Linked Review: A Veggie Burger Even Adam Can Appreciate?

Ever been to Charlottesville, VA? Aside from being a pretty cool college town, the home of the University of Virginia also sports a gourmet hamburger bistro called Boylan Heights. Grass Fed Beef? Check. Local, fresh-made buns? Check. More flatscreens with college football games than an ESPN Zone? Check, check, check. Worth your money?

You’ll have to head on over to A Hamburger Today on the network to find out, as I do some field work on the popular spot right across from the University. Be warned though; this isn’t just for hard-core carnivores. Yessir, leaving no stone unturned, I even go ahead and check out the Vegan Burger. Yes, you read that right; vegan.

2 comments on “Linked Review: A Veggie Burger Even Adam Can Appreciate?

  1. Chefprotoss says:

    Congrats and merry christmas broseph =)


  2. Chuck says:

    Nice! My little sister goes to UVA. Said she hasn’t been there… I’m texting her right now

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