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November doesn’t seem like the most appropriate time to release a BBQ sandwich.  BBQ is the taste of summer and Burger King recognizes this because they released a pretty decent BK Rib Sandwich with their summer menu just six months ago.  So what makes releasing a BBQ sandwich appropriate in November?  Ahh, yes, keeping a watchful eye of McDonald’s yet again.  This time of year McDonald’s typically brings back the McRib for its annual spotlight and this year is no different in many U.S. markets.   We just wrapped up looking at the BK Big King versus McDonald’s Big Mac debate, is it time to compare the McRib with the latest competition?  I don’t want to get too far with comparisons since the new BBQ Rib Sandwich from BK has one major weapon on its side…  it’s just a buck.

BBQ Rib Sandwich Burger KingBurger King describes their new BBQ Rib Sandwich like this:

Our BBQ Rib Sandwich that features a juicy boneless rib patty, freshly cut onions, crisp pickles, a sweet and spicy BBQ Sauce and all served on a warm toasted sesame bun.

The BK Rib Sandwich from last summer surprised me as I wasn’t expecting much from it at all.  It turned out to be a well done fast food BBQ sandwich.  I won’t go as far as to say it blew me away, but when you go in with hesitant expectations for greatness, you might walk away thinking things like, “Maybe Burger King isn’t so terrible after all”.  I do like me some Burger King products here and there, but for the most part they’ve disappointed me in recent years.  It’s refreshing to step away from the bashing involved with the recent Big King review and heap a little praise in BK’s direction with a pretty good new value menu option in the $1.00 investment known as the BBQ Rib Sandwich.The BBQ Rib Sandwich benefits from being one of those BK menu items to not include two of the chains major flaws: lettuce and tomato.  Congrats BBQ Rib Sandwich, you’re already ahead of the game by default.  The only produce you’ll find in this sandwich are pickles and onions.  Now normally I wouldn’t care for pickles in a sandwich like this, but with the BK Rib Sandwich there was sweet bread & butter pickles and I felt it didn’t work against the flavor of the spicy BBQ sauce.  This new BBQ Rib Sandwich does not have sweet bread & butter pickles.  The pickles used here are the kind that work against the BBQ sauce flavor with their overly salty and sour qualities.  Bread and butter pickles complement spicy BBQ sauce, but using regular BK pickles makes for a sour/tangy spice hybrid that just doesn’t work as well.  Luckily the pickles didn’t stand out too much and were only a slight reminder something that could’ve been disastrous if they went overboard with the quantity… two half-dollar sized pickles was enough.

BBQ Rib Burger KingThe rings of “freshly cut” onions really did appear to be freshly cut (or at least not really pathetic like what I got with the Big King).  Onion impact was apparent in the slight crisp crunch and didn’t overwhelm flavor-wise.  They looked to be of acceptable quality so the rings of raw onion were a welcome sight in my sandwich.

BBQ Rib Sandwich BKTo the main players of the BBQ Rib Sandwich I was pleased with both.  I’m talking about the boneless rib patty and the BBQ sauce.  I don’t want to know the specifics of what percentage of pork is in the boneless rib patty, but it was sized about right and the texture wasn’t funky.

BBQ Rib from BKThe boneless rib patty tasted enough like a pork product for me to look past the fact that it was probably created in a lab.  There was enough BBQ sauce flavor to mask anything suspect going on and I really like the peppery spice of the BBQ sauce Burger King uses.  While there was enough BBQ sauce flavor, I would’ve been happier with a slight bit more as there were plenty of dry spots.  Overall, the rib patty and sauce passed my standards for a one dollar fast food sandwich.  As for the bun, it’s your standard sesame seed bun you’re used to with your BK cheeseburgers and on this day, mine was average.  New rule with cheap fast food bread should be if there wasn’t something horrible going on with it, it’s better left unmentioned. BK BBQ RibOverall I liked the new BBQ Rib Sandwich from Burger King and it’s a worthy value menu item for me.  There wasn’t one thing that really jumped out to me as a disappointment and sometimes that’s what will separate the successes and failures in cheap fast food.  One dollar spent with no accompanying stomach ache equals victory these days and luckily I enjoyed my BBQ Rib Sandwich too.

Pros: Just $1.00. BBQ sauce. Rings of raw onion worth eating. Value menu variety, BK has it.

Cons: Bread & butter pickles would've been awesome here, but it's the standard stuff with this sandwich. Whatever might be lurking in the ingredients list of that rib patty. 28 grams of trans fat seems incredibly high.

Taste: 7.50/10
Value: 8.25/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.50/10
Price: $1.00

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 450
Total Fat - 28 grams
Saturated Fat - 9 grams
Trans Fat - 28 grams
Carbs - 29 grams
Cholesterol - 70 milligrams
Sodium - 930 milligrams
Sugars - 9 grams
Protein - 19 grams

28 comments on “Review: BBQ Rib Sandwich from Burger King

  1. Noodlez says:

    I was not a fan of the bread & butter pickles on the larger Rib Sandwich. I wanted onions and dill pickles with it. So when this hit and for only a buck I was excited. And I must say I am loving this thing!! My local bk has been good about making sure the sauce is plenty on it. The only thing is I’d almost prefer a chopped onion over the rings just so I could get onion all over. I do sometimes ask for extra pickles. I’ve abandoned the McRib for this. The good taste and price really do it right.

  2. JoeyF says:

    Has to be 2.8 grams Trans Fat, 28 would be 2 weeks worth of what is “acceptable” in one sandwich.

  3. MP says:

    As for the timing, maybe pork prices are down? Isn’t that what McDonald’s uses to trot out the McRib?
    Leaping lizards, 28 grams of trans fat??! 1 gram a day is the suggested maximum, and I’m not trying to be some health nut,either. Not a typo:
    Wow. What praise was earned is destroyed by the trans fat. I’m sorry, but that’s just dangerous.

  4. Nick says:

    I’ve sent an email to BK corporate to confirm the nutrition info on the website for the BBQ Pork Sandwich. I’ll post a reply when/if I hear back. 28g can’t be right… I would hope, anyway.

  5. Jonathan Wayne says:

    This is the exact opposite to that garbage that is the Big King, only $1 as opposed to almost $4 and tastes much better, a pretty good deal.

  6. Alex K. says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence my stomach made an “UghhhEUUGHHHHhhh…” sound when I saw those pictures. Eek.

    • thehottoddy23 says:

      LOL yeah I hear ya on that one! Sadly, I’d probably ignore it to try this although there aren’t any BKs too close to me (fortunately!). I had to reply, though, as that comment literally woke me up from laughing as coffee wasn’t doing the trick this morning.

  7. Jen says:

    Is it just me or does it taste too salty? I still prefer the McRib even at the price premium, but commend BK for trying.

  8. M86 says:

    Crazy timing… I just got done seeing the picture of the frozen McRib that is circulating on the internets now.

  9. thehottoddy23 says:

    Reading this review got me to thinking about the coupon books I often get in the mail for BK. Anyone else ever get these? They actually are loaded with great deals. Things like a free Whopper with the purchase of a Whopper, and two Whopper Jr. sandwiches and two small fries for $3.99. Nothing totally out of the ordinary, but good deals nevertheless. I mention this because it often takes coupons to get me to go to a restaurant (no, I’m not a 74 year old woman living on fixed income), but as mentioned before there aren’t any BKs nearby. I also find it interesting that when I lived in Jersey I never got anything like this but in PA I get tons of coupons and deals in the mail. Anyhow, thought I’d see what’s up with that.

  10. ahecht says:

    I thought it was very good, and the grilled flavor from the slight char made it actually seem like barbecue. My only real complaint was the that dollar-menu bun was too dense, making the bun-to-meat ratio seem much higher than on the BK Rib Sandwich.

  11. A-Gar says:

    This sandwich does not have any trans fat in it. The 28g is a typo, nothing more. If you’ll look above, you’ll see the sandwich has 28g of fats total. They accidently copied this number in the trans fats line. If you really search online, you can find that this sandwich has no trans fat.

    This is one of the best value sandwiches BK has come out with in quite some time. Personally, I love the dill pickle’s sourness combined with the sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.

  12. Sascha says:

    Really?!? This is the sandwich everyone agrees on as being good? I don’t know anymore. I tried it and thought it was absolute garbage, the “pork” did not taste not anything resembling meat. I liked the big rib sandwich BK brought out earlier in the year (not as much as McRib) but this is not a substitute. I luck out with my local BK’s, and have felt that many products that have been bashed on GG were actually quite good, the Bacon Burger on the top of that list. But this sandwich sucked. Maybe it was just that BK, that day, because the positivity flowing here makes me think I should give it one more try. Hopefully for the better.

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      Good for the money. Don’t mistake good for the money with actual good, like I would pay $5 for it good.

      • Sascha says:

        Nah, not for me. It was damn near inedible, not worth a buck. But like I said, I’ll probably try it one more time.

        • Ralph says:

          Out of curiosity, could you name the last three things you’ve eaten that weren’t fast food? With such an absurd level of finickiness over something that cost you a dollar, I’m expecting to see Wagyu tartare, roasted bone marrow, and an entire black winter truffle, washed down with a Big Gulp filled with beluga caviar.

          • Sascha says:

            Right, because it’s $1, it doesn’t matter what it tastes like. Where was that logic when everyone was bashing the bacon burger and the fry burger? Last three things I’ve had? Well, we had to cook the freezer contents thanks to a three day power outage, so that would be chicken tacos, baked chicken and boneless country style ribs.
            I simply felt that the “rib” on this sandwich was crap. I liked the big version they served earlier in the year, but this didn’t pass muster. Was it inedible? I guess not, I did eat them, but that’s about it. Even at only $1, I’d like to feel that it was worth it, and this wasn’t, though I’m sure glad I wasn’t out more money.

  13. Kenneth says:

    I only watch TV on Wednesdays for South Park and I’m already sick of seeing the ad for this.

  14. TJ says:

    The polarization on this puzzles me because I disliked it for a reason I haven’t seen yet.. it was perfectly fine for a dollar menu item for me, but I found the sauce a little too sweet for my taste. I like their regular BBQ sauce with the nuggets/tenders whatever they are these days, but I dunno, this needed some smokiness or spice. Other than that the quality was good, my BK seems better than average though, especially on sandwiches that don’t have much produce.

  15. Joe says:

    I think the broiler really helps the flavor vs. a McRib. I could use more onion and uusually take the pickles off. I hope they keep this, because it’s really the only offering I’d stop for vs. McDonalds or Wendys. Making a premium sandwich with this might make sense for BK, but I’d rather have this than any other value offering 8/10 times.

  16. Adork says:

    I was hoping for a return of this to go along with the return of the McRib.
    I admit that in the past I was a McRib fanatic but over the years something has been lost in it, I feel cheated when I buy it. But with the BK Rib the price makes it seem worth while but really it’s that broiler, it gives it that extra bit of flavor to combine with that sweet and tangy sauce. I’ve been lucky that with each BK I went to they didn’t overload it or skimp on the sauce. It’s that perfect balance to me.

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