Product Review: Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich

According to Skinny Cow, indulgence is a girl’s best friend. So does that make moderation a guy’s best friend? If so, I should love me some Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich, which at 150 calories and only 2 grams of fat, is far less lethal to my chiseled frame and dashing good looks than those daily trips to the Aggie Ice Cream station at the Utah State dining hall.

Retailing at $4.24, the pack of six treats isn’t cheap, but the flavor and description caught my eye when I was searching for a ‘healthier’ frozen treat the other day.

Low-fat chocolate and peanut butter ice creams swirled together and smushed between mega chocolatey wafers.

I’ve recently become a really big peanut butter fan, and if you ask me there aren’t enough ice creams with peanut butter mixed in. That I could find one in novelty form that was also low fat seemed to be too good to be true, so much so that I felt kind of bad after buying these. The taste, I figured, had to be mediocre.

These are some hard sandwiches when you take them out of the freezer. The chocolate wafers are pretty standard and have a restrained cocoa smell, but there’s also a fairly strong peanut butter smell that you’d get from opening a jar of JIF or whathaveyou. The ice cream is pretty hard for a few minutes, so I decided to give it some time to warm up. As I do so, the cookie  begins to smudge on my fingers, and licking it reveals it’s rather plain and none to sweet chocolate flavor. It’s not rich or decadent, but then again, it doesn’t taste inherently ‘healthy’ either.

I finally get to a point where I dig into the ice cream. Now, it’s described as chocolate peanut butter, but it looks more like chocolate and vanilla ice cream that smells like peanut butter. ‘Creamy’ probably isn’t a word to describe this ice cream, but it’s really got a really good flavor. unfortunately it doesn’t come across just in licking the ice cream, but a full bite won’t disappoint you. The peanut butter taste does lack an oily quality, but it’s quite strong and sweet, with roasted notes lingering in the back of my mouth. The sweetness of the ice cream base is good, but my second bite reveals a pretty standard vanilla flavor with some chocolate mixed in. Donde esta la butter de peanut? It returns on my third bite, and by this time the ice cream has softened enough that I’m actually really digging this (for a low fat treat, that is). The cookie gets better with some time too, and as it softens up, the cocoa flavor becomes more apparent and the gooiness of the wafer plays well with the ice cream. These aren’t huge bites and I down mine after a few solid chomps, but I’m pleasantly surprised in all. This sandwich has really good peanut flavor, and although there’s definitely a non-advertised element of vanilla ice cream base, it’s not like it’s an unpleasent base.

My friend Dubya over at On Second Scoop was pretty hard on this treat, and considering the price, I get what he’s saying. But it’s one of the better low fat ice cream treats you’re going to find on the market, doing well to be both out of the ordinary in flavor and low in saturated fat.

Pros: Very good peanut flavor for a low fat ice cream. Solid level of sweetness. Wafer is gooey and chocolaty. Only one gram of saturated fat.

Cons: My completely non-masculine treat of the week. Marketing targeted exclusively towards female. Ice Cream lacks richness and creamy quality. Contains trace amount of trans fat. Expensive.

Price: 4.29 (Walmart)

Overall GrubGrade: 7.75 (Good)

Nutrition Facts:
Nutrition: Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich
Serving Size: 1 Sandwich
Calories: 150
Total Fat: 2.0 g
Saturated Fat: 1 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Cholesterol: 5 mg
Sodium: 100 mg
Total Carbohydrates: 30 g
Fiber: 3 g
Sugars: 15 g
Protein: 4 g

12 comments on “Product Review: Skinny Cow Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. Jon says:

    I dont really understand how the other reviewer (the one you linked in your review) could compare a Klondike bar to Skinny Cow. Its like comparing regular coke to diet. The Skinny Cow has 2.0g of Fat and the Klondike has im sure like 20g+.

    Good job to you for reviewing it for what it is – and not trying to compare it to something that obviously isnt.

  2. sophia says:

    Stop wasting your money on this crap! >__<

  3. Chris Higgins says:

    The Klondikes are 210 calories and 7g of fat. Not bad for a non-light ice cream bar and they taste a lot better than Skinny Cow which still has 150 calories. 5 grams of fat difference isn’t that much for some actual flavor.

    • Jon says:

      I dont see how thats possible. I was in the store today and while this exact product wasent on the shelf, a traditional Klondike bar has 17g of Fat. I would have to assume adding peanut butter and a fudge center into it would make it over 20g easy.

      This is a low fat ice cream treat for people looking to watch their weight. Its not supposed to be the most amazing thing in the world – its supposed to satisfy a craving for people who would otherwise eat an entire pint of regular ice cream.

  4. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    No offense adam but your recent snack reviews need a little pizazz. Reviewing wacky or cool new snacks like you used to was fun. You may as well just post what your having for lunch. It would be about as interesting. Maybe you could review plain triscuits or a two litter of coke. I agreed with the ebb bagel and lox review, but who wouldn’t? There was no need for the lengthy review. A quick homage would have been just fine and made more sense. Comparisons are fine as well. Stop changing the way things come when you review them too. If it comes with white sauce, then review it with white sauce. Putting ketchup on everything makes me realize that you have weird taste in food. That makes me take your reviews less seriously. I wouldn’t be suprised if when you review the new arbys sandwhich you get it without lettuce and the tell us how good it is if you add bronco berry sauce.

    This is just critisism, so take it as such.

    • Adam says:

      I will take it as such. And for the record, I don’t allow your interest in reading this site (which I appreciate) to dictate what I choose to eat and review and how I spend my money out on food. This is a hobby. I have a life outside of this, and have greater concerns than pleasing some guy sitting at his computer that I’ve never met. Now, if you want to officially sponser me, I’ll be more than willing to review items which you deem acceptable 🙂

      • Ryan says:

        That reminds me… we need a section of the site for readers to shout out recommendations of what they’d like to see covered. Like a rolling top 5 list or something.

  5. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    I gave it some thought and realized I forgot to say a couple things. Adam, you have written some truly awesome posts in the past. Your adventurous appitite has made for some really great reads. When you casually mentioned the buffalo balls, I really wanted to hear the details.

    I do enjoy your posts, but as a fan of the site I’m not going to be a yes man. Take it or leave it, a little critisism should just make you better at what you do.

  6. ChrisLad says:

    Good post Adam. My sister wanted to try these but I think we’ll pass now.

  7. Rodzilla says:

    I think these are pretty great for what they are. Lower in calories and relatively filling without tasting like cardboard, guar gum, and chemicals. Strawberry was the best I’ve tried.