Review: Double Dippers Parmesan Ranch from Popeyes

Third times a charm as it took me three tries to finally get a hold of Popeyes Double Dippers.  The latest LTO combines fried chicken with ranch and parmesan for a very odd mash up of unfamiliar flavors at Popeyes.
Popeyes Double DippersPopeyes Parmesan Ranch Double Dippers feature six boneless wings served with your choice of one side, a biscuit and a special dual-dipping side of parmesan cheese crumbles and buttermilk ranch dressing for a suggested price of $5.   Prices and participation may vary and I ended up somehow getting about nine boneless wings, no biscuit or side and it was $4.79 before tax.  Let’s review:Popeyes Double DippersHow do you differentiate a chicken nugget from a chicken tender, from a chicken strip, from a boneless wing?  Popeyes boneless wings are very nugget-like to me.  That’s not a bad thing.  They’re sized right and perfect for dipping.  As usual, Popeyes stays consistent with their breading to actual chicken ratio.  It’s not an overly crusty morsel of breaded chicken… just crunchy enough…. and if one happens to be too crusty, there usually seems to be a bonus piece in the box.  The breading is the familiar flavor of the authentic Louisiana seasonings which has some very tongue-pleasing peppery smoke.Popeyes Double DippersBoneless wings are nothing new to Popeyes fans.  What is new is the oversized dipping cup with a compartment for buttermilk ranch dressing and a compartment for parmesan crumbles.  The execution was fine and the portion was as well.  The consistency of the ranch and the hearty chunks of crunchy cheese bits work well on their own and work well together.  Unfortunately, they don’t mesh that well together when the chicken is involved.  It’s a confusing trio of flavors battling it out and actually takes away from the highlight of the meal which is the Popeyes chicken.  Popeyes boneless wings work well even without a dipping sauce and there have been far better dipping sauce flavors introduced over the years.  This half and half cup of sauce and crumbles has an interesting texture combo, yet lacks the right harmony of flavors to go with Popeyes fried chicken.  I can see this idea working, just not with these specific flavors.Popeyes Double DippersIt’s hard to know how to assess the value of Popeyes Double Dippers considering the strange variety of prices going on at my local Popeyes.  If you can find it at the advertised $5 combo box price (drink not included), it’s a typical solid Popeyes deal.  The Popeyes I went to had the $5 promo sign and that’s what I thought I ordered.  The other choices posted on the menu board were the 6pc combo with a drink for $6.50 or a 9pc combo with a drink for $8.00.  I got 9 full pieces with no sides or drink for $4.79.  Whatever the case, still a pretty fair value, but would you sub out 3 boneless wings for a heap of fries and biscuit and take away 21 cents?  I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Popeyes Double DippersThis was a strange Popeyes experience for me.  Popeyes has always been so consistent that any bump in the road makes the experience seem extra unusual.  It took me three tries to find Double Dippers and when I found them, there were a variety of price options.  The strangest part is still the choice to use ranch and parmesan cheese flavors on Popeyes chicken.  The boneless wings are much better on their own.

Pros: Combo price. Popeyes boneless wings. Oversized sauce/crumbles container.

Cons: Ranch and parmesan flavors didn't vibe well Lousiana seasonings. Too many pricing options when all I wanted was the $5 meal.

Taste: 5.75/10
Value: 7.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: $4.79 for 9pc, promo is $5 for 6pc w side and biscuit

Overall GrubGrade: 6.25/10

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4 comments on “Review: Double Dippers Parmesan Ranch from Popeyes

  1. Robert says:

    In my experience, prices/participation vary greatly regarding Popeyes LTOs. In the Chicago area, the *sign* they put up will say something, and they’ll claim they don’t honor it. Drives me batty.

  2. BigBelly says:

    Seems like it would be really salty.
    Are these like Parmesan crisps that have been crumbled, or just really course dried out cheese?

  3. Johnnyboy says:

    Make Popeye’s Great Again! Their chicken does not need any sauces or condiments. It should taste great without anything.

  4. Karen C. says:

    Had this yesterday. Agree — great idea but flavors don’t work. I was thinking maybe buffalo sauce and blue cheese or maybe honey and parmesan?
    Just way too salty.
    Chicken was delicious and not greasy at all.

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