Review: Big King from Burger King

We can probably all agree on the McDonald’s Big Mac as an iconic fast food burger.  So I guess it’s good for business for a copycat version to make its way to a rival competitor.  The Big King from Burger King makes no attempt to hide the fact that it’s a direct rip-off, and for a consumer looking for a similar taste, I guess it’s a win.  Well the Big King’s on again/off again relationship with the Burger King menu looks to have come to an indefinite end as it now holds residence as a permanent addition.  Look out McDonald’s! Nah, just kidding.

Big King Burger KingBurger King describes their Big King burger like this:

Our new BIG KING™ Sandwich features two savory fire-grilled beef patties, topped with, melted American cheese, fresh cut iceberg lettuce, crisp onions, crunchy pickles, and featuring a sweet thousand island style dressing, all on a warm, toasted, sesame seed bun.

This is one of those products that really stood out to me as laughable when compared to the promo picture.  I mean, just look at that overly thick middle bun.  Is that typical?  Whatever the case, the club part of my Big King looked like a heaping slice of Texas toast.  Big King BKI guess since Burger King makes no attempt to disguise the fact they sometimes lack originality, it isn’t surprising that there are times when the food just appears to lack effort.  When I say “there are times”, my personal experiences in sad looking Burger King food have been the majority.  The “fresh” cut iceberg lettuce has the appearance and texture that it was just pulled out of the garbage.  I’m all for crisp rings of onion in my burger and the Big King would seem to have an advantage here over the Big Mac’s minced onions.  What I got from my Big King was another check mark in poor produce quality.  The Big King indeed had a couple of rings of onion, but these should’ve not reached my burger.  The onions were dull and rubbery… kind of like the lettuce.  I find McDonald’s minced onions to be superior to BK onions in both flavor impact and texture.

BK Big KingOh wait, the pickles had a some impact, but it would take a great feat to zap the sour punch out of pickles.  The flame-broiled, ahem I mean “fire-grilled”, beef patties aren’t anything special as these are the same patties you’ll find in the basic BK hamburger.  When you take a look at the nutrition info and see that there’s only 18 grams of protein in the Big King, you’ll understand it isn’t living up to its name.  I do enjoy the smoky beef patties from BK, but why is it that they always seem lukewarm to me?  This observation isn’t limited to one specific Burger King either.  The Thousand Island dressing was applied generously and with all the bread, it was needed.  The Thousand Island dressing gives the burger its signature tangy sweetness, much like Big Mac sauce.  My slice of American cheese had the appearance that there’s a lack of warmth going on.  The un-melted texture of the cheese proved my concern to be true.  Lukewarm beef patties won’t help melt your American cheese… #foodscience

Big KingWhat I’m going to end up taking away from my experience with the Big King is that there’s a ton of bread.  At $3.69, the Big King is only worth buying if you’re really craving a Big Mac-esque burger when a McDonald’s isn’t an option.  I’m not the biggest fan of the Big Mac, it’s OK, nothing too special for me, but it’s a lot better than the Big King.  McDonald’s isn’t going to mess with the contents of the Big Mac, so if you’re Burger King and want to rip it off, why didn’t they put some true effort into it?  Missed opportunity, mediocre burger.

Pros: Plenty of Thousand Island dressing. Smoky flavor of the BK fire-grilled beef patties.

Cons: $3.69 is too pricey for a burger dominated by bread. Quality of produce. Lukewarm Burger King grub.

Taste: 6.25/10
Value: 4.75/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 5.75/10
Price: $3.69

Overall GrubGrade: 5.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
510 calories
29 grams of fat
10 grams of saturated fat
38 grams of carbs
780 milligrams of sodium
8 grams of sugar
18 grams of protein

83 comments on “Review: Big King from Burger King

  1. Sean says:

    Man, now that you mention it, those burgers are never hot. I usually microwave them if I take them home, but when I eat there, they are always lukewarm. Except for maybe a triple stacker one time. And I used to like the Big King, but that middle bun in the pic is just ridiculous.

  2. Nick says:

    I remember the 90s-era “Big King.” It was actually pretty good. And it didn’t have the middle bun. They specifically mentioned that in the advertising–“more beef, less bread” or something to that effect. And now they make what amounts to a bread sandwich with some sad little patties and laughable produce shoved in? I miss the Burger King of the 90s.

    • MP says:

      You know I remember those ads too. I think the last true great BK double cheeseburger I had was in 1996 or 1997. It was so big, juicy, & hot it made McDonald’s taste like crap in comparison & then something happened.
      What really bugs me about BK is they have all these locations (7,000+ in the US), a once strong brand name & they’re just throwing all these advantages away, in basically a mocking tone & daring us: “how long will you continue to keep buying our crappy product & keep supporting our business? We DARE you!”. The prices – they do not reflect the quality in the product at all. So many times I looked at a BK menu & said, “Really? That much for THAT?” Coupons, BOGO or nothing. I’m actually shocked they’re offering a Whopper for $2.50, but at the insistence of getting two for $5. That’s what it should be anyway.
      The way Burger King is run these days, it’s like the people are just using it a turn-key operating to get a paycheck & get through life. It’s like they have become what TV shows & movies have always parodied fast food places: as being super cheap & cut-all-corners as possible. Charge you for water, extra onions, pickles or mayo. Hard, dirt-tasting white chunks of lettuce. Fragments of bacon. A dozen fries in a sack.
      It’s one thing if you have great people running a BK who care about quality control, it’s another if the product is just so terrible & no amount of freshness can fix that.

      • Tony says:

        MP…you, sir or madam, should be a writer. I say this, because you have single-handedly confirmed my reluctance to indulge and at the same time realize that I would be eating my way into a
        $#!tstorm…no pun intended. Hats off to you. Thank you.

  3. Scott says:

    The original Big King from around 1997 didn’t try for the middle bun, and it was a disappointment as well.

  4. Dave says:

    Burger King needs to stop spending money on coming up with new products, much less ripping them off, and focus on QUALITY CONTROL. BK used to be far and away my fast food burger place and that was because of their core products. In the past few years the quality of their food has slipped massively. Numerous visits to multiple locations all result in cold and mangled food. They need to prioritize quality.

  5. Alex K. says:

    Just looking at the picture, I knew the review score would be about a five. Holy hell that looks awful.

  6. Scrape says:

    Mine was great! The club was no where near what you ended up with. But mine was HOT (I had to wait a while for it), put together very neatly, and was quite good. It is amazing what just a little fake flame broil flavor can do to a fast food burger. As well, the sauce isn’t as overpowering as McDs.
    But if I want a Big Mac style burger, I go to Gino’s and get a Giant…a burger which actually predates the Big Mac by a number of years,

    • TJ says:

      I think you may have nailed what separates a decent BK burger from a bad one.. when they have to heat it up “fresh” for you, it comes out pretty good. Even then they somehow get lukewarm within about 10 minutes, so eating it in the parking lot or on your way home is the way to go. I consistently benefit from the fact that almost nobody in my town is ever at our Burger King. They tell me I’ll have to wait 7 minutes or whatever, and it’s generally worth it compared to what I would get from similar offerings at McD’s or Wendy’s. I’ll take a burger from In-n-Out instead any day, but the closest ones are a decent 15 minute drive and they’re always super-packed, so it’s a once every couple months type of thing, unfortunately.

      • Ahecht says:

        “I’ll take a burger from In-n-Out instead any day, but the closest ones are a decent 15 minute drive”

        Boo hoo, Cry me a river. The closest In-n-Outs are a decent 5-hour plane flight from here. I thought Five Guys coming to the area would fix my fast food burger problems, but the stores around here are crap compared to the originals in the Washington DC area (they always seem to be cold and underseasoned). Hopefully Shake Shack can manage their expansion better and save the day, but that remains to be seen.

        • Peter in Santa Rosa says:

          And once you get an In-and-Out you will wonder what the big deal was. They are decent hamburger, but not the miraculous, life-affirming experience you’ve been led to believe. Once upon a time, Coors had the same cachet when you could not get it “east of the mississippi” – once you finally get one, you realize it’s just beer.

          • TJ says:

            Lol I would totally agree they’re over-hyped by many here in Cali.. if they were that great I’d make the the albeit relatively short drive more often. I have no idea what Gino’s is, I was just giving my West-Coast take on what I would consider the better fast-food burger. If I’m forced to defend In-n-Out, it’s the consistency and good service, agreed it’s not amazing, just simply a good burger for cheap.

          • AlexG says:

            Your probably in the minority in that opinion Peter. The Big Deals for In N out is..

            – Fresh hamburger meat that is never frozen
            -Real Potatoes for their french fries not the chemicals and preservatives everyone else ads.
            -Price point that is on par with McD’s not double the price like 5 Guys, The Counter and Shake Shack.

          • Brittany says:

            Same thing with Yuengling. Once it left PA — meh, it’s just beer.

      • Scrape says:

        Gino’s is an upscale burger and chicken chain in the mid-atlantic. They used to be huge back in the day and had the region’s KFC franchise. Now, they have reopened around Baltimore and Philadelphia. The Philly ones have closed for some reason, but they opened more around Baltimore. The one I go to is actually in the same spot as one stood many years ago Pretty cool. And the Giant is pretty much just like a BigMac, but gourmet and fresh. A really good burger.

        PS- I am in no way connected to them, I just really like their food.

        • TJ says:

          Thanks for the info, sounds like a cool place. Out here the closest thing I can think of would be maybe Nation’s? But I’ll probably be hated just for mentioning it lol 😉

          • AlexG says:

            Nations in Northern California is absolute crap. Not sure what the big deal is about their hamburgers. Nothing special. They have good pies though.

          • TJ says:

            We must have eaten at different Nation’s then Alex G.. I thought all their food was very good when I used to live near one. It’s not cheap though. They do go a little heavy on the produce for my liking and a beef burger isn’t my first choice there.. I like the salmon burgers and chili cheese fries myself.

  7. Todd says:

    “The “fresh” cut iceberg lettuce has the appearance and texture that it was just pulled out of the garbage.” That sentence was pure poetry.

  8. CulinaryZerg says:

    BK is trapped between value-menu competitors who have more consistent quality and greater scale (McD’s) and higher-end burger joints (Wendy’s).

    Here’s advice to BK: They need to reestablish their original niche of being right above McDonald’s. Charge a slight premium for burgers that are superior to dollar-grub fast food, but yet don’t put you into the premium class. I’m talking $2 and $3 burgers like the Toppers line and the older better tasting Whopper. Throw in above-average fries (e.g. garlic fries, curly fries) and shakes. Tendercrisp is already there. Rebuild that quality premium.

    • Tony says:

      They’ve never been above McD lmao, some of you are so dense

      • AlexG says:

        My memory only goes back to the 80’s and for my teenage taste buds, I liked them better then McD’s. Especially their Double Cheese Burgers. Something fell off the wagon in the 90’s and they started cutting corners. Now it’s just pathetic the type of food and quality they have. Really disgusting food.

  9. Jonathan Wayne says:

    I am absolutely livid about this burger, one of the biggest ripoffs in fast food history. I ordered it because I had to know what a ripoff of the Big Mac was like. First of all it was small, very small patties. It was too sweet, the cheese was very cheap, I did not get lettuce and at almost $4 this price was total BS. The Big Mac is superior to this. However, for this price, you can go to Five Guys and get a proper, fresh burger, or for even less the same if you are near an In n Out.

    I did however try the new $1 Big Rib and that was a very good value for the money and tasted pretty good. Is this Burger King’s new strategy, just copying all their competitor’s products? I wish I could get paid to be the CEO of a company and just suggest copying everyone else’s products.

    • DaSPM says:

      So let me get this straight, you are livid about a fast food burger that seemingly has nothing to do with your own personal life? To boot, you decide to order it as well? Interesting thought process.

      • Jonathan Wayne says:

        Could you please go back to school and learn how to read and write. One you clearly did not understand what I wrote, two I read and re-read what you wrote and still can’t understand what the hell you are trying to say.

        • DaSPM says:

          I read my own post as well as yours and I can make perfect sense of mine and the question remains, how does a fast food burger that really has nothing to do with your own life make you livid? If you cannot understand my simple words then perhaps I can now understand why a fast food burger would make you livid.

  10. Jay Melo says:

    The patties look like the ones in the $1 burgers. I would buy 2 value menu burgers instead.

    • MP says:

      They are. Which is why this burger is such a rip-off. Burger King’s cheap patties are already miniscule in size; 2.75″ to 3″ in diameter, depending on where you measure (yes,I did) & the ‘flower’ die-cut to cut ’round corners’. You could buy two double cheeseburgers & it will still be cheaper than this & that would have 2 more patties & 3 more slices of cheese.
      Some people say we bash BK too much but they really deserve it. I used to go to BK a lot but I just got tired of smaller portions, bone dry patties & being ripped off; even with coupons. What they’re doing is a total joke. This burger should had been around $2; $2.50 tops. But BK got greedy. Top notch review by Ryan.

  11. Dave C. says:

    Oh, MAN!!! It looks NOTHING AT ALL like it did in the ’90s! What a rip-off!!! WHERE’S THE BEEF??!!!… The patties used to be HUGE in the ’90s. I guess BK figured on playing on people’s memories of how good and BIG it used to be, then went and took away a big chunk of the beef and replaced it with the huge middle bun, which looks nothing like the picture even. geez!…

  12. Kellyraposin says:

    Now Wendy’s should try there own Big Mac burger. It would probably cost 7 to 8 dollars though

  13. Roger says:

    Since you can get a Whopper at 2 for $5 and since this thing is almost $4, a killer idea would have been to make the Big King with Whopper sized patties and buns. Quality ingredients would help, and the ring onions would actually fit. Even if the local BK does a sloppy job, it would be cool to have the quantity. Get more attention to their copied product by selling a Bigger Mac.

  14. Ryan Van Riper says:

    Would you like a burger with your loaf of bread?

  15. Raye Peneber says:

    I actually got suckered in to buying this thing.

    As it has been pointed out, yes the patties are sadly small 1$ menu patties. The promo made me think that they would be whopper patties. Like yours my cheese was not melted. I asked for extra pickles and onions but did not get them. My sandwich was sloppy and not holding together well. They wrapped it in standard paper, no box. Cheapo.

    The sauce tasted the same as the sticker sauce? Maybe they didn’t have it in yet, or maybe I couldn’t tell the difference. I think this was 3.65 in my area. Way too pricey, I think if they undercut the big mac and came in at the 2.50 price point it would be an alright sandwich. Still, with McDonalds running 2 for 5$ big macs every now and than the king has a real turd here.

  16. Libby says:

    Man what a sad looking burger. For a bit more you can get a Keep It Simple Burger at Red Robin with their awesome steak fries. It tastes like a burger should.

  17. Lylat says:

    I had this yesterday and for $3.89 here in Newark,NJ … it was a ripoff in a way,it was smaller than a Big Mac that’s for sure.

    But it did taste alright.

  18. Taylor says:

    Oh wow. Just further solidifies the fact that Burger King is all over the place with consistency. The Big King I ordered had a middle bun about 1/3rd the thickness of the one featured in this review, and with much less sauce. Anyways, the one I had was decent.

  19. BigBelly says:

    New at Burger King, the “Big Bread King” NOW With: ghosts of onions & lettuce LMAO yeeesh

    I had me one of these tonight, a squeeze with cheese… ya, that’s a cheese skirt on it

  20. Chuck says:

    Ordered one of these yesterday and got home, opened it. Lots of bread, and mayo on it instead of the “thousand island” dressing. Lots of onion but no lettuce. Complete waste of money.

  21. AlexG says:

    Anyone else see a Burger King Advertisement on this webpage on the Left? It’s rotating with other advertisements on this web page. LOL. If BK Advertisement department only knew how we are bashing their truly awful product..

  22. Brent says:

    For the longest time I thought it was just me who thought BK had went down hill since the mid to late 90s, but I see now that is not the case. I remember going with my dad to get flame broiled double cheeseburgers and fries. We both thought they were the best fast food hamburgers out there. Not anymore. The burgers have shrank, are often cold, and don’t have the same flavor. Their chicken tenders used to be unique and they had good sauces. Now you only get 8 to an order when every other fast food joint is 10 for a combo, and they are poor imitation Mcnuggets. Also, BK used to give really good sized fry portions, but then they went to the “frypod” so now you get a pathetic amount that is the equivalent to one size less than the same size at other restaurants.

  23. Mark says:

    burger king sucks now. hasn’t been good probably since the 90s

  24. AJ says:

    I totally agree with all the negative comments. I’m old enough to remember the Whopper of the 70’s and BK is nothing like that at all anymore.

  25. JustinL says:

    Maybe it’s just my local BK, but I love the place. All their produce tastes fresh and the burgers are hot enough to melt the cheese. I was a bit disappointed though that the Big King patties were small and wrapping them in paper without a box made them look cheap. But my middle bun was much smaller, and the burger tasted pretty decent. But I think I’ll stick to the Whopper.

  26. Bartleby says:

    Every time I eat BK (which is rare)I immediately feel awful and ask myself why in the hell did I just put myself through so much agony and anguish? I haven’t tried that Big King piece of garbage but its no surprise that people hate it and deem it a rip off. What I am surprised about is that BK is still in business after putting out such a horrendous product for such horrific prices for so long.

  27. th the grand stallion of al stallion of all burger burgers instead of making that little burger call the big instead of making that little burger call the big king almost like im almost like imitate McDonalds McDonalds when you can just make the whopper with two beef with two beef patties 2 bee 2 beef patties lettuce lettuce tomatoes pickles onions and bacon with creamy ranch sauce that’s what I think ythat’s what I think you should have done to the whopper whopper you have the regular whopper and now introducing the Whopper team by Carlo by Carlos sweets Die Diego Carlos sweet sweet that’s for sure

  28. so micdonals won’t be sayin so micdonals won’t be saying that you copy catting of them the whoppe Whopper Kin burger burger is way bigger it stands out more than the Big Big Big Mac and the big kin so cal and get back o and get back on top top and just make the whoppe king with two beef patties lettuce tomatoes pickles onions and creamy ranc or any other secret sau I love Burger Kin I’ve been eating there since I was a ki and still is toda I’m just trying to help to franchis make a better make a better mood bette better move by Diego Carlo by Diego Carlos sweeting thank you for your tim

  29. Theorise says:

    The patty was the size of a slider patty. Total rip off! Do not buy these……

  30. dec says:

    went for the 2 bib kings for $5 , the other night. Yep I was almost sick from all the bread and if you removed the bread you had very little dressing which did not taste that good anyway . I use to go to Burger King a lot but very seldom do anymore. I felt like I was suckered into a crumby idea of a Big mac and will be a long time before I go to burger king again. WHAT DID THIS GAIN BURGER KING ??????? They made me glad I go there very little

  31. Harry says:

    Awful… Just picked up 2 for $5 for me and my pops… Unreal how small these were… Dry, cold and small.. What a rip off

  32. Irish Tommy says:

    Possibly the biggest disappointment next to when I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. It’s not often I request my money back and this time I did.

  33. Chad says:

    I think BK and McDonald’s both have gone down the tubes. Hell almost every time I go to Mcd’s the product is put together half assed, usually have to take off the bun and form the burger your’self. And they never ever toast the buns. if you get a Mc chicken they either have way to much mayo or just a tinge that will be on one side and not the other.

    I think Wendy’s is superior to both of them. They toast the bun’s , usually always hot and they just taste better. That’s my two cent’s.

  34. Curtis says:

    I like it, it’s as good if not better than a Big Mac. And no, the middle bun isn’t supposed to look like that, lol! :). You can get 2 for $5 right now, to boot.

  35. um says:

    The patties are so tiny. I’m pretty sure they patties were much bigger when the Big King first came out in the 90s. This new Tiny King is a total fail. Even gave me diarrhea.

  36. Jeff says:

    Burger King – Forest City NC – Special Big King – Deal 2 for $5.36 including tax. Pitiful excuse for a hamburger. Make an OK sign with your hand and the patties are that size, three pieces of dry bread some onions & lettuce. DRY COLD & SMALL WORKS FOR DESCRIPTION _ No cheese I guess I had to request that. Very subpar, expected better. Did eat one but kept the other to show what BK sucks at. Just to finish up, the picture of the Big King above looks the same as what I received, but it has more toppings on it than mine had.

  37. Tom says:

    Step aside Big Mac the Big King is taking over……Big King much better eating experience

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  39. JoeSnow says:

    The Big Mac and Big King are both pale copies of the original, the Big Boy. This is why Burger King can get away with duplicating the Big Mac, because McDonald’s lawyers know if they try to do something about it that they open themselves up to an identical lawsuit from Big Boy.

  40. john says:

    Why do people who don’t like fast food, feel compelled to “review” it? And then explain how they NEVER eat it.
    If you don’t have something good to say, why not just stop talking?
    Let me rephrase.. Please just stop talking.

  41. tony russo says:

    BK just announced (via TV commercial) a new and improved – with 1/4 pound BEEF Big king. Curious if anyone has tried it yet. Wonder how little beef it had before this upgrade.

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  43. Sam says:

    Man, I wish I had read this review before I bought the Big King yesterday. Actually, I bought two because they’re on sale in my area 2 for $5. The special used to be 2 whoppers for $5, but they’ve switched the whopper with the Big King. Well, let me tell you I was very disappointed. I’m not a person who hates fast food. Yeah, I know it’s not healthy, but I like it for what it is (not expecting 5 star quality), and the whopper has never failed me. But this thing! First, let me say that I had to wait at the window for 7 minutes because I was told my burgers were being cooked. So I figured they would at least be piping hot. Nope, not at all. I’m staying at a hotel on business and the hotel is literally a 3 minute drive from the Burger King I stopped at. I got to the room, unwrapped the burgers, and they were cold/lukewarm. How is that even physically possible?! There’s no way they could have just cooked those burgers while I was waiting. Then for some reason my burgers didn’t even have the signature BK smokey flavor. It was just a plain, tasteless burger. It had the little fake chargrilled lines, but none of the chargrilled flavor. There was way too much thousand island dressing on mine, so it was sickeningly sweet. My bun wasn’t sesame seed either, it was just a plain ole bun. I never tried the old Big King so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I have to say this version is a complete waste of money. As mentioned, the burgers are also very small. I don’t know what BK was thinking with this move. That’s 5 bucks wasted. Not mention I’ve had a stomach ache since I ate that crap yesterday.

  44. Hah says:

    What’s up with that middle bun lmao . I wonder if they’re all like that…

  45. Holly says:

    I tried the Big King and was surprised that the flavor was that of a Big Mac. I was totally disappointed with the size of the luke warm burger. If you look at their ad, it shows the burger stretching outside the bun. It is so small, it looks like it belongs in a slider bun. The lettuce is also not what they picture on their display ads. I actually wrote to Burger King’s Corporate office and never received a reply. I too, wish they would focus more on the quality and not introducing new products. I, along with many others would rather they increase the size, up the quality, and bring back the flame broiled (Hot) burger, and I would gladly pay more to enjoy a great burger again.

  46. Big Perm says:

    You asked why the burgers always seem to be “warm”, it’s because they flame broil them and then stick them in little warming trays until your order comes in. Then they try to heat them back up. If you want a good burger from BK, you have to ask them for one “off the broiler”. That way it’s fresh and isn’t microwaved. However, this request is dependent of having a decent BK in your town. The one’s near my work in Nashville will actually make you wait 6 minutes and give you a fresh burger. The one’s near my house will just pretend to cook it for you and will just nuke it until it’s extra hot… Do they really think we don’t know the difference? I don’t think they care…

  47. Keith says:

    Given Burger King’s market share troubles these past many, many years, I would estimate that Burger King is showing a small bit of desperation to finally go “permanent” with this unashamed, blatant rip off of their arch rival’s industry-iconic, signature item – the Big Mac. If their only attempt at making it “different” is using crinkle-cut instead of smooth-cut pickles, leaf instead shredded lettuce, and whole-ring instead of minced onions (according to the song, everything else is the same: 2 all-beef patties, “special” sauce , lettuce, cheese, pickles, onion, on a sesame-seed bun), then this attempt is just as laughable as “McDowell’s” offering of the “Big Mic” in the iconic 1988 movie “Coming to America”!

    McDonald’s should respond with a “Mega-Mac”, a Big Mac made with the quarter-pounder burgers and buns, and send Burger King to the grave, right next to Burger Chef and McDowell’s.

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  52. Charles says:

    Had my 1st one at BK in Vineland & thought they made a mistake & gave me a slider. Then when Pennsville did the same thing I can’t believe I spent almost $4 for a slider!!! Nothing about it was big, it’s a joke! Don’t waste your money!

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  55. Mike says:

    I usually shy away from anything but a Whopper or Whopper Jr…but this intrigues me. Does it taste more like a Big Mac now, or a Big Mac of years ago?

    I used to like Big Macs about 30 years back. I know taste buds change, but the current one is really flavorless. I’ve had the urge about once a year for the past 5 or 6 years for a Big Mac and have been sorely disappointed. Maybe this BK offering is what I need.

  56. paul says:

    the food is pure garbage,used to luv the ham egg and cheese croissant , but for the third time at two different bk’s I was on the toilet within an hour after eating one , so now im done at burger king forever unless its a last resort, (i think a majority of them have a filthy kitchen area)

  57. […] Chicken Sandwich.  The 2 for $5 Mix & Match deal also includes the Original Chicken Sandwich, Big King, and Big Fish Sandwich.  BK describes the new Teriyaki Original Chicken Sandwich like […]

  58. […] suggested price is $3.79 and it’s also a member of the 2 for $5 menu which includes the Big King, Extra Long Cheeseburger, Original Chicken Sandwich and Big Fish Sandwich.  Nutrition info: 480 […]

  59. layla says:

    I actually think they stopped flame broiling them a long time ago I think they fry and they’ve been nuking them since microwaves were invented. 🙁 That(flame broil) was the best part about bk burgers. I used to like them more than McDonalds. The best thing besides the whopper, was the international chicken sandwiches. On a sesame long roll with fried chicken patty, smoked ham, american cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo (french, not sure why lol). Also an Italian one with marinara and mozz was really good, but this was ages ago like in the 80s lol.

    ps I have had the big king a few times, also not impressed but the middle bread was not huge like this one. lol That’s nuts.

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