Review: BK Chef’s Choice Burger from Burger King

Just like a lot of GrubGrade readers, I’m not that big a fan of Burger King. The Whopper is okay if you’re lucky enough to get fresh produce, but other than that, I can’t really think of anything decent on the menu. A couple of months ago Ryan posted a news story about Burger King testing a new burger in certain markets. Yesterday during the Redskins game I saw a commercial for the BK Chef’s Choice Burger and sure enough within minutes Ryan had a post about the nationwide roll out.

I decided to check it out for two reasons; the first is that I want to know what the hell “grill sauce” is, and the second is so that I can type this next sentence… Will Chefprotoss choose the Chef’s Choice? Alright, that was pretty lame. Nevermind my love of awful puns and let’s review this horribly named sandwich. The BK Chef’s Choice Burger is described by Burger King like this:

A flame-broiled 5.5 oz burger patty, made with USDA certified ground chuck seasoned with salt and pepper, a thick slice American cheese, Naturally-smoked thick cut bacon, Fresh cut romaine lettuce, red onions and ripe tomatoes, our original grill sauce on an artisan bun.

Let’s start off with the good aspects of this burger… the bun looks nothing like the promo picture, but is vastly greater than the regular Whopper bun. The GrubGrade community has been calling for a potato roll at any fast food joint for some time, and it would seem that BK has delivered. It tastes like your basic potato roll, but since the only info BK gives about it is the useless word “artisan”, I can’t be certain. The “grill sauce” was interesting. It tasted like mayo with a touch of steak sauce, black pepper and no joke, beef jerky. It was surprisingly tangy and delicious. I never would have thought to combine beef and mayo to sauce a burger, but it works.

Now for the bad… the “ground chuck” was used to make what looks, felt and tasted like sub par meatloaf or salisbury steak. It was dry and ground super fine. The burger patty was almost to gyro meat consistency. It didn’t taste beefy or even like it had been flame broiled. The beef was much closer to a veggie patty than a Whopper patty. I hope the pictures give a good idea of the consistency of the beef.

The produce is better, but still the weakest in the business. While the tomatoes were alright, the red onion and lettuce suffered being past their prime. The edges of the lettuce were starting to wilt and brown and the onion was limp. What puzzles me is that the burger was released yesterday, and somehow the produce was old already.

Oh, and before I forget the bacon and American cheese were just there. Not great and not bad, just more stuff to pile on to justify the price. $4.99 for a burger is fine with me as long as it at least attempts to kick some kind of ass. The Chef’s Choice, however, was lackluster. Three bucks would be a better, especially considering the lack of quality ingredients.  The Chef’s Choice wasn’t terrible, but a Whopper with “grill sauce” would have been way better. The chef who chose this burger needs to find another line of work. I hope it isn’t fast food marketing.

Pros: Meat mayo. Nice buns. The Redskins.

Cons: BK's idiotic farm to mouth process. Mystery meat that I guess is ground chuck. Whoever thought drab blue and grey was a good color scheme for a restaurant. Cam Newton.

Taste: 5.75/10
Value: 4.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.00/10
Price: 4.99 burger alone, $6.99 combo

Overall GrubGrade: 5.25/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
BK Chef's Choice Burger
Calories -650
Total Fat - 40 grams
Saturated Fat - 15 grams
Cholesterol - 100 milligrams
Carbs - 40 grams
Sodium - 1330 milligrams
Sugars -7 grams
Protein - 33 grams

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  1. Ryan says:

    Minus the bun, it looks surprisingly like the ad. Looks good to me but I’m still a little wary about that grill sauce.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      The grill sauce is awesome. The burger not so much. Def give it a try. I have a feeling grill sauce would be awesome with onion rings.

    • Jason Utah says:

      Think I will stick to the Famous star from carls jr.

    • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

      You already had the Grill Sauce on the Mushroom & Swiss BK Topper.

      Yes, it is the same sauce.

      • Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

        Reading your comment again, I realize you may already know this.

        • Chefprotoss says:

          I just went back and read ryan’s topper review and yeah it seems like the same sauce. Although it looks like it became one with the mushrooms and cheese.

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  3. Dave says:

    Actually, I prefer the taste of BK food to McD’s. They’re just not on every street corner like McD’s is, which is why I don’t eat there too much.

    • SPM says:

      I agree 100% with this comment, BK are more few and far between than McDonalds, but they seem to pump out better food. Not that this is any big compliment to BK, as McDonalds food is really bottom of the barrel.

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  5. Totally agree on your Burger King thoughts. I can’t think of a single thing that makes me want to go there. This burger might have done that, but after seeing your review and how lackluster the burger turned out to be, that thought is pretty much out of my head. I’m happy to say that my 2+ years without visiting a Burger King continues!

  6. billy says:

    ok, so this review focuses on the beef itself, which is identical to the beef in the new bk toppers, which were widely praised on this site. this is why there needs to be multiple reviews for new products such as these. you’re majorly contradicting your own posts.

    • Ryan says:

      Different writers. Chefprotoss wrote this review… I wrote the BK Toppers review. In my review I don’t think I even mentioned the beef at all (besides maybe the weight). I haven’t tried the BK Chef’s Choice so I’m not sure if the beef tastes any different, how its seasoned or what the consistency is like. And the BK Toppers weren’t “widely praised”… 9.25/10 for the Western BBQ, 7.50/10 for the Deluxe and 6.00/10 for the Mushroom & Swiss. I would’ve given a 2.00/10 for the Mushroom & Swiss just because I can’t stand Mushroom & Swiss style burgers, but I tried to be fair to someone who actually might not abhor that combination and just went with a average 6.

      • Ryan says:

        Also… Chef Dan might be able to clarify the “USDA certified ground chuck” used in the Chef’s Choice burger. That’s different than what is traditionally used at BK right? ie the BK Toppers.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      @ billy, The cool part about this site is the community. You want more opinions? Everyone from the staff to the readers will let you know in the comments. Grubgrade also links in other sites reviews if you want even more opinionated info. Also, if you read the site enough you can learn which reviewers you identify with the most. I like it spicy, ryan is middle of the road, adam goes for the sweet stuff and murray… reviews stuff he found in his yard. =) For the readers, skips hates everything, larry gives us the old school intel, raiders and keith keep us in check… I could go on all day. You want perspective? Read harder. =P

      @ ryan, I would assume the beef in the also poorly named “toppers” is the same as the chef’s choice. It is definatly different from the old whopper patties though.

  7. Beantown says:

    I agree with this review. This burger is yet another lackluster attempt by BK to get their foot into the premium burger market. The grill sauce was good, but the produce and the burger did not justify the price. I’d rather pay a $1 more and head over to Five Guys.

    4/10 from me.

    BK really needs to examine its business and come up with something better, starting with the produce department.

    • ALRUI says:

      Id have to say focus on the beef, a burger is all about the beef and the beef pictured and described here looks and sound terrible!

  8. ImNotACat says:

    Looks like and sounds like the same meat on the steakhouse burgers. Not good

  9. Thomas says:

    The initial picture looks nice though. Whenever I get something from BK it is always smashed and spread out everywhere, which is sad.

  10. kikurage says:

    Thanks good review.Totally agree.

  11. Tracy says:

    I wonder if BK would let you request the sauce on a regular whopper. I’ve never been a huge BK fan but every now and then the whopper with extra pickles hits the spot.

    You all take such detailed photos of the food you review. Made me wonder if you ever get to eat hot food.

    • Ryan says:

      Trust me when I tell you it’s sometimes a big pain to have to take a bunch of pics while incredibly hungry. I normally take around 10-12 pics and only end up using maybe less than half of them. Sometimes the process is annoying when we track down plastic knives to cut apart sandwiches and the like. Yup, food gets cold at times in the process 🙁

  12. Charlotte says:

    That’s disappointing, I was sort of looking forward to trying this. The beef patty looks like the cow had some kind of stomach flu when they killed it, YUCK. When will Burger King wake up about its produce? I wouldn’t feed that piece of lettuce to a guinea pig. Also, I dunno if anyone else has noticed this at their Burger King but at the local one, there is no flat top or grill from whence the flame-broiledness to come, there is just a really fast microwave so it seems like somebody somewhere could have sprayed a little liquid smoke on the patty. Bun looks good though.

    • Timothy says:

      Oh, come on. Burger King has grills. They didn’t phase out their entire cooking operation and have no one notice.

    • SPM says:

      I think it is one thing to legit call out a chain on what it does wrong but to go overboard with exageration is another thing. First of all that piece of lettuce doesn’t look pristine by any means but it doesn’t look nearly as bad as you are trying to make it out to be. Couple that with the fact that your outrageous statement about there just being “a really fast microwave” should make any reader think twice about comments such as these. No, BK is not by any means a top notch fast food place, I could think of 5 burger places I would go before I go to BK, yes it is overpriced and they have had a lot of failures over the past 10 years.

  13. edgar says:

    I work at bk and this is actually a great sandwich. The produce is fresh and well maintained. We have strict guidlines for our veggies and four hours is tje most they can stay out. After that we have to throw them out if the employees dont follow those guidlines then the veggies will be great. Come during the begining of lunch and you’ll knkw the difference. Bk is trying and they are gonna come out with alot new stuff very soon

    • Ryan says:

      The produce is fresh and well maintained? That really should be the standard in all places but I’ve yet to encounter that consistently at BK. I tend to stick with the burgers that are void of lettuce and tomato… such as the Western BBQ aka Rodeo. I must admit though… looks-wise the Chef’s Choice produce in the review pictures look somewhat decent.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      @ edgar, Stay out where? In the parking lot? If I slice a tomato in the morning it should still be good twenty hours later hell even the next morning. Unless I sliced a rotten tomato and didn’t refrigerate it. Do you store produce on top of the broiler?

      • SPM says:

        Chefprotoss, do you really believe that if you slice a tomato in the morning it should still be as good twenty hours later?

        • Chefprotoss says:

          Ummm… why wouldn’t I? Slice it, put it in a fridge. Huzzah! Twenty hours later and your tomato is fine.

          • SPM says:

            I believe there is a loss of moisture that results when the sliced tomato sits there, as well as a loss of firmness and that is even when it is covered in plastic wrap. If it is uncovered this process is accelerated.

          • jphoto says:

            Twenty hours later it will be ruined beyond recovery. Cold destroys the flavor elements of uncooked tomatoes.

            If anybody in my house mistakenly puts a tomato in the fridge (and whole tomatoes only exist in my house about two months a year) and I don’t catch it within the first hour or two, I just toss it in the garbage can.

          • Chefprotoss says:

            I’m not talking tomatoes you would use for a caprese or panzenella, but if you think restaurants toss sliced tomatoes used for a burger or turkey sandwich after a couple hours, that is crazy.

            Oh well lol, you guys just out food snobbed the food snob =)

    • Alexg says:

      After five years of boycott, I finally went back to try BK Toppers. I was pleasantly surprised how crisp the vegetables were and how better the burger tasted from what I remembered in the past. I think the trick is to go during the lunch hour when they rotate their burgers and produce much faster.

  14. Chefprotoss says:

    Sorry but there is no other way to say this without sounding like a smart ass…

    BK’s burgers are broiled… in a broiler.

    I hope that answers the grill/flat top question.

    • ChrisLad says:

      Though if you eat at a mall or rest stop BK location you’ll often witness your burger being microwaved. Pro Grubgraders will recognize those locations are not ones it is fair to judge the whole chain by. That’s usually the source of such stories.

      • Raiders757 says:

        The microwave every burger at BK. They broil their burgers, then nuke them to melt the cheese. Every single BK there is has a broiler. Even the rest stop BK’s.

        Never-the-less, they’re still the pits. The Whop in their Whopper went the way of the Dodo Bird

  15. larry says:

    As a fan of discounted Whoppers, I must say that the sandwich in the photo not only looks decent, it is as close to the promo pic as I’ve seen in ages when it comes to fast food.

    Sad to hear it didn’t live up to it’s appearance.

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  17. Raiders757 says:

    Thanks for the review. I pretty much avoid BK as best I can (although I forced to eat at one two weeks ago). The meat patty in those pics looks like one of those packaged microwave soybean burgers you can buy from the fridge at a roadside gas station in the middle of nowhere.

    My main question has got to be about the “thick cut” bacon. BK has no such thing, as all of their bacon looks like the fake stuff having been extruded from a machine to resemble bacon. Does BK now actual “real” bacon.? Thick cut as well? Being “just there” doesn’t bode well, but it would be a step in the right direction if BK offered real bacon for a change.

  18. Adam Bomb says:

    This thing sucked overall. I got the same shitty chopped lettuce they always use, tiny tomatoes, and an awful beef patty. It was just terrible and dry. The sauce was meh, and if there was bacon on that thing, I didn’t notice it. Bad replacement for the XT patty.

  19. Steve says:

    I don’t think I’ve EVER had fresh produce from BK. Unless you count onion rings. Those are produce right? They were alive at one point?

    • jphoto says:


      BK produce is so awful that I only get burgers there that basically doesn’t contain any. I’d rather get two basic cheeseburgers then one larger burger piled with veggies from the world’s saddest garden.

  20. Me says:

    I just had one. The only comment disagree with is the produce. Normally I agree, BK has by far the worst produce in the biz. But the Chef’s Choice I just ate had almost restaurant quality produce on there–no joke, I actually did a double take in disbelief. Extremely red/ripe tomatoes, fresh red onion, and the lettuce was deep green romaine! I checked their website and confirmed this is what is supposed to be on there. It looks like from ChefProtoss’ pictures that he got shafted with iceberg lettuce and the usual bad produce.

    I’m not saying this burger is worth trying again, but it looks like the location you went to wasn’t up to par. At least my meat was clearly broiled (but same unfortunate consistency). I notice so many reviews are location dependent.

  21. Adam says:

    I’m a first time visitor to your site. I actually found it by attempting to figure out what the “grill sauce” was. I must completely disagree with you (for the majority of what you say anyways). I’m not sure what BK you are or have been eating at but the one where I live is always very good. I never receive old produce on a burger. I probably eat at BK at least once every other week as I’m the type who constantly runs out in the morning and forgets my lunch, having kids will cause this. Anyways, I LOVE this burger and will sing it’s praises…literally sing. I must say, I’ve never been the biggest fan of BK and usually get burgers from Hardee’s but I tried this last week and since have tried it again, just now actually. My bun looked more like the one in the picture. Also, my meat did not look like what you photographed. Seems as though your issue may lie in the establishment near you instead of the burger itself. I thought I should post a comment to urge people to try it and judge for themselves instead of going by your poor review. I won’t be back to the site though as you caused me to lose respect in it with your review. Oh well, to each their own.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      Over the last 29 years I have been to BKs from England to California and none have won me over. Overall I give BK a rating of “meh”.

      I also hope that you would check out the site again, but I doubt you will agree with Ryan, Adam or Murray 100% of the time either and I guess that is what you are looking for. Thanks for the feedback though.

    • JOHN ZOIDBERG says:

      I agree this is my last post. I loved the burger as all can see from my post below….

  22. Justin ST says:

    I hated this burger!!! It sucked!

  23. Ron says:

    Not the hugest BK fan but I have never had issues with their produce.

  24. JOHN ZOIDBERG says:

    First of all that burger in the photo at the top of the page looks nothing like the one I got, The burger I got looked exactly like in the commercial bun and all and mine had some kind of secret sauce whitch had a mayo base. I will just come out and say it. Hands down the BK CHEFS CHOICE BURGER is IMHO the best tasting fast food burger I have ever eaten; and I have been all over. I have even tried a double double animal style from IN-N-OUT Burger. The BK chef was just as good as a burger you can get at a sit down restaurant with a table cloth and cloth napkins! The burger was thick and juicy, the red onions were a nice touch, the lettuce was crisp and fresh and it had pickles witch were good. The only thing that was bad was bad I had to wait 10 minutes for the burger because they did not have any made yet which I found odd because it was 3:00pm and I live in the Washington DC area near 2 congested highways at the beginning of rush hour on Friday. but it was so tasty I did not care one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie Z. says:

      John I couldn’t agree with you more. I got my hands on one earlier today and let me say that I have NEVER had a burger from ANY burger joint that looked EXACTLY like it did on TV until now, and it tasted even better than it looked. John with this burger it pays to wait since they’re making it fresh rather than if they just had them ready and sitting there. They won’t do that with this burger. I’m sure they want to keep that reputation of “Chef’s Choice” and the moral is you get what you pay for. You want cheap ass cheeseburgers at Mc D’s or Sonic or where ever and you get cheap crap. Bottom line.

      • Chefprotoss says:

        @zoidberg, I fail to understand why any fast food burger can’t be as good as a sit down restaurant. I also can only review what I recieve. Considering this is a chain, I seriously doubt my beef was different than anyone else’s. I understand condiment debates, but I would think everyone would agree on meat quality. This beef sucked hard IMO. The proof is in the pudding and my photos are the pudding.

        Differen’t strokes I guess.

        • Eddie Z. says:

          ChefProtoss in all seriousness Burger King is getting a bad rap from you but it’s really not fair to the chain since that busted burger you received is not what most others are getting. That isn’t even the Bun you’re supposed to get. It seems that you unfortunately went to a ghetto BK brah lol.

    • Lemontree says:

      Sorry to say, but it’s the same burger, brah. And the ‘secret sauce’ you mention here is… grill sauce. Which was clearly included in the review. Did you read the review?

      That being said, I did not mind this burger. My produce was fresh (THIS time), and I’m a sucker for a great sauce. The bun was so much better than the normal BK bun- especially since the one closest to me seems to only have stale buns in stock. The beef is quite odd- I agree with the gyros assessment. I don’t think that style of meat even has the ability to be juicy.

      I would get this burger again if it were cheaper. In the meantime I’ll just have to acquire that grill sauce for my own burgers. Damn that’s some good meat sauce!

  25. JOHN ZOIDBERG says:

    First of all that burger in the photo at the top of the page looks nothing like the one I got, The burger I got looked exactly like in the commercial bun and all and mine had some kind of secret sauce which had a mayo base. I will just come out and say it. Hands down the BK CHEFS CHOICE BURGER is IMHO the best tasting fast food burger I have ever eaten; and I have been all over. I have even tried a double double animal style from IN-N-OUT Burger. The BK chef was just as good as a burger you can get at a sit down restaurant with a table cloth and cloth napkins! The burger was thick and juicy, the red onions were a nice touch, the lettuce was crisp and fresh and it had pickles which were good. The only thing that was bad was I had to wait 10 minutes for the burger because they did not have any made yet which I found odd because it was 3:00pm and I live in the Washington DC area near 2 congested highways at the beginning of rush hour on Friday. but it was so tasty I did not care one bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. skratch says:

    This is the best burger burger king has to offer hands down! I hope it stays on the menu because its unbelievable. This is def the best burger in fastfood, its uses a real “burger”. This review isnt a good opinion to go by i’d give the burger it self a 9/10 its definetly worth 5$. i agree with “JOHN ZOIDBERG” the burger looked nothing like mines, mines was actually cooked/hot. I swear i was foaming out the mouth when i first bit into the burger

  27. Adam M. says:

    My heart truly hurts for those of you that have no idea where you can get a better burger than this for LESS than $5. This burger is worth $3 TOPS, and I would think twice about even paying THAT for it. Some of the posts here are quite suspect to me, as I doubt that anyone that thinks this burger is anything more than average would be the kind of person that would take the time to comment on a food review forum.

    Anyway, the star of the show here seems to be the grill sauce…I can agree with that, I suppose, in a Charlie Sheen star-of-the-show kind of way. The first few tastes of it are fascinating (definitely jerky-esque…) but after your taste buds get done trying to dissect it, it starts to become overpowering. My best description of the flavor profile is soy, smoke, & garlic…but not in a subtle, umami sort of way. It clashes with the bacon…and probably the cheese to some extent as soy/dairy is not a combination that your palette likely runs across very often. I would love to dip some pretzels in it or something, or maybe some mini egg rolls, but I don’t believe that it does anything great for this burger. I can think of several ways they could have gone with this kind of mayo-based sauce that would have been much more complimentary to the other flavors and that will not repulse most people who try it.

    The bread did look slightly better than the picture in the review, as did the meat…the latter being worthy of a $2 BK Topper but not of a $5 faux-restaurant-quality sandwich. I didn’t detect anything wrong with the flavor (like a meatloafy-flavor, although it would have been hard to tell with the grill sauce) but it definitely had a “mystery meat” kind of texture. A Wendy’s 3/4 lb. triple goes for around $5 in most markets…and it (even though Wendy’s is not perfect/consistent either) tastes like real meat. I would choose that every time.

    I’m a variety guy…so I’m always happy to see places trying/introing new things. But this — like nearly every new product of BK’s that I’ve tasted in the last 3-4 years — is a disappointment, and an over-priced one at that.


  28. RobAlister says:

    I tried this yesterday and it was pretty good but unlike everyone here I did not enjoy the grill sauce. I’ve tasted it before but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like a mix of some sort of mustard mixed with garlic and something else. Anyway I recall the smell from a bottle of French’s mustard that didn’t quite smell or taste right which led me to believe that the wrong flavor was bottled in the bottle I bought (I always buy regular).

  29. Joewest75 says:

    Just finished one of these burgers and crushed a new wendys double yesterday. While the bk meat was more “normal” than their previous patties it was the equivalent of your average frozen grocery store burger. It was slightly salty but so was the bacon and the grill sauce, which all together was too much. next time I’ll just ask for ketchup instead of the slim jim sauce…Wendys on the other hand was a much better experience. My only complaint is that their patties could actually use a little salt and they lack that “crust” you would get from proper flat top cooking.

  30. MisterSlyRy says:

    It doesn’t have quite the hearty consistency or originality as some of Carl’s Jr.’s “Six Dollar Burgers” but it is, in my opinion, pretty damn tasty, and something I’d definitely order again. The produce on my burger was fresh n crisp, and the sauce was a perfect blend of tangy and salty, with a slight hint of garlic. The patty didnt look or taste anything like meatloaf as you described either. I think it all comes down to which BK you visit, and who’s preparing your sandwich.

  31. Funbun says:

    Strange review.

    On the contrary, when I had the Chef’s Choice, the lettuce was actually GREEN. The bun was toasted and actually looked like the commercial! The tomatoes were actually fine cut, and onions plentiful (I took them out).

    The beef was pretty BK standard; not that juicy, but good enough. It was probably one of the better sandwiches from BK I’ve ever had.

    I guess this goes to show that BK’s everywhere just vary… I’m sorry you had to have that this crap. Mine actually had more sauce, and the beef had more flavor than a Whopper.

  32. Nathan Mevec says:

    Well, I must give BK credit, this burger is an improvement. The produce on the two I’ve had was better than usual, but it isn’t are to improve crap. The grill sauce….meh. It’s too strong and tastes/smells like SlimJims. The bacon is OK…burger has the same awkward consistancy but mildly decent flavor. The bun is a MEGA improvement from the nasty soggy ones on the Whopper. I got to watch BK employee make this and they used a flat top broiler/grill thing. It was pre-packaged meat but I couldn’t tell if it was pre-cooked. Overall this burger is a huge step for BK, but I’d much rather make my own. With fresh ground chuck, fresh lettuce, fresh everything, and home cooked bacon, with home-made buns. It would be better, but I would have to wait a while. It’s fast food, I’m not expecting 5-Star restaurant quality. 6/10 in my book

  33. Jesse says:

    This burger wasn’t all that impressive.

    The patty tasted overcooked, the lettuce was surely iceberg.

    Meh. I’ll stick to a whopper.

  34. Brandy says:

    I didn’t like the grill sauce and the burger was way too salty!

  35. lateishaslim310 says:

    lol now im pissed I didnt get redskins and I got iceberg lettuce instead of romaine >:(

  36. JK says:

    You cant really completely judge a chain on one restaurant, they all report to corporate but, they are typically individually owned a lot of the time… You get some that use the ingredients they are suppose to be and then others that cut corners so the managers or owners can take bigger cuts of overall profit from not using as good ingredients so you will have a variable method and results place to place. Much like subway you have some that make their sandwiches one way and others that make it another way, they will use the same ingredients but say one puts more onions on them then another (this is the case where i live, one makes them much better than the other cuz they don’t try and skimp on produce like onions or the mayo…), I think this burger is pretty good myself having just finished one….

    Is it as good as i can make myself? No… But for a fast food burger its one of the best out there…. Like reviewer has said you can only judge what you have been given… Sadly most of the better BK’s are tucked away where people never visit them heh.

    • Eddie Z. says:

      Amen JK! I couldn’t agree with you more. They are all different unfortunately. Some have better caring employees and some are just sloppy and lazy. And that goes for the management as well so kudos to you for bringing out that point JK. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  37. Chefprotoss says:

    Really? Excuses, excuses… Every burger should be amazing. If I recieved a different burger than anyone else, that says leaps and bounds about this chain. I stand by my statement that I didn’t though. My bun was squished, not different btw. Kudos for liking the burger, I enjoyed parts of it, as a whole it is par for the course. A rainy, muddy, broke down put-put course. Whoop de doo…

    • JK says:

      The problem is these are fast food joints where… The works are often… overworked and or lazy, the managers are often greedy and cut corners, or are lazy themselves. During the snowstorm in the northeast for example we had one mcdonald’s that was open, and one that wasnt at all even though the manager was there and people were able to drive simply cuz the manager didn’t want to have to work. These are about an equal distance apart from one another too and the closed mcdonald’s had power way before the other that was open too, i ended up at a starbucks for breakfast that day rather than mcdonald’s where the girl didnt really pay attention to when i said i want two of a certain sandwich so i had to go back and order another one….

      I agree in a perfect world they should all be alike but sadly we dont live in a perfect world. If we did fast food burgers would be alot better and there is no reason someone couldnt have a few grills going all day etc. Hell i make my own burgers and can have about 20 or so done about every 15 minutes. Thats what i dont understand why not design a well maintained indoor grilling system for these places and just do it that way, people like grilled patties and grill them up then have em ready to nuke for the melted cheese and you end up with a much better product *shrugs*

      i guess that’s not really practical but yeah… I’d love for a chain to be perfect store to store but sadly until corporate starts to put pressure on the managers or employees its unlikely to happen. The employees rush to get the burger done, they toss on the right ingredients with the quickest they can grab, to them lettuce, tomato, cheese, the bacon, and sauce are the way things go… They dont pay attention to what type of lettuce if the produce is fresh they are grabbing and then in an attempt to make the burger fit into that box they typically “smash” them… Corporate needs to make the boxes larger than they are to prevent that there are no excuses there….

      However really… Given its fast food are you really… really… looking for presentation of the food? This isn’t a 4 star restaurant where they are trying to impress you with plating of the food and all. I don’t expect things to ever look like they do in the ads… If you know anything about advertising for food you know never to expect your food to look like that…. They touch up food with paints… glues and god knows what else to make them look the best for a “photo shoot”

  38. Eddie Z. says:

    So what you’re saying is that they all should be the same right? I agree but that’s in a perfect world. What you’re saying is ignorant and obtuse. The equivilent would be me saying everyone’s opinion should be awesome. Well let me enlighten you. Yours definitely isn’t. It stinks like that busted burger some dirty angry teen made you.

  39. Jim says:

    I actually found this site because I was looking for a review of the Chef’s Choice burger to see how the reviews compared to the one I just ate. Like the reviewer, I’ve always felt “meh” towards BK. Generally speaking, their food never stays hot until you get it home (I’m not sure it’s hot when they put it in the bag), and the Whopper in particular is the wettest, squishiest, generally nastiest excuse for a burger I’ve ever had. Everything else tastes like generic crap as well. However, since a brand new BK just opened up the road from me (last 2 weeks), I decided to give the place a try and see if I could actually get a hot, fresh burger. I ordered the Chef’s Choice (hate the name, BTW, it sounds like something you’d name a generic industrial product from Sam’s Club) and a couple other smaller burgers just in case the Chef’s Choice sucked. Made it home within 5 minutes and the burger was still reasonably hot. It was fresh, the lettuce was “real”, as was the other produce. Fresher than normal, and fresher than typical BK. Instead of being “wet and squishy” like a Whopper, if anything, it was a bit dry. However, the meat was more like “real” meat – not like your review. It even tasted chargrilled, unlike even the Whoppers usually do. The grill sauce was good and the right amount, and the cheese and bacon was noticeable and balanced. The bun was also a nice change. Overall, the burger was probably the best thing BK has churned out in years. That said, it wasn’t something that was exceptional – especially since this particular BK is about 500 yards from a Five Guy’s. I’d give it a 6/10 for effort. They still have a long way to go, but its a step in the right direction. Compared to McDonald’s “Anus”, er, Angus, burgers, this would be the clear winner. Fresh off the grill, had I eaten this in the restaurant, I’d give it even slightly higher marks.

  40. steven252 says:

    worst burger ever!@

  41. The Bald Eagle says:

    This thing is horrible. The “meat” tastes like an Army MRE beef patty. It makes me a little sick thinking about it.

  42. Michael says:

    My bun looked EXACTLY like the picture. Not sure what happened to yours.

  43. bob101910 says:

    Hated the sauce so much that I didn’t even finish it. I miss the A1 Steakhouse. It was expensive, but kept me full all day.

    Trying the deluxe and bbq toppers now. So far way better than the chef’s choice

  44. mcrib says:

    Great burger, the grill sauce is really good,but overpowering toward the end. The beef was good,and the bacon really good. but should be $3.99

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  46. Chefprotoss says:

    Update: a couple weeks ago I got a deluxe topper to go with my free fries I couldn’t pass up. I thought it was great. Well for bk anyways. The beef was waay better than the chef’s choice burger(once again in the context of being bk) and everything was portioned perfectly. For two bucks it felt like a deal. I could be completly wrong about the meat, but I easily give the duluxe topper(from the same location as this review), a 7.5/10 on taste and a 9/10 on value. I hope about a year from now, when I muster up the courage to eat at bk again, that they still have the deluxe topper. So yeah, imo the topper beef is better. Does bk even still have the chef’s choice?

  47. Mike says:

    Easily the worst food item I have ever eaten. I don’t just mean burger or fast food, anything I have ever eaten is better than this “burger” from BK. I enjoy any and all burgers from every fast food joint but I couldn’t even finish this one which has never happened in my life. The meat was beyond funky and the chef sauce increased that funk by a factor of 10. Finished 2/3rd’s of it and had enough. The new fries are a step up from god awefule but they are still in last place, get a clue BK.

  48. MetalBaofu says:

    I just got one of these from my local Burger King and I have to say, if you think that “grill sauce” is delicious then I have to make sure never eat anything you say is good. No offense intended, btw. You liked it, and I don’t. Everyone has different taste, but for me that stuff was completely horrible. The burger itself, bacon, cheese, etc. was fine, but that sauce was like torture.

    The California Whopper they had awhile back was far, FAR better to me.

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  50. DC says:

    I only wanted to add that I too found the grill sauce disgusting. I did not finish the thing because of it. The one redeeming value was that I was not hungry again for a long time after eating that sauce. I couldn’t seem to get the taste out of my mouth.

  51. tim says:

    I live in a small town in the south, and I have to say, our burger king is doing something right. this burger is top notch for fast food. Of course it helps that they buy all their produce from the farmers market next door to them. I have never had bad veggies from our burger king, though I have had crappy burgers and fries from there. But that’s usually due to the quality of the employees. Every time I’ve ordered this burger its hot andfresh and not smashed to shit, like everything else usually is. Honestly I’d take it over the expensive burger joint down the road.

  52. GamecockMom13 says:

    I thought the grill sauce was the most disgusting thing I had ever put in my mouth. I couldn’t finish the burger. I had to go brush my teeth to get that taste out of my mouth. I want my money back. It is way overpriced. I like the bun and even thought the meat was good. I got mine without bacon because I hate bacon. But man that sauce was so nasty!! I tried to look up what was in it but haven’t been successful so far.

  53. Delgado says:

    I had it about 10 minutes ago, I think it’s so awful, I wish I just got ANY other burger. And I live in Miami, so the produce is fresh. The meat was the worst, mystery meat at it’s best. The bacon was mainly fat, and yes the cheese was sitting there. The burger smells funny, doesn’t taste like it was grilled over a fire, more like a veggie burger in a microwave. I almost puked, the sauce is ok. The review is pretty accurate, except the fact it tastes so disgusting.

  54. Sam says:

    Major disappointment after eating one. The meat was full of fillers, not exactly what I would expect from paying 5 bucks for “premium” burger. I used to think BK was ok, now I think they are miserable.

  55. Billy says:

    I thought the burger was decent, but not worth the price. The burger should be 3.99 at most. The burger I got looked nothing like the pictures in the review. The lettuce was ripe green romaine, and the bun looked the same as advertised. The meat I got was not ground anywhere close as fine as the meat seen in your review. It was a little on the dry side, but the consistency was fine for me. The grill sauce was disgusting in my opinion… and a tad too overpowering. I don’t know what’s in it, but I tasted mayo, soy, and some pepper. I can see why some would like it, but I personally don’t want that on my burger. I do agree that it would probably go great /w onion rings

  56. Kathleen says:

    I have never been to your site. I just finished eating one of these and the whole time kept thinking, “did they give me a veggie burger?” Glad to know I am not the only one who noticed a similarity. Thanks for reviewing honestly.

  57. Maria says:

    I just ate the chef’s choice. My first thought about the meat was… Meatloaf? And then I wondered if they had given me the veggie patty. Obviously not, but my curiosity led me to google search, which led to this site. I’m glad I’m not alone in my low opinion of this burger. But to each their own!!!

  58. Anthony says:

    The Chefs Choice from Burger King is a great burger! I love the sauce and even ask for extra sauce when ordering. The tomato is cut thick and the smoked bacon is very tasty and cut thick also. The bread is very good and the lettuce is fresh Romaine. Fresh red onion like you would get at a steak house. For all of you complaining about this burger, you are just used to chewy meat and the “meatloaf” references are actually a compliment as it is very tender USDA ground chuck beef! I strongly recommend the Chef’s Choice Burger. It is a work of art! Order it fresh off the broiler and quit your whining!

    • Chefprotoss says:

      I’m not sure how a burger having the consistency of meatloaf paste is a sign of quality beef… considering the grind of the meat has nothing to do with quality and all…

  59. nick says:

    I have some treats for my dog that she just goes CRAZY for. I once tried them, pretty good actually. However, that is not how I want my own food to taste. Thechefs choice grill sauce reminds me of those dog treats. WHOA! Gross! Throwing this burger away.

  60. Rhys says:

    The “grill sauce” is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. After I stopped dry heaving I asked them to give me a whopper instead.