Review: Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich from Arby’s

Arby’s has been consistently pretty good in recent years with their limited time only offerings.  Ever since the King’s Hawaiian bun was introduced to the menu back in 2013, there has been a steady flow of more hits than misses.  The latest new sandwiches feature the aforementioned King’s Hawaiian bun, but the newest x-factor ingredient is brown sugar bacon.  There’s a trio of sandwiches to kick off the new bacon… the Brown Sugar Bacon BLT, the Brown Sugar Bacon & Roast Beef, and the Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham.  I haven’t tackled ham at Arby’s in a while so I decided to grab the Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich for a GrubGrade review.

Arbys Brown Sugar Bacon and Ham 1 Arby’s describes their new Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich like this:

We glazed our thick-cut bacon with brown sugar and paired it with pit-smoked ham on a King’s Hawaiian® bun to create this smoky and sweet sandwich.

The components of this sandwich consist of brown sugar bacon, pit smoked ham, big-eye Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, and a King’s Hawaiian bun.  I purchased the Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich at my local Arby’s in Maryland for $5.49.Arbys Brown Sugar Bacon Ham 2The first thing I noticed about this sandwich was how heavy it was.  It’s well over a half pound and the majority of that weight is from the generous pile of thick ham slices.  I’m really loving texture from the thick-cut portions of meat at Arby’s lately.  Gone are the days of pressed, razor-thin sleeves of meat… well, on some of the meats anyway.  The ham has a mild smokiness to its flavor and a savory sweetness.

Arbys Brown Sugar Bacon Ham 3There’s plenty of candy-sweet qualities to the Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich.  Most of the sweetness comes from the pepper bacon which is coated with light brown sugar.  There’s only three slices of the brown sugar bacon and they’re not all that big, but there’s plenty of sugary molasses flavor impact from those three slices.  The brown sugar coating crystallizes to give the bacon a minor texture change on the surface.  Sweet and savory are the flavor highlights from the brown sugar bacon and pit smoked ham.

Arbys Brown Sugar Bacon Ham 4The complementary players in the Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich included a natural slice of Swiss cheese and Grey Poupon Dijon mustard.  Both were sort of glued to one another and nothing else.  It was almost like a creamy Dijon mustard coated slice of cheese.  The Dijon had a slight acidic bite, but for the most part it was surprisingly hard to identify in spots.  I found the sweetness of the sandwich to be pretty dominant over the flavors trying to balance it out.  There’s a fresh leaf of lettuce and two slices of tomato which all decently fresh.  I love the soft and sweet King’s Hawaiian bun, yet since there’s already a lot of sweet going on in the sandwich, it doesn’t stand out as well as it does on King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef BLT.

Arbys Brown Sugar Bacon and Ham CollageIn closing, the Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich comes with a hefty price for fast food, but it’s heavy with quality meat so there’s definite value there.  It felt a tad heavy on the sweet ingredients and I was hoping to find a little more flavor balance.  That aside, when the sandwich was complete, I couldn’t help but crave more of it.  There’s an addictive quality to this sandwich and that brown sugar bacon has a lot of impact in those three little slices.

Pros: Very filling sandwich. Big pile of thick pit smoked ham. Sweet brown sugar bacon.

Cons: More mustard and different bread would have balanced out the sweetness.

Taste: 8.50/10
Value: 6.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.75/10
Price: $5.49

Overall GrubGrade: 8.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Weight - 316 grams
Calories - 690
Total Fat - 27 grams
Saturated Fat - 13 grams
Cholesterol - 160 milligrams
Sodium - 1870 milligrams
Carbs - 72 grams
Sugars - 33 grams
Fiber - 3 grams
Protein - 40 grams

12 comments on “Review: Brown Sugar Bacon & Pit Smoked Ham Sandwich from Arby’s

  1. Steven says:

    I tried this today. I had very high expectations… because you cannot go wrong with BACON! I was wrong. It was the single worst sandwich I have ever had. The first bite tasted of pure sugar. I opened it up and looked at it. The bacon was not only cold but it was caked in brown sugar. Burnt brown sugar. It was obvious the bacon had been sitting in the bottom of a container for a while before being removed.

    When I say it was bad… it was so bad the very idea of eating another bite provoked a gagging reflex. That feeling when something made you ill and thinking of it later brings it all back. I threw the entire sandwich out. I thought of taking it back and asking what it was, but that would involve looking at it again.

    May be an isolated incident with the bacon I got, but I will never ever try it again because the taste ruined it forever.

  2. JJJ says:

    I saw these last week and was wondering whether the Kings Hawaiian bun might make it too sweet with the brown sugar bacon. At least they put lettuce & tomato on it to help break up the flavor a little. I may try this with a pack of horsey sauce to counter the sweetness a bit.

  3. scram says:

    I’ll definitely try this, but brown sugar bacon doesn’t really appeal to me. I like my bacon salty as a mofo.

  4. MP says:

    I’m noticing “slice of bacon” constitutes of really being a half or even 1/3 of a slice of bacon.

  5. Raiders757 says:

    Your description says this…

    “The components of this sandwich consist of brown sugar bacon, pit smoked ham, big-eye Swiss cheese, leaf lettuce, tomatoes, Grey Poupon Dijon mustard, and a King’s Hawaiian bun.”

    Why is that when I look at the picture below this description, I see that vile and nasty sandwich ruining substance known as mayonnaise? That can not be Dijon Mustard, as it’s too white and in no way looks like mustard of any kind.

    I like Arby’s, and this sandwich sounds appealing, but I need to know if I have to back them of the condiments when I order one.

    I swear, I’m about to start a “leave the condiments to us” jihad.

    • Sascha says:

      Wow, you’ve managed to bring your mayo-dislike into a review of a sandwich that doesn’t have any, that’s impressive. And sad. That is clearly not mayo in the picture, mayo doesn’t have mustard seeds. Of course, I would certainly prefer it with mayo, which is why I will probably end up with the BLT if I grab one of these sandwiches.

  6. Cameron says:

    I tried the brown sugar bacon BLT and it was horrendous. I normally love bacon and I’ve tried brown sugar bacon before and enjoyed it but this particular brown sugar bacon was just terrible. They put an absurd amount on the slices of bacon. So much that it was the only thing I could taste from the sandwich. I got through half of it before I decided to remove the bacon and eat it with just lettuce, tomato, and mayo which was by far much better than the original sandwich. I actually picked up one of the pieces of bacon and shook it and brown sugar started to fall off of it. It was by far the worst sandwich I’ve ever had and I was extremely disappointed. I would not recommend it to anyone who isn’t a fan of anything too sweet on their sandwich.

  7. Jeni says:

    I had this for lunch today. I do not have a sweet tooth, preferring salty flavors, but I really liked this sandwich. It reminds me very much of baked ham and cheese sliders – ham & swiss on King’s Hawaiian rolls. I pour a mixture of brown or dijon mustard, butter, brown sugar and poppy seeds over them before baking.

  8. Nick says:

    I had one for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. I did expect it to be overly sweet, so I guess I went in with that expectation, but my Arby’s must be different from the others, because my bacon was not too sweet, at all. I think it actually had a great balance, the inky thing I would switch is the bun, it does make it a little too sweet,I also, based on the review, got extra mustard on the side which I ended up using all of. The double mustard definitely helps to cut thru all the sweetness. Also, my ham was sliced thinner than it looked in your photo, but still had the smokey flavor and the blackish edges and I’ve had their regular ham many times so I could tell the difference. Plus they put the perfect amount of bacon on it for my taste, there was some in every bite and I love that. Overall, I’d say that I will get it again and I just might try the roast beef one. To end this, I’ll say I’m pissed they got rid of the smoked turkey sandwich as that’s what I went to get only to find it discontinued.

    • JJJ says:

      I finally tried this over the weekend. Individually, the components are all good, but I found the combination of the brown sugar & King’s Hawaiian bun made it way too sweet (I wanted salty-sweet, all I got was sweet-sweet). I didn’t put mustard on it, like you did, but if I have to add ingredients to “fix” it, there’s something wrong. Anyway, I think a regular bun would be better here.

  9. ben jewstein says:

    This sandwich is amazing. Yes it’s a tad too sweet, but for me it wasn’t until the last couple of bites that I felt that way. Extra mustard would probably balance it like everyone is saying, but good god this is fifty times better than a Big Bac, or any other fast food sandwich I can think of.

    It had notes of Thanksgiving glazed ham to me, with the brown sugar making it really taste nostalgic. Highly recommend. I also recommend the BLT version. Super tasty.

  10. Sherrie Little says:

    So disappointed. Love Arbys. Terrible sandwich. One bite and was in trash. A wasted 6:00 dollars. Bacon cold and burnt.

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