Reader Review: New! Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini from Panera

Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of Panera and my favorite sandwich is the Sierra Turkey and my second favorite was the now discontinued Turkey Artichoke Panini. About a week ago I received an email from Panera that excited me, a new Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini made on the Asiago Cheese Focaccia, the same bread used in Panera’s Sierra Turkey. How could Panera go wrong combining my two favorite sandwiches?

Panera description of the Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini:

All-natural roasted turkey, artichoke-parmesan spread, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions and fresh baby spinach, all grilled on our Asiago Cheese Focaccia

The turkey used in the new Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini is completely different from the turkey in the now discontinued Turkey Artichoke Panini. The turkey in this panini is more like carved turkey that you would get at Thanksgiving time. The turkey in the previous sandwich was sliced and more like cold cut turkey you would find in the super market deli. The turkey had a good flavor and was tender and not tough like carved turkey can be sometimes.  The artichoke spread has also changed significantly. The artichoke spread has more of a mayonnaise consistency and less runny than the previous artichoke spread. One of my main complaints with the previous spread was that it was runny and made the bottom of the bread soggy making it a complete mess to eat. That is no longer a problem with the new artichoke spread. Taste-wise though, I preferred the previous spread.

The roasted red peppers and onions added a nice touch to the overall flavor. There were a lot of onions, which I personally like, but they were not too strong and didn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients.  Now to the most important part, the Asiago Cheese Focaccia bread. The Asiago Cheese Focaccia bread was a good addition to the panini, but overall a bit of a disappointment because the bread loses some of its flavor when it’s grilled. The Asiago cheese flavor just doesn’t come through as strongly as it does in the Sierra Turkey sandwich.

Overall I would have to call it a draw between the new Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini and the now discontinued Turkey Artichoke Panini. Both paninis had their pluses and minuses. The artichoke spread on the new panini has a better consistency, but doesn’t taste as good as the previous spread. The Asiago Cheese Focaccia although a good addition is a disappointment when compared to the Sierra Turkey sandwich. Overall I would give the new Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini a 7.50 out of 10. If you like Panera and looking to try something new you should definitely give the new Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini a try.

Overall GrubGrade: 7.50/10

Nutrition Facts:
(780 calories, 33 grams fat, 11 grams sat fat, .5 grams trans fat, 40 grams protein)

27 comments on “Reader Review: New! Roast Turkey Artichoke Panini from Panera

  1. Adam says:

    I dunno. Panera’s panini’s have always struck me as over priced. I’d rather buy their bread and mae my own.

    • PlatypusTheFantastic says:

      Totally agree. Some people have this strange syndrome that renders them incapable of enjoying a sandwich that they didn’t pay someone else to make for them.

  2. PlatypusTheFantastic says:

    Grilled red onions make me happy, I can see how someone who’s not a fan of lots of onions can forgive a steamy & sweet little pile of these.

    Checkers / Rally’s does grilled red onions on some of their burgers, even one of the dollar ones (the bacon cheddar crisp).

    It’s too bad Arby’s doesn’t incorporate grilled red onions into more of their roast beef sandwiches.

  3. SkippyMom says:

    Any place that offers fresh roasted turkey [not lunch meat] on a sandwich is okay by me. I don’t mind sliced deli turkey, but bring on the wonderfulness of real turkey and I am there.

    I would “dumb” down this sandwich tho’ – I don’t need the fancy bread or onions or the spread – not the point of the review, I know – but I wonder if they would do that. Just a nice piece of sourdough, maybe the spread, lettuce, tomato, raw onions? That is probably asking too much and I would never be that kind of pain in the patoot.

  4. Manavee says:

    Great review. I was positive there had been a previous Turkey Artichoke Panini, and was wondering if this was just a reintroduction of the previous sandwich or something new. Thanks for highlighting all the differences.

  5. kikurage says:

    A lot of Spinach is good. This taste makes sandwich more delicious, more refreshing.

  6. Becca says:

    I’m a manager at a Panera Bread. We would have NO problem making that sandwich for you, Skippymom! 🙂 We do also offer the option of substituting our new turkey for any of our other meats, but it’s a dollar upcharge. If you ordered this as a Smoked turkey sandwich sub roasted turkey on sour dough with lettuce tomato and artichoke spread…any cafe could whip that up for you! And you wouldn’t regret it! It’s a delicious cold as it is hot!

  7. Daniel N says:

    Hi Becca, It’s great that your Panera will make changes but this is not the general Panera policy. I’ve asked all three Panera locations in my area to change from mozz cheese to cheddar on the Frontega chicken and they have all refused stating that the Paninis come pre-made and changes could not be made.

    Thanks for the compliments and glad you enjoyed the review

  8. Crysta says:

    Whyyyyyyyyy is there no Panera bread here? I want to try this. 🙁

  9. There is no panera here either… We do have Saint Louis Bread Co though :-p

  10. Mikey F Baby says:

    Eating it now. Not bad but obviously overpriced. This sandwich and a chili cost me over $13. But with hot staff like that, I’ll be back.

    • Chefprotoss says:

      I’m guessing you dodged the half and half combo and got two seperate menu items. Of course it was 13 bucks. You didn’t find it odd when you were asked for chips, bread or an apple twice?

      • Mikey F Baby says:

        Seeing as a) I haven’t been to Panera in like 3 years so I didn’t exactly know what I was doing and b) this was a meal for two, you are correct.

  11. Sophia says:

    Thanks for this post and the pics, I was wondering what the new version was like – seems like just a turkey sandwich with spinach, onions and mayo.

    As a lover of the turkey artichoke panini – it was the only sandwich I ordered – probably a bit too often 😉 I was disappointed they decided to remove it from the menu. It was different and oh so tasty! Oh well, it was good while it lasted and I guess it’s a good thing for my wallet!!

  12. Jessica says:

    I LOVED the old turkey artichoke panini – it was the sole reason why I’d go to Panera. I tried the new version and was NOT a fan! Turkey dry and I prefer the old bread, old spread, and old turkey. I’m so sad they took this sandwich away. BRING IT BACK PANERA!!! I want to have a reason to go back to Panera!

    • Debbie says:

      I absolutely agree with you. I too went there for this and the cheddar brocolli soup. I do not like the new turkey artichoke’s spinach and new artichoke spread. I too would love it if they brought it back. 🙁

  13. David says:

    Is there any way to still order the old version of the Turkey Artichoke panini? I really preferred the older version with the chunkier artichoke spread, it was just a better flavor over all? I read previously that one of the managers said they could alter a sandwich. Is there any way for the old version to be made still? Just wondering…I prefer the taste of it better!


  14. Dan says:

    Yeah, I just tried the new panini and it’s not a winner. Like a previous poster said, the turkey artichoke was the only reason I went there. Wish they would bring back the old one.

  15. Brian says:

    I much prefer the former version of the sandwich. Since Panera took that away and another favorite, the chicken salad sandwich on semolina bread, I will go somewhere else for lunch.

  16. christy says:

    I was convinced that I had been given someone else’s sandwich in error. I even took it back up to the counter. I was told “this IS the new turkey artichoke sandwich”. ( I still did not believe them). Where are the artichokes? Where is the flavor?? Who doesn’t like red onions & peppers; but if that is the flavor base of the sandwich, let’s call it something else. “Turkey fajita panin w/ mayo”?? Please brng back the real turkey artichoke panini !!!

  17. Al says:

    We just returned from panera and were very disappointed with the new Turkey artichoke panini. We won’t be going back, very upset.

  18. Al in Nj says:

    I too just ate the new version. YUCK. I will never order again. I also took it to the counter, convinced I was given the wrong sandwich. Big thumbs down, Panera.

  19. Jay says:

    A tie? Really?!?!

    The new one is HORRIBLE, and flavorless compared to the old one. I’d love to know what possessed them to do something like this.

    Were they overwhelmed with complaints about the original?

    This is a totally different sandwich, that doesn’t taste anywhere NEAR like the original.

    If they were just dying to make a new sandwich, why not make a new sandwich. Why try to pass this new POS off as a turkey artichoke panini.

    So frustrating

  20. Tina says:

    I am completely with Jay! We use to LOVE Panera’s when they first opened. They have cheapened their product and increased their price drastically. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of places to eat in the area so it is still packed … but the new Turkey Artichoke Panini is a complete rip off and disappointed. That’s what you get for ripping people off. They have lost my business…high prices and take care of your own plates? You could dine out for a few dollars more.

  21. Beej says:

    I just discovered they no longer serve the turkey artichoke I use to love. That was my main reason for ever going there. I spent almost 30 dollars between three sandwhiches ( one was a kids meal ) .. They have def. lost my business.