Review: Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger from Wendy’s

The nationwide roll-out of Wendy’s new cheeseburger line dubbed, Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers, won’t hit until October 3rd, but my local Wendy’s has them already.  Lucky me?  Meh, whatever… the Wendy’s restaurants around my hometown never seem to get anything right so I guess you could say this was a pleasant surprise.  I’ve learned to approach Wendy’s with low expectations lately as to not get overly disappointed, yet I still come away feeling as though something isn’t quite clicking anymore for the fast food chain.  Time to review the new and improved Wendy’s cheeseburger.

Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger (Single) is described like this:

A quarter-pound of 100% real North American beef and the freshest premium toppings on buttered, toasted buns – our new gold standard!

I went for the $3.49 Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy 1/4 pound Single for this review because I didn’t want to overdo it right away.  While the 1/2 pound Double and 3/4 pound Triple are available as well, I figured let’s start off with the Single and maybe if it’s stellar, a Double or Triple could be an option for some other gluttonous day. The burger boasts “New Premium Toppings” like crinkle-cut pickles, sweet red onions and thick hand-sliced tomato.  Sadly, none of these ingredients scream premium to me and they came off quite ordinary.  I wouldn’t have been able to tell there was any change if not for the advertising.  The iceberg lettuce is the same and should’ve been replaced with some leafy green.  If you’re going to overhaul your cheeseburger, it’s better to do a complete overhaul.  Was the burger “Hot ‘N Juicy”?  No and no.  It was so-so warm and a little dry to be honest.  The beef patty was definitely a thicker hunk of beef than what I’m used to with Wendy’s, but that’s about where the improvement ends.  What I disliked most about the new Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger was the bun.  Soft and fresh, but not at all buttered or toasted.  So very average.

I was looking forward to this cheeseburger and that was probably my biggest mistake.  Advertising hype and tasty pics drew me in like a sucker.  This isn’t any kind of big improvement from what you’re used to with the bigger burgers at Wendy’s.  The improvements that I’d prefer to see include consistent prices and a return of the 99cent Extra Value Menu everywhere.  The last few years at Wendy’s has left me with just lasting impressions of shrinking food and inflated prices.  Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburgers are nothing but a lateral move in business that continues to let me down.

Pros: Noticeably thicker beef patties.

Cons: Disappointing non-toasted bun. No improvement to the lettuce. Crinkle-cut pickles, red onions have little impact.

Taste: 7.00/10
Value: 5.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.00/10
Price: 3.49 (Single)

Overall GrubGrade: 6.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Cheeseburger (1/4 pound Single)
Calories - 580
Total Fat - 33 grams
Saturated Fat - 14 grams
Cholesterol - 105 milligrams
Sodium - 1240 milligrams
Carbs - 42 grams
Sugars - 10 grams
Dietary Fiber - 3 grams
Protein - 31 grams

121 comments on “Review: Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger from Wendy’s

  1. Nick says:

    Disappointing. I remember Wendy’s being my favorite as a kid, but the burgers have seemingly gotten drier and less tasty.

    Maybe it was just because I only went a handful of times a year and they were exposed with more visits.

    • Richard says:

      I also remember Wendy’s being hot and juicy and fresh and awesome through the 90s and 2000s. However sometime in the 2000s they started crapifying their food. Drier and nastier burgers and now they come up with a special “hot and juicy” burger and they can’t even make it hot or juicy… there was a time when you didn’t have to special order “Hot” or “juicy” at Wendy’s. When they fix it I’ll go back. Their fry’s didn’t need improvement, either.

  2. Jon says:

    I saw them in Suffolk, VA the other day. Went for the Spicy Chicken instead.

    They were serving them in a box there (think Krystal/White Castle). I guess that’s not at all locations, given the above picture.

    • Ryan says:

      Maybe the Double or Triple get a box?

    • Raiders757 says:

      Our entire Tidewater region has been a test market for these burgers for almost a year now. The half box with paper wrapping is a more recent addition though.

      Sad to read the bad review. I like the new burgers myself. Most of our local Wendy’s tend to get things right, but a few screw them up badly. I had been disappointed with Wendy’s over the past few years, but their new burger has given me more than just the spicy chicken option when I visit their drive through. Indeed, the toppings are still the same and hardly “premium”. I guess if you compared them to BK, they would be, but I tend to set the bar higher than that. Still, they have improved upon their burger.

      For now, Wendy’s is not an option, as they’re remodeling the store. They pretty much gutted the place, fenced it off, and threw up a sign that claims a new updated Wendy’s is coming soon. I’m guessing it’s the new store model they’ve been testing in other markets.

      Ryan, the box thing is a recent addition, but I did order a double not long ago, and it came in a half box with the burger wrapped in paper sticking out of it. I guess the box part is for holding your burger while eating in the car. I just chuck it aside myself. I also might add, the double is the way to go with the new burgers.

  3. SkippyMom says:

    I printed out the free coupon for my husband. He thought it was okay for free – nothing to shell out 3.50 for. He was disappointed that when he asked for no mayo then did, in fact, put it on. That may haves skewed his thoughts on it.

  4. J.B. says:

    Goddamn Wendy’s.

    They had a chance to do this right and win people back and they screwed it up. All I see is their traditional dried out burger patty and I don’t want to even try it now. Especially at that price. That is knocking on the door of a Five Guys little hamburger price and I know which one I would rather have.

  5. larry says:

    Well, I think the two biggest negatives are that the bun wasn’t toasted (imo a decently toasted bun can make a huge difference in the total package. especially if you were expecting it to be toasted and it wasn’t) and that patty looks to be well over-cooked.

    I’m good with the iceberg and frankly the other veggies look to be reasonably fresh – I’m a tomato snob when it comes to sandwiches. The tomato simply can’t be mealy which is why I tend to hold the tomato.

    I think I’ll hit them in the middle of lunch rush, walk inside, and have them hold the tomato. That should at least get a fresh burger for the tryout.

    Nice review Ryan. I tend to agree with you on all points Wendy but I’m still hoping they get this burger right.

  6. steve says:

    i had one friday. thought it was fabulous.

  7. Mattitude says:

    Wow, you must have some raggedy Wendy’s in your area, I just chose it with mustand,ketchup,pickles,red onion and bacon and wow! Toasted bun and all, it was fantastic, hope your Wendy’s realizes their errors before destroying their reputation there permantly.

  8. Kayleigh says:

    This really bums me out! You have such bad experiences with Wendy’s, which is too bad because it’s by far my favorite of the major fast food chains.
    The one closest to my house was recently remodeled with modern furniture and earth tones, it’s actually pretty cool in there. We have the 99 cent value menu and the employees always get your special requests right. What I really love about Wendy’s is all the options you get that you can’t find other places. I love their chilli, and the salads are great too. And who doesn’t heart a frosty on a hot day?
    Hope your Wendy’s gets better, because around here it’s the best.

  9. Manavee says:

    For some reason, i was expecting good things from this burger. I’ll still try it, but it really doesn’t look that different from their normal burger from the pictures.

  10. Christopher says:

    Practically the same price as a Five Guys single patty cheeseburger (with the option of 12+ toppings and sauces).

    How can Wendy’s honestly think it can compete on any level?

  11. Chefprotoss says:

    Yeah, it looks like you got an old patty and a poorly assembled burger. When will these places learn that anything they sell could be going to a food reviewer? Quality means a lot more than just more beef. Every customer should be treated like a king. That is my dream.

  12. Chefprotoss says:

    Yeah, it looks like you got an old patty and a poorly assembled burger. When will these places learn that anything they sell could be going to a food reviewer? Quality means a lot more than just more beef. Every customer should be treated like a king. That is my dream.

  13. Manavee says:

    By the way, has anyone else noticed that whenever Wendy’s products get reviewed around here that a bunch of randoms show up to proclaim that this, that, or the other thing from Wendy’s is the best ever?

    I’m not making any specific accusations, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

    • Raiders757 says:

      In my defense, I actually like Wendy’s, and am in no way affiliated with the corporate scum that run Wendy’s or any other grease pit fast food conglomerate. I’m just happy that I can somewhat enjoy their burgers and fries again, and have had the luck of being in one of their test markets. Five Guy’s kicks their ass, and if I had a choice, I would have a Steak and Shake open up in place of my local Wendy’s. Even better than that, a local mom & pop joint that does one thing really well, and sticks to it to become an icon of local business.

    • PlatypusTheFantastic says:

      @Manavee – Not really. I see that a couple people said they liked it. I think you’d like to believe what you say, and it would be an interesting point if it were true that a “bunch of randoms showed up to proclaim this is the best ever” …..

      I’m sure our reviewer here got a sorry excuse for a “premium” burger and reviewed accordingly, but I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable to consider that not all Wendy’s will serve a dry, cold, burnt patty and an unbuttered & untoasted bun.

      Maybe you feel like that JB guy who gets all insecure & takes it personally every time someone likes something he deems garbage?

      • Manavee says:

        1. I have no opinion on this burger as I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t see where you would get that I felt it was “garbage” since nothing I wrote indicated anything of the sort. In general, although they have their issues, I actually like Wendy’s (certainly compared to Burger King).

        2. My comment wasn’t directed so much at this particular thread, but the collective reviews that have appeared for Wendy’s on this site. There seem to be a number of one-off commentators in these reviews that don’t post again and are overly effusive in their praise for the Wendy’s product. I’m thinking in particular of the Berry Salad that was reviewed here earlier this summer (a salad that I actually liked, btw). There had to be at least 20 comments from various non-regulars practically proclaiming it the best salad they had ever had. Like I said, I thought the salad was good, but the over the top nature of the other comments made me a bit suspicious.

        • PlatypusTheGiggler says:

          I commented about this review because not only is this is where you decided to make the comment, and you also did say “whenever Wendy’s products are reviewed”. What you’re saying is just untrue, and I think a lot of us enjoy a comment forum with a wide variety of opinions, even from commenters who decide on rare occasion to pop up.

          – “There seem to be a number of one-off commentators in these reviews that don’t post again and are overly effusive in their praise for the Wendy’s product.” –

          Do you have any idea how obsessive you just revealed yourself to be with that sentence?

          How much time are you spending analyzing the comments in all reviews looking for recurring anonymous user IDs in order to determine who is a “regular”, and counting the number of negative vs positive comments? How would you know if they didn’t post again? Is someone’s opinion less legitimate if their life doesn’t revolve around keeping up their reputation on a food blog?
          Thanks for the laugh! Mangia!

  14. Aaron says:

    I’m a recent Wendy’s convert. Their burgers are already way better than they used to be a few years ago, so just being a subtle change is fine with me.

    I had one and like you said, I wouldn’t have noticed had it not been for the advertising.

    • Richard says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. There has been an improvement from a few years ago? Wendy’s was a phenomenal place through the 90s and early 2000’s. I dunno what happened or when but lately their beef is dry and they’ve all but lost me as a customer. I haven’t gone in 2-3 years now. You must be thinking about some other place. All innovation at this place happened before they merged with Arby’s, and it’s been downhill since. Or maybe it’s been downhill since Dave passed.

  15. Aimee says:

    The picture is not at all appetizing!!! Look at that big fluffy bun! Dave Thomas is rolling in his grave since the big fluffy bun was one of the lines from the “Where’s the Beef?” campaign from the 80’s.

    Wendy’s is on my crap list due to their new $1 Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich. What a bunch of jerks. You are missing the Kaiser bun & the ranch, bacon, tomato pieces sauce from the 90’s. So why use the same name? Grrrr.

  16. Anyone remember the Overstuffed Pitas at Wend’y I miss em’ so much =(

    • Raiders757 says:

      I drool just thinking about the Chicken Ceasar Stuffed Pita. I ditched the ceasar dressing for Italian, and it was THE bomb. Yes, I remember them, and miss them a swell. Wish they would bring them back.

  17. drpep says:

    Take away all mentions of the new burger from Ryans review and you have the reasons I go to Wendy’s about once every two months instead of every week like I was doing until about 3 years ago. That said I can’t wait to try this burger, even after seeing the crappy looking one Ryan was served.

  18. ERock says:

    Wendy’s has never been the same since Dave died. Not only a good man died, but a good product chain did too. 🙁

  19. Biff says:

    Wendy’s blows… Used to be good, but now just like McDonald’s. Don’t look forward to eating here anymore, it’s just like all the rest. What a crock. America isn’t that stupid, or are we? This crap ain’t worth the price or the life.

  20. Robert says:

    I always find Wendys a very mixed bag. When prepared right the food is pretty good. Its hitting the right store at the right time when the kitchen knows or cares about what it is doing that is the problem. I will still give this new burger a shot though. If only some of these chains could reach the consistency of a chain like Chick-fil-A and get the food right all the time.

  21. Perception says:

    I went there recently and I couldn’t quite see in the back where things are being prepped, but the way the meat is thicker and so uniform, I have to wonder, is it precooked and just warmed up on the grill? It definitely has that appearance, flavor, and consistency.

  22. Seeker says:

    Interesting I just saw this added recently in my area as well, but didn’t try it(as something awesome just showed up) however I’ll be sure to give it a try sometime. I’ve always been a fan of Wendy’s but the thin patties were never enough for me and the stacking in triples seemed like a poorer attempt, so this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

    Anyone else’s location add the cheesey(sp?) cheddarburger? They added it here, and it’s not that great. Basically just a cheese-sauce atop a slice of cheese on their junior burgers. It was nice to be different, but not something I’d go for twice.

  23. missouri says:

    The only reason I go to Wendy’s is for their spicy chicken sandwich – since there are no CFA’s close by.

    There are too many other places that make a better burger for the same price (FG’s and Culver’s to name a few)…

  24. CC says:

    I wish the prices were steady. They are always random..all over the places. In some Wendy’s the jr bacon cheeseburger is 99 cents..and in some it is $1.50. The entire menu seems randomly priced from store to I often end up just not going because I don’t know if it is going to cost me $4 or $8 to eat there, even getting the same things.

  25. GarE says:

    I liked it. Got a double. The patties were thicker and there was more cheese (a layer on the bottom that they didn’t used to have), just as advertised. The bun didn’t seem to be toasted but it definitely tasted buttery.

    They’re a little pricey; my double combo ran me almost 7 bucks with tax. I do think that 5 Guys is better, but my favorite fast food burger is still Dairy Queen. They can be hit or miss – I’ve found that the newer DQ restaurants tend to make a much better burger and fries than the older DQ restaurants, for some reason. But if you find a good DQ, there’s not a better fast food burger and fries out there, IMHO. They make ’em fresh, they’re hot, and the fries are crispy…. mmmm, mmm. And I can get 2 burgers and fries for $4.50 at my local DQ. But I digress. If you liked Wendy’s burgers before, I think the new ones are a slightly better version.

    • Raiders757 says:

      I tried the mini-blizzard $5 combo a few weeks ago, and I have to say that DQ’s quarter pound burger is everything that BK’s Whopper used to be, good. Damn good to be exact. DQ does make a good fast food burger and that $5 combo is the best deal running right now.

      • Ryan says:

        I don’t fit DQ into the rotation much… I will change that. 🙂

      • GarE says:

        Good point, Raiders… like the Whopper, DQ’s burgers are flame-broiled, yet another reason to like ’em… 🙂

      • Scott says:

        I just tried DQ’s $5 combo today (could have gone to any restaurant in town, including Outback or Longhorn, for example, ended up at DQ for some reason or another), and found it to be superior to Burger King’s offerings. Of course, that’s not saying much, but a decent tasting burger, fresh tasty fries, a decently sized drink, and a freakin’ Blizzard? All for five bucks? Awesome!

  26. Jen says:

    I had what I guess is the new burger today. My bun was not toasted and aside from the extra piece of cheese, I didn’t taste any difference between the old 1/4lb. single and the new one. The new crinkle cut pickles suck though and the natural cut fries are still terrible. Since they fries got changed, I virtually quit eating there other than an occasional visit when I crave a frosty but figured I would give the new burger a try and boy was it a disappointment. Wendy’s sucks!!

    • Sharon says:

      Natural cut or Lazy cut? I order the chili nachos now instead of the fries. I don’t like coated fries and really don’t like the amount of salt that they pick up from the salting tray.

      • Sharon says:

        oh.. I call them lazy cut cause they can’t be bothered to peel them. Deep fried skin on fries is gross. Put some effort into it people.

  27. Tony says:

    Tried the 1/2 lb double. I though it was pretty darn good. Definitely better then the previous Wendy’s burger (which always had a slightly odd taste to me). The new one is tastier and juicer. As a Five Guys fan, I could tell it was influenced by the Five Guys burger. Now Five Guys is still the best, but I think this burger puts Wendy’s above McDonalds, and at least even with BK.

    And I like the natural cut fries.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Even with BK? Tell me your kidding. I guess we all have our opinions, but even Mcdonald’s is better than the pathetic BK. Talking about a brand that could take a lesson from Wendy’s, BK is THE pits.

  28. Chris says:

    I went into the local Wendy’s last night and asked if they had the “new” burgers and was told by the counterperson “it’s the same burger packaged differently”! Wow – what a way to roll-out a new product . . . I did receive the new burger – on a perfectly buttered and toased bun with the thicker patties (I ordered a double with cheese), and the promised new toppings. I was not disappointed . . . better than their previous burger, in my opinion. What I expected to see, but didn’t, was point of sale material about the new burgers . . . besides the menu board having a new picture of the burgers under the heading “Hot-n-Juicy” . . . I saw nothing (no advertisement on the bags; no window clings stating they have the new product; no coupon in the bag for the new burgers; no promotional pins worn by the staff; etc). Atleast, the counter person could have greeted me by saying “Hi, would you like to try one of new Dave’s Hot-n-Juicy burgers” – that’s right, the counterperson thought the burger was the same old thing packaged differently . . . so why would I be asked to try one of the new (and improved) burgers!

    • GarE says:

      I also noticed that Wendy’s isn’t doing much to market the changes at all – it’s almost like they don’t want us to notice. In fact, if I hadn’t heard about it on the news, I never would have known – and I doubt that I would have even noticed until I got the burger in my hands. The lack of a marketing campaign seems really odd to me – what’s the point in making these changes if you don’t point them out to people?

  29. drmspike says:

    for those of you that dont know. Wendys meat is fresh just like you would make at home not frozen hockey pucks like burger king and mcdonalds and you dont taste the watered down taste. Made as you order non sitting in a holding cabinet like mcdonalds and burger king

  30. Jim says:

    This article might hint at why the buns were not toasted.

    Some franchisees have safety concerns about the new toasters and spending close to $12K for the 2 toasters required for each store.

  31. JanBrady says:

    Had my husband pick up 2 of the singles and a med frosty. Spent $10.03. Pretty ridiculous for what we got. Total hype. Bun was toasted, but soggy. Patty was flavorless. Mine looked a lot like the one pictured above with one small onion ring. The full fat mayo and sour pickles overpowered everything. Honestly, we could have gotten a much better burger at Culver’s, Red Robin, Chili’s or Five Brothers.

  32. Texzilla says:

    The issue with Wendy’s is the poor management of the franchisees. This impacts consistency. While quality has suffered overall since the acquisition, I find the issues vary from location to location, and even from shift to shift.

    Wendy’s was great when I was in high school. They had singles, doubles, triples, fries, chili, frosty, and drinks. The menu now is too crowded… How many variants of frosty can we have?

    • Sharon says:

      Another issue is with the turn over in the people working there. They never stay long, all part time. They just start getting it all together when they start out with new employees who don’t know squat about anything. My nephew worked there one summer and they had the kids staying after shift to clean up the place. He was there 2 hrs extra every night, no pay. Everyone is supposed to clean up but they had the kids who just started doing it all. So either Wendy’s lays them off before they have to put them on full time or the kids just get fed up and leave. Either way, they are always training new staff who just can’t seem to get it right here.

    • Mike Roberts says:

      I agree, I have been eating at Wendy’s for 40 years & I am thinking they should close the doors.

  33. ALRUI says:

    Tried one today, the highlight was the toasted bun, the lowlight was the rest of the lousy burger!

  34. rondoman says:

    I’m sorry but Wendy’s just plain sucks, period.

    I used to love this place as recent as 3 or 4 years ago but WTF happened?

    The stores are dirty. The people that work there look unhealthy and like they are lacking basic hygiene.

    Two of them in my area have shut down for good.

    Their prices are wildy inconsistent. I see commercials about the MY 99 cent menu, only to go to a Wendys and see nothing 99 cents.

    The place has become a joke IMO. Bad service. Orders always messed up. Overpriced crappy food. Messy unclean environment.

    Screw Wendys, I hope they go out of business.

  35. Aimes says:

    I’ve tried it and it’s tasty. Most of you guys are just saying negative things about it b/c it’s Wendy’s. If In ‘N Out made these changes you guys would be saying otherwise. If they had a blind fold test and didn’t know it came from Wendy’s most of you would say its good. It’s a FAST FOOD BURGER, what do you expect, it’s not GOURMET! AND NO, I’m not a Wendy’s employee bc knowing this society, people will assume that. People are so critical and cynical now a days, get a grip, its a burger and its good.

  36. glazer says:

    I tried these new burger twice now and I’m a little disappointed.
    Yes, the burger is drier than the thinner ones.
    What will definitely loose my business, will be if they are using a cheese sauce instead of REAL INGREDIENTS!
    Real cheese only please!
    Dave would be rolling if he knew this!
    I don’t want sloppy ,I want hot and juicy.

  37. KingmanIII says:

    Ordered a triple a couple of days ago and it was D-A-M-N good. Bun was toasted and buttered (bottom one got a tad soggy), patties were piping hot and greasy like a mofo, plus the cucumber pickles were a nice touch; better yet, they put it all together in about 30 seconds. Guess the Wendy’s I stop by the most often didn’t half-ass it like the one you visited apparently does, at least when it came to the burger (the fries sucked).

  38. ChrisP says:

    I ordered a triple like 2 days ago and it was sooooo good. The bun was delicious and you could taste the butter, the patties were hot, not all that greasy though but not dry at all. I only eat ketchup and lettuce on my burgers, so I did not taste any other vegetables. The cheese was melted perfectly on every patty. OMFG it was so good. Maybe you guys should try the triple instead of the 1 patty, since me and the guy above me both had a good experience. And the fries were awesomeeeeeeeee so salty and crispy. I have never liked Wendys but after having this burger, it is my new favorite restaurant.

  39. Xavier says:

    I’ve had them a couple times now at the local Wendy’s here and I can definitely say it’s a much better eating experience than the previous burger. From what I’m reading it appears that the enjoyment of the burger is highly dependent on the restaurant from which it is purchased.

  40. Anon says:

    If your store was advertising the new line of premium burgers then the bun should have been toasted.

    I work for my local Wendy’s and I can say that the new ingredients/improvements was done in phases. First the meat was changed to the thicker meat patties, then the onions was changed followed by the pickles. One change they don’t advertise is the mayo was changed as well.

    Once a local Wendy’s began to toast/butter the buns is when they were to switch advertising from the old line to the new line. My store decided to hold off on toasting the buns for a week because we had to use up all the old premium buns before we started to use an improved premium bun meant for buttering/toasting.

    Plus all premium sandwiches now come in a box and you can see the top of your sandwich. If the meat is dry like in the picture then your Wendy’s is not enforcing the hold times and managers are not teaching employees as to why the meat needs to be “juicy” at all times. Premium meat patties have a 5 minute hold time once cooked to ensure freshness. Judging by the picture your meat patty had been on the grill for at least 30 minutes.

    If your local store has started to toast the buns try it again but if they still don’t follow the hold times you might want to tell them while ordering you want a fresh, just cooked, meat. Then you will be able to taste the improvements made.

    If your local Wendy’s doesn’t comply with your request there is a number and a website you can submit a compliment/complaint to.

    From the way the managers act at my store if a complaint or compliment is sent in through the number/website on the back of the receipt not only does the store know the district manager and above also sees the compliment/complaint as well and will inquire as to why a customer sent in a complaint.

    The managers at my store actively push customer courtesy and doing what ever it takes to make the guest happy in order to get more compliments than complaints from the report system.

  41. Bruce says:

    I tried the new burger the other day. I’ve always been a big fan of Wendy’s burgers. They’ve always been all alone at the top of my list of favorite fast-food joints. However, I haven’t gone to Wendy’s for a while, partly due to the fact that the nearest Wendy’s to my house is a pretty decent drive, but moreso because their prices skyrocketed in the past few years. Nevertheless, I wanted to try the new burgers.

    I ordered the same as I always do: 3/4 lb Triple Cheese. I found no difference in taste, which is a good thing. However, for a burger advertised as “hot and juicy”, they were neither. Just lukewarm and dried out. It’s funny that in all my years, I’ve never had a dry Wendy’s Triple – that is until they served me the “Hot N Juicy” ones. The toppings all tasted the same to me as well. I’m happy with the one piece lettuce. I hate lettuce on burgers, so it’s really easy for me to just toss out the one piece, rather than trying to scrape off shreds of it.

    The price has increased yet again (surprise surprise). The triple cost me $5.89 before taxes. Just a few years ago, this same sandwich was $3.99. Also, the value menu contained nothing at 0.99. The cheapest item was a regular hamburger at $1.29, and a cheeseburger at $1.49 (20 cents for a slice of cheese???). The new fries were good, but I prefer the old ones, as they were one of my favorites, next to freshly made McDonald’s.

    Overall, it was still a good burger. No pluses to talk about, but no real negatives either. Perhaps I just hit them at a bad time and the burgers are not normally that dry. Time will tell. In my opinion, Wendy’s did not need to reinvent their burgers. What they needed more than anything is to reinvent their prices. Instead, they’re now more expensive than before. Hey, I love Five Guys, but I don’t consider them “fast food”, at least not in the same way as McD’s, BK, Hardees, etc. I don’t eat Five Guys as often as I’d like, completely due to the fact that their burgers are nearly $6. But Wendy’s needs to realize exactly what kind of business they are and what kind of clientele they have. Few people going to the fast food joints wish to spend $5.89 on a burger item. I’d rather just spend a few extra bucks at Red Robin and get one of the best burgers on the planet.

  42. dg says:

    Good burger for the $$. Go with the double for sure. Not 5 guys, but a little cheaper and certainly better than Mcdonalds. Meaty and cheesy, nuff said.

  43. dave miler says:

    The old Wendys burger is much better….and the sea salt fries aren’t up to parr either….Wendys was my #1 place for a burger but I know what i’m going to get at BK..or Mickey Ds… I’ll go there now….

  44. Chris says:

    Every now and then if I hit a Wendy’s just
    Right I get a burger that was just cooked
    Very juicy and delicious. Most of the
    time (80% or more) the burger is very
    dry and overcooked! You can tell they cooked
    it then let it sit and dry out, then sometimes
    regrill it to heat it up which is really nasty.
    I don’t care to wait on a fresh burger and
    I’m afraid if they don’t go to make it when
    It’s ordered the quality is never going to be good
    And I get the driest burger I ever eat
    At Wendy’s!

  45. Isabel says:

    I live in South Florida and have a Wendy’s around the corner of my home. Over here the presentation of the burger is very appealing. The bun IS buttered and toasted and the overall taste is much, much better.

    From what I understand, each Wendy’s is independently owned and participation varies. I’m sorry your experience was lackluster. It’s disappointing to see not all Wendy’s are serving the burger the way headquarters intended it to be.

  46. Chefprotoss says:

    It’s one or the other dude. Wait for quality or eat crap with a quickness. If you consumers keep demanding instant food, you’ll get it. Have fun eating your slop. When a customer complains that his well done tenderloin is taking too long I might be inclined to toss it in the fryer to speed up the process. Uninformed idiots drive me insane and it doesn’t bother me in the least to serve them crap. They wouldn’t know a proper well done anyway. Trust me, they never complain after I toss their thirty dollar cut of meat in the fryer and then drown it in bordelaise. Stupid people=stupid palete.

  47. dparks says:

    I use to really like Wendy’s but I totally dislike their new red onions and pickles because they are too “sweet”. The meat was good as usual but the next time I go there, I will definitely be holding the onions and pickles, which is a shame cause I loved their old onions and pickles.

  48. dparks says:

    P.S. I also dislike their new “sea-salt” fries and believe their old fired were the best on the market. Burger King, Arby’s, here I come!

  49. Mary says:

    My husband and I took our coupon for a free single cheeseburger to Wendy’s. The bun was not toasted, the hamburger was not hot and juicy, it was cold and hard so cold that the cheese didn’t even soften up. There was only the hard bulky stems of the iceberg lettuce on it, which we had to remove to eat the sandwich. This is the worst hamburger since burger king came out with their new double stack. We haven’t eaten there since June. We have 2 more coupons for free single cheeseburgers at wendy’s but we would like to send them back to you.

  50. Kelley says:

    We have lived in our small town going on five years now. We have eaten from the local Wendy’s restaurant four times. Each time we would tell each other, “Maybe they have new people cooking THIS time.” Bad each time to the point of throwing away the food. Burgers taste old, dry and very bland. The “fixin’s” on the burger don’t blend well or something. Fries even taste as if they have been sitting out for a while. The service is not actually service. Never crowded at this Wendy’s. I’m not sure why we even went back the last time. Have a blessed day!

  51. Bill says:

    I guess Wendy’s isn’t preaching consistency these days. While some of you said these burgers were too dry, I had the complete opposite experience. I have tried the Double twice, and each time the damn thing was SOAKED in grease (we’re talking at least 2 tablespoons in a puddle on the wrapper.) Needless to say, I will not make this mistake again.

  52. Me says:

    Just by reading the comments, it’s obvious how much variation there is from franchise to franchise. At the Wendy’s I go to, the buns are most definitely toasted and buttered. In fact, the very strong butter flavoring was the most noteceable thing about the new burger. On the downside, my Wendy’s definitely doesn’t make the patties fresh. They are lukewarm and dried out. When I am able to roll in at midnight and get one of these hamburgers instantly, it’s obvious that they’ve been holding these for hours (also, their chicken sandwiches become jerky). Sounds like Wendy’s needs to get its franchisees and quality in line first before worrying about its recipes.

  53. Sharon says:

    We just got the new Dave’s Hot and Juicy, as well as a couple of Jr Bacon CHeeseburgers and honestly, except for the pickle and the half extra thickness of the meat, it was hard to tell them apart. The burger was the same size as the Jr just half again as thick. They did toast the bun, not sure if they used butter forgot to check that. Very disappointing.

    Oh yeah, we live in North Eastern Ontario, Canada. Seems we always get the gummy end of the stick up here.

    Also, we did drive in and the girl there was rude, they forgot a burger and stated that they didn’t when we went in to get it then they left out the sour cream for the potato. Service as usual here.

  54. NickNack says:

    One major problem I’m reading about is consistency in each store. I just purchased the ¼ lb Hot and Juicy in NYC with the paper in a box. The burger is a *major* improvement from the regular Wendy’s burger. The bread was buttery warm and toasted. Tasting this patty makes me think the original patty has some filler in it; this tasted “beefier” and moist. The red onion is a welcomed addition. No difference in the cheese other than there was more of it. Lettuce is lettuce… The pickles tasted like the pickles 5 guys use. Picture a grilled cheese with a juicy patty and all the accoutrements … One con was the burger was a tad bit too sweet. (Too much ketchup and pickles) Now having said that, It’s no 5 guys but its still tasty. Now Wendy’s please bring back the chicken pita sandwiches!

  55. Josh says:

    I tried the 1/2 double baconator yesterday which included the new patties. This is by far my favorite sandwich I have ever gotten from Wendy’s. The burgers were surprisingly hot, tasty, and very juicy. In fact as I unwrapped the sandwich grease and juices leaked everywhere. Although this was a very good sandwich my combo meal came to just over $8 and no fast food is worth this in my opinion.

  56. Deborah Segler says:

    I am eating a Wendy’s Dave’s Hot N Juicy right now – and it is the same as a single. Nothing has changed. When Wendy’s first opened the burgers were so good and juicy and so much bigger, but now all the has increased in the price. Very disappointed in Wendy’s!

    • Roger says:

      I agree. Had two w a bogo coupon, no onions, light mayo. I think a Wendy’s veteran must have pressed these burgers flat out of habit. Not thick, same Wendy’s singles as always. Had the crinkle cut pickles so must have been “new”. The food was fine, good Wendy’s fare but at usual price of $3.29 each is a bit much. It’s almost like they had no new burger ideas so went with white paper wrappers, cardboard half boxes and lots of marketing to try and convince us they are keeping up with everyone else. Maybe trying to buy time while struggling behind the scenes.

      • Roger says:

        Went to a different location and the burger was the thick presentation. It was fine. Still the same basic Wendy’s with slightly different shape. Not the major new change like when Hardees went to Angus thickburgers was. (which when they sere them a bit crispy are the best fast food burgers around).

      • Roger says:

        Went to a different location and the burger was the thick presentation. It was fine. Still the same basic Wendy’s with slightly different shape. Not the major new change like when Hardees went to Angus thickburgers was. (which when they sear them a bit crispy are the best fast food burgers around).

  57. Patrick says:

    I agree with Dave Miller. I loved Wendys for what it was. Fast food that was a cut above McDonalds and BK. Would have eaten there more if it was closer. They use to have great fries and I loved the burgers. Always seemed to be hot when I got them home. Now they package them in this dumb half open box and by the time I get home (15 min) it is cold. The old wrapper kept everything very warm on the trip home. Wendys has done nothing but gone down hill with these menu changes. Seems to me like they just put more filler in the new burger instead of more meat. Hope this new burger goes the way of new coke.

  58. […] a flop (see “New Coke”,  ”McDonald’s Arch Deluxe”, and now “Dave’s Hot and Juicy Cheeseburgers”).  Surprisingly, Arby’s has pulled it off.  I’ve now tried two of the offerings from […]

  59. Mack says:

    I’ve tried it twice at two different restaurants. The burger is thicker, it was hot, and it was “juicy”, but it was also tasteless. The pickles, etc. were better before the change and the bun was nothing special. In my opinion, the burger might have actually been better before the change.

  60. Sha says:

    Oh my goodness what did they do to your burger? That looks nothing like the real end result and this burger is the best burger I had in years. I hope you give a different Wendy’s a chance because it looks like you got a typical bad Wendy’s burger like everyone has grown accustom to with their food. You probably won’t give it another chance, I don’t blame you with that end result and the price of the burger, but really, it is good when made right. I’m surprised the one I went to didn’t give me one that looks like yours since they are so ghetto.

  61. amy says:

    Had this burger when it first came out and wow it was so delicious it was like a steak and shake burger I almost started raving about it it had the fresh cut pickles and was in a box all fancy.. went back last week craving it.. and I got this nasty mess the same as you.. wierd right? Same wendys one week later and the new burger is gone… I mean the one I got last week was soooo good I really just hope this time it was a fluke cause if not then they need to go back

  62. That guy that eats too many burgers says:

    I have had these new burgers twice now from two different stores. Both times they werereally thin, really dry and luke-warm. The buns were not noticeably toasted but were downright slathered with mayo. (What happened to the mustard?!) The pickles were sweet pickles not dill and I they apparently default to no cheese unless you ask for it. Wendy’s used to be my favorite fast food (aka drive-through) burger but after this disaster I doubt I will be going back. They already screwed up the fries and now this. I generally don’t like fries to begin with and Wendy’s was the only place I would get them. They decided to replace those and now the burgers. Wendy’s has gone from my first choice for fast food to dead last. Really bummed ’cause they WERE the best (emphasis on WERE)!

  63. pamela says:

    Ok, I really love this burger. I had the single and my boyfriend the triple. I seriously think it is great, maybe the problem is not all the stores being consistent as I was teling a coworker about how great I thought it was and she tried one at a different wendys and said it sucked. I ordered mine like it came and it was perfect. I liked it better than five guys, five guys always feels like it just sits in my gut and I need to take a dump. Anyway, just my 2 cents and I loved it!

  64. Jesse says:

    Very disappointed so much I don’t dine at Wendy’s anymore. I used to love Wendy’s the way the old burgers tasted but now they don’t even taste the same .. The new taste is wired . Bring back the old buns and toppings all u needed to do was maybe upsize the meat but leave the burger as a whole alone! Sorry I won’t eat another.

  65. Steve says:

    I agree with this review for the most part…burger is bigger and the new toppings do nothing for me. One thing I would like to add to all this is that the new burger taste a hell of a lot like corned beef. I have given it two chances and I’m saying skip this…its not an improvement.actually I’ll probably never eat there ever again after this move

  66. Craig says:

    10000% totally wrong my friend. Your burger you got is no only the new one but if you look at the picture you took its wrapped in foil and thats not how the burger is sold.

    You didnt get the new burger.

    The new Burger is totally unreal. We are in NJ and my partners in Calif and we both had them today and we are blown away. It runs with In and out burger very close and its the best tasting burger ive had in months.

    You should check what you are doing being slandering a great change like this and go try it again or get your tongue checked !

    Its a great great burger

    • Ryan says:

      I got the right burger. I didn’t get it exactly the way it’s supposed to be presented though. Some Wendy’s locations weren’t quite ready with the right equipment or supplies (mine included)… so some locations offered the burger that wasn’t 100% as advertised. I reviewed Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy Cheeseburger the way it was offered to me and the product I got wasn’t exactly as the advertisement says. That’s not on me, that’s on Wendy’s.

  67. Craig says:

    Oh and by the way , the new bun is toasted slightly and your in the picture..

  68. Jared says:

    Now I realize that Wendy’s is trying to stay ahead of the curb by updating its menu like the other franchises do to keep themselves fresh. But the Old Fashioned Wendy’s burgers sure were good when they were “good.” Now I admit, Wendy’s is probably the worst fast food chain when their food is lazily prepared. But its the best when its newly prepared and hot!
    I feel like Wendy’s newcomer, those who haven’t experienced a Wendy’s burger at its best, are jumping in excitement over the change. But I took my first bite into the new Wendy’s burger and noticed the same consistency as a McDonald’s burger!!!! Sweet pickles!!!! Too much sauce!!! If anything they should have just had this as a special instead of ruining their whole menu. I am young and disappointing change happens all the time… but next time I return to a Wendy’s, I am gonna complain to the manager.

  69. Jesi says:

    I have to say that the Wendy’s in my town definitely matched the advertisment’s description. My burger was a double and was very juicy and the onions were crisp and the bun was buttery… New fave burger!!! I am so sorry that that Wendy’s made you feel you this away about this delicious burger. Although it wasn’t nothing extravagant… still just a regular burger… it tastes so great!!! Love Love Love this addition! =)

  70. Dylan says:

    Sorry to say but you have a bad wendys by you. Without knowing this product even existed my brother picked up the meal for himself and I. The wrapping job on the burger was something to be baffled about because it was so perfect. Carefully peeling the wrapper back almost as if to find a Wonka ticket inside, she revealed an even sweeter treat, the most perfect fast food burger to ever be made. Everything was stacked perfectly, not even a stray molecule of sauce was to be on the wrapper. The bun was nice and puffy, and was defintly buttery tasting. The meat tasted so fresh and was nice and juicy as advertised. I am not a fan of onions or pickles but this burger was to not be tampered with, so I ate them with it, and it really was a nice touch to the burger that greatly carried the experience to the next level. It took me nearly 20 minutes to down the burger and fries (medium) which is a long time considering I at a 10 stack burger at BK in half the time.

    A week later I went to a different wendys and got a poorly made one. My advice is to to go a different wendys to see if you get a better made one.

  71. Jamie says:

    When Wendy’s dropped their 99 cent double stacks, I dropped Wendy’s. By the looks of things I would say about 3/4 of this city has done the same because ever since the double stack disappeared off the 99 cent menu I have noticed there is nobody at any of our Wendy’s anymore. There never anybody at the drive in or inside. Its like a ghost town now. I would never pay the $3.49 they are asking for this new burger unless I was guaranteed it was going to be absolutely perfect and thats apparently not ever going to happen judging by this thread. Reviews here are horrible overall and I just can’t help but to stop and wonder what in the hell happened to that Wendy’s????

  72. Eileen Eulich says:

    I totally disagree. I didn’t even know they had made a change (from the advertisements), but I immediately noticed the purple onions and the new pickles, which now taste a lot like a good deli pickle (or at least Claussens). They make a total impact — so much so that I didn’t need to be told. Of course the term ‘premium’ is subjective, and this is advertising so what do you expect.

    Compared to the other ‘big three’ burger chains, there is no debate. Look at the weird shredded, reconstituted onions on a MacDonalds burger, or the crummy, flabby pickles and nasty shredded lettuce on a Whopper — they just don’t compare. The meat is flat out better — you can tell it hasn’t been frozen. If it seems dry, blame the FDA for requiring burgers to be incinerated for an unnaturally long time.

    Wendy’s will never be In-and-Out, but at the volume they produce I don’t expect that — no reasonable person would. Who are you comparing them to? I think you’re just complaining because it seems more interesting, and whining on the internet has become a national obsession. The fact that you just want the 99 cent menu back leads me to believe you’re not interested in quality — just value. In that case, call the blog ‘cheapest mass produced food possible’ or something. Don’t pretend to actually be reviewing food.

    • Ryan says:

      Hostile eh?

    • Chefprotoss says:

      “If it seems dry blame the FDA”

      Really? If Five Guys can serve a quality fast food burger, so can Wendy’s. I will go ahead and blame cost cutting and piss poor upper management.

  73. Cindy says:

    I just tried the single Dave’s Hot n Juicy. It was neither hot nor juicy. What a waste of $4.00.

    • Debra says:

      Simple….It does not taste good. Once a Wendy’s hamburger fan, I am looking else where for by hamburger fix…..

      • Eileen Eulich says:

        You never liked Wendy’s is you don’t love these burgers. It’s the same as classic Wendy’s with slightly better ingredients. You’re full of it.

  74. Scrape says:

    It is a shame how far Wendy’s has slid. They used to have the best fast food. Now, they are spotty, at best. Most are terrible, there is no consistency to quality as there is with a McDs. There are two near me, ironically, the new one is the “ghetto wendys” while the old one is actually good. I had one of these there and it was great! The burger was indeed hot and juicy, and the new toppings were noticeably better, along with the toasted bun. But you are risking it going to Wendys. Their new fries, the reshaped Frosty (give me the old premix please, not some disgusting vanilla thing with hersheys syrup half-assidly mixed in…DISGUSTING.) At least they brought back the Big Bacon Classic…kinda, with a new stupid name. ITS A BIG BACON CLASSIC! Even their remodels are cheap and nasty…does nothing to improve the dinig experience. At least my good Wendys finally put the soda machine out so you can get free refills. Its been forever since McDs and BK did that..get your act together Wendys, its time to focus on quality again, its what Dave Thomas built the company on!

  75. lee says:

    yeah the chili isnt bad but do you know how they make it ? they use the overcooked burgers from the day and chop them up . ha ha and do you know how long the meat sits in the cooler until they actually put it in the water and spices ? well i do know . message me on facebook if you really want to know .

  76. nick says:

    I always thought wendy’s used ground chuck for their hamburger patties. The first thing I thought of when I tasted the new burger was: This is ground beef! Greasy and not what I would expect from Wendys. I knew when Dave died they would screw it up, just not this fast. Just like Wal-Mart did when Sam died!

  77. Josh says:

    The new burgers suck, the should get rid of those red onions- go back to the white, go back to the old bun, leave off their new “special sauce” and stick with the good old catsup and mayo! I will not go back unless they fix this burger line!

  78. Shirley Williams says:

    This burger in a word SUCKED. It was dry and tasteless. The worst burger that I have ever had. And it was cold. Actually I thought the hot and juicy meant spicey. Boy was I wrong and it had no flavor. My husband bought a double. What a waste of his money.

  79. Sparkles says:

    I had my last single with everything today. So sad when it used to be my favorite bi monthly treat!
    Why change a good thing?!
    I hated the slightly sweet pickle, red onion and the sauce that drips out with every bite.
    Take heed of a very old quote Wendy’s-if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

  80. Jim says:

    I just got around to trying this burger. I went for the 1/2 pound version. I would agree with most of the opinions here. The burgers were not hot and they were not juicy. The lettuce was limp and the tomato was soft and mushy. The pickles were the most disappointing as I don’t think I even tasted them. They were too small and too thin. The bun was not very fresh, it almost felt stale. I do not think Dave would be impressed.

  81. JohnnieB says:

    yo, i just haf a triple stack hot and juicy, and let me tell you it was effing awesome, i love this burger, and im a vegan!…. nah, im not, but i smoke pot, and lemme tell you, wendy’s really hit the spot rite now…. la mara lives!

  82. Zachary Smith says:

    I am bitterly disappointed with the new burgers. William and I will not go back. Bubbleheaded boobies!

  83. Steve says:

    I have eaten at Wendy’s for 20 years. I loved their old burgers. I ate there twice a week at least. I eat my burgers plain, just the meat, bread, and some ketchup. Let me tell you, these new “thick and juicy” burgers, without the veggies and sauce to fool you, taste horrible. I can’t really describe the flavor, but it is bad. It does not taste anything like beef. Almost tastes like a soy burger. It is so, so sad that Wendy’s decided to ditch their long time loyal customers. They have lost me until they bring the old burgers back.

  84. Gina says:

    Had a single in Atlanta ga. I’m sorry to say it was dry and tasteless. Just terrible. The name hot and juicey used to be true but not with this new burger I was left very unsatisfied