Review: Cheetos Chicken Fries from Burger King

Even though I’ve thrown plenty of hate towards Burger King in recent years, they’re great at grabbing my attention.  They’ve become the Jelly Belly of fast food restaurants by putting familiar flavors in unfamiliar forms.  BK’s latest innovation borrows Mac n’ Cheetos and Chicken Fries to give us new Cheetos Chicken Fries.Cheetos Chicken FriesCheetos Chicken Fries are described by Burger King like this:

Cheetos Chicken Fries are made with white meat chicken like original Chicken Fries, and are covered in a crispy Cheetos-flavored breading and cooked to crispy perfection so that they have a dangerously cheesy outside and made with juicy white meat chicken inside.

Although I don’t usually go into trying to Burger King menu items with a lot of optimism, there’s still an underlying hope that I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  I really want to come away pleased to report back that BK impressed me.  I know most of you would be shocked if I laid praise on the King and I’m sorry to report there won’t be any of that today.  The latest creation is just more of the same.Cheetos Chicken Fries BKIf you’ve had Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos, you might be of a similar opinion that the exterior crust didn’t taste much like Cheetos.  With Cheetos Chicken Fries, it’s more of the same.  It’s got a muted cheddar flavor to it, but it’s a flat taste that seems to be the opposite of the impact actual Cheetos provide. That subtle taste is probably not a bad thing since the idea of Cheetos and chicken doesn’t really seem appealing anyway.  With that said, what was the whole point of Cheetos Chicken Fries if not highlighting the cheesy flavor of Cheetos?  Cheetos Chicken FriesI found the tight, crispy texture of Mac n’ Cheetos to be one of its few highlights and that didn’t transition over to Cheetos Chicken Fries.  The texture remains pretty much exactly like every other Chicken Fries product with the same amount of white meat chicken interior.  Without the Cheetos aspect of it, the product is fine, but it’s easily my least favorite in the line of Chicken Fries products so far. The thing of it is… I think Chicken Fries are a good product for Burger King and one that has definitely grown on me over the years.  My favorite would have to be Buffalo Chicken Fries with their surprisingly tasty Buffalo wing sauce seasoned crust.  Fiery Chicken Fries were decent, and even Chicken Fries Rings could be considered one of BK’s few wins.  Cheetos Chicken Fries is one of those ideas that was made possible just because it was possible.  BK already teamed up with the Cheetos snack once so why not again… and likely again and again.
Cheetos Chicken Fries BKAt a price of $3.29 for 9 Cheetos Chicken Fries, the value is about average as a stand alone novelty LTO.  When you compare it to BK’s 10 nuggets for $1.49 deal, Cheetos Chicken Fries look like a ripoff.  There’s multiple strikes against this product that leads me to put them at the bottom of my Chicken Fries list. The Cheetos flavor is ineffective plus when you take into consideration that there’s a good number of dipping sauces and none of them really vibe well, Cheetos Chicken Fries have a tough hill to climb. I’m cringing at the thought of Cheetos dipping sauce, but at least it would show me a little more effort was put into this.  Yes, BK is all about the mashup strategy and it will continue.  Most of us are still waiting for the Chicken Fries Dog… then the Cheetos Chicken Fries Dog most likely.

Pros: Grubbing on the go. Packaging. I like that there's still a fast food place that takes risks and keeps us entertained.

Cons: Cheetos flavor fell flat. It's tough to find a dipping sauce that works well with Cheetos Chicken Fries.

Taste: 4.25/10
Value: 5.50/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 9.00/10
Price: $3.29

Overall GrubGrade: 4.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 280
Total Fat - 18 grams
Saturated Fat - 3.5 grams
Cholesterol - 35 milligrams
Sodium - 890 milligrams
Carbs - 16 grams
Protein - 14 grams

15 comments on “Review: Cheetos Chicken Fries from Burger King

  1. BigBelly says:

    Looks like Chester Cheetah scat after he got into the BK nuggets

  2. Christopher says:

    How does the coating of the chicken fries compare to the mac and cheetos? is it the same breading? I was severely underwhelmed by the mac and cheetos.

  3. holly says:

    why are they still allowed to make chicken products…

  4. bobo says:

    Just wait till they bring out the FIRE Mac & Cheetos Ranch Chicken Fries Whopper Wrap!

    Did I miss any?

  5. Alex says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but Cheetos to me taste like Styrofoam with a dusting of fake cheese powder. So I would argue that these chicken fries taste just like Cheetos.

  6. Andy Dandy says:

    While we love “Cheese-it” Chicken at home.
    We are a fan of Chicken Fries and Cheetoes.
    BUT the Cheetoes Fries we had were Horrible.
    Three out of four customers at our table ordered them and felt the same way. They are not worth $1.
    Barf Barf !!

  7. Dan says:

    The problem with BK’s frankenfoods is the execution is pretty dull. Say what you will about Taco Bell’s Doritos tacos, but they definitely pump up the flavor, for good or ill, on their tacos.

    BK’s coatings doesn’t really taste much like Cheetos, and is an underwhelming flavor. There really isn’t that much difference between a Chicken fry and a Cheetos Chicken Fry. If you want to be outrageous, BK, be outrageous in your execution, not just your concept.

  8. Connie says:

    Tried these today. What a disappointment. No Cheeto taste and really dry. No thank you!

  9. Johnnyboy says:

    Thanks for saving me money, I am tired of all these wild offerings from BK. When you come out with new crazy stuff, at least it should taste very good. From the reviews here, I am glad I am not going to try this. I tried the hot dogs (okay), whopperito (which was disgusting and too watery and lettucey), chicken whopper(mashed up and crappy chicken minced solvent green) a whole lot of their crap from the past few years. Why not focus on your core products? Do a special on Whoppers, make the Big King again and specialty whoppers. Get away from your crappy chicken fries please, it looks like pink slime and bleached chicken paste made into sticks.

    • Mark says:

      I don’t think their whoppers are even good anymore, every bk around here stinks. They need to get back to basics and focus on making a better burger. Wendy’s easily tops them with a regular single and I’d much rather eat a quarter pounder or big mac than a whopper.

  10. MP says:

    Tried them, pretty tasty… 9 is nowhere near enough to fill you up though. They only give you one little ranch tub which is enough for maybe 2 chicken fries, so you have to ask for 4 of them and argue with the cashier who wants to charge extra. Meh.

  11. Kendall says:

    I actually liked these. There’s something about the seasons of the original chicken fries that I don’t like, so these Cheetos ones are much better in my opinion. I don’t really get any hint of Cheetos in them, but I liked them enough to go back and get them again!

  12. Courtney says:

    I am so disappointed! So so salty and the taste was just not good! I would never buy these again! Waste of money because I couldn’t even eat more than 1 of them!

  13. Dan Kap says:

    Funny, but I was hoping to come away with praise of the chicken fries as well. Fortunately, I had a $3 Burger King coupon good for a large fries and an order of the chicken fries. Had I paid full price just to try the chicken fries, I would have felt terribly ripped off. They’re pretty awful. My main objections were three: God only knows what kind of chicken concoction it is, they were soggy, I got them nearly cold, and they were over-fried. Oh, sorry, that’s four. Mark my words: these things won’t be around long. Or let’s hope they won’t.

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