Review: Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s

I’m a sucker for value menu items and the latest from Wendy’s is a new version of their original Crispy Chicken Sandwich.  The new Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich offers a couple of extra ingredients in hopes for a new flavor experience.

Crispy Dill Pickle Chicken SandwichWendy’s describes their new Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich like this:

Wendy’s new Crispy Dill Chicken is a pickle lover’s dream. Piled high with crunchy dill pickles and topped with a refreshing cucumber dill sauce – all for just $1.49.

Of course that $1.49 is just a suggested price.  I purchased the sandwich at a Maryland Wendy’s for $1.99.  Not as big of a price difference as I’ve experienced in the past. Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich Wendys 2You might remember the latest update to the North Pacific Cod Sandwich from Wendy’s featured a dill tartar sauce and dill pickles.  With the new Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich, the impact of the dill flavor and pickle crunch wasn’t as impressive.  The crunch of the two crinkle-cut dill pickle pieces took a hit from a combination of the cucumber dill sauce and the warm slice of Monterey Jack cheese.  Looks aside, the cheese was warm, don’t let the lack of melt fool you.  The Monterey Jack cheese didn’t do much to improve the sandwich as it’s pretty weak.  There definitely is a strange Filet-O-Fish type of vibe that I got from this chicken sandwich and the pickle flavor, sauce and soft roll are the main culprits. 

Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich Wendys 3The chicken patty isn’t too overly breaded, but its non-premium value qualities still shine too bright.  There’s minimal crunch and not much to the seasoning flavor beyond salt, chicken stock and some pepper.  I believe the addition of the cucumber dill sauce and crinkle cut pickles actually work against the sandwich overall because it makes the lower quality chicken stand out too much.  Probably the only condiments that work with a cheap chicken sandwich and not against it would be your standard ketchups, BBQ sauces, any common nugget dipping sauce really.  The herby cucumber dill sauce and crinkle cut pickles will feel a lot more comfortable in a premium chicken or fish Wendy’s sandwich. Also worth mentioning… I’m not sure what’s up with the Wendy’s produce lately, but the quality is feeling more and more like Burger King.Crispy Dill WendysI don’t think the Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich turned out to be the “pickle lover’s dream” that Wendy’s hoped for.  It’s got a mix of new and old flavors that work against one another so overall I found it to be mediocre.

Pros: Under 2 bucks. Bun.

Cons: The mix of newer ingredients with familiar value menu ingredients made the flaws of the familiar stuff stand out.

Taste: 5.25/10
Value: 5.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.75/10
Price: $1.99

Overall GrubGrade: 5.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
420 calories, 24 grams of
fat, 6 grams of saturated, 1160 milligrams
of sodium, 35 grams of carbs, 5 grams of
sugar, 3 grams of fiber, 16 grams of protein

41 comments on “Review: Crispy Dill Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s

  1. Elise says:

    As a pickle lover, my dream involves far more than 2 pickles.
    How disappointing, this sounded good.

  2. SPM79 says:

    Sandwich look very sad, look at that pathetic produce and that Dollar Tree quality bun. It seems like Wendy’s has just given up.

    • MP says:

      There’s nothing wrong with the bun. Unlike all the LTO fancy buns that are dry, these are always soft & moist. Wendy’s has been tinkering with their crispy chicken sandwich & Jr. cheeseburger for years. The dill sauce is a holdover from the fish sandwich & it’s actually pretty good.
      Burger King on the other hand, is the one who has clearly given up. Hot dogs? GTFO.

  3. Tim says:

    I just had this yesterday, and I thought the cucumber dill sauce complemented the pickles well. I also got six pickle slices on my sandwich.

  4. ZoeSavannah says:

    I had this yesterday and thought it was pretty good for the price. It was only $.99 at my Wendy’s. When I asked about the toppings, the server told me that this sandwich comes standard with 8 pickles so I am not sure why others only had 2. The cheese was lost on this sandwich under the sauce IMO. I agree that this would be much better offer on a premium chicken sandwich than the cheap patty but all in all I thought it was something different for the price.

  5. Ryan says:

    So I was in AZ a few weeks ago and I went to a Wendy’s and I noticed their produce wasn’t as good as I was used to in CA. California Wendy’s have better produce because the veggies here are fresher.

  6. Snackeroo says:

    Looks like a lettuce lover’s dream.

  7. MP says:

    Wow. Scathing, ruthless review. Wendy taking it right on the chin & then some!

    • MP says:

      Had one yesterday. Too many damn pickles! I got 7 of them. It tasted like a pickle sandwich. I couldn’t taste the cheese or even the chicken. I’ll stick with the original.

  8. Kevin K. says:

    I think it’s suppose to have more pickles on it, most other people that have tried it had 5-8 pickles on it instead of 2.

    • Kevin K. says:

      Huh, I went to try it tonight and they didn’t even know what I was talking about. Maybe it’s an “*At participating locations” thing, either that or it’s because the closest Wendy’s to me is kind of a dump. Oh well, next time maybe.

  9. Keith says:

    Usually agree with the reviews, but not this one. Ryan it looks to me like you just got a poorly prepared sandwich. I have gotten this twice and both times had between 6-8 pickles. I agree the dill sauce would work well with a premium sandwich, but nonetheless enjoyed the light tangy taste on the value chicken. For a price point of $1.49 this sandwich (when made correctly) is a solid buy 7/10.

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah I checked the sandwich on the Wendy’s website and when you subtract then add pickles, the picture shows 8! 8 versus my 2.

  10. Chuck says:

    This sandwich when built correctly is a very good value menu item. Maybe 8/10 at a price of $1.49 About 6-8 pickles is what I got on both of my sandwiches that I ordered today. These are decent crinkle cut dill pickle slices, not the usual standard fast food variety. Maybe get one that is made proper, then post a new review. The pickles really make this sandwich shine.

    • DerangedHermit says:

      I notice the food usually tastes worse at the stores that charge significantly more than MSRP (especially if they’re way higher than other franchises in the area).

    • CulinaryZerg says:

      No place should ever get mulligans. Wendys IMO has the greatest quality variation in the fast food world from franchise to franchise. It’s frustrating. I hope reviews like this (and a ton of anecdotal evidence which their corporate HQ must know about) actually convince them to do something about it. McDonald’s, love them or hate them, is far more consistent.

      • Chuck says:

        Mulligans? we are talking an industry ran by minimum wage people. Of course mistakes will be made at the front line where the sandwiches are made. Imagine the mistakes at NASA if they paid minimum wage.

  11. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I tried it the other day and really liked it, it was a good deal for $1.50 and I had a ton of pickles with mine and sauce.

  12. Bj says:

    I’m wondering how this would taste on a regular sized chicken sandwich. I’m sure they would substitute the condiments/pickles for the standard stuff. I think I’ll try that, as I am not fond of the cheap 99 cent patties.

  13. Joe Cool says:

    Subtract that god awful sauce, no cheese, add mustard…BAM, perfection.

  14. Tommy Pickles says:

    Is that a slice of cheese or a flattened ziplock bag full of something with a higher street value?

  15. LL says:

    Anyone order this with a premium chicken patty?

    • Bubbs says:

      For what it’s worth – a “chicken patty” is ground and processed chicken mixture formed in a machine…. the cheap chicken. Tyson chicken patty, or what you’d get from a school cafeteria. Any “chicken sandwich” under $3.

      Actual unprocessed chicken, as in the premium sandwiches, is a chicken filet… in other words, a cut of chicken. Any chicken sandwich over $3. That’s how you distinguish what you’re buying: a “patty” or a “filet”.

      The more you know.

  16. SPM79 says:

    Wendy’s takes a dollar chicken sandwich adds some sauce and a couple pickles and increases the cost by 50%. What an innovation? Clearly a business with lack of focus.

    • Chuck says:

      along with the pickles and sauce, they also added cheese. we all know how much a slice of cheese costs the consumer in the fast food industry. I’ve paid anywhere from 30 to 50 cents just to add a slice of cheese at several fast food places. The 6 extra pickles are a bonus.

  17. Kevin Drew says:

    i dunno, i liked this sandwich a lot. this was a return item to my wendy’s menu and i was thrilled :/

  18. Darrell Martinsen says:

    I am glad they offer this sandwich for one simple reason. I asked for ranch dressing instead of the dill sauce and cut the pickle count down and voila, the Monterey Chicken Ranch sandwich I’ve missed so much! 🙂

  19. Roger says:

    To compare, had a McChicken, added pickles for no charge. Good stuff for a mere $1.
    Chased it with a Jalepeno Double and a 2nd McChicken. Yep, took one for the team.

  20. CB says:

    Got 2 of these tonight. Had probably 8 pickles on each. Took the lettuce of the second and it was even better. Great deal for 1.49 processed or not!

  21. Mortimer says:

    Tried this today. Can confirm 8 pickles. Was not disappointed. Will be getting again. Recommend.

  22. Chunkbunny says:

    I tried this yesterday and it was okay. I got 6 pickles that tasted like the “bread and butter” type, not dill. I could barely taste the sauce; it was like watered down ranch. I would get it again but it’s not something that I would really crave. I was hoping for more dill flavor.

  23. Chuck says:

    This sandwich can be hit or miss. First time I had it, it came with 8 or so dill pickle slices that reminded me of fresh deli style dill pickles. Second time I ordered it and the pickles seem like mcdonalds pickles but crinkle cut.

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  25. scram says:

    Had it today. Thought it was a pickle-lover’s dream; very good! This is an AWESOME value for $1.50. Good job, Wendys!

  26. Joe K says:

    To me this actually sounds really good, but I’m a huge pickle fan (anything tart really). I’d probably try it without pickles and get a side of jalapenos instead though, i think that would be interesting with the dill sauce and let you customize how much vinegar snap you want on your sandwich.

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