Review: Atlantic McLobster from McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Canada has been running a “Great Canadian Taste Adventure” promotion claiming to offer five fast food takes on regional cuisine over the course of June. Unfortunately I haven’t jumped into this until right near the end, and as a result two of the three sandwiches offered are already unavailable. Not much I can do about that, so let’s try the final member of the sandwich trio, the Atlantic McLobster.

McLobster Promo imageMcDonalds describes the Atlantic McLobster like this:

Tap your ties to the sound of the fiddle and embrace the salty sea air of the east coast. The Atlantic McLobster brings the spirit of the coast to you with succulent pieces of 100% Atlantic Lobster in a soft buttery roll, made the east coast way.

Sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? Lobster and McDonalds aren’t two things you often think of together. I’m a huge fan of lobster, so I was already expecting to be dissapointed by whatever “lobster” McDonalds was cheaping out on. The packaging looks good enough, a small box holding the whole thing upright. It’s a generic box, but it does the trick for keeping the sandwich intact during travel. Then I open it up…

Atlantic McLobsterWow. Props to you, McDonalds. I think this might be one of the closest-to-promo sandwiches I’ve ever gotten from you. I can see toasting on the edges of the bun, the lobster looks like real chunks, and the lettuce… well, it’s shredded iceburg and it doesn’t look like it came out of the dumpster. But how does it taste? Pretty darn good, actually. The lobster is without a doubt real, tasty lobster. It was a little watery, as they probably keep it in a water-filled bin in the back, but it definitely tasted good. I could have done with a bit more of it, though. The bun was a soft, toasted roll, sort of like a hot dog bun, and it held the ingredients together really well. What I initially assumed was just iceberg lettuce was actually a mix of lettuce and bits of celery. It tasted surprisingly fresh, and the celery added a bunch of crunch and flavor to the sandwich. Finally, a thin coat of lemon mayonnaise on the bun provided a sour kick to round out the McLobster. Unlike pretty much everything at McDonalds, they didn’t go overkill on the mayonnaise, and it was just enough to keep everything together, add some zippy flavor, but not overwhelm any of the ingredients. Now, I’m a westerner, and this is the first time I’ve actually had a lobster roll, so I can’t say how it would compare to a “real” east cost one, but nothing here stood out as bad, or even mediocre. I was very pleased with this overall. The problem in this case is really that this is a VERY pricy sandwich, clocking in at $10.19 CDN before taxes for the combo! This is higher than a Double Big Mac combo by almost a dollar, and this sandwich is nowhere near as filling. I’d love to recommend the sandwich more and I understand that it’s probably very pricy to get lobster shipped out west and into stores everywhere, but the price is really edging into fast casual territory. Give it a try for the novelty if you can still find it in stores, and are willing to drop the extra dough.

Pros: Real, tasty lobster. Great bun. Perfect amount of tasty mayo. Fresh, tasty greenery.

Cons: Pricey.

Taste: 8.50/10
Value: 5.00/10
Grubbing on-the-go: 7.00/10
Price: $10.19 CDN for the combo

Overall GrubGrade: 7.50/10

More Info:
Nutrition Facts:
Calories - 320
Fat - 11 grams
Saturated Fat - 2.5 grams
Cholesterol - 80 milligrams
Sodium - 930 milligrams
Carbs - 40 grams
Fiber - 1 gram
Sugar - 7 grams
Protein - 15 grams

37 comments on “Review: Atlantic McLobster from McDonald’s Canada

  1. Jesse says:

    Would love this as a national promotion, but I understand it’s difficult to keep fresh and in stock. Perhaps McDonald’s can do a Pacific McLobster.

  2. 'Merica says:

    What a day to review a Canadian exclusive!

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    A more expensive, better quality McRib for the Fish Fillet aficionados out there who don’t eat beef or chicken but still eat fast food. Looks good from your review though, the pic you posted looks better than I thought the actual product would. If it ever came to my area, I’d try it once, but that price is ridiculous.

  4. ahecht says:

    US$8.11 for a lobster roll combo is VERY well priced. Even in Boston and Maine you’d have a hard time finding a lobster roll for under $10 anywhere, and that doesn’t include fries and a drink. Lobster is expensive.

  5. Jonathan Wayne says:

    $8 USD, this is an awful deal judging from the photo, not much meat and totally wrong type of bun for a lobster roll. There is a top notch restaurant in my area on the water, the kind of place that sells $40 steaks, and for $16 they give you 2 lobster rolls stuffed with lobster meat, a large helping of sweet potato fries, a small thing of cole slaw and a pickle slice. This is worth maybe about $5 at best. Still, I would try it at least once, no way I could pass up tasting a McDonald’s lobster roll.

  6. Richard says:

    If we go with a money conversion that would be an around 8 bucks for this thing in the USA… VERY PRICEY INDEED!!

  7. Lobster says:

    Very daring you are…. McDonald’s + lobster = Why IN THE HELL would you even attempt it?

  8. Justin ST says:

    God, I hate lobster rolls with celery in them. I prefer the ones from Luke’s Lobster in NYC.

  9. MP says:

    But dumpster lettuce is the best! I couldn’t justify paying $8.09 US dollars on this or any McDonald’s product.

  10. SPM79 says:

    Looking at some of the comments here makes me realize that some people have no idea just how much a lobster roll costs.

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      Hmm, I listed exactly what a lobster roll costs, the same lobster roll I ate last week and the week before. Also every lobster roll I have eaten across the country is stuffed full of meat, not mostly lettuce filler like this with a little bit of meat.

      • SPM79 says:

        Well let’s see, the guy said he got his combo for $10 Canadian which translates to about $8 American. I am sure the fries and drink contributed $3 towards that $8 making the sandwich $5. With that being said, lobster rolls can cost from $8 by your own admission to closer to what I have seen, $12-$15 so all being said it seems to be about the right price.

      • Bubbs says:

        You didn’t list exactly what a lobster roll costs, you told us *exactly* what you pay at a restaurant that you frequent for 2 rolls, sweet fries, and a side. And now that you are posting a reminder that you posted, it would seem you see your opinion to be important and relevant.
        McDonald’s tells us *exactly* what a lobster roll costs. At McDonald’s. Maybe you should just try to understand that lettuce, mayo, sides of fries, all that stuff… doesn’t affect price. The quantity and quality of lobster meat set the price. How it is prepared (mayo vs butter, lettuce vs celery, etc) doesn’t affect the price. A side of fries or slaw is just SWAG. So, for anyone interested: low quantity + low quality = $8-12 ; low quantity + high quality = $12-25 ; high quantity + low quality = $12-25 ; high quality + high quality = $20-35 or more. Prices vary based on: overhead (restaurant vs food truck vs shack), location (abundant local fresh lobster vs. shipped in). Hope that helps.

        • Jonathan Wayne says:

          That was the most incoherent, garbled mess I have ever attempted to read, I won’t waste my time with most of it. Lettuce does matter because if you have ever actually eaten a real and proper lobster roll, it doesn’t have any or barely any. The photo above shows the #1 ingredient in that lobster roll is easily the lettuce. So when you substitute $3 worth of lobster for 10 cents worth of lettuce, it kind of matters. Sweet potato fries always cost more than regular fries and the amount I got was easily double what even a large order of McDonald’s fries would be. Everything cost money, even a small amount, no one is giving the restaurant any produce for free. So when a $5 million restaurant on the water can give me what I get for $16, I think I am more than within my rights to say McDonald’s is ripping people off with what they give out of a $1 million restaurant.

          I was just in Naples, FL not that long ago and had a huge, all lobster meat sandwich, with a large helping of sweet potato fries at a very high end restaurant on the water and that was about $18. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the quality of the lobster from these restaurants and freshness is a hell of a lot better than McDonald’s also, but that’s just commonsense.

          • SPM says:

            Wow, throw in Naples, FL along with that other place you ate at and you definitely have an accurate gauge of what the going rate for a lobster roll is anywhere in North America. Especially with the one place being worth $5 million, that place alone should be the measuring stick for all lobster rolls on the continent.

          • rippinNroarin says:

            ” …with a large helping of sweet potato fries at a very high end restaurant … ”

            What kind of VERY HIGH END restaurant gives you a big pile of sweet potato fries with any carefully and artfully prepared entree…. Bennigans?

          • Bubbs says:

            Yes, obviously lettuce and fries cost a restaurant. But what you don’t get is that price structure is not directly proportionate to cost structure. Don’t bother reading forward if you can’t understand what that means.

            What I said was that the determining factor on the price of a lobster roll is the quality & quantity of the lobster, along with how it is sourced. Condiments and garnish and side of slaw cost money, yes, but they have no impact on pricing beyond the bare minimum they would charge for *any* sandwich with garnish and condiments.

            When you’re talking about the difference in price between lobster rolls varying from $8-25, the things I mentioned are the determining factors. McDonalds’ lobster roll is $8 due to low quality + low quantity + how the lobster filling is sourced. The difference between an $8 roll and a $20 roll is all about the factors I mentioned. I understand you’re having trouble with that, but I’m posting for anyone else interested in this forum topic.

            I can’t say you have much credibility after saying that an “ultra high-end restaurant” gives you a big pile of french fries as a garnish.

        • SPM79 says:

          Come on the pickle slice has to add some significant value…

  11. alan rodriguez says:

    not sure y i would get this.. lil meat.. pricey.. alot of salt no calories.. how about a dam sandwouch with more meat and good price… and lobeset with bread doesnt cut it… idiots hre dont even get it shame

  12. Gr8pimpin says:

    You all think under $9 for a lobster roll is pricey??

    You can’t get a crappy one here in SoCal for UNDER $15. I can get some decent ones for $20-25.

    So I would love McD to offer this here.

  13. Matthew says:

    Remember, $10.19 for the COMBO with fries+drink.

    • Jonathan Wayne says:

      The link to the article provided by ahect below shows that in the USA, they are charging $8 just for the sandwich. The $10.19 is Canadian dollars which is roughly $8 USD, so it would seem that to add insult to injury with the lettuce roll with some lobster, McDonald’s is basically charging $2-$3 more for the sandwich or combo in America as opposed to Canada. The review really should have quoted the sandwich price alone also, not just the combo price.

  14. Michael says:

    Listing only the Canadian COMBO price only seems misleading. Sure it probably still is the most expensive sandwich, but what combo from Wendy’s doesn’t run 7+.

  15. ahecht says:

    I just saw an ad for this on Boston TV, so it may be coming to the states (or at least New England).

    On a side note, I was in Montreal over the weekend and while the local McDonald’s was out of the lobster, they did have some of the other regional specialties:a BBQ burger with grilled onions and crispy fried onions (ruined by a terrible BBQ sauce) and a maple bacon poutine (ruined by a gravy that tasted like a bullion cube).

    • ahecht says:

      Just tried this at my local Massachusetts McDonalds. It was a bit different than the one described above, as it had real (not iceberg) lettuce, was lacking the celery, and had no mayo (lemon or otherwise) on the bun. Mine was also topped with a huge piece of claw meat and didn’t taste at all watery (the reviewer’s probably was watery not because it was stored in a bucket of water, but because the meat had been frozen to get to the west coast). It was $8 for just the sandwich, and I felt it was a decent value. Unlike most low-end lobster rolls, it had huge identifiable chunks of meat and was very light on the mayo.

      You can see a picture of my lobster roll at

  16. Bill nye the science guy says:

    Jonathan Wayne is the worst part of every review. He is clearly too sophisticated for fast food. I’d be shocked if he weighs in under 300 lbs.

  17. TJ says:

    Tough to complain about a lobster roll at McDonald’s being $8 when their regular fish sandwich is already half that. They’re just trying to make some money, if lobster is really that cheap in some cities, awesome, but almost everywhere else that’s a pretty fair price. I wouldn’t go out of my way to get this but it’s McDonalds lol who would go out of their way to get anything from there?

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