve had one of each flatbread and I’m stuffed.  I would’ve been satisfied stopping at two so I know the value is fair to me.Flatbread Pizza HutIn closing, of course these reviews are subjective and an opportunity to share your personal opinion and hope that maybe someone cares to read it.  Maybe reviews are just fodder for the contrarians that will surely call me moronic for liking or disliking a particular product.  To me, all I want is to give you my take, my pictures, and get a discussion going.  This review was worth writing because I gave a fair shot to a place that is clearly not a favorite for me.  Pizza Hut didn’t wow me in any way with their Flatbread Pizza, but they didn’t turn me off to the idea of completely closing my mind to the idea of changing tastes and changing opinions.  On this particular day, Pizza Hut was decent.

Pros: Three topping choices over three pairs of Flatbread Pizza. Focus more on the toppings than the cheese and sauce.

Cons: I didn't hate the flatbread crust, but it was far from perfect with some areas overly dried out.

Taste: 7.25/10
Value: 6.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.75/10
Price: $11.99

Overall GrubGrade: 7.25/10

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Nutrition Facts:
Varies due to customization

33 comments on “Review: Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. JF says:

    Ryan, I am a bit shocked by your numbers. Like you, I do not think of Pizza Hut for pizza, and I’d never accuse them of having a quality product.

    I would think based on the pictures and your description, this should be about a $10 – $12 option. The price is way too high, and I guess I should not expect PH to deliver a quality product, or at least a product above from the other options they offer.

    This does not appeal to me, and they seem to be grasping at air.

    This is almost one case where I wish you did not take one for the team. Knowing PH and their products, I never would have expected this to be better than any of their other offerings.

    But you are the man for taking one for the team!

    I appreciate the review, but never would have considered this, or any other PH product.

    I hope you are feeling well tomorrow morning! 😉

    • bakin says:

      Lrn2read, it’s price point is 11.99

    • TJ says:

      I would never say Pizza Hut is great, but I’ll never get why it’s generally so hated on here… it’s chain pizza, I really don’t think Domino’s or Papa John’s are much better, they are all okay and convenient at times. I bet he’ll feel fine tomorrow, it’s not great pizza but it’s not poison either, chains have to be wary of making people sick. Also, the pizza is within your $10-12 range, it’s 11.99. I’ll give some credit to this site, I thought they would never give Pizza Hut a review that wasn’t very negative, but I was wrong.

      • Scrape says:

        I don’t know how good the quality of the chains are where you live, but here, Pizza Hut is bottom of the barrel. Last one I had was utterly disgusting. Almost no cheese (which has gotten worse over the years and gives some people digestive troubles),the dough was unevenly cooked and not risen properly because they use frozen dough pucks instead of fresh dough. The quality has gone downhill significantly for years, and it now borders on inedible…and for pizza, that is almost impossible. All the other chains, Papa Johns, Dominos, and even Little Ceasars use fresh dough, with most of them mixing it in the store. Dominos has really stepped up its game, as has Little Ceasars, and BOTH have a MUCH better pan pizza than Pizza Hut. Even the $5 pizzas from Little Ceasars wipe the floor with the ‘Hut, with their Deep Deep Dish style very close to what Pizza Hut used to be like. And the ‘Hut is the by far the most expensive for what you get. My local one is a full blown restaurant, so its not like they really have a good excuse for not making fresh pizza dough all the time as they have a full kitchen. Whereas the places you would expect frozen, like the take out only places, go through the trouble of making their dough fresh in the store or at least a local cental commissary kitchen and truck it in fresh. We pick on them because they are all gimmick and no substance.

    • Ryan says:

      16 hours later and I’m feel pretty good 😀

  2. fdask says:

    Delivery charge + tax + tip are the bane of the lazy mans existence! 🙁

  3. BigBelly says:

    I appreciate you taking the time to try & review it. I too, am not a fan of the hut, haven’t been there in years, but these peaked my curiosity as I very much enjoy Roundtables flatbreads. If you’ve had the opportunity to try theirs also, I’d be interested in how they compared

    • Jeff L. D. says:

      Keep in mind BigBelly, he might not have Roundtable Pizza in his area. For me, Roundtable is one of the best chain pizzerias especially when it comes to the quality of toppings.

      • BigBelly says:

        thanks guys, I thought it might be a problem, but was also hoping maybe others like yourselves could give a comparison too. We do have it good with them, so much better then the other chains

    • TJ says:

      Roundtable is easily my favorite pizza chain, they consistently make pretty good pizza.. I doubt many people on here know of them though, I think they’re mostly on the west coast.

  4. Esther says:

    I actually like Pizza Hut, but I prefer to stick to their core menu. This looks like a bad attempt at a thin crust pizza. If I can get someone else to pay for it, I might try it, but on my own dime? Nope.

  5. rob says:

    These days everything is fire baked. What did they bake with before they had fire? I am going to come out with “Nuclear Radiation Baked Pizza.”

    My pizza is better because it glows in the dark.

  6. Jack says:

    Thanks for the review. Those close-up shots actually don’t look bad. I haven’t been a big fan of the Hut since they switched to frozen dough many years ago. Now I don’t eat there unless I see a really good deal (like the recent $5.50 large). Remember the Bigfoot? Now there’s a party pizza!

  7. MP says:

    My issue with Pizza Hut is the same with Little Caesars, Dominos, Papa John’s: cheap on the sauce & especially on the cheese; heavy on the bread. Cheese is very important to pizza & of course the chains will be cheap on it because it is the most expensive ingredient.

    • Alex K. says:

      Eh… wait, what?

      Little Caesars often times has too much sauce. Normally has plenty of cheese.

      Papa John’s has quite a bit of dough, and nothing else matters… the pizza’s way overpriced.

      Dominos has the thinnest dough that I’ve ever seen on a pizza, and basically no sauce.

      Wherever you live is screwing you.

      • MP says:

        I think that’s because they are all made by teenagers who don’t give a rat’s ass. That’s why I don’t get them anymore. Little Caesar’s is by far the worst – there’s isolated sections of cheese, like 2″ edge crust; air pockets. For a $5 Hot n Ready, I don’t even expect real cheese. I recently came into their square deep dish – same turd, different shape.

  8. icecycle66 says:

    Is this just an oddly shaped thin crust pizza, or is the crust actually different in content from other Pizza hut crust?

  9. Jonathan Wayne says:

    This actually looks pretty good and the price is not bad. It is like a bunch of different Stouffer’s French bread pizzas.

  10. Chris says:

    … This review seems oddly familiar. Ah of course! You’ve taken a high school book review and just changed the title of the book to reflect Pizza Hut pizza. “It’s no mystery that I’m not too fond of (J.K Rowling).”

    “I give (J.K Rowling) a chance from time to time to see if maybe one of us has changed. (J.K Rowling) just came out with new (Harry Potter Spin-off)”
    “In closing, of course these reviews are subjective and an opportunity to share your personal opinion and hope that maybe someone cares to read it”
    ” This review was worth writing* because I gave a fair shot to a place that is clearly not a favorite for me.”

    *if only it was worth reading…

    You’ve taken food journalism/criticism to a new low. Thank you.

    • Ryan says:

      Anytime. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    • Tony says:

      Internet user Chris is an ornery misanthrope. In his spare time he reads sorcery novels and eats chain pizza while crying about his miserable existence.

      • TJ says:

        Misanthrope is a great word, very nice. I consider myself to be a bit of a misanthrope at times, but yea not to the degree that dude is 🙂

  11. TheHotToddy23 says:

    Pizza Hut is okay (keep in mind I said okay) from time to time, but those times needs to be pretty far apart for me. For starters, I don’t feel too well the next day after eating it, which probably isn’t unusual, but secondly it just isn’t worth what you pay for it as per most of the sentiments expressed in this comment section. My opinion is that the company will have to re-do how they approach their food in the near future because quality has drastically diminished in the past few years and it is very noticeable. Some people will eat damn near anything so they’ll always have customers, but in a area like pizza which is becoming ever more competitive they’ll definitely need to step it up without completing upsetting their core menu items- definitely going to be a challenge as I see it.

    Thanks for the review, but something I’d pass on trying. I’m sure it isn’t exactly like their other products but it sure looks like it to me.

  12. Cm8000 says:

    I actually enjoyed the flat bread pizza. Its basically a thin and crispy crust but a little better. I always liked pizza huts thin and crispy crust because its an overall better topping ratio you get with every bite and not all chewy and greasy like their pan pizza. Not to mention fewer calories and fat.

  13. Matt says:

    Not sure why all of the hate concerning Pizza Hut. Since I was a kid, my parents ordered from the Hut, and back in my high school days of the 80s, the local Pizza Hut was a big hang out along with the Burger Chef next door. (Oh, how I miss you, Burger Chef!)

    Needless to say, when it comes to chain pizza places, I think Pizza Hut is far and away better than Domino’s, Papa John’s or Little Caesars.

    Granted, I only order the same thing over and over, which is the Super Supreme Pan Pizza. I got one last week for only $8.55 and it was very good. Yes, it might have to due with location. The one down the street from me is a full-service restaurant that was recently remodeled. Very nice on the inside and very clean. Service has been good, as well.

    With that, though, I have no interest in a flatbread pizza, but my wife might like it. She watches her carb intake.

    There are tons of “mom-and pop” pizza shops in my area (and I will include Donatos because I remember when they had just a few locations back in the day) that offered really good, thin crust pizzas cut into squares. Unfortunately, those cost around $20 if you want it loaded with toppings.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I can only speak for myself, but my disdain for PH comes from the changes they have made after Yum Brands took them over. I used to work at a PH in the 80’s and my best friends ex-wife managed one in between stints managing Burger Kings in the early 2000’s, so I know what goes on behind the scenes at “The Hut”, and how much things have changed. Corners have been cut, the dough is no longer made in store, and the overall quality has went over a cliff when compared to what we enjoyed as a kid in the 70’s and teens in the 80’s. The pan pizza is a greasy shell of it’s former self, and is nowhere near as good as it once was. It’s like Yum came along and ruined pretty much everything. Their only saving grace is the Thin and Crispy for me. Still, I pretty much support my local mom and pop shops when it comes to pizza. It’s rare that I ever order chain pizza anymore.

  14. Raiders757 says:

    My main question is the “firebaked” claim. Just what do they mean by this? “Firebaked” from the gas flame in their conveyor ovens, or “firebaked” in a food processing plant, frozen, then shipped out to their stores? Obviously these are not baked in an actual wood burning brick oven, but that’s what this promotion seems to be trying to claim. I’m intrigued, but not willing to take the chance with PH anymore. Their thin and crispy pie is about the only thing they haven’t completely ruined since Yum Brands took them over.

  15. Darci says:

    Tried to order chicken alfredo flatbreads & was told its against corporate policy to put the white sauce on the flatbreads? WHAT?? Anyone else have that happen?

  16. TheLizBiz says:

    I’m still iffy on whether or not I want to try these because I’m not a fan of flatbread (pizza needs to have a crust etc., it’s not a freakin cracker). However with that being said, the PH near me (literally down the hill and around the corner, approx 5 mins away) has always delivered fantastic products. I’m lucky that I live so close because anything I order is always piping hot and delicious. There’s always plenty of cheese and sauce (i don’t like a lot but my bf does so we compromise) so that’s never a problem. My only problem is how greeeeasy everything is. Always! No matter what toppings! Anyways, back to the flatbread pizza, we are thinking of ordering it tonight so I’m checking out reviews online. Yours seems to be pretty unbiased overall, so thanks!

  17. Paul Soriano says:

    My order of folate bead pizza was the worst pizza I ever had, made me wish I had bought a red Barron pizza in the froze section of walmart.

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