Review: Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich from Arby’s

A friend of mine, (let’s call him Regis) considers one fast food sandwich to be the Holy Grail of fast food sandwiches. The one sandwich that all other quick serve sandwiches should be judged by. The kind of sandwich you would fight or even kill for. The stuff of legends. That sandwich is the Prime-Cut Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich from Arby’s. Regis is an idiot by the way.

The Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich is described as this:

You can’t be blue with our Bleu. Crispy, all white-meat Prime-Cut™ chicken breast fillet topped with thinly sliced
roast ham, Swiss cheese and mayo, all served on a toasted sesame seed bun.

If you have spent any time in an average public school cafeteria, you’ve had this sandwich. The fried chicken fillet has that somewhat off-processed taste to it.  Imagine ordering fish and chips and expecting fresh beer battered cod, and instead receiving generic dollar store fish sticks. The chicken breast fillet was a decent size, but a heaping pile of mediocre is still mediocre. The ham, or “ham loaf” is about as low quality as it gets. It was pretty tasty though, but considering my love of salty processed cured meats, both high and low quality, I’m not hard to impress. Why fast food restaurants don’t serve Spam is beyond me… I’m talking to you Hardee’s.  The ham would have been great if it wasn’t overpowered by the gigantic, dry chicken fillet. At first I thought they forgot the cheese. Then I realized it was processed Swiss flavored cheese product, and that it had become one with the mayo like a gastronomic Voltron attempting to battle my taste buds in the name of “meh”. It came off as an overly thick, slightly nutty, not very good mayo sauce.

The bread was soft and delicious, but after all that, who cares? If Arby’s doubled down on the ham, added lettuce and tomato, and skipped the Swiss, this sandwich might be pretty good. Instead it comes off as decent hospital food, and that isn’t saying much.  Arby’s either has no knowledge of, or hates the French, and is using this sandwich as subliminal propaganda to give the masses a disdain for fine food. Don’t get me wrong, I think Arby’s is a great fast food joint, but grab a Beef n’ Cheddar or if you really want a good chicken sandwich, hit up Chick-fil-A. Thank goodness Regis isn’t a food blogger.

Pros: Decent size. Great bun. The French. Voltron.

Cons: Bland, generic chicken patties. Price. Cheddar sauce would have been way better than a processed Swiss single. Regis.

Taste: 5.00/10
Value: 6.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.25/10
Price: $4.29

Overall GrubGrade: 5.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich
Calories -620
Total Fat -30 grams
Saturated Fat -7 grams
Choleterol -85 milligrams
Sodium - 1860 milligrams
Carbs - 51 grams
Sugars - 7 grams
Dietary Fiber - 3 grams
Protein - 38 grams

23 comments on “Review: Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Allokago says:

    Although I haven’t had one of these in years, as our Arby’s was taken over by the state to aid a construction project that is quickly going no where, I must say I disagree with your review. This is my favorite sandwich from Arby’s and just about the only thing I get when I go there. I’ve loved it for many, many years.

  2. daisy says:

    I haven’t been to Arbys in about a year, and haven’t had their roast beef in about 10yrs. Then I went last month and now I realize why its taken me so long to go back, specially for their roast beef, they have really downgraded their quality of products!! Their chicken salad sandwich is delicious or at least it was last year hope they didn’t mess with that now that they brought it back, if for anything ill go back for the chicken salad sandwich. Their prime cut chicken sandwiches look good too but I probably won’t bother trying any of those.

  3. SkippyMom says:

    This whole post made me laugh. Poor, misguided Regis. heehee

    I like the concept of the sandwich, but the ham looks like the Hillshire Farm’s packaged stuff I buy for lunches and there is nothing impressive about that patty.

    I liked your description of the not so much swiss cheese.

    Will avoid. Thanks.

  4. Matt says:

    That’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it, this is one of my favorite sandwiches and it’s like the McRib of Arby’s. I don’t understand why it’s not on the menu, and even though they have a deli sandwich with ham, I have yet to find an Arby’s that will make it when it’s not on promo.

    Glad to see it’s back again! Will be picking it up ASAP. I didn’t go to Arby’s for a real long time but lately have been really digging one of their new Angus sandwiches (the hot one, not the cold one).

  5. Patrick says:

    I used to love this sandwich, but ever since they changed the chicken, it has not been as good.

    Hope Arby’s can turn it around after Wendy’s sells them off.

  6. Jesse says:

    Tell me you’ve had the Chicken Bacon & Swiss, Chef. A much better chicken sandwich. Can’t beat that tangy honey mustard paired with melting swiss and thick bacon. The chicken quality however, really is hit or miss.

  7. Manavee says:

    I used to like this sandwich as well.

    Down with Chefprotoss! Regis for President!

    • Chefprotoss says:

      I agree! But only because a bumper sticker that reads “Regis 2012!” would be sweet. He could lead the brown party to victory. VIVA LA REGIS!

  8. Mal says:

    This is my favorite Arby’s sandwich as well, but I was recently informed they no longer serve it at the location closest to me. 🙁 I’m probably better off.

  9. Justin ST says:

    The chicken is already much improved. The breasts are bigger than before now. I think the Cordon Bleu is much better now.

  10. larry says:

    In the auto industry there is a saying – There’s a butt for every seat. The fact that a chicken cutlet with ham lunch meat and cheese sauce is the favorite sandwich at any dining establishment proves the truth of that saying I guess.

    If you’re not dining at Chik-Fil-a, a chicken sandwich should be a chicken breast, mayo, and maybe some lettuce on a good bun. 32 years ago I would walk a mile to my local Hardees after working a breakfast shift at McDonalds so I could grab 2 chicken sandwiches. They were the standard then and remain the standard in my book.

    Anything else is just an attempt to hide a bad piece of chicken.

    The only thing I eat at Arby’s is the BLT (and from time to time some poppers!). I long for the days when I would walk into the lobby of an Arby’s and see a huge roast beef sitting on a meat slicer. You would order and they would slice off the beef and stack it on the bun. Not quite a Boston or Maryland roast beef sandwich but still it was a very good sandwich.

    Nice review CP. Reminds me of why I stay away from most FF places.

    • Justin ST says:

      BACK IN MY DAY….

      • Chefprotoss says:

        Aww… Come on man… He grew up with fast food just like us. Let the cool old guy give his perspective. I bet he has some awesome stories. The complement aside, I dig his comment. I wanna know how things used to be before the 80’s.

      • larry says:

        Mommy and Daddy lied to you Justin…the World really didn’t start when you were born and it doesn’t revolve around you.

        It ALL started way back in – somebodies – day. 😉

        I’m pushing 50 and still learning. Old things, new things, from people of all ages.

        As a matter of fact, I believe it was CP who taught me how to make a perfect baked chicken.

  11. J.B. says:

    I had it last week and I was expecting to be underwhelmed and disappointed and it turned out to be actually not bad.

  12. Hildog says:

    Every once in a blue moon I will eat Arby’s but I usually only have their French Dip add horsey sauce (the faux au jus is beyond words). But I can tell you after being a taste tester aka guinea pig for some of their creations & then being sick to my stomach for 2 days, I tend to stay away. My old roomie was a guinea pig once before me & he was sick for 4! Makes you wonder what’s really in that “roast beef”.

  13. Mattitude says:

    The only thing that is decent is the French Dip, nothing else including the Beef N Chedder as of any decent quality, I can understand at them trying something different but it just looks disgusting

  14. Alex says:

    Guy that reviewed this is an IDIOT. This sandwich is delicious – one of the best chicken sandwiches at any fast food joint.

  15. mary says:

    I just had one last night–I try to cut calories by no mayo and the roasted chicken lunch meat instead of fried–it’s still pretty good but under 500 cals that way.

    I’m in Indiana tried to order one in a smaller town a week ago and they told me they no longer have it–I’ve never had a problem here in my town at multiple locations!