Review: BK Bacon Burger from Burger King

Sometimes fast food and advertising make me laugh.  The new BK Bacon Burger from Burger King is a prime example of an advertisement picture not quite living up to its claim.  I mean, bacon and raw rings of white onion can be seen in the ad picture, but the reality is a sad sight.  If this thing wasn’t just $1.00, I guess I’d care a little more.  This is one value menu burger that is worth skipping.

The BK Bacon Burger is described by Burger King like this:

Our BK® Bacon Burger features a savory flame-broiled beef patty, topped with naturally smoked thick-cut bacon, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, and sliced white onions on a toasted sesame seed bun.

The BK Bacon Burger is basically just a regular hamburger.   It’s not quite the mustard/pickle soaked mess of the standard BK hamburger, but it’s still a simple cheeseless value menu burger.  Why even put the word bacon in the name?  What I found in my BK Bacon Burger was two barely quarter-sized pieces of bacon.  Check out the pictures to see what Burger King considers “topped with naturally smoked thick-cut bacon”.  Oh yeah, thick cut?  It’s not that either.  The bacon was laying in a small bed of ketchup and the ketchup taste won.   I think in the few chews it took to finish this burger, my teeth found the bacon maybe twice.  If the BK Bacon Burger was priced at any amount under 2-bucks and actually had a semi-respectable amount of bacon, it would be a pretty solid product.

The fact that a BK Double Cheeseburger with double meat and cheese patties is only 49-cents more than the BK Bacon Burger has me thinking of the goofy McDonald’s value menu burger prices.  This burger has no cheese.  It’s just a burger with ketchup/mayo and a pathetic attempt at onions and bacon.

I feel like a curmudgeon arguing with pennies, I’m really not that guy.  These are my impressions that are worth noting because I feel like I owe it to the consumer willing to drop the king’s ransom of one U.S. dollar.  If you pick up this burger, I’m sure you’ll have similar gripes.

When all you’re dropping is a buck, it’s hard to be too critical with the final score (It will still be tough to get past the picture in the ad).  I’ll just consider this like I would grade a simple plain value menu hamburger. That being the case, the BK Bacon Burger is average at best.  If you’re looking for a bacon fix, look somewhere else.

Pros: No dominating sour pickle and mustard flavors I've come to find familiar with Burger King. Just $1.00.

Cons: Barely-there bacon. Raw white onion rings made me laugh too.

Taste: 6.00/10
Value: 6.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 8.50/10
Price: $1.00

Overall GrubGrade: 6.00/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 320
Total Fat - 17 grams
Saturated Fat - 5 grams
Cholesterol - 40 milligrams
Sodium - 500 milligrams
Carbs - 31 grams
Sugar - 7 grams
Protein - 14 grams

23 comments on “Review: BK Bacon Burger from Burger King

  1. Jrdunn says:

    I feel the same way when i get an icecream cone at mcds sometimes its a good size but usually TINY. I am so close to handing it back and saying top it off but then i have to remind myself it was $1

    • Ryan says:

      I got one the other day and noticed it was smaller than I remembered.

      • jrdunn says:

        all depends on which one you go to… its not the individual employee I think its the manager because I go to one McD’s and any employee i get makes it tiny but another McD’s any employee makes it big….

  2. Manavee says:

    A 6.0 is too kind.

    Without the cheese, you really notice how dry, small, and lifeless the beef patty is. The bacon isn’t near good enough to save the poor burger patty and oversized bun.

    This offering reminds me much more of the old Burger King. They were on a roll for a while in that I thought their new BBQ whoppers and chicken sandwiches were both great, the pulled pork was surprisingly decent, the bacon sundae was very tasty, and the new smoothies were also good. The BK Bacon burger is just plain sad.

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah I struggled with coming to the conclusion of going with a 6.00/10. I guess I’ll live with it. You’re so right, the BK Bacon Burger is just plain sad… or just plain.

      • MP says:

        You’re much more generous than I am, Ryan. No way would I have given that burger anything higher than 4. 3 or even 2.

        Burger King’s burgers just disappoint. Their pickles & mustard are the worst & I always end up wiping those off with a napkin. Every time I get a craving I hope it’ll be good, but the meat is always dry; bun overwhelming; light on mayo; tiny portions in general. I always end up regretting it.

        Sad that their best things are the Big Fish, fries & onion rings. I’ll feel stupid just ordering fries or rings in the drive thru to complete the rest of my fast food from another place, but it will have to be done. It has come to that.

  3. steve1 says:

    i had one this weekend. it’s a pretty sorry excuse for a burger.

  4. Someone says:

    But then again, BK is a pretty sorry excuse for fast food.

  5. Mike N. says:

    The Value Menu is dead — long live the Value Menu!

  6. Scrape says:

    On said value menu, just get a single stacker or three. I usually get two and some rings if not a Whopper Value Meal at my pit stop BK halfway through my 6 hour bi-monthly trip. This brand new BK makes great food. Always hot and correct with lots of bacon.

  7. Crysta says:

    Those bacon pieces are pathetic. What is BK thinking? O_o

  8. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Exactly the same as the one my brother had that I described before expect that in his case I think they used a regular sized bun because his patty literally took up only maybe 70% of the space on the bun.

    This was a sad, disgusting and disgraceful product from BK.

  9. Chefprotoss says:

    Who green lighted this? Also, are the Toppers gone? They weren’t half bad.

  10. Sascha says:

    Wow, that looks pitiful.

    My apologies to you, and anyone who’s had to eat a similar mess, and I feel like a jackass raving this burger up in the other thread. Perhaps I can just thank my lucky stars that my local BK does this thing justice. Only once did I have a burger that looked similar to this one, with only one tiny piece of bacon, but still enough ketchup and mayo to drown in (I’ve since started ordering it with light ketchup and mayo, which is still easily twice the amount of the thing in that picture). The rest of the time (except for the idiot who put pickles instead of onions on them) the burger has been great, with a half onion on each and the equivalent of about two regular strips of bacon, of course cut up into about 6-8 little strips, but still.

    I’ll just remember never to order this outside of my local store, gross!

  11. KTK says:

    I had one about a week ago, and I thought it was a pretty good sandwich for a buck. It probably didn’t hurt that mine seemed to have about 3X as much bacon as the one pictured above. I also might have been swayed because I was very hungry and needed something to eat before grocery shopping. lol

  12. PeterM says:

    Living in the ‘burbs as I do, I have my choice of just about any quick serve restaurant you can think of (no chick-fil-a yet; the boycott comes after they build one). For some reason, my car just never seems to point itself in the direction of Burger King anymore. I vaguely recall that once upon a time, they had this product called a “Whopper” that was really good. But the deleterious effects of time have ravaged my beloved Whopper and all that remains are the sad, sad, relics of a failed marketing program as typified above. And crappy fries.

  13. Raiders757 says:

    Wow, that burger looked pathetic, and that’s putting it nicely. I have to agree with Manavee. The rating was way too generous when compared to the pics and the review. I can’t see myself even bothering with this option from BK. Not if that’s all the onions and bacon we can expect.

  14. Athena says:

    Man. Can’t be throwin’ ’round 6’s when there ain’t no need fer it!

    I would be almost tempted to send that to BK corporate to show how lousy it is.

  15. Jay says:

    I think your being nice for giving the bacon burger a 6/10. Based on my experience an easy 4/10 it had way too much mayonaise and that combined with the raw white onion was disgusting. Also at my Bk this was the only $1.00 item.. sad..

  16. PJH says:

    Mine was $1.50 here in Kansas City, the same price as a double cheeseburger. Complete ripoff.

  17. M86 says:

    That looks and sounds pathetic. I think Burger King has so much potential. My last trip there, I had the new chicken strips, and they were awful… Dry with little meat.

  18. Someone was def. trolling at BK when they came up with this lol.

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