Review: Cheesy Bread Dogs from Sonic

A Sonic was recently built in my hometown and for an area that already has was too many grubbing options, it still took over a month for the crowds to die down.  Now that the dust has settled a bit, I decided I was ready to get myself over there to try out their latest limited time offering. Cheesy Bread Dogs are here just in time for the busy, middle-of-the-summer hot dog season.

Cheesy Bread Dogs SonicThere are two choices of Cheesy Bread Dogs… the Ultimate Cheese & Bacon Cheesy Bread Dog and the Garlic Parmesan Cheesy Bread Dog.   Ultimate Cheese & Bacon Cheesy Bread Dog features a 100% pure beef hot dog topped with cheddar cheese sauce and bacon in a cheesy bread bun.  On the pro side of things, the best part of this hot dog was the cheesy bread bun. It’s soft, sturdy, and a really good sized hunk of bread textured with cheese.  The bread alone doesn’t overdo it with cheese as it provides a nice mildly cheesy base for the rest of the ingredients.  The grilled pure beef hot dog isn’t overly impressive, just an average dog.  It probably would’ve worked better for the item overall to have a bigger hot dog as it felt dwarfed by the bun.  Being an average hot dog is actually a good thing when considering the rest of the Ultimate Cheese & Bacon Cheesy Bread Dog.  There’s a good amount of bacon, but it’s probably the worst tasting bacon I’ve had in fast food.  It’s incredibly salty with nothing to balance its flavor.  No smoky, no sweet… nothing but salt.  The cheese sauce isn’t much better as it tastes cheap and can make movie theater nachos seem gourmet.

Ultimate Cheese Bacon Cheesy Dog SonicThe Garlic Parmesan Cheesy Bread Dog features a 100% pure beef hot dog, grilled onions & garlic parmesan sauce in a cheesy bread bun.  As if a cheesy hot dog wasn’t funky enough, things take a few steps overboard with this creation.  I’m OK with grilled onions on most everything and a hot dog is no exception.  The grilled onions in this hot dog were just fine, but the garlic parmesan sauce was not.  It’s way too overpowering to have this overly tangy cheese sauce enveloping everything.  I almost want say the garlic parmesan sauce was sour.  The sharpness of the parmesan hit me hard and made any notes of garlic take a back seat.  Maybe in the bad aftertaste will you recognize the garlic.  This was a pretty awful dog.

Garlic Parmesan Cheesy Dog SonicAt $2.89 each, Cheesy Bread Dogs from Sonic felt an average deal upon first appearances.  They are a decent size, but most of the size comes from the bread.  I wouldn’t get these again at any price so what initially seemed like a fair value ends up being just the opposite.  I’m someone that rarely throws food away and I just could not get beyond halfway with both of these Cheesy Bread Dogs.

Sonic Cheesy Bread Hot DogsThere are other hot dog options on the Sonic menu and the best of them are still barely beyond mediocre for me.  It’s a shame that Cheesy Bread Dogs had a pretty decent bun, but failed because of all the problems that filled it.  Maybe the Cheesy Bread will make an appearance elsewhere on the menu somewhere down the line, and hopefully cheese sauce will be no where near it.

Pros: Cheesy Bread bun.

Cons: Sonic bacon needs a makeover. Funky cheese sauce. Small hot dog in a big bun.

Taste: 2.25/10
Value: 4.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.50/10
Price: $2.89

Overall GrubGrade: 3.50/10

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Nutrition Facts:
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29 comments on “Review: Cheesy Bread Dogs from Sonic

  1. Todd says:

    I’m glad to hear our opinions match. About every 2 years I forget how underwhelming their hotdogs are and I purchase one. I always get a regular or a cheese dog. Mediocre is all I can say. Tater tots aren’t good either. I DO however enjoy their shakes.

  2. Scrape says:

    It is amazing how much they have spread given how incredibly average to below average their food is. I understand the novelty of the drive-in, and when they first open they do draw, but after a while they become pretty terrible at times and the business drops off. I’d rather go to just about anywhere else, including BK or McDs, than Sonic. The food just isn’t very good, and somewhat pricey.

    • FoodGuy says:

      “I’d rather go to just about anywhere else, including BK or McDs, than Sonic. The food just isn’t very good, and somewhat pricey.”

      The quality (and opinion) of fast food varies widely by area. Here Sonic is one of the best (but not as good as the #1 Braums, and #2 Chick-Fil-A), and McDonald’s is below average. BK is absolutely disgusting.

      • TJ says:

        This is very true, I would never say any of these chains are all that great, but there is a large variety depending on geography. For me Burger King is notoriously inconsistent, while actually being impressive at the right locations, when you order something very simple. Sonic’s is an overrated McD’s/Jack in the Box.. mostly just average at best, a lot of choices, and yeah it definitely varies by location.

      • Michael says:

        Being from Oklahoma, which is where I assume you are, I disagree completely. Sonic food is not very interesting or tasty. Just terribly plain.

      • MP says:

        I would put Sonic’s burgers WELL above the crap McDonald’s & Burger King serves. Fresh, large, moist & hot. Never had a bad burger from Sonic. Tator tots hit & miss. Never had their hot dogs, chicken or drinks/desserts.

    • Mickdicketty says:

      Their food is awful.

      • Alex K. says:

        Their burgers are decent [SOMEtimes], their chicken sandwiches are pretty good, and their breakfast burritos are pretty decent as well, but their prices are flat out stupid, and their nutrition facts [esppecially for the burgers] blows my mind.

    • Will. B says:

      Agreed, I was excited to see one come to my area next to Baltimore because of all the advertisements I’d seen over the years, but after eating there a few times, the only thing I’d say is worth getting are the drinks/milkshakes. The food is always mediocre and getting anything is tremendously slow even if you’re the only person in line. Now if the food was actually good, I could deal with that wait, but it’s not; a lot of it tastes like the crap they used to serve at the cafeteria back in grade school.

      And more relevant to this review, their hot dogs seem to be a step lower than even the average grocery store dog. I’ve tried several of their versions, including the chili cheese dog and the bacon pretzel dog when they had that, and both were bad enough I didn’t finish. With this review also being a cheese based dog, I have to wonder if their terrible cheese sauces might be the common denominator ruining the product.

  3. M86 says:

    I’ll pretty much echo what has already been said.
    For some reason, every time I’ve went to Sonic, they mess up my order or overcharge me. I haven’t been to one in over a year and will probably never go back. But honestly, their food isn’t that good. The shakes/drinks are decent… but food-wise, I’m not a fan.

  4. Jeremy Ross says:

    I love the tater tots at Sonic!

  5. JayMelo says:

    I’m glad I read this before buying. The Garlic Parm cheesy bread dog sounds delicious from just the name. I pictured a big beef dog on a bun made of garlic cheese bread. A big disappointment to see what it really is. Why does everything have to be covered with goopy sauce? I am a fan of the shakes and blasts.

  6. Linny says:

    Did you hear about the Sonic that allegedly served weed with a woman’s order?

  7. MP says:

    So this is the dark side of food blogging – it can’t be all good in free food, coupon contests & test market news.
    This product will probably be on a future Nosh show.

  8. scram says:

    Actually, besides Hardees/Carl’s Jr., Sonic has my favorite burger–SuperSonic Double Cheeseburger. It’s a great, big, flavorful burger. It destroys any flat-top burger McDonalds has. I used to love McDonalds, but finally realized there burgers are crap (except their double cheeseburgers, which are excellent). Sonic’s pretzel dogs are actually good, and are probably the best use of pretzel bread in fast food. They are soft, not rock-hard like Wendy’s pretzel brick sandwiches.

    • MP says:

      SuperSonic Double Cheeseburger – NOSH! Best $4.50 burger IMO. The bun is so soft & holds up, moist juicy meat & cheese, lots of delicious mayo, tomatoes, pickles, mustard (no ketchup for me), lettuce & onion bits that just explode in your mouth like flavor crystals every time you bite into one. There is a great balance in this burger that no main chain can beat. I never feel disappointed when I eat this burger. Tho I have heard bad things about the other Sonic burgers & haven’t tried them. Sometimes burgers need assistance.
      I don’t want to misremember or mislead but to me, Sonic today is what McDonald’s was 30 years ago. Totally different world & much better. Do I remember a Quarter Pounder with Cheese from 1984? You bet your ass I do.

  9. rob says:

    Never ate at a Sonic on account of the drive-in factor, if I have to figure out how much to tip someone then I may as well go eat in a regular restaurant.

    • Manavee says:

      Wait, does everyone else tip their Sonic delivery person?

      I’ve never done that….hoping they haven’t been spitting in my food.

      • MP says:

        Tipping is not required. It’s up to you on how generous (if at all) you want to tip. Personally I’d rather go thru the drive thru & sit in the Menards parking lot & eat or take it home/work, but that’s me.

      • TJ says:

        Nah if I had to guess I would think most people don’t tip them. When I go to Sonic’s I typically go through the regular drive-through myself since ours is usually pretty empty. I would equate it to tip jars at places like Starbucks and Subway, very optional.

  10. DuhMe says:

    The only place I’ve ever liked cheese sauce from was Arby’s on their Beef & Cheddar. I haven’t eaten there in years so I don’t know if they still use that particular sauce or something cheaper and less tasty.

    As for Sonic I don’t get putting those kinds of sauces on these dogs if they are going to the extent of having special buns for them. The nasty sauce cheapens the over all look and appeal.

    Their prices for the quality and portions they provide are insane. The Footlong Chilidog Combo here is $7 and climbing. They seem to raise their prices every few months.

    Their shakes are great and I love the crushed ice in their drinks. I remember years and years ago when Hardee’s had ice like that and I didn’t find another restaurant with it until Sonic.

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  15. BW says:

    For the first 2 months the new Sonic opened near me, the only one in the area, it had lines that stretched back to the entrance/exit of the place which is off the highway…crazy. I never went then.

    But Sonic drive-through has got to be the worst drive-through I’ve encountered for fast food places. I’ve experienced massive wait times multiple times in at least 2 different locations. And it wasn’t even that busy during those times.

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