Review: Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog from Sonic

I give Sonic credit for taking advantage of the hot dog market and offering an array of flavor combinations.  When a lot of fast food places give you mostly burgers and chicken, Sonic mixes it up  and continues to push the limited time hot dog choices.  While not overly impressive in any way, the classic dog combos are still pretty decent.  Recently, changing the hot dog bun seems to be Sonic’s way of refreshing the menu… pretzel bun, cheesy bun.  The newest entry to the hot dog family at Sonic is the Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog.  Let’s review.

Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog 1Sonic describes their new Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog like this:

SONIC’s Croissant Dogs take a new, gourmet twist on a Sonic classic hot dog.    We start by baking a soft roll, with all of the flaky goodness and buttery taste of a delicious croissant.  Then, we nestle the juicy premium beef hot dog in the croissant and top it off with cheddar cheese and bacon.

There’s an opportunity that may have been missed here and I’ll get into that further in a moment.  First let’s get all the components (besides the bun) out of the way.

Croissant Dog 2

There’s a delicate snap to the dog with a mild beef taste, but overall pretty average.  Sonic piles on the toppings very generously on this hot dog.  I found the hot dog to be so overwhelmed by cheese and bacon toppings that I almost forgot there was a hot dog there.  Lots of chopped bacon in a sea of melted cheddar that glues together nicely and actually makes for a fairly clean grubbing on the go option.  The generous portion of crisp chopped bacon has a nice chew, but the flavor is mostly salt with an unfortunate lack of smoke or sweetness.  The goo of double cheddar is a combination of diced cheddar cheese and cheddar cheese sauce.  The two aren’t very distinguishable from one another and combined with the bacon, it all kind of becomes one.  The grainy heat of the spicy brown mustard woke up my taste buds and was a nice surprise considering it wasn’t in the description.  On closer inspection, the promo picture does show the mustard.  Without the spicy brown mustard, the Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog would have likely been a complete failure.  It’s crazy how a simple condiment can bump up your entire product to almost being decent.

Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog 2The croissant roll might as well have been a standard hot dog bun.  I swear I examined it and thought it was a regular hot dog bun until I noticed a sliver of dough separating itself from the rest of the bun.  Yes, this was indeed a croissant hot dog roll, but it was very sub par.  That “flaky goodness and buttery taste” was non-existent.  The croissant roll had some more noticeable layers appear as I was grubbing on it, yet it was dry and never really stood out to be very croissant-like.  So that missed opportunity I mentioned before… pigs in a blanket.  When I think of hot dogs and croissants, it makes me think of the tiny appetizer.  A croissant dough baked around a hot dog… a hot dog sized pig in a blanket.  Sure this isn’t a sausage, it’s a 100% pure beef hot dog, but the idea of the croissant dough baked around it sounds like a much more intriguing offering.  This pre-made (I really shouldn’t have expected anything more) croissant roll just didn’t cut it.  Note to Sonic:  Check out the Croissant Hot Dog at Starbucks… yes Starbucks.

Croissant dog collage

Oh my, this thing was priced at $3.49.  It’s an average-sized hot dog with more emphasis on toppings than anything else.  Maybe at under 3 bucks this could be considered an OK value considering that it’s filling.  Since the croissant roll wasn’t at all impressive, the Sonic Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog really tastes like more of the same.

Pros: Surprisingly decent grubbing on the go option. Spicy brown mustard.

Cons: Croissant roll wasn't anything special. Pricey for a hot dog.

Taste: 5.00/10
Value: 4.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 6.50/10
Price: $3.49

Overall GrubGrade: 4.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 510
Total Fat - 34 grams
Saturated Fat - 15 grams
Carbs - 34 grams
Cholesterol - 55 milligrams
Sodium - 1670 milligrams
Sugar - 4 grams
Fiber - 1 gram
Protein - 18 grams

10 comments on “Review: Bacon Double Cheddar Croissant Dog from Sonic

  1. MP says:

    That just looks like any ‘ol Italian roll.
    “It’s crazy how a simple condiment can bump up your entire product to almost being decent.”
    Like mayonnaise on a burger.

  2. Pimousse says:

    That bun is anything but a croissant.. Pretty sure I can buy the same bun at Kroger/Meijer. I’d say Walmart too, maybe? In either case it is your standard sub bun, some of them can have that rolled over layer. Croissants are supposed to be flaky layers; that is just dense bread by the looks of it.

  3. doctorx0079 says:

    Sounds like the Chili Cheese Dog is a much better deal. Also, I wonder if you can special order the brown mustard on another dog! Seems like that would again be a much better deal. But don’t put the mustard on the Chili Cheese Dog. That’s just overkill.

  4. JJJ says:

    I was going to try this, but your review saved me a drive. I’m not surprised, as the cheesy buns were overpriced and not very good either. I’m just going to stick with the standard hot dogs at Sonic. It’s not worth paying an extra dollar for a bun that doesn’t add anything to the experience.

  5. Patrick Bateman says:

    Yeah, thing looks like a French baguette you buy at the grocery store.

  6. Jonathan Wayne says:

    Yeah, that is most definitely not a croissant. Why even call it that when it is clearly not one?

  7. David says:

    How the hell is this a crossiant dog? I’m looking at it and I don’t see any form of croissant at all. It looks like an italian roll like someone said. I’m wondering why anyone would want a croissant dog anyway…

  8. Matt says:

    I went to sonic with my wife and we both got these croissant dogs. We thought the bun looked like a normal bun, so we talked to a manager and asked if they had made a mistake and the manager told us they were the correct buns and about half their customers send them back thinking it’s the wrong bun. She seemed pretty frustrated at the situation.

    But yeah. It’s a normal hotdog bun with a thin exterior of fake butter flavor. It is a bit fluffier and the bread-to-“meat” ratio is skewed toward bread. Basically it’s a more-expensive, worse regular sonic hotdog.

  9. Mel says:

    When you get it the thing looks nothing like it does in the commercials, on the website or on the sign right next to your car.
    The most charitable thing you can say about it is that it tastes marginally different than a regular sonic hotdog, but when you consider how much extra you pay for the thing that ruins it.
    Final verdict, the croissant dog has a terrible aftertaste; it’s the taste of false advertising and price gouging.

  10. Alek says:

    They should had done a croissant dough folded in with hot dog then a slice of cheese in it.

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