Kelloggs’ Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal: A Worthy Waffle Crisp Substitute?

One day, in the future, I’m sure my body will regret the fact that when I was 22, a good 90% of its carbohydrates were coming from kids cereals. Actually, I probably won’t even need to wait too long for that day to come, considering I’ve found that a recent dip in energy has left me lethargic and unimaginative. Yessir, hard as it is to admit, it seems as though the proverbial mid-morning cereal crash I’ve long been warned about has expanded to something of a mid-month cereal crash.  Sluggish I may be, but undeterred in my cereal conquests, I press on.

I quote the Iron Chef: Let the battle begin!

As I’ve let on before, the top spot in my cereal rankings currently belongs to Waffle Crisp. The Post brand breakfast treat (with a full 10 ESSENTIAL vitamins and minerals) is not only adorned by a smiling, overzealous spoon-feeding waffle man, but also insanely delicious devour-in-front-of-Saturday-morning-cartoons way that only a child of the 1990s can appreciate. Waffle Crisp, however, is notoriously difficult to locate. I used to have a hook-up while living in Utah, but these days I’m lucky to even find Waffle Crisp on shelves, much less find it on sale.

Waffle Crisp Ingredients. Hey at least there's no HFCS!

Amazon is an option, of course, but once a guy pays $2.50 a box for cereal in his life, it’s tough to justify sporting $6.50 + shipping and handling. More creative procurement options (see: Facebook connections) are thus in order, and have yielded me results in the past, including the boxes I so now eagerly enjoy.

Eggo ingredients. this is getting too complicated...

But lets say your search still comes up short, and desperate to get those 10 essential vitamins and minerals (oh yeah, and that artificial maple waffle goodness) you start looking for alternatives. Where do you turn, pray tell? It is, after all, not everyday that the unique taste and texture of sugar, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and BHT added to preserve freshness can be recreated, and unlike mere bran flakes or toasted oats, there aren’t four or five knockoffs just waiting up on deck.

There is one though.

Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal seems to be a staple of most Walmarts, and, together with Smorz and Cinnabon (read my review here) forms the trinity of nutritionally worthless Kellogg’s breakfast offerings this site of Pop-Tartville. Described as a “lightly sweetened multi-grain cereal flavored with a buttery maple flavor,” its waffle-like shapes and flavor description definitely mimic that of Waffle Crisp, but can it match the utter snackability of its Post counterpart?

In two words: not exactly.

That’s not to say Kellogs’ Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal isn’t good. It’s sweet with a more than apparent syrup flavor, and its puffed texture makes it an ideal snack — but at the end of the morning, it’s still not Waffle Crisp, and despite earning its way into my Top 15, Kelloggs’ Eggo cereal falls short of the dethroning its Post counterpart.

Showdown time

As you can see from the above photos, there’s a marked difference in color between the two cereals. If I had to put it in terms of a waffle analogy, I’d proclaim Eggo to be a thawed but untoasted frozen waffle (hey, like an Eggo!) while Waffle Crisp would be its toasted counterpart, except smeared with a helping of brown sugar and butter for aid in caramelization. Both cereals have distinctive syrup smells, but where Waffle Crisp boldly replicates the aroma of maple syrup, Eggo smells decidedly of, well, breakfast syrup.

Waffle Crisp Cereal

Aroma being an essential component of taste, it figures the respective cereals draw their main flavor from the kinds of syrups they smell like. Indeed, Waffle Crisp has both a heavier initial sweetness and more substantial lingering sweetness than Eggo, which loses its sweetness as you dissolve the waffle shapes in your mouth. There is, I’m quite sure, a distinctive Corn Pops meets Cookie Crisp element to Eggo, and despite the fact that both cereals use corn, wheat, and whole oat flour, I’m less inclined to notice the mesh of starch flavors in the more intensely flavor Waffle Crisp.

Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal

Texture wise, I prefer Waffle Crisp, which holds true to its name and displays a solid crisp. Its pieces are indeed more toasted and crispier, while Eggo has a wheaty presence that becomes a tad hollow like Cookie Crisp that’s been sitting out too long. The crunch is softer in this case, and more likely to alert you to the fact that you’re not just chowing down on crispy maple flavor, and are, in fact, eating something with (gulp) whole grains.  All things considered, these are two cereals I’d eat any day. But there’s no way I’d go so far to say that Eggo cereal is a substitute for Waffle Crisp. That’s like calling Wendy’s chicken a substitute for Chick-fil-A’s classic Chicken Sandwich. I mean sure, I’d gladly eat either one, but if I’m ever in a parking lot between the two places (Hello, Logan, Utah) I’m going with the Chick-fil-A. Likewise, if I ever find these two cereals in the same shelf (highly unlikely) I’ve got to go with Waffle Crisp.

Adam’s Cereal Ranking Index:

Waffle Crisp

  • Sweetness:9.75/10
  • Flavor:9.50/10
  • Snackability:9.75/10
  • Healthy Junk: N/A
  • End Milk: N/A
  • Nostalgia: 9.75/10

Final Score: 9.75/10

Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal


  • Sweetness: 8.00/10
  • Flavor: 7.75/10
  • Snackability: 8.50/10
  • Healthy Junk:N/A
  • End Milk: N/A
  • Nostalgia: 8.25/10

Final Score: 8.00/10

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14 comments on “Kelloggs’ Eggo Maple Syrup Cereal: A Worthy Waffle Crisp Substitute?

  1. Forrest Gump says:

    Sugar is the *first* ingredient of Waffle Crisp? Dear lord…

  2. SkippyMom says:

    I saw that to Forrest. Sorry I can’t do it. Wow.

  3. Conan says:

    Yet they both have 12 grams of sugar per serving. Plus, the Eggo is made with HFCS. Not a good trade off. I would go for real sugar even if it’s first.

  4. Chuck says:

    No way ANY cereal can even touch Waffle Crisp. Ever. I mean, come on, the first ingredient is sugar? How can you beat that?

  5. Kevin says:

    Never heard of either

  6. SPM says:

    I think I might be part of the silent majority here but enough of the cereal reviews

  7. Rodzilla says:

    I actually don’t think I’ve ever had waffle crisp, and I did enjoy the eggos. I’ll have to fix this right away. Quality depth my man.

  8. Sarah says:

    I like the cereal reviews! Keep ’em coming!

  9. missouri says:

    Love the cereal reviews – keep ’em coming!

  10. Erin Jax says:

    All I can say is I’m so jealous of your view! Oh, what I wouldn’t give to go crunching through those leaves. Stupid California and it’s non-existent seasons!

  11. Nik says:

    Man! I miss those things. I just wish they didn’t have the hydrogenated/trans fats. Those cruel, cruel temptresses! 🙁

    Anyone wanting a healthier maple cereal should check out Nature’s Path Organics: Crunchy Maple Sunrise. Typically I don’t like those types of cereals, but this one is actually quite strong in the maple department and tastes pretty good.

  12. Mark says:

    Interesting. When I was a little kid (I was 6 in 1982), there was a cereal advertised during Saturday morning cartoons called Waffle-O’s. I was a huge fan of anything maple at the time. Maple spelled freedom, as only on weekends, usually Sundays, did my dad make pancakes, French toast, or waffles, and only during summer vacation or weekends would my mom let us have Eggo waffles. Maple also spelled excitement, as my parents took us on several trips to maple-rich Canada to escape humid Houston summers. Of course, sticker collecting was very popular back then, especially scratch and sniff stickers, and the prize of my collection was an anthropomorphic stack of pancakes that smelled like maple syrup. So on Saturday mornings I would watch cartoons and wish I could have some Waffle-Os, but my mom refused to buy us sugary cereals. Flash forward to just last fall, my 5 year old daughter had some stickers she had gotten and wanted to keep nice, which prompted me to buy her a sticker album like the one I had, which sent me down this entire early 80s nostalgia – I even found a company ( that makes scratch and sniff stickers like the 80s “Trend” brand, and I was able to get anthropomorphic pancake, waffle, and french toast maple scented scratch and sniff stickers – which also included buying episodes of The Smurfs and Fat Albert for my daughter to watch. The icing on the cake was that we had to spend a saturday morning together with her sticker collection in front of us watching early 80s saturday morning cartoons and eating a waffle flavored cereal. Unfortunately, neither Post nor Kellogg’s distributes their waffle flavored cereals anywhere near Houston. Thank god for Amazon. I loved Waffle Crisp, my daughter, not so much.

  13. Hunter-m3 says:

    I loved Eggo cereal. I can’t believe it was discontinued. Although, Waffle Crisp is also very good. I can’t weigh in on the better cereal because I didn’t eat Waffle Crisp until long after Eggo cereal was gone.

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