Review: 7-Eleven Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Chips

“You got your potato chips in my hot dog!”
“You got your hot dog in my… umm… chips?” Sometimes life really surprises you. While standing in line yesterday on a gas run at 7-Eleven, I saw something that both defies logic and begged for a review;  Hot Dog Flavored Chips.

Why do they even exist? Your guess is as good as mine.  I could go on about the texture and aroma, but I’ll go ahead and get this out of the way, yes, they taste like a hot dog. A hot dog with ketchup and mustard. Are they good? I don’t know. 7-eleven has found the fifth flavor which I can only refer to as “weird”. These are your standard ruffled potato chips that taste exactly like a friggin’ hot dog. While I hate these, 7-Eleven did a great job of making chips that somehow… taste like a hot dog. So on one hand I can’t stand these, but on the other 7-Eleven hits a home run by making POTATO CHIPS THAT TASTE LIKE A HOT DOG! How on earth do I score this?

Jurassic Park is a great metaphor for many things in life. We made these chips because we could, but we never asked ourselves if we should make them. My big concern is that next a velociraptor will be manning the register at 7-Eleven, or their next big thing will be a bunch of crushed up potato chips shoved into a natural casing, thrown on a bun and it will be called the “Chip Dog Big Bite”.

Pros: Chips that taste like a hot dog.

Cons: Chips that taste like a hot dog.

Price: 89 cents

34 comments on “Review: 7-Eleven Big Bite Hot Dog Flavored Chips

  1. haha i must try these!

  2. Adam says:

    I actually really dig ketchup chips. Something tells me I’d like these.

  3. Manavee says:

    Ketchup on a hot dog is an abomination.

    Potato chips that taste like hot dogs with ketchup on them is an invitation for God to smite us all dead.

    Thanks a lot, 7-11.

    • Carl says:

      Something tells me that you’ve just hopped on the “anti-mustard on hot dogs” bandwagon because it seems “foodie” to you. I may be wrong, but I’m probably not.

      • Manavee says:

        Lighten up, Francis.

        I’m pro-mustard on hot dogs as mustard complements a dog well. I’m anti-ketchup on hot dogs because:

        1. I am no longer 7 years old.
        2. It completely obliterates the flavor of the dog.

        But to each their own. If you like ketchup on your hot dog, so be it. And if opinions on hot dogs are considered the domain of “foodies” to you, I suggest you get out more.

        • J.B. says:

          “I am no longer 7 years old”

          Yeah that does not sound pretentious or anything…

        • Annie Benson says:

          I like ketchup on hot dogs. I don’t care what other people put on thiers. Put mustard, relish, onions or fabric softener, whatever. Your food, your choice.

        • Chefprotoss says:

          Since manavee made me laugh, the gavel strikes in his favor. And yes people can eat whatever they want however they want and get angry about others who do differently. Just make sure your arguement makes me chuckle.

          Ketchup is awesome and manditory on a corndog btw.

        • J.B. says:

          “prole sludge”?

          You really are a pretentious douchebag.
          I bet you don’t even have any money and sit around with the rest of your pretentious douchebag friends in a coffee shop trying to convince yourselves that you are superior to everyone else.

          • Manavee says:

            I don’t frequent coffee shops. Only wine bars, where I bring my own personal sommelier who lets me know what wine to pair with my ketchup-free hot dog.

            “Do you have an MBA?
            If you do then you will at least be qualified to discuss business with me on an equal level.”

            Who said that? Certainly not any pretentious douchebag that I know.

    • Justin ST says:


  4. J.B. says:

    I had these a few months ago and they were actually pretty good.
    They taste exactly like hot dogs. Even my mother thought they were pretty decent. My brother refuses to believe they are good and will not try them.

    However now, they are impossible to find. I have gone to every 7-Eleven and cannot find them anywhere.
    It is kind of freaky at first, a chip that tastes like a hot dog, but trust me, you will like it.

  5. Justin says:

    That’s fantastic. I picture Ron Burgundy talking to the chips: “You really taste like a hot dog. How’d you do that? Heck, I’m not even mad – that’s amazing.”

  6. somesteve says:

    why can’t they make hot dogs that taste like potato chips?

  7. Steve says:

    I was just in a 7-11 and I hate that I missed these. I never pay enough attention to store brands like this. Very much enjoyed the Jurassic Park references. Although I feel with such a quality product, you could’ve dropped the “Spared no expense” to my giddy delight.

  8. James says:

    I’ve tried Herr’s steak-flavored potato chips. While they are delightfully savory, they don’t really taste like steak.

  9. SkippyMom says:

    Um, for the same price [and probably fat, calories, sodium] why not just buy a hot dog at 7-11. With the mandatory mustard.

    It is just weird to eat chips that taste like hotdogs. Why?

    Cool review tho’.

    • Thomas says:

      Various reasons I’m sure. You can share? You might be able to eat more of these for the same price (bag size)? And really who wants a 7-11 hotdog that has been out who knows how long.

      I want to get these and have a blind tasting with friends.

  10. Conan says:

    They have had this flavor for a while now up here in Canada at the Superstore(grocery chain).

    Don’t eat them much, but they must sell if they are keeping them around.

  11. larry says:

    Toss in the Doritos Cheeseburger chips, some Herrs Babyback Ribs chips, some Sprechers Beer flavored chips… and we got us a fancy tailgating party for today’s game.

    • Orange Crush says:

      Oh dear god, I tried the Doritos Cheeseburger chips . . . Couldn’t stand them. There’s something horrible about whatever “beef” flavoring they used . . . they were dimly reminiscent of a fast food cheeseburger, with the ever-present corn-chip background . . . but the beef flavoring tasted like the cold dried remnants of whatever was scraped off the stainless steel griddle. *shudders*

      • fah fah fah says:

        I don’t remember them tasting like beef at all; mostly ketchup, mustard and alot of pickle flavor.

  12. Nick says:

    J.B. and Justin ST are either the same person or related somehow.

    • J.B. says:

      Not the same person at all.
      Please explain to me why you would think so?

      • Chefprotoss says:

        Aight, you guys aren’t even talking about food anymore. Time to chillax.

        • J.B. says:

          I did not bring it up he did.
          Why are you so eager to shut him up?
          I and anyone else who comes to this site should want to know the meaning of his comment.

      • Nick says:

        Not sure, just see your names clustered together in the comments all the time and it seems to be a team effort. So either you’re the same person or friends or related somehow. Sad.

        • Justin ST says:

          I didn’t realize that you owned this website. Sorry for posting on here.

          Sorry JB for invading your space. I’ll try not to comment around your posts anymore.

          BTW, Chefprotoss is my uncle.

    • Justin ST says:


      What a bizarre statement. I’d like to hear why you think so.

  13. steve says:

    had these. too vinegar-y for me.

  14. J.A. says:

    I haven’t had these, but I have had the Ruffles Chili Cheese Fries Chips and the Molten Wings Chips. Former was a winner, the latter was meh.

    Also, ketchup on hot dogs until the apocalypse happens. I will always be 7.