Review: Cheetos Sandwich from KFC

Fast food and snack company partnerships are fun.  We’ve seen some interesting mash-ups over the years including the Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell and Burger King’s Flamin’ Hot Mac n’ Cheetos.  Obviously, Frito-Lay is a snack company that doesn’t shy away from these types of creations and we should thank them for that.  The latest mashup is the new Cheetos Sandwich from KFC.KFC Cheetos SandwichHere’s how KFC describes their new Cheetos Sandwich:

KFC’s new Cheetos® Sandwich is our popular Crispy Colonel Sandwich smothered in Cheetos sauce and a layer of Crunchy Cheetos. Seriously. Only the finger lickin’ cheesiness of Cheetos could rival our finger lickin’ good chicken, so KFC and Cheetos joined flavor forces to make this deliciously crispy, crunchy, cheesy sandwich. But it’s only available for a limited time, so get to a KFC and enjoy those orange fingers while you can!

While I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich from a “I’m hungry” standpoint, the gimmick of it had me excited to try it on day one.  Let’s review:KFC Cheetos SandwichThankfully, the Cheetos Sandwich doesn’t go overboard with the Cheetos part to outshine the fact that you’re still eating a chicken sandwich.  The cheesiness was just enough to be noticeable and not overwhelming.  There were spots on the chicken breading that didn’t have Cheetos sauce slathered on.  I was worried I might be getting something that looked like it was dunked into a vat of Cheetos sauce and be dripping everywhere.  It was a relatively clean eating experience.  The smattering of Crunchy Cheetos at the bottom gave the sandwich a hearty crunch.  The highlight of the product is still the thick piece of juicy breaded chicken.KFC Cheetos SandwichThe bread seemed incredibly flat and that’s not a bad thing.  A shaved-down bun like this really highlights the big breaded chicken fillet and other ingredients.  It serves its purpose well enough and doesn’t take away from what we’re all paying attention to (not to mention saving some calories/carbs).  The sandwich was tasty and the Cheetos flavoring was balanced just right so it wasn’t as odd of an experience as I had been expecting.  I swear I planned on sampling a third of the sandwich and envisioned myself throwing the rest away.  I ate the whole thing.  I get my dessert.KFC Cheetos SandwichAt a price of $4.79, KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich is only an 80-cent increase from the Crispy Colonel Sandwich which remains at $3.99 as it did on launch day last year.  An extra 80 cents for a really well executed gimmick, with an excellent box design is a great value if you’re nerdy for this stuff like me.  Since the sandwich wasn’t over-the-top crazy taste-wise (it’s very edible), this gets a thumbs up staying under the $5 mark.  KFC Cheetos SandwichIn closing, KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich is one of the best examples why GrubGrade exists.  This stuff keeps me interested in a culture that, at times,  tries too hard to be above the novelty of junk food.  This sandwich is for fast food fans and the Cheetos Sandwich is worth getting.  The trends in the quick serve industry are interesting, but well-executed “fun” like the Cheetos Sandwich remains to be the sweet spot for me.

Pros: It's the Crispy Colonel with a Cheetos twist that doesn't go too overboard with Cheetos. Excellent box design.

Cons: A loose Cheeto or two. A small bag of Cheetos as a side item would've been a great touch.

Taste: 8.00/10
Value: 8.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.75/10
Price: $4.79

Overall GrubGrade: 8.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Not available on when I wrote this review, but for your reference, the Crispy Colonel Sandwich comes in at 460 calories, 25 grams of fat, 1170 milligrams of sodium, and 24 grams of sugar

14 comments on “Review: Cheetos Sandwich from KFC

  1. Robert says:

    I agree it’s nice to get a bun at a fast food place that doesn’t overwhelm the sandwich (tricking you into thinking it’s bigger than it is). Kinda nice! I have a feeling when I try it, it’s gonna be waaaay messier. But still, looks good! Somehow. Haha.

  2. Scram says:

    I think I liked it, but I’m going to have to try it again. Honestly, my first bite tasted like buttered popcorn. Sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what I tasted. But the more bites I took, the more of the cheesy flavor stood out. I love the crunch of the chicken–can’t get that at Chickfila–and it was hot and juicy. It was very flavorful, but I’d have to eat it again to really give a definitive verdict of it.

  3. Bob Smith says:

    I think a dusting of Cheetos, rather than a liquid cheese sauce, would work better, like Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell.

  4. BigBelly says:

    Looks like someone stepped on your bun, mine was fully domed.

    The cheese sauce isn’t creamy, it appears to be water based, as what was left in the bottom of my box was a thin orange liquid with a cheese powder residue (kind of like the Nashville hot, only not oily). I think that’s what keeps it from being as messy as one would imagine, it just soaks into the bun.
    Overall, a very tasty sandwich, though I could have done without the pickles.

    It was 4.99 here for the sandwich, and 6.99 for a combo (side and drink only)
    There was also a “cheese lovers box” that had the Cheetos sandwich, Cheetos popcorn chicken, and mac-n-cheese

    I also revisited the new Mt Dew and it was better this time, but it’s super sweet.

    I wonder if this will lead to a “flamin hot” version of this sandwich

    • Ryan says:

      Hahaha… good to know about the bun. Yeah it was very flat, but didn’t mess up the experience somehow. You got pickles in yours? That was a mistake by your KFC. The Crispy Colonel has pickles so someone got confused.

      I liked the Sweet Lightning… reminded me of orange/pineapple gummi bears.

      I can’t image there won’t be a Flamin’ Hot version at some point.

      • BigBelly says:

        Mine didn’t come in the new box, and the one it did come in was not fully closed, your picture shows a closed box, perhaps that’s what squished it.
        You ever notice that when they first come out with a sandwich the fillet is huge, but as time goes by it seems to shrink? LOL

    • Robert says:

      The cheese lovers box sounds perfect! Yum! If it weren’t 95 degrees in Chicago today, this woulda been my lunch.

  5. chris w says:

    I am going to say this sandwich was a good start for a big win for KFC. I am a chef by trade but just like any person in my industry I occasionally will indulge myself with some late night stoner approved munchies style meal. The box design is spot on perfect at catching your eye while explaining what is inside before you even open it. The Sweet lighting again is a smart move considering mountain dew has a very loyal following and proven success with the competitors baja blast exclusive, however it taste like a non alcoholic peach fuzzy navel wine cooler. I am not fully sold on that and do not see myself getting a craving like a occasionally do for the baja blast which has successfully got me to go to the restaurant just for the drink multiple times. Now for the main topic the sandwich. The bread is very plain and that is ok because they probably want the sandwich to shine. The sandwich does shine very well when it come to texture but not so much on flavor. You get multiple layers of crunch with the sandwich which is very good but the sandwich is missing something. It is VERY dry and is in desperate need of something to cut how savory their cheeto sauce is. Don’t let this hold you back from trying the sandwich yourself. This however does open the door for what the people would truly love. The spicy cheeto sandwich. That with a few bread and butter pickles on the top would give it a triple win with flavor, balance, and texture. When that comes out I will give it a try, but as far as the regular cheetos sandwich and sweet lighting dew…..its a one and done for me.

  6. Robert says:

    Okay, I braved the heat and wanted to try the Cheetos Lovers Box. Even though I felt very strange saying those words out loud in the drive thru.

    I got a Cheetos sandwich, a small foam cup of popcorn chicken covered in Cheetos sauce, a side of mac and cheese, a side of wedges, and a drink. Was nearly $10 but hey, that’s a ton of food.

    My sandwich looked nearly identical to Ryan’s — just a light coating of sauce, not messy at all. But I’ve had the original version of this sandwich a few times before and I could barely taste any difference. Just a fake buttermilk-y flavor at first and that was about it. The popcorn chicken was floating in a lot of the watery Cheetos sauce. That definitely tasted cheesier to me, but not necessarily Cheeto-esque.

    This sandwich is begging for a Flaming Hot variety.

  7. Johnnyboy says:

    I finally tried this and ate it like 1 hour later once I came home. Since it was in the brown paper bag, it was still warm. I would give the sandwich maybe 3 out of 5 stars. There was a Cheetos type flavor on the chicken. I got a fresh chicken patty since I had to wait 6 minutes, so the chicken was on point. Since I got he Cheese Lovers combo for $10 bucks, the Cheetos Chicken nuggets tasted better than the main dish. I would order it again, but they should omit the Cheetos on the bottom of sandwich and just put a gooey Cheetos type Cheese on the sandwich.

  8. Michael says:

    Ryan, you reviewing machine, keep it up. Love the revival and YES these things are why we read fastfood blogs. None of the complaints about FF is gross or bad for you. Just these interesting ideas and nostalgic flavors.

  9. alan rodriguez says:

    pointless…easy make ur own burger or get a brisket and cook that sucker.. asemble the damn thing.. gt your garlic buter on the sourdough bread.. build it up then make ur sauce… top ot with crispy onion rings…. ur done.. chips and cheetos dont belong on anything unless u want orange fingers and your cat sick from eating crumbs… the colone sadnwich though is fine with the onion strngs and good ol e yucateo sauce.. folks should appreite less fast food and become less laz but make their own…i wil buy the sandwich plain and ranch it up and crispy the hell out the toppings.. sounds goood

  10. Lance Rocke says:

    Had one, I guess it was ok, though I went more to try the new Mtn Dew which was fine too… wasnt digging the cheetos under the chicken after a bite or two

  11. Merle Stewart says:

    From WASILLA, AK: This could have been iconic, and misses almost every mark. While the chicken itself was perfect, the recipe was lacking on most levels. The bun is a “thumb and forefinger” hold, so small that each time I took a bite, the contents spurted out making a mess. There were a few Cheetos on top, and a drizzle of something red, with a fat or mayo-based dressing of no determinate flavor. The mayo/fat and sweet bun completely undermined any Cheetos flavor, heat and savoriness – it was merely a chicken sandwich with a mayo-based schmear. I contacted KFC, and let them know exactly this missed the mark. They responded immediately, saying that they would contact the location. I responded that this is not a location issue- the chicken itself
    was perfect, but the company recipe was lacking. Haven’t heard from them since. What a disappointment.

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