Product Review: Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

Dear Dubya, Greg, and Q,

You’ll have to forgive me, fellas. Truth be told, I thought you were full of it. Sure, these Magnum Ice Cream bars might be all the rage in Europe, but when you guys and the rest of the internet seemed to explode in mass “OMG” status over the release of the company’s Double Chocolate flavor here in the US of A, I thought it was just another case of Euro envy. Well, you guys were right, because after finally breaking into the golden-wrapped treat last week, I’ve reached a simple conclusion: Magnum’s Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar is the best ice cream bar I have ever had, will ever have, and could possibly hope to ever had, not counting a Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream bar dipped in toffee and cocoa pebbles, then finished with cocoa roasted almonds and chocolate peanut butter.

But, since that’s likely to give me a heart attack right on the spot, I’ll settle with Magnum’s exemplary chocolate bar for now.

From my first taste of the bar I knew that it was going to much more enjoyable than the Magnum Classic bar. The Belgian chocolate coating was the same, but somehow it tasted sweeter and bolder, as if it was receiving a boost from the chocolate layers underneath. The shell remained hard, but eventually a small hole formed, which I was able to suck up a rich, smokey-sweet dark chocolate sauce. It was ganache like in its flavor and richness, and, dare I say, tempting. This is definitely a bar you savor, and as you work through the various layers, you’ll find the contrast between the luscious milk chocolate ice cream, the rich and smooth sauce, and the shelled milky exterior to be a chocolate experience unlike any other. It’s just that good, and attempting to quantify those tastes and textures in words just seems pointless, as the shabby equipment of even the most sophisticated and haughty culinary vocabulary fails to convey the sheer “OMGZ” intensity of the chocolate bar.

There’s nothing more I can say when it comes to these that has not already been said. Sure, the nutrition is horrible (yum, 16 grams of saturated fat!), and the price is a little much, but c’mon, technically it is healthier and cheaper than a small milkshake, and once more, it’s Belgian Milk Chocolate! So the next time you’re thinking of picking up a small McFlurry on your way home from work, I’ve got a better idea. Do yourself a favor and find a convenience store which carries the Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar. Just don’t blame us when you’ve veered off a bridge due to reaching chocolate nirvana.

Pros: Amazing depth of chocolate flavor hits all the high notes: sweet, complex, earthy, smooth. Words fail me, it's just that good. A dessert to be savored, can take up to 20 minutes to eat.

Cons: High in saturated fat, sugar, and just about every other things "they" say is bad. But dang, that's what makes this bar so right.

Price: 3.49 in stores (Sample for review provided by Magnum)

Overall GrubGrade: 9.75/10

Nutrition Facts:
Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar
Calories 350
Total Fat 21
Saturated Fat 16g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 20mg
Sodium 50mg
Total carbohydrates 34g
Dietary Fibers 2g
Sugars 30g
Protein 4g

17 comments on “Product Review: Magnum Double Chocolate Ice Cream Bar

  1. Nick says:

    I still can’t sum up the words on how amazing these are. You ate them a way different way though I bit into mine and it was just beyond words amazing

  2. Nick says:

    also I think your nutritionals are off since my box says 330 not 350 calories

    • Adam says:

      I noticed that’s what the website says, but my box says 350. Eh, what are 20 calories with something this decadent though 🙂

  3. Jim says:

    Now having experienced what you just did, imagine not having that taste for the next 20 years. Knowing that somewhere in the world, people are partaking of that enjoyment anytime they like. The you will truly know the appreciation for this ice cream treat. I’m glad your experience with this flavor was more enjoyable.

  4. Atticus says:

    I just got them this week with the $1 off coupon and they were great.
    I had the regular ones though as they were only 2 boxes left in the entire store.

    Now come on, there can’t be a coincidence when it comes to these having the same Magnum name as the condoms.
    I could not believe it when I opened the box and they were wrapped in a gold wrapper just like guess what, Magnum condoms.

  5. Sizzle says:

    Please refer to my previous comment (on the Magnum Classic review), wherein I tell you to “prepare to have your mind blown!” We did not lie, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. They were one of the things I missed from living in France.

  6. Allokago says:

    I had the caramel chocolate one a few days ago. A-FREAKING-MAZING.

  7. Bob says:

    I’m not sure that 2nd pic is safe for work.

  8. Ana says:

    We get them as individual bars, not in packs of three. I discovered Magnum bars about five or six years ago and they quickly became some of my all-time favourite ice-cream bars. My absolute favourite was always the Double Chocolate one. I also really liked the Almond and the Double Caramel. Then, two years ago, more than half of the Magnum range (including the Double Chocolate and the Double Caramel) disappeared from stores and we were left only with the Almond, the Classic and the White bars. But this year I had a wonderful surprise: the Double Chocolate bar is back and it’s better than ever! 😀

  9. Dubba says:

    hehehehe, you are forgiven Adam!

  10. J says:

    have you ever had the almond covered chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream bar from the costco food court? i have yet to try a magnum bar but i have had the costco bar and it is amazing.

  11. No says:

    To anyone who hasn’t tried one and wants to, look at the ingredients before you buy to see the only thing “premium” about this bar is the price. Loaded with artificial/low quality ingredients and stabilizers. I bought into the hype from this site and others and couldn’t have been more disappointed. One bar was 2.50, and it tastes just like a Klondike (as in low quality). SO rich that I could only eat half. Definitely not worth the 15 grams of saturated fat and other nightmarish nutritional stats. I don’t really like the ben and jerry ice cream bars because I think they’re also too sweet and rich, but they’re of MUCH higher quality than magnum, without a doubt.

  12. Julia says:

    I first tried these about 12 years ago when I was studying in France and I instantly fell in love with them. After that, I made sure to eat at least one every time I went to Europe. Then, last spring, when I was five months pregnant, I found these in the freezer at the grocery store. I spent the rest of my pregnancy trying not to buy too many boxes of the stuff. I hadn’t thought about them since the summer, but now I’m thinking I should pick up a box for tonight.

  13. ShareBear says:

    So far the best mini moment happened while as was working. I work as a cashier at a college bookstore and its finals week so we are all stressed. One customer seemed really pumped and I so had a high-five moment with him as we both assured the other that we’d do well on our last exams. It was very nice to know that most people are just working toward something and that you can still rely on a bond formed by the shared struggle to get there. Sometimes we can make it easy on each other with a little support. It’s moments like those that make school and work worth it.

  14. Sam says:

    I love chocolate, so this sounds delicious!!! Thanks again for the honest and detailed review!

  15. Mr Gnarly says:

    My mini moment is when my son joined the navy