Product Review: Nonni’s Decadence Biscotti

Well my friends, it seems like my chocolate infused sugar-rush a couple weeks ago at Einstein’s has gotten the better of me. I know I’ve professed to being only moderately interested in vanilla’s yang, if you will, but lately I just can’t get over a chocolate craving. Thankfully my Italian Grandma was right on the spot with a recent package of Nonni’s Decadence Biscotti.

It seems appropriate that my Grandmother should send me these, since the word “Nonni” itself is Italian for “grandma.” The company proclaims that these sweet treats are “born out of the Italian tradition” and made with “real eggs, butter and gourmet bittersweet chocolate.” Never one to pass up the chance to act the snooty food-critic, I have to admit that I felt rather enlightened and dare I say sophisticated with my willingness to indulge. Nonni’s, for what it’s worth, offers up a myriad of flavors in their Biscotti line, but based on the description I knew the Decadence flavor was the one to satisfy my recent cravings.

Designed for the chocolate purist. A dark brown chocolate almond biscotti is dipped in our gourmet bittersweet chocolate creating a delectable partnership. Dare we recommend this with a cafe mocha or a glass of milk?

Oh yes, you dare. Normally I’m not one for nuts, but I have to say the flavor of the slightly bitter dark chocolate alone overshadowed any preconceived disdain for the almonds that I may have harbored. My first bite was more like a nibble; crunching into the hard dark chocolate cookie, I savored the taste of a strong cocoa flavor and the texture I’ve come to expect and admire from Italian pastries. Even the thick chunks of whole almonds embedded in the cookie didn’t seem to bother me, and their hearty and slightly anise flavor worked to compliment the light sweetness of the chocolate. At the risk of sounding somewhat imprecise in my description, I found the Biscotti to in fact taste “homemade” – a factor no doubt due to the quality of the ingredients the company raves about.

While I enjoyed the cookie portion of the Biscotti, the real gold mine of this sweet treat is the rich chocolate underside. It’s a good deal sweeter than the cookie portion, as you would expect tastes of an upscale chocolate syrup complete with that unmistakable and lick-able quality found only in butterfat. It was quite good on its own, but in combination with the dark chocolate cookie it worked even better.

Relatively portable, non-messy, and frankly pretty upscale, it’s tough to find a downside to Nonni’s Decadence Biscotti. I’ve tried some of their other flavors in the past (I highly recommend their Cinnamon Dulce or Caramel Latte flavors, if you can find them) but I think this may be my favorite. At 110 calories and 4.5 grams of fat (2 saturated) a pop they are pretty tame for a cookie, while their more or less all natural ingredient mantra will be sure to satisfy those looking for a break from brands like Chips Ahoy. The only downside, in my mind, is the price. I sometimes see these on sale at the grocery store, but at $3.99 they definitely cost a little more than your standard cookie. Still, the fact that you can serve something as sophisticated as a Biscotti to your guests (or date, perhaps?) to go along with their after-dinner coffee is reason enough to give these a try.

Pros: Nice dark-chocolate cookie flavor bolstered by anise-flavored almonds and rich, lickable chocolate underside. Great when paired with coffee, and makes a fine adult “dunkaroo” (whatever happen to those things, anyway). Could convince people you’re actually a somewhat sophisticated person -- which, for college students like me, might actually be useful.


  • Cons: A bit expensive. Has the potential to backfire...after all, what kind of message are you trying to send by offering your friends a biscotti?

    Price: $3.99

    Overall GrubGrade: 8.00 (Very Good)

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    Nonni's Decadence Biscotti

  • 4 comments on “Product Review: Nonni’s Decadence Biscotti

    1. Katie Ann says:

      So they boast “100 calories” on the front but are actually 110? Hmm.

      I’ve made biscotti a few times at home before, though never with chocolate. These look so very good…

    2. sophia says:

      I was just about to mention that, too! The box says 100 kcal, but the nutrition facts says differently…so what is it? Haha. Save the earth! Don’t individually package these babies just to say it’s neatly in the 100-cal pack! ;-p

    3. rob says:

      These are good and taste very fresh. It’s hard to stop eating them.

    4. Francois says:

      Hmm.. “what kind of message are you trying to send by offering your friends a biscotti?”

      I’d assume something along the lines of “please take my behind”.